21-now 23 years old. 5'4" 123lbs. Hp 475cc textured unders

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Hey ladies!! So I'm 21 going to be 22 in August....

Hey ladies!! So I'm 21 going to be 22 in August. Getting my boobs done july 3! (Poor timing since its summer and the day before 4th of July) but it was the best time for me job wise since im a nanny and the family is taking a vacation for two weeks! Any other nannies out there? Or mommies too I guess-any tips and tricks? Like I said I'll have two weeks plus a few extra days of full recovery but I know you need like 4-6 of full recovery before picking up more than 22 lbs and over your shoulders. So I need 2-4 weeks of easy days. the one I watch will be 22 months by then. I'm nervous how to bathe him and putting him down for naps and if I have to leave putting him in the car seat. Any suggestions!? I figured we can be hillbillys and eat on the floor for a few weeks if I can't lift him in his high chair lol (which sounds worse than reality) but anywho I've wanted this for such a long time and im so excited and in shock im finally getting the opportunity to get it done!!!!! I've always been active my entire life and lately I've been loving the gym as in lifting weights ! I've seen an amazing amount of progress and im loving it! Sadly, due to medical reasons I had to stop for about four months but I'm back on track! I started up last week! I'm currently 129 pounds- I wanna be around 120 by my preop. I want to be as lean as I was before and gain more muscle (if not a little more than before) I've done a lot of research and I'm so happy I found Dr. Repta. I haven't found one negative thing about him. Meeting him and his staff in person for my consultation and emailing them has made me feel so confident in my choice! So I'm currently a b cup- used to be leaning towards an a but since I haven't worked out in a few months im back to my normal size. I'm hoping to b a d/dd depending on how it looks of course. I wanna be like damn! But not ewh that's too much. I think a d would suit me more but I guess I'll have to see once I try on my sizers which im SOOOOO excited for !! Dr. Repta talked about going for about 500-600 cc's after telling him I was an a/b looking for a d/dd I have a feeling it'll be less than that but again we'll have to wait and see! He suggested going half under the muscle which I believe is called dual plane? Any other ladies have this done? I was a little taken back since I never heard of this technique before but I've been reserving it of course. I always thought it was just under or over the muscle. Im also wanting silicone, high profile implants. Would love to find ladies the same stats as me or close to it!!

Homemade sizers !!!

I'm too excited I made my own sizers! One is approximately 600 cc's and the other is approximately 500 cc's. I think 550 575 or maybe even the 600 would be perfect! I felt the 500 were too small and I wouldn't be satisfied yet they look more natural. However I want a slightly bigger size. But I need to talk to the doctor because I'm not sure if after wearing a bra they'd look crazy huge ....

Pics of me wearing the sizers (:

Having trouble uploading pictures /:

Change of surgery date !

So I got a call yesterday (March 30) asking if I could change the date to thursday july 2 since I guess due to Fourth of July they have Friday off. Luckily I'm able to and im excited now my date is one day sooner !! So now I'm scheduled for July 2 at 7:30 am :D
Not that anyone cares but I had to get my excitement out lol

Big boob dream

Omg I had my first nightmare of a ba gone wrong ! I got of surgery and my boobs WERE HUGE!!! I told myself maybe in a few days they'll be smaller but they never got smaller and they were so low to like my belly button lol! I tried on all sorts of tops freaking out saying I can't go out in public like this! My fiance was playing with one of them and pushed too hard and the implant went down to my stomach lmao! Weirdest dream ever !! My first dream ever about getting my boobs done though! 10 weeks left im so excited !

Stretch marks !

So I have a major question/ concern. From the start- I've always been super nervous to go ahead with getting breast implants because I have stretch marks. I've never been overweight and I've never had any kids. Just my poor unfortunate luck. If any ladies are in my boat and could give me advice that'd be great. Are the stretch marks more noticeable after surgery? Did you end up getting more? I'd really like to target on women who haven't had kids or gained weight. But feel free to comment if you have anyways.

Anxiety !

I had my consultation in January ! It's been five months and I'm starting to go insane! I want to have my Preop already! I want to know what size I'm getting! I feel like 500-600 ccs is way too big as I keep researching on this site and girls whom stats are similar are doing 400-450 and end up with like dd-ddd! But then when I tried the sizers on 500-600 looked great on me I felt like and wouldn't end up being a triple d! Ugh! I think too much. I've waited too long. Four weeks to go );

Help with what to wear for my surgery day!

