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I haven't had my surgery yet! BUT I have to say...

I haven't had my surgery yet! BUT I have to say the experience so far has been the best! I did my homework and researched endlessly for weeks. I had a TOP 5 list and Dr. Cohen was the winner. What made me pick him, you ask?

1. He has a plethora of education. His site is beautifully put together and packed informatively with answers to every single question you could have before you even talk to him!
2. Board Certified, DUH (which also means he works with a BC anesthesiologist)
3. Exceptional reviews on other sites
4. Awesome showcase before and after pictures
5. The staff make you feel like their best friend!

I feel like you can't go wrong with a man of his caliber! I am super excited to see my results and will be back to give more feedback then!

Anybody with any feedback on what to expect and what you did before and after your surgery would be so appreciated! As I'm getting closer, I'm getting cold feet here and there and I'm super nervous about going under the knife.

T Minus 29 Days

I think my nerves are starting to kick in! Yikes! It's gone by super fast.

I just started a regimen of multivitamins and some light exercise. Trying to eat healthier and drink less alcohol since 2 weeks before I can't have ANY. Oh well, it'll be worth it.

My STATs are: 5'0. 108 pds. 32B. 27 years old. I decided to start this journey because it was something I always wanted, but never got the chance too. Now that I have a supportive boyfriend, he will be there to help me out with this and that makes me feel a lot better.

What did you do before your BA? Did you exercise, take multivitamins, etc? What would you recommend?

I'm also starting to make myself sick with worry in regards to anesthesia. What if I get dizzy and sick? What if I die? What if I am awake and feel everything and won't be able to call for help? I just hope it goes smooth and I'm out like a light.

Were you scared of going under the knife? If so, how did you cope with that?

Here are the before pictures

Forgot to add these...
Ugh. I hate them!

Anyways, I am hoping to go to a full C. My doctor recommended texture anatomical implants. Anyone have them?


My dream boobs, everyone has them, these are mine :-)


Woah, it went by fast! I've been preparing my questions prior to meeting Dr. Cohen (for the first time!).

I'm not sure what to ask, most of my questions are about anesthesia. But I feel more comfortable about that now. My main concern is that I don't get implants that are too big OR too small. Do anatomical's fluff over time or are my boobs going to look stiff? Is there a warranty with the implant itself?

I've been taking my multivitamins and this Friday is my last day of drinking alcohol and taking ibuprofen/Tylenol. I work at a doctors office and wear scrubs, so I have to go scrub shopping. Hard to guess what will fit when I don't have my boobs yet! I wear XS now so maybe a medium? Does your shirt size change much with new boobies?

My nerves have surprisingly calmed down. I think I'm getting more comfortable as time goes by. I've had a ton of support and this site has an answer to every question!

Although, on Surgery day I know I'm going to be super anxious. Hopefully there is something to help calm the nerves. :p

I'll be back Friday to report how my pre-op went!! Wish me luck!


Pre op was on August 25th

So, I walked into Dr. Cohen's office, everything was neat, clean and had a very warm feel to it. Kelly was at the front desk and took my payment and gave me some paperwork before going back. She was super nice.

Cassy brought me back shortly after and put me in one of the rooms with a huge mirror and a comfy medical chair. I had to put a gown on and remove my top. Dr. Cohen was running behind a little, but Cassy filled the time with some pre-op instructions. There was a lot to remember! Prescriptions to fill (6 of them), when to take them, what not to eat, what not to do, what to expect etc. Cassy was a complete sweetheart and so friendly. She gave me a bag of goodies, it had some gauze, Aquaphor, a drinking cup, ice back and some lovely stool softener capsules.

Dr. Cohen came in and gave a warm introduction. He was very professional and was very informative. He took my measurements, told me about the rare outcomes, took my history and answered any questions I had. We took some before pictures and tried on a sizer. We knew right away 350CC was going to work, so I didn't have to try anything else on. It was so weird to look in the mirror and see myself with bigger boobs! I chose 350cc anatomical textured implants. I chose a tear drop because I want a natural look and Dr. Cohen agreed it would be what I'll be the most happy with. My incision will be under the breast.

After that, I was on my way! I walked away feeling a ton more confident since this was my first time meeting him. The whole experience was wonderful and now it's only 10 days away!!!

