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After three kids including a set of twins 1 1/2...

After three kids including a set of twins 1 1/2 years ago, my body has deflated. Time for a tune up on Dec. 8! I selected Dr. Repta as my PS due to his many great reviews and amazing before and after pictures. I currently have 32DD breasts and am 5 foot 1 inch weighing in at 117lbs. My breasts have gotten smaller since my pregnancies. They got up to a size J with the twins! Oye my back! I had a consultation with the doctor last week and feel confidant in his abilities to transform these breasts into a work of art with a breast lift without implants. The thought of having heavier breasts from an implant and a foreign object in my body was just not appealing to me.
I also mentioned to the doctor that there is a small pooch on my tummy that I am not fond of. I went to physical therapy to correct abdominal diastasis for a year and there is only a small gap about an inch above my belly button. He said that we can start with lipo and go from there, because it is the least invasive of the tummy procedures (laproscopic muscle tightening or tummy tuck). I am still hesitant to to the lipo due to some women on here having lumpy results from other doctors, so I am going to do diet and exercise hard core for the next 3 months in hopes I can cancel the lipo.

Getting closer losing weight

I have been exercising and dieting. Lost 5 lbs so far, I don't think you can tell, but every little bit helps! Dec 8 is getting closer. Does anyone have recommendations for bras to wear post surgery for a breast lift? I think I'm leaning towards no abdominal lipo...

Wish pics

It's getting closer. I just got an e-mail with all of my pre/post op instructions. I found some wish pics online I'll post that I feel are my body type. If anyone has lipo experience or breast lift experience please do share as I'm getting pretty nervous. Any advice is welcome. :)
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