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Hi everyone! I finally brought myself to write on...

Hi everyone! I finally brought myself to write on here (will post before and after pictures). I am looking for advice, tips, etc from others in my shoes. I am a 24 year old mother of two and after breast feeding both of them, I feel I need something to get my boobs back. I was a 34 c prior to kids, went to a full d after the first, a dd with the second once I got my milk in. I stopped breast feeding and my boobs have changed so much that I honestly have no idea what size I am anymore. Maybe 34b? All I know is that they're "deflated", flat and flabby. It's frustrating because I feel I'm way too young to have them look like this. I have noticed a lot of other moms out there with the same issue. My husband and I have talked about this for a long time. I finally made up my mind to move forward and just do it. I did a consultation and a lot of research and have chosen dr. Repta in Scottsdale. He made me feel comfortable and was really nice! I just got an overall good feeling about him. From reading other reviews about him he does great work.

I have a few questions. They've given me the option of scheduling the surgery August 20th (10 days away eeek!) or waiting until the doctor gets back from vacation and doing it sept 17th.

1. I am unsure of what size to go. I am 5'3 and 135-136 lbs.
2. I am heavier than I normally am and was wondering if I should wait and get more toned/lose a few lbs or if it doesn't matter.
3. I am doing the gummies, I want them as natural as possible but still relatively big. I don't want to pay a ton of money and go up just one cup size.
4. Is 10 days away too soon? I feel like everyone prepares their mind for it a lot more. But I also feel like if I dwell on it I'll talk myself out of it. Is a month away too soon? Should I wait more? I feel mentally ready if that's even possible.
5. To other mommas that have had a c section and boob implants, which recovery was worse? I've had 2 c sections and swore I would never have another kid because of the terrible recovery I had.

What I'm working with...

Well this is what's left after breast feeding both my kids for a full year each. I want them to look full, natural but bigger. I've been reading a lot more on this and had a few other consultations. I've had a few doctors say I could get the look I want with the cohesive silicone. Gummies are more expensive. Thoughts?

Also I am going with the September appointment. Gives me more time to prepare.

Here are a few pics

I am posting a few pics of what I don't like and one picture of what I want mine to look like. The closer together the better.

I don't want there to be a noticeable space between them. I also don't want them to look "implanty" aka perfectly round balls.

Wish pics

Yes one of these is Kylie Jenner. What did she do to her boobs?! They're fake but look great!

?Surgery Day!!

I had my surgery day!!!! It went great. I don't remember a thing. I woke up in the recovery room with a lot of pain but once they gave me more pain meds I was feeling great. MY BOOBS LOOK AWESOME. I am soooo happy and recommend Dr. Repta to everybody. Especially if you love in Az. He is an awesome doctor and you can tell he has a passion for what he does. Well see how I feel tomorrow! A little nervous about the pain but I am in love haha

Too small

I woke up today feeling really bummed because they look so small. I was hoping they'd be bigger :( what do I do?

Forgot to take my pain meds at night and woke up screaming profanities practically

One word: ouch. Ouch ouch ouch. I slept through my medication alarm during the night and I just woke up with the worst chest pain and have difficulty taking deep breaths. This is the worst pain I've felt since having the surgery but as bad as it is it is still manageable. I took my hydrocodone and Valium and am waiting for them to kick in. Also I am having to change pain meds because it turns out I'm allergic. Today I am starting on percosets because the hydrocodone was making me incredibly itchy and uncomfortable. Specifically on my face. I've scratched it raw in some parts. Any of my other recovery sisters going through this?

Currently I am on Valium, hydrocodone every 6 hours, arnica bromelain and my antibiotic three times a day. I also bought the arnica lotion and am putting it on my breasts. I am Mexican so I grew up putting that sh*t on everything! whenever I had a bruise or was getting swollen somewhere my mom would lather me up in arnica and the next day the swelling would be gone. My doctor said I could take a shower the day after surgery so I showered yesterday and let the warm water just relax the tightness in my breasts. It felt great. I'm sad that I am basically useless to my kids. They just come up to my legs crying wanting me to pick them up and I can't :( breaks my heart. I have a 5 yr old (his bday was last week) and a 1yr old. My husband is doing great at helping me with them and making sure I'm comfortable at all times. He's been such a trooper through all of this.