I live in Phoenix and I'm scheduled for July 2. Granted it will probably be around 110 out. I was planning on just wearing a light zip up since that's the norm but I was always trying to maybe finding a nice maxi dress- something that's lightweight and will keep me cool yet comfortable. Any suggestions?

Recovery tips

Does anyone know of any tips, tricks, suggestions while recovering and for the following weeks? Even things to prepare for before surgery? Three weeks to go on Thursday ! (: too excited !!

Finding my "look"

I feel like I've been all over the place and so full of emotions and confusion! I've been really looking at pictures and luckily my Preop op hasn't passed and I've had a lot of time to really research. I'm actually really wanting a more natural look now. I never liked the two round rocks look. However I did like the sorta fake looking look. But now I feel as though it wouldn't suit me well. That's not me and I wouldn't feel comfortable in a bathing suit with a fake look. Here are "new" photos of the look i hope to achieve as well as size. I feel like these women are close to my size. Excited for my Preop and to show my doctor my final and confident choice. I'm assuming this would be a moderate plus profile now instead of high profile? Any help?

Before boobies

Forgot I wanted to add in a picture of me trying to compare the look I want onto my body


Any girls on here that have a comfy wedge pillow that they HIGHLY recommend? Where did you get it and for how much? It is worth it? I found one that seems really nice on wayfair.com but its $125.00! idk if thats worth the splurge or not? I wanna be comfortable and able to sleep! but id rather not spend that much lol....HELP!

The flu :x

Pretty sure I randomly got the flu yesterday! So awful I'm feeling a lot better today. Weak and a bit dizzy but done throwing up! I really hope this doesn't delay my surgery scheduled for July 2! I know you need to be in tip top health. I NEVER get sick idk where I got the bug from! ): nine days left!!!!

Omg!! Had my preop!!!!

Omg ! I have so many emotions right now! Mostly excited but I'm sort of bummed. My doctor suggested doing shaped implants as my top choice since it would give me the natural/big look I want however the cost is more and I can't afford it ): but I'm going with the original plan. High profile dual plane textured round silicone 475 ccs! I hope I love them and they put me in a d at Victoria's Secret ! Omg 6 days left I can't believe it!!!! I got some arnica Montana and bromelian by vitamedica from my doctor to take as well! Filling up all my drugs right now! :D I think it's starting to hit me now that I paid and its official. No turning back now!!

I feel so lost ):

I'm sure this feeling is so common but man does it suck! I'm in the final days of saying goodbye to my little boobies. I have numerous women on here who have been so incredibly helpful and I'm so thankful to be getting all of this feedback. As I have written I'm 5"4 1/2 about 122-126 lbs as I continue to workout and gain muscle my boobs of course are fading away so I'm currently is say a large a small b or so. I wear 34b bras at vs but don't fill them out like I used to. I had my Preop Friday June 26 and decided to go with 475cc high profile. I made my own rice sizers being about 400 and 450 (didn't notice a difference so I like the 450 more, duh!) I bought a vs sports bra and I've been putting them in there and wearing clothes just trying to get used to having boobs! I love the size and I wouldn't want to go any bigger as I feel like when I did make the rice sizers bigger I started looking "heavy" I'm struggling now because I'm being told by women I'll probably end up being a ddd at vs. I liked how I look with the sizers in my 34d sports bra. I can't imagine them being any bigger?! I'm just not understanding how they could become so big if they say that approximately 200ccs is equivalent to one cup size. If you do the math that would place me at a solid d. Which is what I want. I also have a fear because I know so many women get there breast done after having kids and there breast have "stretched out" if you will and mine haven't. So is going that big right away bad? Ugh! Who know this was so complex. Lots of anxiety that's for sure