What stuck out to me the most on my "do NOT eat" list was pickles, garlic, tomatoes, onion, apples & berries, It was weird to see pickles on the list. I guess they thin your blood. Now, I'm not sure what to eat! I love those things! And we all know we can't have alcohol so no more Cabernet for me! :-(

I plan of just getting some soup, rice, fish and chicken before and after. I feel like I'm going to lose weight with this whole process! I guess that's not a bad thing.

I will be back to share some pictures and how my surgery went! Wish me luck :-)

3 more days!!

I have been extremely nervous/anxious about surgery. I have been having what I call "boob-mares", like nightmares about my boobs. I dreamed that I woke up after surgery having seizures, passing out and that my boobs were insanely small.

I haven't had much sleep last night because I have so much on my mind and honestly just want to get this all over with. I'm stressed about recovery and the pain. I hope that I can sleep on my back (I'm a side sleeper) and I hope I'm comfortable. I'm scared about all the risks (infections, rupture, toxic shock etc). I know it's rare, but I hope my body likes these silicone implants. I'm sensitive to everything so I hope in the end it all goes smooth.

Is it normal to get cold feet? I definitely am doing it, I just paid $8500, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared.

Day Before

I have beeeeen sooo nervous!!! I don't know why, but I'm scared about the pain after and how anesthesia is going to feel since it's my first time under the knife. I am excited to get new boobies, but the whole experience along with it is quite nerve racking.

I can't eat anything after midnight, no water either and I have to shower with Dial soap the morning of and I can't use any lotions, perfumes or deodorants, not even conditioner! I'm bringing pajama bottoms, flip flops and a zip up hoodie. I will be bringing some Jello and Ginger ale to eat after. I think I will be in recovery in the surgery center for an hour or however long it takes to get me up and going.

I am prone to motion sickness so I am putting on a patch prescribed by my doctor 4 hours before. He also gave me 2 anti nausea medications to take as needed.

I also bought a 45 degree angled pillow for keeping me propped up and elevated after surgery. I got it on Amazon for $40. I did laundry, cleaned house, filled prescriptions, paid bills, went grocery shopping, got all my affairs in order! I will have my boyfriend and mom taking care of me.

If you are curious about food I bought for recovery: yogurt, Jello, soups, broth, veggies, fish, ice-cream, Kefir (which is like yogurt with probiotics, smoothie ingredients (putting spinach in them also), ginger ale, crackers and oatmeal...

I am returning to work 5 days post op, but my boyfriend will be driving me for the first week after. I have a desk job so I should be fine.

Also another thing I have been doing is drinking tons of water, at least 2 liters a day and I have been taking multivitamins religiously and 1000mg of Vitamin C daily to avoid getting sick. I also recommend probiotics if you are taking antibiotics after surgery. It helps balance that good and bad bacteria so you can avoid yeast infections.

For tonight, I was cleared by my surgeon to take Xanax before I go to sleep. Just to calm me down so I can get some good rest. He said benadryl was fine to take in it's place also if I'd rather. My check in time for surgery is at 9:30, but surgery doesn't start till 11. Just talking about it makes my heart burn because I am so nervous.

I will be back soon to share my experience in detail. Wish me luck :-)

The day after surgery!

Just checking in real quick to say that all went well!! I will be back to write more when I'm more awake and coherent! Hehe :-)

End result is a beautiful 350CC. I haven't been in any pain, just mild discomfort. My boobs look amazing already and overall the whole experience has been a breeze!

I attached a photo for a sneak peak on how they look :)

Day 2 or 3?

Do you count surgery day as post op day 1? If so ,then it is day 3 for me.

I checked in at 9:30 on Thursday. Waited a little until the nurse came out to go over my medications and talked to my mom and boyfriend on how to care for me. Very informative.

Then from there, we went into a room where I had my vitals checked. Then the doctor came in to write on my boobs and asked me what my biggest fear was: too big or too small. It was actually really hard to answer. Haha I think I said too small. After the doctor left, the anesthesiologist came in and put an IV in me. It was just water at the time and it was cold. He also went over some stuff with me, but I don't remember what. At that point I said goodbye to family and the minute I got up to walk into the OR, I felt that woozy weirdness. Kinda scared me because I don't like too feel anything but my normal self.

