58 yo, explant after 27 yrs with lift, and later, fat transfer

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So, I've been reading posts and decided it's time...

So, I've been reading posts and decided it's time for the consult. I am hoping to go natural and I know I will need a lift. It was 1984 when I first augmented under breast in San Diego. The surgeon decided I needed large 450cc. I was shocked at the size of the bandages afterwards, considering I was 27, 5'5 and 128 lbs. I had problems immediately with capsules and hard mis-shaped boobs. Embarrassed to hug anyone, I was elevated by my breasts when on my tummy, they were that hard. Needless to say, in the course of the next 6 years, I had 9 procedures that included closed capsulotomy, open caps, implant size reduction, revision, removal of left infected, re-implant left, changed surgeon in 1990 and he placed under muscle. I was relieved not to have hard lumps after that and even though I had some scar tissue under left, I was satisfied and that was the last procedure. In the last few years, aging has caused my breasts to sag but the implants remain high up and capsules. I now want them out and hope to go natural with a lift. My consultation is next Friday, Jan. 30th. I will post photos and updates along my journey.

Before Photos

I took these last week, notice the sagging, scarring. All right, I need to lose 10-15lbs, too! :)

Consultation Update

I was excited to get things rolling today. After speaking to my surgeon and reviewing all my options, it was suggested to get my implants drained, well in advance of my surgery date of March 12th. So I go in next Wednesday Feb 4th at lunchtime and come back to work FLAT! YIKES! That's gonna be a shocker. I'll post photos after that. We need to see how much breast tissue will be left after having both above and below muscle implants, scaring, capsules, etc and for so long. During the actual surgery, I will have the implants, capsules and scar tissue removed, perform a lift then cross our fingers. We'll have to wait and see down the road if I'll need fat transfer to fill out a bit, but I have high hopes and will be happy with whatever results I get, just to have them OUT.

Heartbreak! No draining today!!!

I went in to get the saline drained today. Dr. tried three times on my right and couldn't get anything out. That means either they've ruptured or they are in fact silicone!!! It's been SO LONG I no longer remember. It seems I had saline w/silicone texture but maybe I am not remembering right. Neither of my original doctors are practicing any longer since it's been 26 years. I was SO SAD since I prepared myself today to get deflated. We won't know now until he actually goes in on March 12th to remove them, the capsules and the scar tissue. I will also get a lift and then we'll see down the road if I'll need fat transfer later, too. :(

Replaced my photos

Still bummed not go have been drained last week. Still bruised this week. I was able to locate and contact my last PS in La Jolla, CA and though they did not have my medical records which get destroyed after 7 years, his log book showed my surgery was October 1989 and I had 250cc Mentor implants, though it did not say silicone or saline. I still think I have saline but well will see. In am replacing my photos with better ones.

The are gone! 3/12/15!!!

Surgery went much smoother than I had hoped for. Didn't need the drains. But they were both ruptured and in fact silicone. He removed all the scar tissue and surprised me by saying he doesn't t think I will need a fat transfer. Yay! Can't wait to see them unveiled at my post op tomorrow. I will post pics then. I did have a problem coming out of the anesthesia and they had to give me shot of something to get it out of my system faster. That gave me excruciating stomach cramps and diarrhea that kept me there until 3:30pm. I finished surgery at 11am. Feel a bit better now getting up and about and taking it easy. Can't wait for tomorrow!!

2 days post photos and update

I am still quite swollen after two days and due to the extra scar tissue removal, lefty will need a bit more revision in a few months. PS did suggest removal only and lift later but I just wanted to get it all done now and I have no regrets. No drains still surprised me but he said there wasn't much fluid when he finished. He did do a manual drain at my post visit of about 10cc's and I will go back Monday for a bit more as I can see and feel the fluid but I am super happy with the outcome! He said they should drop down more during the healing process . OMG do I have to whittle my weight down, too. I will look totally different in 6 months.!!! Thanks to all the gals on this site, I went into this with a good idea of my outcome and as I said, I am super happy!!