Freaking out!!! 24 hour left of my little boobie chest! :o

I can't even imagine how much little sleep im going to get tonight-considering I woke up basically every hour last night. I think my nerves are finally settling in because I'm freaking out! I've wanted this for so long I'm so proud of myself that I saved up the money and did it! I've been researching doctors in my area since April of 2013 had my first consultation January of 2015. I think you can only imagine how insane in the membrane I've been driving myself. Especially on this website! Anyway, I have everything I need-I think and hope! Tonight I just need to bring the TV and recliner in my room set up my recovery station, finish the laundry and straighten up the place a bit and boom good to go! It'll be so weird and sad not sleeping with my fiancé I'm such a baby I love to cuddle! I wonder how long that'll be! He's pretty bummed about the 2-3 weeks of no "sexual activity " I'm just excited by that time I'm going to finally actually feel sexy being naked in front of him! I can't even begin to describe (which duh you all know how I feel) how awesome it'll be wearing a bathing suit! Living in az I feel like I REALLY need to keep the bod in check! I can't wait to just go out to clubs and bars and not have to worry about other women and how awesome their boobs look and feel so insecure. I can finally 100% let lose and just enjoy myself ! I wonder what that feels like I'm so excited to experience it and have self confidence and feel sexy and like a woman! "Man! I feel like a woman!" -little shania twain for ya this early morning (; okay well now I'm rambling like a weirdo I'm just too excited woohoo!(: see you sexy ladies on the other side. SHOUTOUT TO MY JULY 2 GIRLS!!!! We're all going to do fabulous I can't wait to see all of your results and how you're recovering! I feel so blessed to have shared this journey with you all so far I can't wait to be on the other side together (: do you think we'll be bedridden for the Fourth of July? I really wanted To go to a comedy show and dinner or just one or the other if I feel up to it. Or do I have my standards set too high? Man I ramble too much...


Well I'm finally not so out of it...a little but not too bad. The ride home sucked but luckily it was only a 15 drive. It hurts so bad to breathe especially taking deep breathes but I keep doing so anyways...I figure I don't want to baby it too much? I hope that's okay. Also my arms hurt so so bad when I move them. My right boob and arm hurt worse than my left right now. I just felt the top of my boob for the first time while taking these pictures and they feel so hard lol and big ! I haven't be nauseous at all thank goodness!! I'm hoping this breathing thing will be a lot better by Saturday or Sunday cause it sucks. The iv was awful they tried my left arm and couldn't get it and struggled with my right, I guess since I lift my vines were thicker or harder to or something idk haha I was on the verge of passing out and crying! But I love Dr. Repta he's such a sweetheart and mad me feel so good being in his hands !

First picture of my new boobies!

They look so much better than I thought they would for day 1. Impressed so far! Only downfall my nipples are a bit uneven and now it's way noticeable lol but oh well

Can't stop won't stop

I'm obsessed with these puppies already I can't imagine how much the fiancé and I are gonna love them once they're healed !
Ready for these things to drop !

Feeling so sexy !

I can't get over how sexy and womanly I feel in my nightgown ! Here's a before picture I sent my fiancé a couple months in this outfit trying to be "sexy" and bam new boobs I don't even have to try (: I love them so much even though it's only my first post op day! Even though they are so tight and uncomfortable right now they're so worth it !!

Feeling so sexy take two!

Pictures weren't loading let's try them again !

Day 3 post op

I finally took a real shower today with the help of my fiancé. Today is the most I've moved around yet I'm still getting very winded. I'm heading out to the mall today to find a sports bra that is actually comfortable to wear. My sternum is so tight and sore at times I get relief to breathe but overall it's been a little difficult which has been rough because I have asthma as well. I haven't taken any Valium since 4am and no Tylenol or pain meds for for about 14 hours. Although I'm about to take some Tylenol now. The biggest thing I can't take right now is breathing they're so heavy it feels so weird and uncomfortable to breathe. Also not being able to do anything for myself is super annoying. Also my fiancé keeps making me laugh and of course I can't laugh normal so it's a really strange one which makes me laugh more and then I start crying because it hurts so much omg it's so annoying. I'm hoping I made him feel bad so hell stop cracking jokes.

I'm not one to brag but damn (;

Haha! I can't even begin to describe how fricken excited I am to wear a bathing suit in public (once my stomach isn't bloated anymore) yuck. But damn I'm so happy with my size- last minute i as about to go smaller and I'm so thankful I listened to my ps!! 475 look so perfect on me and the size I wanted ! Hurry up boobies and drop I can't wait to see :D I'm feeling A LOT better today too! My sternum is still sore but it's getting easier to breathe woohoo (thanks 34aa I think your suggestion has really helped!) I'm feeling dizzy today though. I stopped taking my pain meds the morning I threw it up Saturday 2:30am and I started Tylenol extra strength. The last time I took that was about 9pm last night I took Valium around 330am this morning. Trying to wean off and take the Valium twice a day if I can ! I'm so happy with the progress I'm making ! The night I threw up I was honestly so over it all and was regretting getting my breasts done I was so upset with myself and questioning why the hell did I do this. But luckily that was my only true rough day (plus I'm not so good being bedridden and being lazy all day everyday) I need to be active so a combination of everything didn't make me a very happy person lol. But after that day I haven't had any regrets !! I love these things I feel so damn sexy I can't wait to play with them and squish them once they drop :D I see my ps tomorrow for my first post op appointment too so I'm very excited to see what he says!!

