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Yesterday I had my consult with Dr. Lille and it...

Yesterday I had my consult with Dr. Lille and it went better than I had expected...but first some background.

24 years old (almost 25/next month)
5'8" 144lbs
32A - 30 - 39.5

Two kids - breastfeed both for approx. a year and a half. I was a 32D the first pregnancy and a 34C the second pregnancy.

I've always wanted big boobs...all the women on my moms side have been blessed with D+ cups. Since 11 I've been a 32A and my sister who is four years younger was already bigger than me. It's been my goal to have this surgery done by 25 and its crazy that it's happening. I'm beyond excited!

Anyways so my consult went good. Everyone was really friendly and welcoming which was comforting because I was really really nervous and got to the office stupid early. I waited in my car until about 25 minutes before my appt and went in. I was nervous that he would tell me I needed a lift...I didn't want the extra scars until I absolutely have to. They took measurements and said I didn't need one which was exciting. I also wanted saline but was open to discussing silicone. Long story short I am going to go ahead with the silicone gel because I feel it is the better choice. I am hoping to be a DD or maybe even slightly bigger. I tried on sizers yesterday want stopped at 525cc's However, originally was thinking 600-700cc's..I am thinking about talking to him about going bigger at my pre-op in a couple weeks.


So I had to push my surgery back a week. I'm not very happy about it but it just wasn't going to be a good fit. I am trying to comprise with those that will be helping me after surgery...it has to fit into their schedules as well.

In other news I've decided I definitely want to go bigger than the 525cc's that I tried on. I am thinking somewhere between 600cc - 650cc. Really afraid of the boob greed lol I don't want to wish I would've gone bigger but also afraid of going too big and not being to wear VS Bra's.

Paid in full

YAY!! My pre-op appointment was yesterday afternoon! Although I left feeling slightly discouraged i am greatful that this is even a reality right now! It really is exciting! I originally tried on 525cc sizers and wanted to go bigger. I had my mind set on 650cc but ultimately we can only fit what my body will allow. My surgeon and I agreed on 495cc high profile round implants...not sure what brand. He is confident that that is the biggest we can fit.

With 12 days to go!!!!

Oh also I had a nightmare last night that I woke up post op only to realize that my implants were drastically different. One was 495cc and the other 85cc. Are these nightmares common before surgery???

More pre-op pictures

They wouldn't upload from last post.

Perscriptions are filled!

It's getting real over here!

I had another boobmare (nightmare) last night that pretty much went like this...

My husband went and filled my prescriptions for me and came one with them and a large package of skinless boneless chicken breasts and said, "you know you still need to decide on the final size." So I grabbed the chicken and started washing them. I found the biggest two in the package and put them in zip lock bags to take them to surgery the next morning. The next morning Dr. Lille says, "alright let's seem them!" So I grab the chicken out of my bag and he says "alright we are good to go! Ready my dear?!"

• but seriously....chicken breast as implants....ahhhhh 8 Days to go!!!

OMG I have boobs!!!

So I tried to post after surgery yesterday but kept getting an error message.

Everything is good so far....wasn't in any pain after surgery or very little pressure however, today has been really difficult getting out of bed or off the couch and I feel like someone has tried to give me cpr really hard...repeatedly in between my boobs. Other than that I seem to be doing and feeling fine.

Also the surgical center and dr. Lille's office have both called to check on me and see how everything went last night and today. I thought that was really swee!

Post Op days 2 & 3

POD2 -
Yesterday morning I woke up in pain. It's totally my fault though....I should've waken my husband up and I didn't. he looked so cute sleeping. I had no appetite and the crackers made me feel like I was eating handfuls of flour....my mouth is really really dry. I also took my first shower and wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. However, that's probably because my husband did most of the work for me. lol

POD3 -
I am slightly nauseous today after waking up and also itchy around the gauze and bra. Still no appetite and very tired.

Hiccups are the worst!!!

I cannot even begin to explain what it feels like other than weirdly uncomfortable and slightly painful. Also I am itchy where the ace bandage is. I'm assuming that's normal?

Ace bandage rash??

I started to notice a rash on Saturday morning and even more so today. Its basically where my ace bandage is and my upper chest and up the front of my neck. Not sure if I am allergic to the dial soap or whatever they use to disinfect before surgery or the antibiotic.

My post op appointment is Tuesday so I am going to wait until then to ask about it and cross my fingers it doesn't get worse.

One week post op

Had my first post op appointment yesterday and everything went as expected. They are still very high. They showed me how to massage...(which my husband has to do for me because I can't put enough pressure on my chest to move the implant down). I also still have to wear the ace bandage but have to go braless for three weeks which I was thrilled about until we got into the car....I forgot how sensitive my nipples are.

This thought is daily......"I have boobs now!!!" Lol

Two weeks in and slightly freaked out

I know this is pretty common for one side to drop faster than the other but I see it happening and its freaking me out and I am trying not to worry about it. Do I need to pay special attention to the higher implant?? Like massage it more often?

Anyways, I feel pretty good for the most part however I'm still bloated and tired at times. I am having a hard time sleeping on my back comfortably and my husband freaked out a couple days ago when he saw I was on my left side...I also noticed that the inside of my right breast was pretty sore for the rest of the day and most of yesterday. I also still have a weird rash on my neck and hip not sure what it's from still...my nipples are very very sensitive but it totally gets worse when I'm cold or get chills. Also I hate that band but I do it all day and night anyway.

Happy two weeks!!

Three weeks ago...

When they were really uneven...I guess I forgot to upload all of the pictures.

5 weeks!!

Time flys!! They are looking more even now. What I ended up doing was massaging the right side four times a day and the left only twice. All of the glue is gone on my right breast and only a little left on my left breast. I am now sleeping on my side which is sooo much more comfortable than my back. My nipples are still hypersensitive...which is kind of a pain in the butt since I have to be braless....but I'm not complaining about that lol it mostly bothers my husband because i can't hug him tight and when he turns the ac on I'm wrapped up in a blanket. Other than that I've noticed my side boob on the left is way more round than the right which seems to be more straight....I am going to continue to be patient and see what happens with it though.

12 weeks

It's been awhile since my last update however, everything is perfect. My breast are now even and the sensitivity in my nipples has returned to normal. I am back in the gym six days a week and loving it.

Two weeks ago I had my last appointment with Dr. Lille and he couldn't have been more happy with my progress. I am now free from all restrictions.

I did go to Victoria's Secret and get sized at two months and they sized me at a 32DDD. ???? couldn't be more happy and confused at the same time. I went to a few other places and got sized but with all different results. One at a 34C, 32D, and 34DD ....so now I'm confused. None fit at comfortable as the VS bras but still confused on how dramatic the difference' in measurements were. Needless to say...I'm still wearing sports bras for now. I plan to get measured again here soon because it's time for normal bras. I am excited about the shopping to come!!!

Also I have boob greed! Now that I've gotten used to them I feel like they are so small. However I can't wish that I would've gone bigger because this was the biggest I could go. Either way I love them.
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