Finally at 29! 110Lbs, 5'3, 375cc's, MP+, Memory"Shape"Implant (textured).

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Currently starting the 10 day count down to my...

Currently starting the 10 day count down to my breast augmentation. I have been waiting to do this for 10yrs and couldn't be any happier that I chose to take my time to make this huge decision. I have always wanted this but never could do it because of all of the possibilities of something wrong happening just for vain reasons. I have been following the memory shape implant and all of the differences from the other implants, including a lot of research, which made me feel a lot more at ease to certain realities. I was initially going w/ 350cc's but instead decided for a 375cc's. I'm excited and nervous, full C small D size goal.

6 days 12 hrs 15 min until the new girls!!

I've always been a very confident girl but have always felt like the real me, 100% me couldn't be without at least a bit of boobs. I can't wait to "NOT" avoid certain clothes, or feel a bit shy when I am naked. When I had my children and breastfed them, I actually had a bit of boobs and I LOVED THEM! I felt like a another woman. If only they would have stayed. One week is going to feel like an eternity.

Goodbye padded bra!

My padded bra from VS has been my best friend since I hit puberty. I will not be sad to let that floating device go!! But it did do me well for so many years. These are some before pictures with clothes. I never not wear a padded bra, so this is how I appear to others.

Padded bra < Breast augmentation! Getting 375 cc's

This is the padded bra I wear from VS it's extremely padded, 32A! It has a space between... I do the grab and pull, which is where you grab your boob with the opposite hand and try to get as much as you can, to make some sort of cleavage. Ugh! Can't wait to forget about it. Hoping that what I'm asking for is much, much bigger. Also want to have pictures to compare to later on.

Hoping to achieve this boob look!

I'm small but my PS said 375cc's will work. Hoping to achieve this look.

Before pictures! 32A if that. Were already sad but completely deflated after Bfed kids.

Since I'm getting so close to my date, I've really been trying to get the hang of this site and began truthfully documenting my journey to BA. I've been dreading the nakey pics but everyone on here is so supportive and understanding, not to mention everyone else's journey has helped me so much! I want to truly share my experience with all you ladies. Here are my before pictures can't wait for 6/26/15 when I will get the new and improved girls.

Nesting for the girls!

This feels a lot like when I was going to give birth lol! Ok maybe not that intense but I have certainly feel the pressure of everything I want and need to have done and ready before the BA. With my son I have less to worry about because he is independent and will be more than ready to try and help me with anything I may need, but my daughter just barely two is going to be harder. She loves me to carry her everywhere and I have already began trying to work something like coming down to her level and playing or asking her what she needs, then grabbing her by her hand and taking her wherever, hopefully this will make it easier later when I really won’t be able to pick her up. It’s going to be hard she is the sweetest thing in the world and hard to say no to her thankfully she is only 23lbs, I was told I can get cleared to pick up 20lbs by week 3!! OMG I don’t think I will last that long.

Got the call! Feels Sureal!

So the clinic called to confirm the surgery for Friday!! I got butterflies in my stomach talking to the lady over the phone. I can't believe this is happening, it feels sureal still. Yesterday I picked up all of my meds including colace to help with BM since it's seems like I'm going to need it! I also bought a cute lace bra, (Will post a pic) it was only $5 so I couldn't pass it up. I giggled when I got it because it's the first time I've ever got something that big... Which wasn't even big at all lol its size 36 but no letter? Not sure but not too worried since it wasn't a big expense. I'm not suppose to wear a bra during the day and only wear supported sports bra at night per my PS. I'm going with the Mentor memory teardrop shape implant, under the muscle, textured, so I won't need to do any massaging. I wonder if I will still drop and fluff? Going tomorrow afternoon to get drawn on! I'm so excited. Will ask a million questions!

I'm so happy I found this website there are so many things I didn't know that I've learned from here and overall the support everyone has for one another is awesome!

Tomorrow is the day!!

I went in today to get mapped on for tomorrow morning. He said I'm very symmetrical which is a great starting point. This is the first time I see him since he recommended 350 cc in HP. He did so based on what I expressed I wanted at that time but once I left I realized I wanted 375cc's in moderate high profile instead! So I called the office spoke to Jan the SA and told her I knew I wanted to try the 375ccs again and wanted her to chat with my PS before my following appointment which was my pre op. (he was going to be in surgery that day) well she did and based on measurement he said that implant would also work for me.
Sorry for the rant..
Well back to today. He said that he was happy I chose to go with the 375ccs instead and thought that it would be a great fit for my body. He said I should have great cleavage and a nice round look!! As well as D size! Omg! He's words make me so happy!
So he mapped everything out and said to relax tonight and stay off the Internet lol (I mentioned Realself).
I'm trying to get to bed but I can't sleep! Wow am I excited. Everyone pray for me! Thank you for all the support.

The girls are here!!

I did it!!! I was so out of it and in pain yesterday after the surgery that I didn't have a chance to come on here to update.
The PS was ahead of schedule so they called me in a bit earlier. Everyone was really nice, informative, and tried to put me at ease that everything would turn out great. The anesthesiologist didn't even say he was putting me to sleep, I layed down and next thing you know I was awake in recovery.
Not being able to drink or eat anything was harder than I expected and thought I was going to be starving after the surgery. But I was so out of it that I didn't even want care to, but my hubby forced me to eat some soup once we got home so I could take my meds.
No pain, no gain! Right? Well the first night was pretty bad I almost threw up twice and went through a hot episodes where I broke out in sweat in less than 5 seconds! Felt like someone was standing on my chest and it was hard to take a breath. The pain and everything is much better today. I feel well enough to put on my own pants and wipe (I was afraid of that). My hubby keeps stopping me from doing to much because I seem to be more mobile. My hubby has been staying on schedule with all my meds and maybe that's what is keeping me like this.
The girls look great! So far they are pretty hard but no bruising. I'm happy with how they look overall and I know it's early to judge but I'm hoping they just keep getting better. More pics soon.