My first post op appointment

It was a lot quicker than expected. I think I saw him for literally two minutes lol. I was so nervous though I saw everything ready as if I were getting my sitches out and I was FREAKING!!! Last time I had stitches removed was in December and after that my wounds got infected and it was a nightmare so I was so paranoid especially with it only being 5 days post op! Luckily he just changed my tape thingys felt my breasts a bit and said I look fantastic for five days and that hell see me back in a few weeks! I can use my arms and move them around just not above my head so that makes me feel good hearing it from him! He said I'm still swollen and high of course but obviously that's normal. So woohoo!(:

A dozen nipples!?

I had THE craziest boobmare last night oh my goodness. I got my boobs done everything went well. A few days later they bottomed out so I went to the doctors all upset. He opened up my jacket and BAM twelve small little baby-like nipples grew all over my chest! OMG how freaky! I woke up shortly after that freaking out and so thankful it was only a dream lol!! Phew!

I feel the need to buy a cake for my one week boobiversary

I feel like they're a bit softer! Not much though of course ! I'm SOOOOO uncomfortable wearing a sports bra. I wonder if that's normal? They're not too small I just ugh can't breathe after a while my boobs feel like they start to get even more numb! They wanna be free !!!! I've been making great progress though I've been having a little more energy everyday and the pain is less and less although my top right breast does hurt when I move that arm and the incision site on that side- like the end of it closest to my cleavage Hurts so I'm trying to not move my right arm much?/: my left nipple is annoyingly sensitive and sore but I've read that's normal. Still hard to breathe for me but it's gotten A LOT better. They still feel tight but not that bad compared to a week ago lol. Morning boob doesn't seem to last as long either which is great! Too antsy to get bras lingerie and bathing suits !!!! Ahh!

Is this normal?

So I know it's normal for one breast to be more sore than the other- which is true for me.
But my left one feels so much more "lose" and like it dropped more so and fluffed a little more compared to the right. I think I'm SUPER paranoid about capsular contracture- even though i know it's less risk going under the muscle but I just want to know if it's normal for one breast to be more tighter/sore/higher/more stiff than the other one. I know I'm only one week out so I assume it's normal? They're both still very stiff since I got textured but I have noticed a difference overall of them becoming a little tiny bit squishy. But left one feels great my right is just annoying me !
Ease my mind please lol

Hanes get cozy bras!

Okay so no offense to anyone but I never shop at Walmart. Hate that place. But I always heard all the hype about the cheap Daskin sports bra so i went to check it out and stumbled upon these!!! Now that I'm a week out and have more strength I can put these on but wow these are by far the best things I've came across. At least in my opinion for comfort. As you can see there's already like boob lookin things stretched out so its not like a normal sports bra that compresses your breasts. This just is amazing! And so soft and they have a million colors and they're only $7!!!

2 weeks already! Holy cow!

I seriously feel like I just celebrated my one week yesterday. I'm glad it's going by quickly! I feel like I'm definitely making progress finally! This morning was my first morning not waking up with morning boob? Weird I'm not sure what that was all about but I'm not complaining. They were sore but they weren't that tight normal feeling that I've been experiencing.
My nipples though are like puffy and ugly as hell I wonder if that's normal like can they be swollen? They're gross haha.
I feel like a lot of swelling has gone down and hopefully no more cause I don't want them getting any smaller!!
I bought palmers cocoa butter from a fellow real self friend suggesting it because of how tight and uncomfortable my sternum has been since my skin has never stretched before and idk if it's that or a mix with that and just time but my sternum is already feeling a lot better. Now it feels more "bruised" rather than having a "burning cut like feeling"
My right breast has a sharp pain every now and then when I take a deep breath? Anyone else have that?
I think my energy level is almost back to normal as well.
I start work Monday and I'm dreading it ): definitely don't have the strength yet to do everything that I do so I'm nervous about all of that.
I see my ps again Wednesday I'm sure I'll have my stitches removed then. Can't wait to see him and see what he has to say (:
Cheers to two weeks with big boobs!
(Hurry up and drop already)

I want to cry please help !!! ):

I'm going back to work tomorrow and I'm a nanny I work 50 hours a week.
My biggest concern as of right now- besides being very uncomfortable in a sports bra and being very tired and sore- is that I have no idea how to get him in and out of the crib? He'll be two in September so he weighs over 20lbs. I haven't lifted anything over 5lbs. I'm so scared I wish I could take off two more weeks


I'm almost three weeks post op now and I'm still struggling with my breathing. I feel like I struggle taking a deep breath...here and there I get a good one in but overall my breathing just isn't normal. I do have asthma but it's gotten a lot better over the years. I'm just curious if this is normal in general or with textured or what?
I'm seeing my ps tomorrow thankfully and will of course talk to him about it but it's just annoying.
The first week I was really struggling- hopefully with time and once my skin is not so tight it will be normal again. It just freaks me out and it's uncomfortable

Three weeks ! Woohoo!

