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After three kids including a set of twins 1 1/2...

After three kids including a set of twins 1 1/2 years ago, my body has deflated. Time for a tune up on Dec. 8! I selected Dr. Repta as my PS due to his many great reviews and amazing before and after pictures. I currently have 32DD breasts and am 5 foot 1 inch weighing in at 117lbs. My breasts have gotten smaller since my pregnancies. They got up to a size J with the twins! Oye my back! I had a consultation with the doctor last week and feel confidant in his abilities to transform these breasts into a work of art with a breast lift without implants. The thought of having heavier breasts from an implant and a foreign object in my body was just not appealing to me.
I also mentioned to the doctor that there is a small pooch on my tummy that I am not fond of. I went to physical therapy to correct abdominal diastasis for a year and there is only a small gap about an inch above my belly button. He said that we can start with lipo and go from there, because it is the least invasive of the tummy procedures (laproscopic muscle tightening or tummy tuck). I am still hesitant to to the lipo due to some women on here having lumpy results from other doctors, so I am going to do diet and exercise hard core for the next 3 months in hopes I can cancel the lipo.

Getting closer losing weight

I have been exercising and dieting. Lost 5 lbs so far, I don't think you can tell, but every little bit helps! Dec 8 is getting closer. Does anyone have recommendations for bras to wear post surgery for a breast lift? I think I'm leaning towards no abdominal lipo...

Wish pics

It's getting closer. I just got an e-mail with all of my pre/post op instructions. I found some wish pics online I'll post that I feel are my body type. If anyone has lipo experience or breast lift experience please do share as I'm getting pretty nervous. Any advice is welcome. :)

Had surgery today decided on no lipo

I had surgery today (no abdominal lipo) and my mood went from being super nervous, to being very happy. The staff were all wonderful. The pre-op nurse was very nice and the post-op nurse was just as great. The anesthesiologist was wonderful. I have never met an anesthesiologist who likes to do his own IVs, but he does! He even numbed up my hand for it. Now that, is five star service right there. I heard my blood pressure fell a bit in the 80's during surgery which is fairly common, no biggie, some fluids brought it back up. I'm sure I said a bunch of funny stuff before and after my surgery, I tend to do that on meds lol. Hopefully they found it amusing ha ha. Dr. Repta likes to Snap his surgeries and I'll post it if I get permission from him. That way others who are considering this surgery can see (I don't even know if you can post videos on here. *Side note, it is not for the squeamish.) Dr. Repta was very nice, I watched the video and am in love with my new breasts already. I'm not taking the bra off for a while. Not until I feel psychologically ready. So far everything is great :) Here are some morning of pictures. 5 foot 2 inches, 111 lbs, 32 DD breasts

Post op day 2

This is way easier than I thought it was going to be. Pain of a 1 from 1-10 with 1 tab of Norco every 4-8 hours. Honestly stubbing my toe hurts way worse. I have a high pain tolerance though. I changed the 4x4 gauze today. Minimal old drainage. Gained 8 lbs in fluids from the surgery. It should all go away soon. Happy Camper over here!

Video link

Here is my surgery incase anyone is interested in viewing what goes on. *not for the faint.

Day 2

Ready for a shower tomorrow!

Day 4 no more pain meds needed

Feeling pretty great. I'm not taking pain meds anymore. Trying to keep myself doing little things. I am having to remind myself that I had surgery. The swelling has gone down a lot and now my bra feels too large. I'm going to get another one probably. My Embrace arrives today. It's so expensive that I have to sign for the package! My doctor told me that breasts do really well healing on their own and he usually just recommends embrace for tummy tucks or other procedures. I want peace of mind that I did everything possible to keep my wounds clean, and tried the best scar methods.

