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My natural 32dd breast were an embarrassment at 15...

My natural 32dd breast were an embarrassment at 15 years old when I wanted to look like the other girls and for the boys to stop whispering about me. They were a pain in the butt when I did gymnastics, cheerleading, and ran track and field. They were pretty awesome when I was 21 and the rest of my body had filled out. They were well disguised as a 40H during pregnancy and the year of nursing thereafter. And lately, they are flap jacks, rocks in socks, fried eggs, and absolutely unrecognizable to me! I always wanted them "fixed" and by that I mean returned to as close to their original condition as possible. But spending many years as a single mother, I felt that was a selfish financial commitment that I could never make without being overwhelmed with guilt. Not because that's true just because moms are that self sacrificing. I recently married the man of my dreams. He knew of my self consciousness revolving around my breasts. He knew how it affected me and even our intimacy. I am a personal trainer who works hard on my body and the better my body looks, the worse my breast look. So on my birthday my husband told me that he thought I was perfect but that I deserved to be proud of my body and comfortable and that if I wanted he would give me the gift of beautiful breast for my 33 birthday this year!! What a guy!
I scheduled many consultations and found out my worst fear was true. I needed an anchor lift and implant to achieve the results I wanted. I knew by my second consultation that I had undoubtedly found my doctor. I paid for and booked my surgery for one month later!
5 days ago at 6:30 a.m. I was wheeled into the operating room where I received a full anchor lift and mentor silicone implants,325 and 350 under the muscle.
My recovery has been smooth. More uncomfortable and tight than painful I would say.
In the month pre op I was on this site day and night. It was an invaluable resource for me. I hope that I can encourage, inform, or reassure just a few ladies on their journey by sharing my story. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I know I have left out so many details as this has been such a whirl wind.

I had my 2 week post op on Monday. My doctor...

I had my 2 week post op on Monday. My doctor removed my tape and I was pleased with the incisions. Not nearly as traumatic as I had expected. I feel like I am making a turn for the better as far as my pain is concerned. The end of last week I was getting a little wore down from the constantness of it all. My energy levels are up too. I schedule my next appointment for 6 weeks away at which point I can begin scar therapy if needed. He does not advise it before then and told me to put nothing on them, still not to soak or swim, and no working out. I am allowed to begin light lower body cardio like the elliptical and recumbent bike as of Friday and lower body weight on machines only. Those are tough orders but I will be a good patient and resist my urge to workout no matter how good I feel. My boobs will look great in a Maxi dress but my arms may be too fat soon! I read somewhere at week 2-3 you begin to get knit picky and I do find that I am focusing on assymetry etc. But I remind myself its early on and its all part of the process.

Just Under 12 Weeks Out

An update has been long overdue! I am feeling great. My incisions have healed very well and I have been cleared to workout at my discretion. My left breast feels as good as old lol. The right one still seems to creep up at the end of a lot of activity when my pec contracts but returns upon rest. I can finally sleep in any position without feeling dislocated when I wake. I have made some attempts at letting my clients hit mitts as part of their kickboxing workout and the resistance I must create in the arms is quite uncomfortable so I holding off on that until the right pocket develops a little more. I apologize for the racey nature of some of these photos. They were taken off of my phone and are ones I sent to the hubby! (woo hoo he can't get enough and since they were a gift from him... well you understand :)) They were what I had available.
Right now the biggest issue I have is finding a darn swimsuit. I do not have a bikini body and a one piece just isn't working. My bra size has settled in as a 34ddd. Pants size 4. Any advice on bathing suits would be appreciated.

6 months later- right boob is alive again!

It's been just over six months since my surgery. I feel fantastic with no residual discomfort at all. My breasts have settled to a 32 DDD. Sounds huge but they don't feel so huge. I have a few things I would change in a perfect world.. Better scar improvement, wish they were higher, and closer together. But overall, I am thrilled with the results and would do it all over again in a heartbeat! An interesting tid bit, after 8 weeks of physical therapy using electro stem on my right hip near the waist, my right breast had regained all sensitivity plus some. The left is still completely dead to feeling. The ps warned me it could be a year but I'm considering using the e stem on the left side to see if that helps it along!
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