Happy three weeks my July 2 girls (:
I swear every week hits a new milestone I feel like. Which is great! I feel like I've been in a funk and being too negative because I'm so fed up with being so needy, uncomfortable, and out of my normal routine. However I need to stay positive because each week has made a huge difference!

Yesterday I had my second post op appointment and he told me I look great and the bottom will become fuller over the course of several months-which we all know I can't wait for that since I'm all top and no bottom. But I've noticed a change already in the three weeks they're dropping and I'm excited!

My ps was a bit concerned at first about my breathing but he said they're such big implants I just need to keep expanding my lungs and be patient as everything is still very tight. So I'm very relieved to know I'm "okay"
I've been trying to push myself a bit more and I was told to do some arm movements so my muscles don't get stiff so I've been trying to move my arms more but my right arm when I start to raise it I hear a nasty suction cup/sloshy noise and I wanna barf hearing it so I haven't been too motivated on that arm it freaks me out. How long does that last?? Also I didn't know my stitches are dissolvable! Great news for me I was terrified getting them out and now I don't have to get worked up about it(: yay!

I went to bed for the first time laying flat as my ps said I should- my back thanked me but my bed sort of divots myself and fiance in the middle so I was paranoid all night as my body was leaning towards the right, so I flipped and went to the foot of the bed to even it out lol. Should I get a new bed haha? I'm paranoid they're going to get deformed over time. I ended up sleeping in the recliner at 2am and then returning back to my bed like a half hour later as my back was killing me. Still not a successful sleep but I'm looking forward to a nice sleep hopefully soon. Exhausted is an understatement right now. But anyways my breasts have been feeling a lot softer! The sides and under are pretty squishy but still very sore so I don't do it very often!

Last night when I was laying flat for the first time (I like to sleep topless don't judge) it was the weirdest thing to see me not only having big boobs but them still perky and not flattened out lol. That'll be something to get used to it's so weird right now but not a bad weird....just very different.

My first week back at work has been going much better than expected thank you so much for the prayers everyone. Although I get very tired and sore after about four hours I'm happy it hasn't been too stressful. I can't wait for the weekend and to relax and hopefully get more sleep so I'm ready for my second week back!

Oh and when I brush my hair my right breast jiggles a little bit ! It's like a firm small little jiggle-noticeable but it's so funny! Happy to see that though!!(: they're finally loosening up more!

I think that's about it (:
Hope everyone has a great weekend coming up ! Happy healing bring on the one month mark :D

Denial that I have boobs ! Four weeks time to celebrate :D

Bring on the next two months I'm so excited!!! I still get a little emotional by the end of the day I still feel a bit stiff and uncomfortable sometimes I wanna cry because I'm so over it lol. I can't wait until they finally feel like a part of me and not just two big things on my chest. Sometimes I look at myself naked or with clothes on and I feel like I don't even look like I got surgery and they're not that big but then once I take pictures I'm like I do have boobs what am I thinking haha. It's still crazy! My left seems to be a bit lower but it's not very noticeable so I hasn't bothered me. Sleeping is still a struggle but these past two nights have been really good so hopefully that'll continue. My shoulders are hurting so bad ): I can barely shrug my shoulders and when I do they start to shake. Never needed a massage so badly in my life! Haha I've been putting the little boy I watch IN his crib this week but still having help taking him out. I did a little cardio yesterday for the first time ! I just did the bike for 17 minutes and stopped when I felt like they were starting to get hard...no clue if I should've stopped sooner but I'm happy I did a little something! I hope they start to look more natural over time they still look very fake and high ! As far as pain my right has been bothering me these past two days I think a combination or one thing that I was doing set it off...more driving putting him in the crib slept on my sides for a little bit. It feels a lot better today but still a bit sore. Chest is still tight and probably like the same as last week...that'll be my biggest relief once my chest finally stretches out more. My right incision still has a bit of the dissolvable stitches on it so I've just been letting them do their thing. Happy healing girls have a great almost weekend (:

Five weeks is the magic week!