To all my recovery sisters, we can do it!!! I like to think we're past the worst part and it all goes up from here. I can't squish my boobs together without it being painful. I can't wait to start wearing clothes that'll flaunt them and I can look sexy again!

Will post pics later. I still feel like I went too small. We'll see what my doctor says at my post op appointment. Btw I know I said this already, but if you're in the AZ area GO SEE DR. REPTA. I met with a few other surgeons prior to deciding and dr. Repta was just amazing. He's is such an artist and takes his job and patients very seriously. He's so thoughtful and considerate. I met a friend on here whose boobs I used as wish pics. She'd also gone to dr. Repta but a few years ago. As soon as I showed him the picture of her boobs he knew exactly which patient that was! He obviously didn't give me her personal info or anything but he said " oh yeah I did her boobs x amount of years ago she went with the gummies and had 480ccs put in she was " I was shocked that he remembered so much just off that one picture.

Tried on one of my favorite dresses

Here's one of my favorite dresses that I'd hoped to see major cleavage in :( ah I feel like I am crazy but I just don't see them

3 days post op

I am feeling great. Came to work today to see how I'd do. I am so sleepy. No pain, just feeling groggy and tiiiirrreeeddd. No one at work has noticed. I am still feeling like they are small. Is it the meds talking? Maybe they need to drop? I wish I'd done 480ccs. Also I noticed my right is smaller. I should have done 5-10 more ccs to even them out. Oh well... Here's a pic of me wearing a button down shirt to work today. Will post more tomorrow

Day 4

I went out to dinner last night. Recovery has been easy for me but I think that is due to the implant sizes I got. They are too small so my body has been taking them well. I switched from hydrocodon to OxyCodon because it turns out I was allergic. Here's an updatepic

This is what I had hoped for....

Does anyone know the procedure on going back under? Has anyone been unhappy with their breasts and decided to go back for more? I'm wanting a little advice on the process.

Over view

Can't believe I put a down payment on a house on a pair of boobs I hate

I am so depressed. Everyone keeps telling me to wait but in three months they're just going to settle and lose their swelling and be even smaller. I can't believe I paid $7500 for this

Getting my emotions under control

Since I've been feeling fine besides a bit of discomfort I have started easing off the pain meds. Shout out to DR. REPTA. This recovery was awesome for me and I can only think of one time that I've felt the pain was too much to handle. I have had no bruising. And he did a great job of placing them close together just like I had wanted them.

Thanks to all you girls who have helped me keep me sane. I am giving it time to see how my breasts settle before making rash decisions. I have been such an emotional roller coaster. I need to stop dwelling on the size and give them time. I feel like that's all I talk about on here :/ sorry. Anyway I've found arnicare gel to help me. I lather up twice a day. My hubby has been helping me shower because I still have trouble moving my arms up. I am pretty good at dressing myself but still sticking to buttons and zippers. I can't put my hair up just yet and haven't even attempted driving. I went back to work two days ago and was fine. A little sleepy but nothing too bad. I make sure to wake up in the middle of the night to take a Valium so that I don't wake up with "morning boob". I am starting to take daily pics so I can see the differences. For anyone wondering I went 420ccs gummy shaped implants dual plane. My appetite has disappeared and I find that I have to force myself to eat something. I've been sticking to fruits and veggies for the most part. My belly seems bloated and I am not sure why. Will post more pics tomorrow

DR. REPTA IS THE BEST 9 days post op

So last week I wasn't feeling like myself. I was super hormonal (that time of the month). I'd just had surgery, and I work in a very stressful job so I ended up not taking any time off because I worked from home. I was so "weirded" out at the fact that I actually had breasts. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved them but for some reason I started thinking they were too small and I had paid too much. Now that I am back, I realized I was being a nut job. I wanted my breasts to look natural on me and that is exactly what I got. I am still so surprised at what a great job Dr. Repta did. He did exactly what I'd asked for and was patient with me when I was talking about going bigger. I'm sure there are a lot of women who deal with post surgery blues so he's used to it.

