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Lost massive amount of weight. Hate my "belly...

Lost massive amount of weight. Hate my "belly pouch" I have hated it for YEARS. Finally my husband and I decided we could afford it now and saved up the money. Pre op appt is Mar 9 and Surgery is Mar 20th. Looking for Tummy Tuck Recovery Buddies around the same time as me. Having a full tummy tuck, hip bone to hip bone, drainless. I'm five foot six and around 135 pounds. Won't be adding pics here until March 19th where I take my "before" pics.

I finally did it. Here's my Pre Op Pics.... Ugh! :P

5 foot 6, 135 pounds. This is what I'm left with after a little over a year of diet and exercise. I went from 170-180's down to 120-130ish.
9 days till Pre Op Appt.
20 days till Surgery.

Time is going by quickly....

Hard to believe that at this time next week, my Pre Op appointment will be done and then the following Friday is Surgery day. Eek!!!!! Nerves kicking in a little more.

Pre Op Appointment Tomorrow!

Feeling a bit nervous and a bit excited. Not sure what to expect.
Also, going WHOA because starting tomorrow, I will be able to say "My surgery is next week."

If anyone reads this who has already had their pre op appt, can you tell me a little about yours?

Done with my Pre Op Appointment

Here's what happened:
- Paid in full for the surgery.
- Met the OR nurse. She went over some pre op instructions with me.
- I signed consent forms.
- Dr came in, we talked some about my medical history. He looked over my medications I take and told me which ones I was allowed to take the morning of. (only 2 of them)
- Dr answered some of my questions.
- Dr and Nurse led me to the "picture room" Ugh. I had to take every single article of clothing off and full body pictures were taken from about 8 different angles. I did cringe.
- Put robe back on, went back to the previous room. Nurse gave me Pain medication & Anti Nausea scripts to fill prior to surgery.
- Dr came in, asked if there was any last minute questions. I had a few. He does weigh how much skin he takes off and if I ask him later, he'll tell me LOL! Also, he looked at my "Love Handle" area again and said, you know if I bring your scar up a little higher, I think you'll have a better result and a less chance of "dog ears". I told him that was fine.
- Was told to call anytime if I had anymore questions before hand.
- Wished well by the Dr and the Staff and "See you next Friday!"

Hubby told me after he now had butterflies in HIS stomach. lol!

Mini Freak Out/Panic Attack out of the blue

I've been on this journey towards my TT since January. I have felt a wide array of emotions and what if's etc. But while driving home today, it popped into my head YOU ARE HAVING SURGERY NEXT WEEK! and I thought.... "What am I DOING?!?! I am having an ELECTIVE procedure under GENERAL! This is a risk I do not need to take. What if something happens to me??? I know it's not *likely* to happen but face it - people die everyday during surgeries or after surgeries from complications.... or from just being put under general. Some of us have to draw the "unlucky card". I still have children to raise! What if its me?" I am really feeling anxiety right now. I have come so far and done so many things to prepare for next week and not to mention put down a huge amount of cash and I'm freaking out, wondering if this is even worth the risk just to have a flatter stomach. Is it worth my life? UGH.................

Yesterday at Target....

I found in a clearance rack some really soft, thin shirt dresses. The sleeves hit below just the elbow and the shirt dress hits about 3 inches below my knees. (I'm five foot six) I bought them in XXL and they are stretchy and so breathable. I am going to wear one to the hospital the morning of the surgery..... then wear them at home and such as they will light and hopefully I won't feel as sweaty with them on them + my binder. They were originally $30 each but I got them for $14.98 each... so pretty much 2 for the price of 1 :) After I'm done with them (and granted they aren't like all yucky and stained haha) my best friend is pregnant and due August 1st. I am hoping by end of April, they'll be ready to "pass on" so I'm going to send them to her.... they will accommodate her expanding belly. Also bought huge yoga pants that I'll be sending as well once I am done in April (here's hoping) with them. Bought myself a tube of neosporin and some cotton pads for any "oozing" and to keep my incision hopefully infection free. On Thursday, I go shopping for my easy bland foods for the first 3-5 days post op and I will also get my pain meds and anti nausea meds filled that morning too. Everything is pretty much coming together.....

