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I previously posted on the explant forum but that...

I previously posted on the explant forum but that got depressing for me because most women were happy not to have their implants anymore. I want mine back in the worse way! My story is, I had my implants exchanged in April 2016 for a better type of implant called the " tear drop " or gummy bear". At that point, my tissue and skin couldn't handle the trauma so I had to have them removed in order for the my skin to heal. I had them out on July 15th and have had quite a hard time with it. Shed many tears, cried alot and still have days i get so bummed out when I see myself in the mirror. However, I know the time is coming up soon and my skin is healing very well and my PS is happy too with my healing. My photos show 1 month after the gummy bear surgery ( 470 CC'S ) and the 2nd photo is how my skin just tore and couldn't hold the implants in. The last 2 pictures is how I look now, hence you can see why I want my implants back! I will most likely get a small implant, maybe 400 CC"S. So I am down to the last 2 months and 13 days till surgery! I wonder if there is anyone else out there that has gone thru this also.

5 1/2 weeks to go!!! Want my boobies back!!!!!

5 1/2 weeks to go until I re-implant and I am so looking forward to having them back. I have had implants for 17 years and loved them. Had an unforeseen issue with the last surgery but am healing very well and now so appreciative that I had my implants.

How I have tried to look " normal" without implants

Here is how flat chested I am without implants, hence my desire to get them back in. I wear a larger size VS sports bra and put these gel inserts in, so that way nobody that I know ( except family) can tell too much that I had the implants removed.

Before explant, I want these back!

Here is how I looked before, this is last summer. I miss them!!

Today is the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am on my way for my long awaited surgery to get my " girls" back. Will post updates soon!!!!!!

Boobies back in!!!

Here I am , day 3 from surgery, feeling pretty good, I am so happy this is done. He went under the nipple so my nipples are larger than normal and the implants ( 400 cc's) are pretty high but that doesn't concern me at all as I know they will drop. Anesthesia is out of my system thankfully, I hate that feeling! I am a little sore but honestly that not bad. Looking so forward to getting on with life and not being so unhappy with no breasts!!!

Update 4 1/2 weeks post reimplant

Here I am 4 1/2 weeks after reimplant! So happy to have these boobies back ;-)

7 weeks, happy, happy, happy!!

Hi to all posters that have commented on my newsfeed for the past 6 months. Backtonormality, I hope you are well! Here are my updated photos of my re-implant. I am happy, left side is a little bigger but I don't care, I have my breasts back and that is all I wanted

New pictures

Some of these I played around with my camera, I just do not take good photos, I look better in person!
Dr. John Corey

Love my Doctor!!

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