Speaking of Dr. Repta, I don't think there is anyone that measures up to him (trust me I did a lot of other consults before deciding on him). He is so professional, and a true artist. You can tell he is passionate about what he does and if you talk to any of his patients they are all incredibly happy with their results. He listens to you and in my case helped me make the pefect decisions regarding the surgery. I had done extensive research but I still had no idea what I was getting myself into. Every time we would meet I would tell him what I wanted and he'd know exactly what implant, size, incision, etc. would work for me and the results speak for themselves. Not to mention he is a hottie! I am so happy though. They look so natural and are close together (no refund gap, yay!) I have my days when I wish they were bigger. I did 420cc's by the way. I might eventually go bigger. Dr. Repta said he'd be more than happy to discuss it with me once my boobs settle and I see what they actually look like. But for now I look hot, sexy, and my hubby can't keep his hands off me!

Moving on to the recovery part....I was lucky enough to have a great recovery. I can think of maybe once or twice when I woke up with extreme pain. One of those times was due to me accidentally falling asleep without my sports bra OUCH. I do not recommend it. Other than that I have honestly only had mild discomfort, nothing too unbearable. The closest thing I can relate it to is when you breastfeed for the first time. Your boobs/chest feel tight and you occasionally get spasms which feel like when your milk is coming in. My lifesavers were the therapearls. I bought two at walmart and my doc gave me some to take home in my "goodie" bag after surgery. I worked from home a few hours after my surgery (my job requires me to be on my email/computer a lot) so I logged in for a few hours. I worked the two days after surgery as well from home which was great because I would work for a few then take a nap. My surgery was Monday and I went back to the office Thursday. Saturday and Sunday I took it easy and slept, a lot.

I went to my post op appointment yesterday 9/22 and everything is looking good! I still have my tape on and I haven't wanted to peel it off to look at the incision.

Anyone in the general phoenix/arizona area looking for a Doctor to do breast implants, I highly recommend at least doing a consultation with Dr. Repta....you'll see what I'm talking about.

9 days post op **late and old pics**

Hey guys these are pics from last week. New to take new ones. I'm so bad at remembering. Pain/discomfort is way less and I can do more stuff. Still getting used to having them in me though. Today was the first day that while I was showering it literally felt like I was carrying around bags and they weren't in place . Hasn't felt like that before.should I be worried ? Also today I noticed one has dropped more than the other....

I need to go buy new bras. No clue what size I am but when I was breastfeeding I was a 34 D. That bra doesn't fit me at all anymore. It covers half my boob lol there's so much spillage


I'm not any any tanner I just got a new phone (6s!!!) and the picture quality is waaaayyyyy better. I'm Mexican so that tan color is my natural color. I lighten a little in winter.

Holy crap what a freaking difference!! Sad I have not taken more update pics to compare. I will start doing that now. I like seeing the results


Love my boobs. I am measuring at a 32DDD. This was taken oct. 14th on my one month anniversary. All the pain is gone. Discomfort is still there though specifically on my left breast. The incision feels tender....sometimes not all the time. I've lost weight and I'm dying to go back to the gym so even though I've been cleared I have not worked out. I don't feel my body is ready yet and so I've turned kinda mushy. Usually I'm more fit/have more muscle mass and right now I feel skinny fat. I am down to 126lbs with boobs. Pre boobs I was 135 lbs. I would like to get back to 135 but gain back 10lbs of muscle.

I regret not getting them done sooner!!

One year

Wish I'd gotten them done sooner
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Great so far! Patient, knowledgeable, a true artist!!!

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