Getting closer

Just waiting on a few more things from amazon.... should be here before my surgery or on the day of. (Yay for Prime membership!) I have a To Do list for everyday for the rest of the week to make sure *all* ducks (at least the ones I can think of) are in a row. Can't believe this is my last Tuesday having this muffin, saggy, loose skin tummy.
TO ANYONE WHO READS THIS, I was looking through others profiles this morning (not specifically talking about anyone here I talk with regularly but the reason I am posting this now is I saw 1 ladies profile who I've never talked with....) Anyways, she posted FULL BODY pics for her Tummy Tuck/Breast Aug. Nude. Multiple ones. With her face showing. Before I made an account on here, I found out Real Self's pictures actually go into Google Images. If someone has a picture of you off FB, their computer, whatever, with your face showing, all the person has to do is go here (Google Reverse Image Search Engine) https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/1325808?hl=en and upload your picture. It will deep search the web (and we all know we can find just about *anything* on google) and there is a good chance if you are posting nudes here with your face showing, especially multiples and *they* have pics of your face showing, your nudes may just pop up for them! This is embarrassing and creepy. Employers sometimes look you up on Google to get a feel for you, nosy co-workers or even friends ;), Ex's, Stalkers who just know you by name and have a pic obtained in some way and I'm sure there's many other scenarios. Say all of the above have obtained a picture of you in some way (by taking it, or seeing it linked to a social media profile, somewhere) Do you *want* anyone to possibly see your nude photos? Not only that, it will link back to your profile on here!!!! That is why my user name is not a username I use *anywhere* else. Only a few people here know my first name. I don't tell the ages of my kids or their names or my husband's name etc. I am as vague on here as possible regarding any details that someone can start a search on the web to find out more about me. My pics show nothing identifying. ONLY my stomach. Just something to think about!!!!

So close to D Day.....

Talked to a good friend of mine on phone today about my operation. He has had several serious ones with long incisions. Since I have never ever had an incision this long that I'm getting on friday AM, I asked him if he had any handy tips, tricks, advice and suggestions for supplies.
He said well, get it cleared by your doctor first, but I would have maxi pads that you can tape on with surgical tape over incision to protect it when needed or it's oozing TONS. You can also change these maxi pads often. He said put some neosporin on it everyday. He told me to keep ahead of the pain for the first few days after, take my 1pain pill every 4-5 hours while awake even if I don't think I need it - he says he didn't do that a few times, blowing off his pill cause he didn't think he needed it and 99.9% of the time it came back and bit him in the butt BAD. He also asked if I had a handbell. LOL! I said... Ummm. No...... He said to get one. I said but I have a cell phone to call hubby if he's out or in another room. He said well, who says the call will always go through or he'll hear it or he'll be somewhere else and forget to bring phone with. I thought Yes, that's a very good point. I went on amazon and with prime membership, I got an excellent loud handbell (all the reviews said it was) for $6.57 cents I believe and it will be here on Friday morning.

That's about it for now. I'm off to go and disinfect common areas with lysol wipes and when applicable, following up with lysol spray on some surfaces. (I am thinking handles, doorknobs, obviously EVERYTHING in the bathroom, all the computer keyboards, mouses, my remote controls, kids xbox controllers, my front handles etc.)

Hope everyone is having a good day!

D Day!

Today is the day.....!
Leaving as soon as I post this to go to the hospital.
See you all later and thinking/praying of all of you undergoing sx today or that have done so recently :)

made it to the flat side

oh my god. In a bit of pain now but just ate a little something and took some phenergan and Percocet.... Hope it all kicks in quick cause of the pain but I can get this entry done before I get sleepy.

My surgery started right on time. My anesthesiologist was great. He kept giving me a dose of "happy juice" until my anxiety went away and I was feeling a little loopy. (Which took 3 doses - whatever it was worked!) then he said ok gal, your hand is going to burn for a few seconds - sleep well.

Next thing I know, 3 1/2 hours later I'm in recovery hearing a nurse saying gal! Time to wake up, you're all done! I groaned. Very loudly. I hurt. She got me some Demerol. I asked for my husband over and over again apparently. I kept forgetting I had asked her...... but I said where is my husband? And she goes we are going to go get him - you have been asking for him since you got here. (I had been in there an hour till they let him back) haha! I wonder how much I asked?

Dr. Nachbar came in quickly. He said it went well and showed me my belly with binder on. I could already tell I was so flat. He said he removed two!! Pounds of skin and he would see me tomorrow morning (this morning.)

Was put in my private room for overnight. Got to see hubby. Got to see kids.. Had a wonderful PM nurse. Kids and hubby brought me dinner - they brought some for them too so we had a "family dinner"
Apparently I went thru 3 bags of antibiotics while there - so I suggest yogurt for home ladies.

I had a morphine pain pump. It was set for once every 8 minutes that I could push the button. I also could take Percocet as needed every 4 hours. I only took it twice at hospital - once around 11pm and once around 4 am.