I remember walking into the room feeling like I was falling and they laid me on a bed and they put this really warm blanket on me. Then I woke up in the recovery room and I had a tickle in my nose which was from oxygen. I remember someone removing it and then getting ice chips.

I don't remember feeling any pain. I could just feel that something was in my chest. But the tightness wasn't even that bad. I think the first thing I said upon waking was that I had a dream. Then my family came in and before you know it, I was in a wheel chair on my way out to the car. It all went by so fast. I don't remember the car ride home.

When I got home I took my pain medications and went to sleep. That's all I did the first day really. I remember feeling so excited that it was hard to go to sleep because I just wanted to hang out with family and gawk at my boobies. Hehe

Second day I took Valium and got really sick. Threw up and now I know never to take that stuff again. The Percocet has been working fine and I now am cutting back to 1 pill every 5 hours instead of 2 every 4 hours.

Today I threw up because I think I ate too much rich food. I had a really healthy smoothie, which I thought would be good for me, but I think the first 3 days it's important to stick with very bland foods like crackers and jello and ginger ale. The nurse said that would be plenty of calories for me the first few days.

Overall, the experience has been grand. The worst part is getting up from the bed and laying back down. When I walk around my boobs feel really heavy, but not painful.

My post op was yesterday and I got to see my boobs for the first time and they are gorgeous. I don't even have Frankenstein boobs!! No bruises and no bleeding. He said the surgery couldn't have gone any better. I couldn't wait to get back home though because just the walking to the car and going into the doctors office really wore me out.

I get to take my first shower tonight after I take my suppository to make me go poo! :-p

I'm very bloated so hopefully it works. I'll be back to post some pictures!!

Done taking Percocet

Percocet started making me dizzy so I switched to Tylenol extra strength and feel normal again. I'm in no pain and there is very slight soreness. I can go pee by myself and get out of bed and lay back down. Eating is hard to do, so I've been sticking with jello and crackers with water and ginger ale.

First two days it was hard to go pee. Don't know if that is normal or not. Today was the first day I actually had a steady stream haha!

I attached a picture of the twins :-p


This is my first day going number 2!! Holy moly! I tried everything and I couldn't go. The first time taking the suppository yesterday and nothing happened and just took it again and 10 minutes later I'm relieved!! It was more like rabbits going poo. :-/

I've been a little nauseous off and on. Tried to go out and do some lunch and shopping, but had to turn around. Too much for me. I might need another day to relax before I go back to work.

Here's another picture of the twins, they look amazing!

Feeling better

I'm back at work today, just a little light headed, but pulling through. I'm really happy with the outcome and they get better and better everyday. Here is another photo :-)

Honesty is the best policy!

I love my new boobs and I am soooo happy, but I didn't mention the time when I came off the percocet. I was laying in bed and had only gone just 6 hours without it and switched to Tylenol. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I just felt completely depressed. Not sure if it had anything to do with weening off the meds or not. I was so sad and cried. I was scared I made a huge mistake.

My boyfriend made me feel better and I fell back asleep. It didn't last for long, but know that it is normal to have the blues after surgery. Thankfully mine didn't last long. But it was a heavy feeling.

My right arm hurts the most. Its where I got my IV so maybe that's why. But it gets tingly and numb sometimes.

I meet with the nurse for my 1 week post op this Thursday. I have dissolving stitches so no hassle with stitches being removed! I think they are just checking on things.

Took Zofran today to get rid of my dizziness and feel better :-)

I'm ready for a drink ;-)

The twins are getting closer!!

Doc said they gap in between would get closer and closer :-) I can see it already!! Here is a picture. This is the first day I feel like myself again. No dizziness. Just a little tired! I also attached a picture of my IV arm, it hurts!! Anyone else have that problem?

Deleted photos

Sorry, I deleted all my photos because I wasn't aware that creepy men look at them.

Almost 2 weeks

Although I won't be posting pictures anymore, I do want to share my continued experience.

Yesterday was the first day I had my first #2!! Constipation was tough for me. IT took me 5 days to have my first BM and then they were basically like little rocks. Then finally I had a normal BM. It was such a relief.

This week has been great. I started taking Klonopin every night because morning boob was a real thing and it was affecting my sleep badly. I still sleep at a 45 degree angle because I feel it is most comfortable for me. I was told I can sleep on my side, but it isn't comfortable right now. I do what feels best for my body.

