Implant After Explant and Can't Wait! - Scottsdale, AZ

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I previously posted on the explant forum but that...

I previously posted on the explant forum but that got depressing for me because most women were happy not to have their implants anymore. I want mine back in the worse way! My story is, I had my implants exchanged in April 2016 for a better type of implant called the " tear drop " or gummy bear". At that point, my tissue and skin couldn't handle the trauma so I had to have them removed in order for the my skin to heal. I had them out on July 15th and have had quite a hard time with it. Shed many tears, cried alot and still have days i get so bummed out when I see myself in the mirror. However, I know the time is coming up soon and my skin is healing very well and my PS is happy too with my healing. My photos show 1 month after the gummy bear surgery ( 470 CC'S ) and the 2nd photo is how my skin just tore and couldn't hold the implants in. The last 2 pictures is how I look now, hence you can see why I want my implants back! I will most likely get a small implant, maybe 400 CC"S. So I am down to the last 2 months and 13 days till surgery! I wonder if there is anyone else out there that has gone thru this also.

5 1/2 weeks to go!!! Want my boobies back!!!!!

5 1/2 weeks to go until I re-implant and I am so looking forward to having them back. I have had implants for 17 years and loved them. Had an unforeseen issue with the last surgery but am healing very well and now so appreciative that I had my implants.

How I have tried to look " normal" without implants

Here is how flat chested I am without implants, hence my desire to get them back in. I wear a larger size VS sports bra and put these gel inserts in, so that way nobody that I know ( except family) can tell too much that I had the implants removed.

Before explant, I want these back!

Here is how I looked before, this is last summer. I miss them!!

Today is the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am on my way for my long awaited surgery to get my " girls" back. Will post updates soon!!!!!!

Boobies back in!!!

Here I am , day 3 from surgery, feeling pretty good, I am so happy this is done. He went under the nipple so my nipples are larger than normal and the implants ( 400 cc's) are pretty high but that doesn't concern me at all as I know they will drop. Anesthesia is out of my system thankfully, I hate that feeling! I am a little sore but honestly that not bad. Looking so forward to getting on with life and not being so unhappy with no breasts!!!

Update 4 1/2 weeks post reimplant

Here I am 4 1/2 weeks after reimplant! So happy to have these boobies back ;-)

7 weeks, happy, happy, happy!!

Hi to all posters that have commented on my newsfeed for the past 6 months. Backtonormality, I hope you are well! Here are my updated photos of my re-implant. I am happy, left side is a little bigger but I don't care, I have my breasts back and that is all I wanted

New pictures

Some of these I played around with my camera, I just do not take good photos, I look better in person!

I am now at peace, finally after a long and emotional year!

After almost 1 year ago of having my implants removed, I am finally done and at peace with myself and how I look. Having them removed was a very emotional thing for me and being on this site helped me alot with much support from most of the community. Backtonormality was my realself buddy and could relate to me the most. I was brow beat by a few people, one who is still posting so I logged off for a few months. Nobody can tell you what it right and what is wrong with wanting to have breast implants, it is a personal decision. My whole ordeal was caused by my vanity and wanting the " perfect" breast. Well, that caused me to have quite a bit of paint, not to mention yet 2 more surgeries. I never will complain again if I have scars or if one breast is bigger than the other one, such as the case with me now. I look good in clothes, I look good in a bikini and I feel good about myself again, and that took a long time for me to feel this way. Remember, there are no perfect breasts, only on TV and then they have the luxury of photo shopping and touch up. I am not ashamed to admit that I am 61 years old, yes, and I feel like I look 50. I love myself again and will never ever go thru another breast surgery again.....!!! For all of you going thru something like this, good luck and remember, nobody can tell you what is right or wrong in your decision to have nice breasts. Peace!
Dr. John Corey

Love my Doctor!!

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