Also thank you to everyone who wished me good luck and said a prayer for me.

Surgery day pictures

I would really like to document my progress so I'm trying to take pictures everyday. The first day they appeared a bit boxy on top in the pictures but wasn't as noticeable in person. They were also very hard, no bruising.

Boobies day 2

On day 2 went to Target with my hubby and got some comfortable cute pj's for my recovery as well as two bras. I thought I would be a medium in the bra but I took home the L for both. Tried on XL and it fit too.

Boobies day 3!

Feeling much better on day 3! Still some pain, but again my hubby is staying on top of it so I haven't felt so much pain. I can do a lot for myself just feel a little weak in the arms at times, and I'm definitely not trying to push it. Today I took off the surgical bra and washes it, wore the gray bra I just bought for a good portion of the day, I wonder if this can affect anything?

Oh yes! I finally had a BM today!!

I can't really feel my nipples and a small portion of the bottom of my breast, is that normal?

Boobs on Day 4

More from day 4 w/ boobs

From being on this site a while, I know you see the most progress through all of the pictures. I want to document my girls well. Sorry in advance for the overload of pictures. This is yesterday, day 4. Tight and still firm but definitely a lot more softer than before.

1st check up went great!

Went to my first check up yesterday! I was greeted right away taken to doctors consult room, different from any other time I've visited the office. Everyone is always so friendly.
A very nice lady came in to talk to me about what I've been experiencing since the surgery and went over the medication again that I should be taking and how often. I asked her about the bra I bought (gray bra) and if it would be OK to use instead of the surgical bra and she said YES! She then left and returned with Dr. Guerra.
He checked both breast said the looked and felt great and asked how everything has been going since the surgery. He put me at ease that all my pains were normal and what to expect. He said they look great for being only 4 days out and said that he expects great results at the 3 month mark! Benefits of getting shape implant is no massaging! And they look better faster!! He told me to begin using vibration on my nipples for 5 min at a time to help get feeling back. Still can't lift anything heavier than 5 lbs. Can't raise my arms higher than my head level or make sharp movements with my arms. No bruising so far! I'm going back in next week to get the tape taken off. Will see how I feel then.
I got a flesh tone Coobie bra with thin straps while I was there which has instantly became my favorite! Feels so great on. He said after my next visit I will be going braless during the day and only using a supportive bras to sleep.

Day 5!

I'm loving my breast more and more every day!

Day 6 with boobs!!

I love the way they feel today! Slightly softer and I'm still very happy with the size I went with!

16 days post BA!

Well it's been a little over two weeks since I got the girls and wow has it been an up and down roller-coaster of emotions. I'm ultimately happy I finale made the choice but wow people are not kidding about the pain. At moment's that's the only reason why I have questioned it... Why would I willingly put myself through something (pain) like this? Well... What's done is done! I just have to roll with it and I now see the light a little more. I feel much better, have more strength and the morning tightness isn't as bad either. I have a lot of pressure on the side of my boobs is that normal? Another thing I've been worried about is that the left boob has always been the most painful one the more swollen one as well but it is rounding and dropping much faster than that right one. The right seems to have never gotten swollen and now sits so much higher, I'm afraid it won't catch up?!? What do you ladies think? Off my pain meds but will continue taking a muscle relaxer before bed until I finish my prescription. As of last Tuesday I'm going braless during the day and only wearing a bra during sleep. I'm hoping my right boon drops and looks just like her sister because I love the way my left breast is looking!! Let me know what you think.

Took surgery tape off! Almost died.

Well what I thought would be an easy process ended being one of the worst moments I've experienced thus far, though this.
My last appointment was last week. I went in and they took off the surgery tape, cleaned my incisions and they put new tape back on. I was instructed at that visit that this week I should take off the tape at home and begin applying vitamin E oil twice a day to help disintegrated the inner stitches and of course to lessen the appearance of the incision scar.
I was ready for the task and was even advised to rub Vaseline on top of the tape to make it easy to come off. I went ahead and put Vaseline on them as soon as I woke up the morning of the task, and by night time they were loose enough that I could wiggle them off very easy. Once I got the tape off I cleaned off some of the residue and you can still see the marker so was very focused on looking at the cut while I rubbed off as much of the marker as I could. One moment I was absolutely fine, the next moment I became so Ill I thought I was going to pass out or worse die.. My body felt as though I was sucked into myself I got so dizzy and began hearing a buzz in both ears. I became so pale and broke out into a sweat that seemed like I just had been through a marathon... It was horrific!! My husband has been out of town for business but thankfully my sister was here to save me. She fanned me, gave me cold water, and a wet towel. I began throwing up so much. Once I finally did I felt a bit better but I looked as white as ghost and had chills for the next 20 min. I understand it was shock from looking at my cuts, but what is so weird is that I'm not a squeamish person and before the episode began my mind was on how great the line looked and the location it was in! I was happy not the opposite... I would have never thought that subconsciously my mind was about to play me a hard one. I have never even been sick by blood either. Well I have looked at them again since, cleaned them and haven't had any other problem.
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

So far the I've had great communication with my surgeon and office staff. Although he didn't ask for expectation pictures he was thorough and asked alot questions. Based on my want and anatomy he gave a good recommendation as to what I should go with which is a Memory shape implant but I decided to go a bit bigger if my anatomy allowed (according to him it did) at 375cc's with memory shape implant. 11.5 chest width.

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