Had a catheter from 730am surgery till about 9pm. I had nurse remove it and she helped ,me get up for my first pee and walk. Ouch ouch ouch ouch. To me - the worst thing is not walking and being up and about. It's the getting up and getting down. "Easier than a csection recovery" HA! This ain't for wimps ladies but no pain, no gain.

That's about all for now. I'm getting sleepy but I'm attaching pics of my post op day 1 (binder off)

Thank you for all the well wishes and support from my fellow TT'ers!!

Post op day 1 pics

almost exactly 24 hrs after surgery

Post op day 1

anyone else's incision burning like the dickens sometimes??
Also, when my pain starts to get bad, it feels like contractions! The pain rolls from my upper belly and all the way down and radiates into my back. Weird.

Post op day 4

post op day 4 pics

Post op day 7

Short note and pics -
Had my first post op appointment yesterday. He and the nurse said everything looked great. I was able to remove my steri strips during my shower after. It's a pretty thin line all the way around. Doesn't look like there's any "openings" or raw fresh spots. He says he did all dissolvable stitches, so nothing for him to take out. I made an appointment with him next week, even though he said I could cancel if I wanted to and felt great. I want him to look at the incision again 1 week out from here and then barring any worries/complications/changes, I will see if I can wait a month or so before I go back in again. Still in some pain. I don't know how some of you are managing on just tylenol. I still take 2-4 percocets a day and supplement with some tylenol at other times. He did give me a script for some vicodin as I told him I didn't want anymore percocet. I want to transition soon from the perc to occasionally vicodin and then stop from there and take a vicodin only as needed. I am having a bit of a low day. I looked at my pics this morning that I had hubby take. I feel like a frankenstein. I'm also still very swollen it feels like but I hear this is normal to have a bit of a depressive spell during the healing stage.

Hubby goes back to work monday and kids back to school. I will do find taking the kids back and forth to school but still feel unable to stand up for long periods of time (i.e. to cook dinner etc) so my plan of action next week is to get the kids back and forth from school and then rest while they are at school. When hubby is home from work - we will collaborate on dinner and I'll help however I can.

I have to admit - I am feeling frustrated. I thought I'd be further along that I am right now. I have had 2 cardiac ablations, gallbladder removal, 2 c sections, kidney stone removal etc and I was up and going back to regular life by the this time - usually way earlier than 7 days. Yesterday, just going to the doctor, coming home and taking a shower, I had to lay down... and slept for 3 hours after doing that. It really takes it out of me, the simplest tasks :( I am hopeful I will have some significant improvement in my energy level and mobility next week. I guess we will see.
I was planning on shopping for some new clothes around the end of April, but I'm thinking that's not a great idea. The swelling seems to just never go down for me at the moment. Again, maybe I am just trying to "hurry the process" along and not being patient enough. Patience is not my middle name.

Anyways, Hope you all are doing well!

Post op Day 7




my little list of advice and such

I thought I'd post a list of things I bought for my TT and where I got them and, well, I'm frugal so the stuff I bought online I'll post direct links to. I always looked for the best price :) ask your DR first! If you have any doubt about some of the products. Everyone and everyone's DR have either a different protocol and everyone heals differently.

1) Gauze is expensive. A friend of mine said "Use maxi pads."
Generic maxi pads with no wings. Super to regular absorbency. It will help cushion your incision against your binder and if you ooze any, you'll see it. Plus - super cheap and you can change them often as you need to or would like to. I use 3 maxi pads along my incision. Sticky side is up of course, put the pads absorbent side against the incision. Have some surgical tape (look on Amazon for a cheap roll - find one that people don't complain about it ripping your skin off :p I bought Medipore.) oh and get some antibiotic cream like neosporin.

2) Great big (as in falls pretty much below your boobs) granny panties. Huge!!! I wear a size 7 bikini cut panty normally. I bought size 2XL for post op. I suggest at least 5 pairs but if you can try to get at least 10. 100% cotton! I suggest the packaged ones you can buy in target or walmart etc. fruit of the loom or Hanes etc.

3) Men's undershirt white 100% cotton tank tops. I ordered a medium. Seems to work for me but if I could go back, I'd buy a large. You can buy these at target or walmart etc in a package like the undies. You will be thankful for these post op. You can wear them at home over your compression binder and your big granny panties. (Sexy) after your incision is healed, you can also wear them under your binder if you don't want binder directly against your skin. It will keep you nice and cool. If you ooze on them, who cares? You can throw them out once you're recovered and done with them.