I'm so happy to say I'm feeling so much better! Those four weeks I was definitely in a very emotional/depressed state of mind.
I haven't had ANY pain in either breast since Sunday! It used to be a constant 24/7 annoying pain. I'm so thrilled!
I'm still a little tight but wow I can breath and I'm almost normal in that aspect! Both my arms are almost normal as well as in raising them up to my head. I think that's probably the reason why I have such bad shoulder pain because my muscles are so tight and stiff. It's been a huge milestone for so many things right now though I'm so happy!
Currently they're a bit stiff along with yesterday but I've been a bit stressed out and worked to the bone which I think is what's causing it. I'm feeling so much better I need to remember to still take it easy.
I'm going to finally do my first leg workout in five weeks today! Can't wait!!!!
In pictures my left breast your right seems to be dropping more than my other. I can't tell in person though sort of weird.
I bought two sports bras from vs before my surgery and I tried them on for the first time yesterday and I'm so excited I fill them out!!!! I wore them while using my rice sizers and it's so cool to wear it while having boobs instead of sizers stuffed in there(;

I wasn't planning on writing a review but I decided why not since I'm feeling a lot better!(: I feel like I'm almost myself again(:
I can't wait until these feel like they're a part of me!!!!! Ah!

What is this!?

I see my ps next Friday THANK GOD

I'm really creeped out. I was nonchalantly feeling my breasts and my left breast ....on the outer side close to my incision I feel a bump as I dig a bit and push in and up sort of....the only way to describe what it feels like is like a plastic bubble I can poke in and out....wtf is this is it my implant? Why does it feel like a hollow plastic bubble type of thing??? Will it go away? It's so gross now that I know it's there I won't stop messing with it I bet ):

Random progress update (:

Thanks for the girls who have been checking in on me with the weird bump! He said it's just my implant ! Thanks to all of you you've all eased my mind so I was never really too worried about it after I was given several responses by you guys(: 90% of the time I sort of forgot it was there and didn't touch it. Although it was really weird the day of my appointment (yesterday) I felt it in the morning and it was gone...then hours later I picked up the child I watch and put him in his car seat and had a bad pain and boom there it was again. Super weird. He said it should go away soon so it better it's been almost two weeks already!! He mentioned something about its sill stretching inside and getting settled. Idk once he told me it was my implant I just was too relieved to really pay attention haha!
But I can go swimming now! I can wear bras (no push ups yet) I can sleep on my side-even though I have been for a few weeks oopsy. Once my tape falls off from over my scars I can just leave them off thank god cause my skin is so beyond irritated right now. They're getting soft! I took a picture to show! Best news of all I can start working out my upper body so time to get back into the gym full time! I asked about yoga as well he said just to listen to my body- see how I do working it out in the gym. So fingers crossed I can start doing yoga sooner than I thought!!
Overall I'm feeling great! Sleeping a lot better too! I laid on my stomach for a few minutes to see how it felt and the heavens were singing to me it felt incredible to lay on my tummy it's been too long.
My sex life has been awesome and I can't wait for my boobs to be 100% healed to feel even better (:
I love how I look in clothes I love 99% of my clothes still fit they just now look better. I have no regrets whatsoever !!

22 No Kids. Athletic Build Wanting Boobs!

I've always wanted breasts ever since I was little! As I continue to keep an active lifestyle -hiking, yoga, lifting ect my breasts have become a lot smaller. I once was a full b large c. And right before surgery I was a small b large a. Since I know being active is part of my lifestyle and something I would never choose to give up- and as I saw my breast become smaller and smaller it really pushed me to go through with this surgery. I did my research to find the best plastic surgeon in Arizona. And here he is! Dr.repta!

Of course there's risks with everything but as I became more "obsessed" and it took away from going out and enjoying my life (as dumb as that may sound) I knew I needed to be proactive and it's something I wanted very bad. Which is another reason why I wanted to make sure I picked a very reputable, honest professional surgeon, and I got exactly that.