Post Day 5

Monday, post day 4, went in for fluid drain and we were both surprised at the 100cc's removed from left. 5 cc's from right. Will go back Wednesday to check again and if more fluid, he will insert a catheter until no longer needed. He is still opposed to using the attached drain due to my body's reaction to foreign objects and how cumbersome and restrictive they can be. Dur to how dry I was during surgery, he didn't think I needed drains. I am definitely smaller on my left side but always have been. Once things have settled, we will either lipo that fat section away or he will excise and do the same on the right so they match. It's all about wait and see. I am still glad I did it all at once. Still not much pain and I do have some feeling in my nipples. Yay! Taking each day one at a time and planning to return to work next Monday 23rd.

Day 7 photos

So, I am still getting drained every other day less and less. I go in today again and depending on how much comes out will decide if a catheter is needed for a week or not. I am hoping not! I still love the look and I know PS will make good on his promise to revise lefty once things settle. May only need a fat transfer which is what I am hoping for but still, so glad I no longer have toxic hard bags on my chest.

Time Will Tell

I will hold off posting any more updates until maybe three or four months down the road. Lots can change by then. Only had to drain 70cc's today and elected not to have the catheter. Will go back a couple more times, then hope for the best and revisit options later. I have all the faith in my PS and will be patient. For now, still ecstatic at my results so far. A little swelling on right makes it look like I have an implant but I saw the surgical photos today and they looked about the same size and volume when he finished. Great job with what he had to work with. Thanks for all the comments and support. I am comfortable knowing things will settle down with time. Can't keep me away from following other's post, tho!!!

Day 13 Photo

Not quite two weeks, but I am confident with the progress so far. Can't believe I can still wear 34C bras. I LOVE That I have a natural cleavage. I have never liked the old 1 inch gap between ridged walls. And they are so soft! I know they are still swollen a bit and have more settling to do. It's hard to be patient but I am doing my best.

Ultrasound showed fluid in both 3/27

PS was able to locate the seroma pocket in right with ultrasound report and drained it of 120ccs Friday 3/27. Left had 62cc. He is out of town all next week so I won't see him again until Monday the 6th. I have been taking water pills which he said may help, too. I am happy to report I have lost 6lbs. Since surgery date! :) and tho I do have some fluid, it doesn't feel like much and not uncomfortable. Very itchy between my breasts for the last 10 days or so, too.

Day 22 Post

As promised for dh60. :)

Side view

Two Month Update

Tomorrow marks 8 weeks post explant and lollipop lift. I may not need further revisions, like fat transfer, but I will wait until the six month mark before I make any decisions. I am definitely bigger on my right, which I've always been and happily wearing 36C bras. I do have some scar tissue in a couple areas which show when I raise my arms, but even that may work itself out. I am loving my soft, smaller breasts.

Arms raised shows scar adhering

3.5 Month photo update

Here I am three and a half months post explant and lollipop lift which left me with small, natural (left smaller than right which has always been the case since fist BA 31 years ago when I was pre BA 34B) soft lovely breasts. With my age comes underarm breast fat that increased my breast width diameter so that I now wear 36C. At my last Post-op appointment, I decided to schedule fat transfer from my flanks next November to even out the symmetry, but more importantly, fix the areas traumatized by scar tissue from all the issues I suffered after 9 procedures over a 5 year time period, 1984 saline 400cc sub-glandular to my last procedure 1989 with a new PS placing sub muscular 250cc silicone. It is not necessary but since the fat will be coming from my flanks, I will end up with a trimmer back and taking advantage to also lipo the stubborn areas of my inside upper thighs. Elective but I feel I deserve it for living so long with hard, ruptured under muscle implants. I am keeping with tradition of posting updates in support of all you lovely ladies doing the same. Remember, there are no ugly breasts and even if you won't post photos for fear of scaring others, please don't. We all benefit from EVERYONES journeys and photos, no matter the outcome.

Don't Rush Out For New Bras right away!!!!

Changes are still happening and after 4.5 months, I am now fitting better in 36B bras. Maybe it was also weight loss but up until a month ago, I could wear 34D or 36C. Since I am already scheduled for fat transfer in November to correct the scar adhesions and divots in upper pole, I will hopefully be able to fill my recently purchased C cups again. :)

Two days until fat transfer!