4) Hand sanitizer. Multiple bottles. One by your bedside. One in the bathroom. One in every area where you remind yourself or your kids etc to sanitize often. I have a mini one in the car too. Go generic if you want. I did.

5) Carex Memory Foam Travel Pillow. Your neck will THANK YOU for this. Trust me. You'll be laying and sleeping propped up for weeks. I consider this a MUST. If you have Amazon Prime, bonus!

6) pillows. Ahh. Pillows. Well you saw I named one specific pillow as a must have. I didn't buy any other special pillows. I have under my head and back: 1 king size, 2 queen size and my neck pillow mentioned above. I have two small throw pillows to prop my arms up on. You need a good sized pillow under your knees. I have 1 king pillow under my knees. If I didn't have the king, I'd have 2 queens or I might have sprung for a special under the knees pillow like my neck one.

7) Stool softener. You will want to start these the minute you come home. Otherwise, when your bowels finally start to move, it's going to hurt. A lot. Go generic unless name brand is better deal. The ingredient you are looking for is: Docusate Sodium. Drink LOTS of water. If you haven't gone by day 4 post op, I heard milk of magnesia, a suppository or an enema works as a way to make you go.

Personally, I took Equate's brand of "dulcolax" to get things moving. You're looking for Bisacodyl 5mg. Take one or two of these at night, as late as possible, you WILL go in the morning.

8) Anti Gas medicine. (Ie "Gas X") again, go generic if it's a better deal. The ingredient you are looking for is: Simethicone. I take it everyday at the moment. Any extra swelling or bloating I can avoid, I do :p

9) Anti-acid. Your choice. Personally, I use Gaviscon or generic Zantac. The last thing you want to do is be heaving and throwing up. Ask your dr if they don't already give you! (My PS I had to ask a few times to prescribe it to me) for a script of zofran or phenergan. Having an anti nausea script should definitely Save you from puking if you get sick to your stomach.

10) a grabber thingy. I found it beyond useful for reaching things and I can use it for quite awhile yet for saving my belly muscles and back to pick up things off the floor too. Once I'm done with it, I plan on giving it to my grandmother. Here's what I bought: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0057YHVU6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

The reviews are crap. This thing works. And it's cheap!

11) Silicone Scar Sheets and Bioderm oil. These are expensive. I did not go generic on them. Your wound MUST be healed and you must have the OK from your PS on when to use them. I want the nicest scar possible so I bought them. I found the best prices here at these links:
On the silicone sheets, I do the subscribe and save option. $23/box. Free to subscribe and you can cancel anytime. You choose how many and how often it is to be delivered.

Bio oil

12) Benadryl is helpful if you have allergies (I do - drainage in the back of my throat was threatening to make me cough. That hurts.) also as you heal, it's normal to get itchy.

13) Multivitamin. I usually take Alive! Vitamin that my endocrinologist put me on. They are really the best vitamin on the marker. but they are so hard to get down without me choking and coughing even split in half. So right now I am taking prenatal vitamins (much smaller)

14) Protein shakes (ie slim fast, ensure, boost etc) drink at least one a day. Great for protein and easy to get down if you don't feel like eating much. Get your favorite flavor or brand. Personally I love slim fasts creamy milk chocolate. But, tastes vary. I suggest buying these by the case at a bulk store (ie SAMs club, Costco etc) cheaper there than the supermarkets little 4-6 bottle packs. If you want cheaper, buy a can of the powder and mix it up with milk or water.

15) a good support system. Do up all your laundry and such in advance. A day before surgery, Clorox wipe and Lysol spray (where applicable) common areas and objects. (Stairs handrail, faucets, doorknobs, keyboards, remotes, mice for computers, deep scrub your bathroom, etc) wash your bedding so it's clean and fresh for you when you get home. Have whatever you think you might need handy on your nightstand etc. I'm the bill payer so I paid what I could ahead of time and scheduled the other payments so I wouldn't have to worry about the checkbook for awhile. I also went grocery shopping (sales) and stocked up cupboards, fridge and freezer for hubby and kids.

That's all I can think of for now. Hope this helps!

Long overdue update - and pics of Post Op day 12

Had my 2nd Post Op Appt today. He said my incision is healing really really well and he thinks it will probably be a thin white scar within a few years like my other surgical scars have done. I brought in the Bio Oil bottle that my mother in law recommended to me and showed it to him to ask his opinion and when I could start using it and he said that was the best oil for scars!!! He recommended beginning of May that I could start using it and he told me to use it 3x a day, firmly massaging it along the scar line for 15 minutes. Lord knows I won't remember to do it everyday three times a day lol but I will endeavor to do it at least once a day. He also told me to leave my crusty new belly button alone lol..... he said the sutures hadn't completely dissolved yet, don't touch it, don't pick at it, he wasn't going to have his nurse clean it out today as it would cause problems... that it would fall out when it was ready to. So..... well... guess I get to keep it for awhile longer.

