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I have researched the breast lift and augmentation...

I have researched the breast lift and augmentation procedure, interviewed surgeons and used this forum to figure out what to expect. I am going from a deflated C/D cup to a full DD. I am using Gel Round Moderate profile implants. I want my new boobs to be full and perky without a bra and I plan to wear non-padded bras in the future. I think a DD will be perfect, I am a larger framed woman so I can pull them off without looking really fake.

Surgery date moved up!!

My surgery is now on 10/31, going with 450cc mod plus silicone implants:)

Moved surgery up to October 31st!

Had my preop appt last week, going with 450cc silicone mod plus implants and lipo of my stomach, flanks and back. Super excited and ready to go!!

Size and shape confusion!

Throughout this process I have been most confused about sizing. My doctor said it's all relative to each person. Since I am not petite, she doesn't want to do high profile because the base of the implants are smaller. So, moderate plus gives me the perky lifted look while fitting on my chest wall nicely. I decided on the shape- choosing round because I do want more upper pole fullness than the teardrop shape provides. As for the CC's- they are not related to cup size, so i tried on sizers in her office and liked the look of the 450 CC's the most. My guess is I will go from a droopy D to a nice full round DD- and that works for me!!

3 days until Lift, BA and lipo!

Pre-op fully underway, no more booze, energy drinks or caffeine... purchased 3 sports bras, meds- which include antibiotics, valium, narcos and anti-nausea. I literally had a " bye old boobs" girls night out last night. This is really exciting!!

All done

All done and holy heck!! Great experience but painful as hell..lipo took 3.5 liters of fat. BA and lift painful but manageable. Wasn't prepared for lack of sleep and no ability to lay flat or on either side. I woke every 3-4 hours in pain. The peck stretches help tremendously!!

Post op Day 2

Pain has ramped up, lipo areas are sore and so are my boobs. I like what I see so far:)

One week post-op

Im one week out, feeling much better and looking better each day. Lipo was way more painful than my BL with implants. Needed am entire week to get my energy back.

Lipo pics

pics if my BA and lipo on tummy

2 weeks post op

What a difference two weeks makes!

My two week photo shows how fast I have healed. The pain from the lipo is gone and BA incisions are healing well.There's a lot of irritation on the incisions under my boobs- been using tea tree oil and it does wonders. The itching, redness and swelling are decreasing. I have no pain, just a tight feeling in my left pec muscle, which I am working on with massage every single day.

One month post op- infection due to ALL stitches popping through skin

It's been a month since my lipo and BA/lift. All went fine however stitches started popping through my skin immediately- and never stopped until I all of them were out. I was put on antibiotics and told to trim the stitches as they popped up. Talk about pain and anxiety! I constantly felt like someone was stabbing me in my breasts. Every stitch caused a small abscess, including one large on under each breast. This has been a long process, they are finally starting to feel better. I don't think my Dr. has seen this before or realized how much my body was rejecting the stitches. She did put my on both oral and topical antibiotics, thank god!!

Infection and stitch spitting pics

Here are some pics from my battle with stiches spitting and causing irritation, infection and abscessing

Dr. Rochlin is the best!! She's personable and friendly but loves her job and knows her business.

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