It's been 8 months since my explant and lift. I go in Monday the 16th for fat transfer from my flanks to release/mask the remaining scar tissue that caused dimples and holding my breasts from the bottom. They fell a bit more so Dr. is re-lifting at no extra charge with the fat transfer. I elected to have him lipo the upper inside of my thighs at the same time. I know there will be discomfort due to lipo but it will all be worth it. He will transfer 125cc to each and they should settle more nicely. I am excited once again!!!

Pre Lipo of the upper inner thighs

My before photo!

Next day photos

Feeling great! Removed a total of 400cc's of fat from flanks and 300 from upper inner thighs. Placed 150cc's of harvested fat into each breast. Had some difficulty releasing the old scar tissue from lefty but we are optomistic and positive it will be a major improvement. I am also happy to know the lipo sites from thighs are hidden in my crotch crease on both sides. I can't even feel those! I do feel the two on my lower hips, just below the bikini line but still, very small. Some bruising just above my knees but not in the lipo areas. Middle lower back is swollen, painful when getting up or down from sitting and slightly bruised. All for now, til my next post!

5 days after lipo/fat transfer

Thought I would show you the back of my legs from lipo of upper inner thighs after five days. The compression garment kept the bruising to a minimum but the bruising ended up where there was no compression at the back of my knees. I am elevating and icing. Pain is still there but not too bad. Easier getting up and down from sitting than before. Breasts doing nicely.

One week after lipo/fat transfer

Some twinges in my breasts today for the first time, exactly one week since fat transfer but I have to tell you, lipo is NOT for the light hearted. I am usually not a complainer when it comes to pain, but thank God for pain management!! Still quite a bit of bruising in the fat harvested areas and swelling all over as well, though I am wearing whatever works best for compression 24/7. It is still difficult getting up and down, moving around, etc. feels like over doing it at the gym in every way. Even with meds, I moan and groan everytime I have move about. Getting in and out of bed, moving like a zombie to get to the bathroom. If you have the help, use it getting on and off the toilet!! I go in tomorrow to get the stitches removed, one in each of the four harvested sites but I don't even feel those and they are so small! The steri strips will come off tomorrow, too. I love the fullness of my breasts though I know they will lose some volume as they settle, it will be a major improvement in the end. The fat harvesting process Dr. Cohen uses results in 80% retainment on average. He showed me photos of what he harvested during my surgery and once he transferred it, a photo before any swelling or bruising. He said they should look close to this after I am fully healed. I will post photos after steri strips are removed tomorrow. Glad I took two weeks off work!!!

10 days post update...

I am happy with the fuller breasts but those stubborn scarred areas I may just have to live with. Steri strips came off after 8 days, same day I got those tiny lipo stitches out. I am using scar ointment twice daily on my breast incisions and have to wear compression on my lower body for a few more weeks. I am using my existing Spanx which work beautifully and Doctor approved. Minimal bruising left, even on my lower legs. Lipoed areas still feel like muscle soreness, but feel better as each day passes. Back to work Monday!

Bruising on lower legs

No compression down there!

Compare before/after Fat Transfer and Re-Lift

Next Monday will be three weeks post FT, but I wanted to show a comparison of the PreLift/Fat Transfer and Post Photos after 13 days. I will post a four week photo on December 14th too.

From the Beginning to the End...

Yes, it's all worth it! Even though all the scar tissue problems are not 100% fixed, I'm am ecstatic to have the results from the re-lift and fat transfer from lipo of my flanks. Today is exactly FIVE weeks post and the first time I don't feel any pain in my flanks and upper thighs. I'm still wearing compression garments (like spanx) all the time as I was instructed to for 4-6 weeks post lipo. It feels good with the support and love my new waist!

3rd lift after 7 weeks

Since my last update from fat transfer and re-lift in December 2015, I had one more re-lift only on July 28th, 2016. Though I still have puckering from old scar tissue in both breasts, this is the best result so far. I do massage often and maybe that's why they are getting better but I am really happy with how they look now. It's been quite a journey over the last year and a half since my ruptured, capsular contracted implants were first removed. Thanks to all the ladies who've shared their journeys here, too. I think I am done!
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