Over the moon with boobiness

Sooo I bought two sports bras and a bra on this app I have from vs all 34d....well the sports bras (the green one I posted a few posts ago) thinking it fit...I wore it twice and I kept thinking hm are they supposed to feel this squished? And then the bra I got I just was overflowing with boobs poring out. So to make a long story sorta short....I decided to go to vs today.
I walk in ..."hi what are we shopping for today?"
"Do you know what size you are?"
"Ehhh....i don't know I think a 34d..?"
"Employee laughs and says to follow her"
....as I'm following her I get pissed and sad omg why did she laugh am I really smaller than a D?!
She gives me a bra and tells me to try it on.
As I put it on I look at the size and it's a 32ddd TRIPLE D HOLY SHIT!!!
I was thinking what the heck lady this is gigantic this won't fit me!
Boy was I wrong! My boobies are thanking me and that girl who helped me! I'm so excited I didn't know I was that big(:
I'm so in denial about it.
And on top of it for my first time ever I bought a matching set of bra and undies (: it's like a blush pink!! Sent my fiancé this picture while he's at work...and I can't stop looking at it. Like that's me....those are MY boobs I actually HAVE BOOBS!!!!

Oh and also tomorrow night I'm going out with my girlfriends to celebrate my friends birthday and then Friday night my fiancé and I are going out to celebrate my birthday that's on Monday and I can't wait to go out and feel sexy for the first time ever !!!!

Three months woot woot!

Happy three months to all of my wonderful and sexy July ladies! :D

I woke up to a few ignorant comments on my profile page! It's funny because I was just preaching to a girl on this website about how it's sickening to see so many women put down other girls to make themselves feel better or whatever the case may be.

Speaking of- I had my first hateful comment a few weeks ago while my fiancé and I were seeing Kevin hart in San Diego. As we passed two girls in line one said "well we know where she works!" And they both laughed at me....honestly I was taken off guard...otherwise I would've said something back-just how I am. i couldn't believe they said so loudly on purpose. I just try to think of it as they're jealous and or they have low self esteem. It's a shame so many women have to put others down in order to make them feel better like I said before. I mean at least say it softer instead of being ignorant and basically yelling it. i took a few pictures of what I wore from that day and just a closer up picture...I mean I thought I looked hot :D I felt great!! what am I supposed to do? Hide them? First off I paid a lot of money for these things so hell yeah I'm gonna show them off at the appropriate setting. We're allowed to feel sexy! Second I'm 22 years old with a kick ass body I'm young I feel good about myself I push myself in the gym I eat healthy I work 50 hours a week. I think I'm allowed to show myself off a bit here and there. Sorry if you don't understand that but maybe just don't say anything to me or you'll get an earful. I'm one to defend myself so be ready.

ANYWHO! Back to the positives(:
Wow what a journey it's been so far!
If someone were to ask me if this was really worth it and if I'd do it all over again my answer would be HELL YES! As emotional and exhausting as it has been-this journey has been out of this world. And having all this incredible support from all you beautiful women has made the experience a million times better. My boobs have dropped more and thankfully look a bit more natural. I do wish they'd come down way more but maybe it's a good thing....maybe since I haven't had kids yet I'll settle for my breast to stay put for now(;
So shirts are really weird like fitted shirts my boobs like amazing and I love it...loose tops it doesn't really look like I have any-which annoys me lol! Don't worry girls the pictures of me in the yellow top I don't wear it that low lol!! I pull my shirt up a little more so I'm not that revealing :p but still enough to show them off(; I just wanted to get the full effect in the pictires I seriously still can't believe it's me!

I don't really have anything else to say other than that...I wish more boobs were more bouncy and squishy but I know that's the con of textured. However I am happy with how soft they are I just wish there was a bit more relief (bounciness) my nipples and part of my boobs are still weird like numb with a tad bit of feeling but not really? I don't know how to explain it but I hope all my feeling will come back within the year or so!
Lifting hasn't been too restricting but I can't do abs like at all right now which sucks so much ): that I get pain from like my scars and stuff.
Upper body hasn't been bad-a few things make them do that weird twitch thing it's a weird feeling but there's no pain.
And legs I just go ham(;

Side note: I wish the projection if you're looking at me from the side I wish they were bigger. I feel they look really small naked standing from the side. It bugs me.

Well happy Friday girls! Enjoy the weekend and continue healing(:

Random 4 month update

i wasn't planning on doing an update until my six months but there's a few girls asking for another update so I figured why not!

For starters my left boob is still troublesome. I noticed something weird though...my right boob isn't numb anymore (hooray) but that nipple doesn't always get hard when it's supposed to which is scaring me /: but yet my left boob is still pretty numb (hoping it'll go away soon) yet that nipple will get hard when it should.

I had an awful nightmare three nights ago. Since my left boob still bothers me I had a dream I looked in the mirror and had cc then two hours later it happened to my right boob as well!!! It was awful ): I'm so paranoid about that happening it finally came into a dream.

