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I had my first set of implants in 2005. As soon as...

I had my first set of implants in 2005. As soon as I saw them right after surgery, I knew they didn't look right. Sure enough, they were uneven. One sat higher than the other. I was so upset. At my post op visit, the doctor said that they would settle down and they would be even. Well long story short... No they didn't. I then was determined to find a surgeon that would fix this problem ( and I didn't care at the cost). I was referred to a few top doctors in Scottsdale. I chose Dr. Malek because he listened to my concerns, what I wanted, and he was very professional as well as sympathetic.


*my first set was put in, in 2003. Then had them redone in 2005


My implants picture

1 week post explant

I'm so happy I had this done.. Will update after posting pictures

8 days post Explant

I cannot express how much energy I have since the explant. Also I am sleeping like a baby, which I haven't done in over 12 years. This was the best decision I've made. I also want to express my gratitude and thanks to many of you who have helped me along my journey and will be here along this road and for my final surgery in December. Xoxo. I feel like a new person. I will keep updating.

Feeling depressed

All of a sudden I'm feeling quite depressed. As well as feeling nauseous. I'm not sure why. I don't miss those toxic bags. Does anyone think my body could be detoxing? I drink tons of water. Has anyone else felt this way? What did you do to help this feeling?? Also, when did you notice your breast start to take more of a shape? Like they were "fluffing " up?

Day 12 post Explant

I'm feeling absolutely great. I'm can't believe this is how I'm supposed to feel. Aside from the minor neck pain still.. Which I may need to get to the chiropractor to be adjusted (w/out the toxic bags). I'd have to say that most of my health problems are nearly gone. Praise the Lord. Still going through the detoxification. But that can be expected, especially since I had them in for over a decade. More pictures to come. Have a wonderful Sunday to all my beautiful lady friends. Xoxo.

Feeling confused???

Okay, went to my 2 week post op appointment. Dr says that I am now allowed to wear an underwire bra !!!! Really??? Isn't it too early ? Im having a lift in December, so I'm shocked that he said that already. What have any of your PS advised you all? Also, if you are starting to wear a bra... What brand did find works best? I went out to "try" on some and walked out feeling very depressed, so much that I'm wanting to actually have my PS put small implants in when he does my lift. I felt nothing fit. Nothing looked right etc. Please Help. :(.

Day 15

Feeling great. Although I do need to get in to my chiropractor to be adjusted. But first off, I want to say... That explant was the best thing I could have done. Would you believe that my vision actually got better. I had to have a recheck with my eye dr because I felt my new glasses were too strong... Meaning I was able to see fine with them before my explant, but 2 days after, I couldn't see with them. Sure enough. My vision improved significantly. And even my eye dr said he's seen this before. And he wasn't surprised after he asked me what surgery I had. Positive things with explanation. :)

4 weeks post explant

I'm feeling great. I'm seeing some "fluff". I will include a picture. Please excuse my tummy.... The ugly scares. As I had my colon removed DUE to implants:(. But I'm alive and healthy now. I love being smaller chested. I've lost weight, Ive had to buy all new clothes;) :). Some many advantages to being smaller chested. People actually look at me, not my chest when they talk with me. Yay. Im so happy. Ty RF.

4 weeks post explant

Yay feeling great. Loving smaller boobies. Couldn't be happier:).

Looking for a great lotion/moisturizer

Hi all my RealFriends. Happy Saturday. Feeling terrific other than fighting bronchitis and a severe sinus infection(2 wks). I'm asking all my beautiful real sisters... What lotion/moisturizer is everyone using? For firming? Toning? Etc. can I get some help, please?? Hope you all are well. Also i am wanting to know how long does detoxing last after explant? Is there somewhere I can go to see what are the signs of detoxing? I've been breaking out (acne), which is out of the norm for me. Would love some input. Ty. Xoxoxo
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