No pain pills today so far! and its 3pm here. It's the first day since the day of surgery I've had no pain meds. Hopefully, if there's any bit of hurting tonight, besides the dull achy feeling that it's started to become today, I can get away with just Tylenol.

Here's the pictures I took on Post Op day 12 that I didn't get around to uploading. The top part of my belly now is even less swollen than the pictures posted here.

UGH pics didn't post - Post Op Day 12

here... lets try again....

Third Time's the Charm!?!?! Post Op Day 12 Pics


Checking to see how many days Post Op I am

I promise I'll take pics soon :) Still healing.... I am now pretty much off my pain meds. Every so often in the evening (like yesterday, because I overdid it making easter dinner) I take half a pain pill at night.... otherwise I'm not taking anything.... finally. Maybe I can stop the colace soon :) Hope you all are doing well and had a lovely holiday!

Post Op Day 17 - A post where I talk about my "Diet" since surgery.

Some of you may have read my very first post, where I talk about why I went on this TT journey. If not, I'm going to give you the condensed brief version: 3 pregnancies, 2 csections and then in a little over a year and half in 2012, I dieted and exercised down from 175 pounds to 120-125. I went from a size 14-16 to a size 4-6 at the peak of my physical fitness. So, basically I lost 50-55ish pounds on top of the 3 pregnancies. 120 was really too low for my height (5 foot 6) and found I was getting sick a lot so I went up to 125-130. Doctor ended up tightening ab walls again and then taking off a little over 2 pounds of skin from my stomach during TT.

ANYWAYS, present day. Between my consult in January and surgery in March, I was yo-yoing in weight from 135 to 139. It didn't bother me really. I was wearing size 10 jeans now (not the 6's anymore as due to heart issues, I am no longer able to do the high impact aerobics I did to lose weight, so hence, gained inches back as I was no longer toned as I used to be.... which reminds me, after I heal, I really need to find a low impact toning routine as I don't need to lose weight, I just want to tone) Anyways, wearing size 10 jeans cause my belly needed them. They were loose in the butt (I have no butt) and the legs (thin legs) but what could I do? That was my option. Dresses were out as you could see belly bulge.

In a nutshell, I have basically maintained my weight loss since 2012 due to the fact I learned how to cook healthy and I carried over the habits I learned over that year of my lifestyle change.

Since surgery????? OMG. I have been eating not well at all. I try to drink a slimfast once or twice a day but dinner? My portion sizes - way too big. I'm also not cooking dinner yet. I have a little, crockpot stuff, but I cook for a family of 7 so it's a pain as I have to have someone lift all my casserole dishes or crockpot out or the sack of potatoes etc. I am unable to lift this stuff yet without discomfort. So, hubby cooks majority of meals. Having Easter dinner recently hasn't helped. The worst part though??? I don't know why but when I am laying in bed at night, I am snack like CRAZY. Horrible stuff!!!!! examples? Sour Cream n Onion Chips, little bit of nacho's, Nutty Butty bars, Cheese and Crackers etc. Sometimes not just once snack, but two!!! One of my rules since weight loss??? (which I break every so often, even pre surgery - heck I'm only human) but a MAJORITY of the time - "Don't eat after 7pm and if you do, TRY to make it a healthy one." I am failing miserably at this. I know if I don't get back on track soon, I'm going to stretch my stomach out again (by this, I mean my actual stomach, where it holds more food and it takes more food to feel full) and I can gain weight. I was told by a tummy tuck vet to not even weigh myself for a month or two after surgery due to swelling and such so I have resisted the temptation but I don't know what is up with me and the raging appetite lately!!! Anyone else doing this??? If I'm the only one, I'm going to feel horrible LOL! ;)

Day 19?? post op PM pics

Pics this evening

Day 19 Post Op PM Pics

Pics this evening - have been going through "swell hell" since Easter but this evening, the swelling has gone down some....
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Drain less full TT by Dr. Nachbar. Very nice man and he is very into safety before and after surgery for his patients. This man is a thorough surgeon. I'm 13 days post op but very pleased with results so far ! If you're interested in seeing what my journey with the Tummy Tuck was like, click on my user name. I tried to take pictures along the way to show the results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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