I've been lifting 5-6 a week again. When I do tris,back, and shoulders my left boob becomes a bit sore which is a bummer and very frustrating. Still haven't done pull-ups. I was about to but got too scared! Waiting a while til I do those again!!

Besides that there's not much to talk about! Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather-I know I am(:
Happy early thanksgiving!!

I was going to wait til 6 months but....

475 high profile textured implants

Explicit - Click to view

What's a few weeks anyways!

I'm posting a video for women who are interested in textured implants. I didn't have a lot to go off of before my surgery and I hope this will help a lot of girls!!
My boobs feel amazing they're so soft and jiggly-more so than what I had thought with textured!

My only problem is still my left boob. I've only done upper body once since my last post (couldn't resist) but idk if it hurts because of a surgical error or it's still healing but it's annoying /:
My only complaint though and hoping it goes away soon!

I've found that most Bras and sports bras at Victoria's Secret are frustrating. I find myself literally right between an 34dd and 34dd! /:
My fiancé picked out my first sexy outfit post surgery and I feel so good in it!! I'm so happy(:

Just shy of 8 months!

Man does time fly!
This has been hands down the best choice I've made for myself! I can't describe the confidence and happiness I've gotten from these(:
At times I wish I was a bit bigger but I'm sooooo happy with my size I'm glad I didn't listen to my head and go smaller because I was so intimidated by the cc numbers.
Since my last update:
I CAN FINALLY LIFT!!!! I can finally do upper body ! I'll be starting up yoga soon too-I'm a bit nervous since we do a lot of plank holds and push-ups but I'm almost at a year...I haven't done push-ups, planks, or pull-ups yet. Freaks me out and I was told to wait at least a year!
My boobs have become even softer!
My incisions are looking good !
The pain on my left side....I completely forgot that even happened I haven't noticed any pain/discomfort!

Can't stop obsessing

I'm so happy that my textured implants are so much softer and bouncier than I had ever anticipated! I feel like staying updated on pictures and videos is really important for women interested in textured! I had such a hard time finding any info let alone a video of how they are.

I'm hoping my scars fad more they're pretty pink still !
I must add though it feels amazing to do my twenties right at the clubs showing off my body and feeling so sexy (:
May 2 will be 10 months yay!!!!

11 months baby!!!

I'm glad I have this site to save me from flashing everyone around me lol! It gives me relief to show off these bad boys in a more "appropriate" way if you will

I did dips for the first time since surgery yesterday and no pain at all! Just that weird pressure/movement of my muscles flexing with the implant. Still not used to that and I hate the feeling! But it's a relief I have no pain at all finall! I still have a lot of numbness in my boobs-more so in my left which I'm honestly not too worried about for whatever reason but I do hope I get all my feeing back eventually !

One year of having boobs and feeling complete

July 2 was my one year anniversary of have my boobs done! Yesterday- July 8 I had my last appointment with my surgeon. I told him I'm super happy with everything besides how close together they are. I wish there was more of a natural gap-I'm constantly pushing in between my cleavage making sure they're not joined together. I'm so fearful of having a "uniboob" Im finally in love with my size and I'm happy I didn't go any bigger. All I wish is they were farther apart. He said he can fix it and I think I'm making my surgery day December 15 of this year (it's ironic because a year from that day is my wedding!) as well as our anniversary of dating and getting proposed to. So it's a big day nonetheless.
I'm super nervous but excited and I just hope I'm making the right decision. I'm scared something is going to happen and they'll be too far apart or something but I can't think that way!! I'm ready to feel not so self conscious wearing a bikini I want a defined cleavage!
He also said he'd fix my scar on my stomach for free while he's fixing my boobs which is awesome!!

A lot has changed in a year! We've moved into a safer, nicer place. We've been planning our wedding, we got a puppy-three days later he had to be in the hospital for three days and then we had to put him down. Five months later we got a new puppy and he's been the biggest joy. My friend and I are launching our boutique this fall and have made some teasers to get our name out a little before we officially launch. I finally have boobs! It's crazy how much can change in a year and for the better(:

Happy one anniversary to my July ladies!!
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

I don't even know where to begin with Dr. Repta! He's such a sweetheart and an amazing surgeon. He makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. He truly cares about his patients. I've never felt rushed or pressured to make a decision. He's been very informative and helpful along with his staff! I can't get over how amazing they all are and I'm so so so happy and thrilled I made my decision to follow through with my surgery with him. Everything so far has been such a smooth and easy process. I highly recommend Dr. Repta ! He's incredibly talented I can't say enough great things about him! I finally feel sexy and confident! My missing puzzle piece is finally found !(:

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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