Day 4 photo

Post op appointment tomorrow

I have my post op appointment tomorrow. Everything seems to be going along just fine. No complaints. Bruising is changing colors as it should. I did take a look at the incision. It seems he didn't do an anchor or a lollipop. He did his own personalized stitch ha ha. It goes along w the breast curve. Has anyone ever seen this before? He is the professional and they look great :) The wrinkling in the stitch should go down in another week or so he said when he preformed the surgery.

Post-op appt.

Went to the post-op appt. today. For me it felt pointless, as the Dr. Spent very little time with me (removed one stitch from each side and said, looks good see you in a few weeks. He told me that I got the wrong size of Embrace (they sent me a kit for an anchor lift). He didn't do an anchor incision so it was too large. Now I have to figure out how to send back this package at Christmas time with 3 toddlers under 3 running around next to me. This is not going to be fun. I am less than thrilled. I left the room kind of stunned bc it was over so quickly. So... I just leave this tape on for weeks? I'm in the healthcare field so I like explicit instructions. The more explaining the better. The front desk women helped explain things better and yep, I guess I am supposed to just leave the tape on for weeks. I do wound care for a living, so I can't just leave things alone. Lol After all, I did a full on chlorhexidine wipe down before surgery to help w infection rates. I will be showering as usual and after I am done I will spritz with Vashe Medical Wound Cleanser, so nothing gets infected. When you work in a place like I do with Necrotizing Fasciitis and see things such as Fournier's Gangreen. Trust me, you would be disinfecting daily too ha ha. Overall, the appt. felt rushed. I didn't know what to say to the doctor. In and out. Nice guy, pretty quiet. Note to self: take a paper with questions on it so you don't forget in the heat of the moment.

Going along great

Everything seems to be going along just fine. The tape is starting to fall off so I'm trimming the edges as needed. They have softened up and the swelling has gone down a ton.
A bit of pain has developed in the right breast. It is only if I touch the suture line on the outermost edge... so I just don't touch it. Also there seems to be a hard mass that is formed on the bottom of the right and left breast. More so on the right breast. I'm suspecting this is scar tissue since it's not an unusual color, nor hot, red, tender, etc. I'll ask the doctor on my next follow-up appt. in a week if it's still there.
I returned the large sized Embrace and bought a smaller size. This was to my advantage, because they are buy one, get one 50% off! Score! I'll start using it week 3 at my next doctor appointment.
Happy customer so far over here. He did a fabulous job.

Started embrace. Hoping the Mondor's Cord and pleating scars diminish.

Everything is going along very nicely. I am extremely happy with the results of my breast lift so far. I did develop Mondor's Cord running down my side. It is a side effect of surgery that will resolve with time. I started embrace. I'm hoping the pleating of my scar goes down a bit. Only time will tell. I did go back to work this week (I have a physically demanding job) and I feel great! Over all, easy healing. I wonder if I can do the stair master or other low impact cardio yet... Christmas cookies got the best of me the past two weeks.

Scars getting better

Scars are getting better. I'm really looking forward to takin baths and working out, not to mention getting out of the bras at night! I was a 32 DD before and I am still a 32 DD :)

I have 10 more days of embrace left

I purchased enough to do around 40 days of embrace. I figure I can buy more if I want. Scars still hurt a bit around the nipple, but other than that, I think everything is healing well. I am going to look into silicone scar treatments. I am a big fan of scar massage too. Time is the major player in this scar game though. I'm happy so far :)

Minor hiccup

My body doesn't like one of the sutures. Making an apt today.

Another bump

So I made an apt and drove to see the dr, he opened up the spot and removed a piece of tissue or suture knot. Not sure if it is healing or getting worse. Another spot popped up recently though. This one feels like a big lump and is red. Not a good sign. Sigh.... I thought I was past the tough part of healing. Guess not. I'll watch this spot too. I'll make an appointment for next week sometime.

Healing well... at least I think

Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Everyone in the office is extremely nice and helpful. Dr. Repta is a great surgeon and I would recommend him to anyone. My breasts are beautiful and I am happy to have found such a gifted surgeon and team.

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