I used Aquaphor with guaze for scars for about 3 days per surgeon's recommendation and now I've stopped that. The scars look great and get better every day. I don't plan on doing anything with them. As an esthetician, I know that scars don't miraculously get better from a lotion or cream. It's dependent on genetics. Just like bruising and healing time. The best thing you can do is keep them moisturized.

I don't take Tylenol anymore and haven't for the past couple days. I am in no pain. Although, a little soreness here and there. Nothing bad.

Other than that, I am so HAPPY with the way they look. They look amazing, I really do wish I can show you guys! I had two private messages from men that were inappropriate and I don't feel comfortable sharing anymore.

I am so glad I didn't go bigger than 350CC. They look natural and full. The breasts have just enough space in between them and they are settling nicely. I just can't begin to tell you how amazing they are!! Is it weird to say I don't want them to change anymore? haha I like them just the way they are now! I can't imagine them getting better.

Dr. Cohen is a true artist. I also believe it has something to do with what you have to begin with. I was a pretty simple case (by no means am I saying BA is a simple surgery) in the sense that I had symmetrical boobies, enough skin, good torso and nice volume on lower end of breasts to begin with. Albeit, his before and after pictures from his site are amazing from people who didn't have such an easy beginning.

PLEASE, if you are in Arizona, go to Dr. Cohen. I promise you won't regret it!

After Pictures

This first picture is 3rd day after surgery and the bottom one under that is 7 days after surgery. I'm tilted to my left so it looks like one boob is bigger, but it's not.

Then I attached more from today. One to show how they look in my sports bra! :-) the others are to see how perfect they look with size and shape. And I'm only 13 days post op.

day 2 and 3 post op pictures

Not sure why it isn't updating all pictures

Here is day 13. :-)


Happy Saturday everyone! Just wanted to show some pictures of my scars. They really are getting better day by day!! It's amazing!

I still don't feel comfortable sleeping on my side and my boobs "itch". I'm not sure why, but I think it's just from the skin settling down from the swelling. Not worried about it at all though.

I can do most things by myself and sometimes it's a challenge not to lift more than I'm supposed too. I sleep great and still sleep at 45 degree angle, it's actually comfortable.

My boobs look so much better in clothes now. It's subtly noticeable and I feel more confident in shirts.

I'm going to come back and list some stuff for those of you preparing for surgery that would have helped me out had I known. Things to do, things to expect, things to not do, etc.

Have a happy weekend!!

Night Sweats

I woke up 3 times last night with night sweats. Had to take off my pajamas because I was so hot, mind you we keep the temperature in the house at 70 at night so it's always freezing!! I also noticed pain in my right boob, but nothing awful.

I called my PS today and they said to just keep an eye out and if I noticed swelling, fever or redness/bruising then to call them back, but it is probably unrelated. I took my blood pressure and it's normal. Just kinda had anxiety from all of this because I don't want anything to go wrong!!

I just feel off today, but maybe I'm getting the flu. Who knows.

Quick Update

Not sure if anyone reads this, but anyways.

I'm doing really well, for those concerned about Anatomical Textured Implants and the way they feel, I'd have to say they are squishy and feel very natural. I love them!! So does my boyfriend. hehe.

I am able to sleep on my side now and do most daily activities. Still not lifting over 10 pounds, but everything else is back to normal. I went to a wedding this past weekend and wore a dress with no bra and it went well! You can hardly tell that I had a boob job (for me that's a good thing). I saw a bunch of family and no one said anything. They just look super natural, like I blossomed. They don't look fake or too big. They are just right.

My scars are getting better. They are getting lighter, but I noticed they are still raised. I also noticed that the skin below my nipple is numb, but not bothersome, just noticed when washing them that I can't feel a lot there.

It's weird to say this, but my BM are better than they were before surgery! I go every day now and for years, I went maybe 1-2 times a week.

Overall, everything is going super well and I probably won't come on here too much anymore, unless someone has a question for me.

One last piece of advice: Chose a GOOD surgeon (do your homework) and don't rush into surgery just because you are inpatient. Usually a surgeon who is booked out is booked out for a reason: because they are awesome. If you are in Arizona, I would recommend Dr. Cohen. PM for any questions!

Good luck everyone and hope your experience will be as good as mine was!!


My scars look fantastic and I haven't used anything on them! :-)
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