Loving my BA from 32A to 32DDD

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I am a 34 year old wife and mother to 3, I am ...

I am a 34 year old wife and mother to 3, I am 5'4" 125lbs currently a 34A. I have wanted this since I was 18 years old and realized I inherited my mothers tiny boobies. I have nursed all of my children and now it is finally my time to do something for me. I am going with 475cc silicone HP implants. I just left my pre-op appointment and I am so full of nerves and excitement. My BA is in one week. I have been reading and reading these blogs/reviews and it has been so helpful in preparing me for my procedure, so I will do the same. I have uploaded some pics of me now, super embarrassing but I know helpful for others looking for that person with similar breast size and shape. I have been obsessing over my size (implant size) for over a month now. My surgeon asked me a great question, "would you be more upset if you came out of surgery and felt too small or too big" Well of course I don't want either, but honestly after reading so many women who feel let down with their smaller implants, I would rather them be a little too big and get used to them, than too small. So after trying them on and doing my home rice trials, 475cc is what I came up with. I am shopping for a recliner. We don't have one and I would like to have one since my biggest worry is sleep. I am a stomach sleeper (maybe that is why my breasts did not grow bigger, LOL) Really it is a great excuse to finally get my hubby a recliner for his office anyway.
Also, I am a consultant and I travel quite a bit, I do not have any travel scheduled for 3 weeks after surgery and I only requested one week off, my boss mentioned last week that he may want me in chicago one week after surgery, YIKES, I hope that doesn't pan out.

Obsessing over SIZE

So I went bought a recliner, my hubby was starting to get sick of hearing me talk about the surgery soooo much and I know he has wanted a recliner for the office for some time now, but he doesn't want to be selfish and spend money on himself, okay well sometimes, but it was a good excuse for him and I. A recovery chair for me and a MAN chair to watch the game in his office. So I have been obsessing over the size. Is 475cc too big, but if I go smaller I would be devastated to have something any less than what I want. I know that I want them to be big and sexy, I DO NOT want them to be small and hidden in clothes. I know from the pics I look little, but I have HIPS, I will upload more pics later to show this, so I think that bigger ones will be just fine. I have a girlfriend who is smaller than me and went with 500cc, and they are perfect. But....I start looking through profiles of women with what seems like similar body and breast shape and 475cc look ridiculous. I am happy to see though that the size obsession is a regular theme here.
On another note, I found out my trip to Chicago is on the 6th of November and I DO NOT have to travel before that! YAY! My surgery is scheduled for this Thursday, I had to wait until then because of a trip to PA, this morning I got a call from corporate that the class I was scheduled to teach Mon-Tues was cancelled for low enrollment. So of course I got right on the phone to see if I could move my surgery date up! No such luck, the surgery center is booked, so I will have to WAIT. 6 Days to go and I have not been so excited since I was anticipating the birth of a baby or my wedding. I also went to the store and got my post surgical bras, UGLY. My PS suggested that I get black because if there is any leakage from the incision, white will quickly get dingy. I also filled my scripts and it was only $32 for 6 different Rx, Yay for good insurance. I also saw a post about BEANO for preventing gas build-up. I am definitely on board with this. I remember after my appendectomy (the reason I have a vertical scar on my stomach) that I was soooo bloated and had terrible gas and constipation. That was definitely one of the more uncomfortable parts of recovery. So since I have to wait, I will spend the next 6 days deep cleaning my house. I also agreed to work a nursing shift this weekend at a rehab facility that I do PRN work for. It is nice to work as a nurse once in a while to keep my actual clinical skills sharp. I will be a freak though. I mean I DO NOT want to get sick before surgery, so yep, double gloving, lots of hand washing and I will keep a more than friendly distance from my patients. Okay, that is all for now. My better than awesome hubby is taking me out to dinner while our 12 1/2 year old practices her babysitting skills!

Anticipation is killing me....

Okay here are a few more pics, I tried to get my hips and curves so you can see what I am talking about. Also some pre bathing suit pics, pathetic. Then my bathing suit with my chicken cutlets, lol. That is what my husband calls my gel bra pads that I put in all my swimsuit liners to enhance my flat boobies. I am sooo ready to get rid of all the things I have had to use to make up for my tiny boobies.

Its all I think about....

OMG I have only 3 sleeps left (that is how my kids counts days till birthdays or Christmas). I am starting to annoy my husband. I am constantly looking at before and after pics and asking him, "do you like these?", "what do you think of this size?". He actually said that he can't wait for the surgery so I will shut up about it already. My son the other morning asked me, "Did you get your boob surgery?" Haha, like I would just leave the house for a couple of hours and magically get the surgery, so cute, I told him, "you will definitely know son, LOL". Luckily, I have a busy week coming up. Our mini-van needs the power steering fixed, there is a leak. I have soccer practices and lots of phone calls and long wait times expected. I purposely put off a lot of busy work until this week, I certainly hope it fly's by! My boss just emailed me and asked me to help out at a trade show on post op day 5! Sooo I did not exactly tell him what surgery I was getting and he just thinks it is "minor surgery". I took Thursday through Monday off with Thursday as my surgery day. If I go to the trade show it is a 1 hour flight, 8 hours on my feet and 8 hours home. My boss is a conservative older man and I don't necessarily want to tell him, although he will probably figure it out when he sees me next! I only have 3 more vacation days left for the year and I was hoping to spend all next week recovering and working from home. I am not sure what to do about that, but from what I have been reading Post-Op day 5 will be much too soon for that kind of work! I am sure I will figure it out......
On another note, I was wearing my pajamas and needed a shower, so I took the kids to school in my pajamas (I don't have to get out of the car so I think it is fine) but I still don't want others to see my PJ's so I put on a zip up hoodies to cover my t shirt, braless of course. When I zipped up the hoodie my boobs completely disappeared. I could not help but picture how nice they will look, in my PJ's and all once I get my girls done!

The SURGERY center called

So I got the Pre-Op call from the surgery center, the nurse sounded very nice and confirmed my date and time and procedure. It is getting real now. I also agreed to work a nursing shift at my part time job this evening just to pass the time and earn extra money. I cannot wait to post AFTER pics.

TOMORROW is D-Day or DD-Day, we will see :)

I cannot believe it is tomorrow. I am trying to stay busy today so the day will fly by. I feel like I have so much to do. On top of the surgery I need to prepare to go out of town and have the house ready for my sister to be with the kids. Yesterday I deep cleaned the bathrooms (2 of the 3) I will get to the downstairs one today, I am doing ALL of the kids laundry and then I have to grocery shop. I stopped by Walgreens today and picked up some Hibiclens pre-surgical antibacterial wash. I am a little paranoid since I worked with patients last night, I want to make SURE there are no nasty bugs on my skin. We booked the trip to San Francisco for work on Tuesday and my hubby will be coming to chauffeur me. He has now made plans for all day Wednesday to make the most of the trip, I keep reminding him that I will most likely not feel like running all over the city, regardless it will be a nice 24 hours away, I just hope my recovery is smooth and I am feeling full of energy on day 5-6. I have my meds, I started my pre-surg antibiotics, I have my antibacterial soap, lots of foods I may want to eat, my post-surg bras> ICE PACKS< that is what I forgot-check- added to my shopping list. What else do I NEED? My hubby will treat me like a princess and I know he will get me whatever I need, but I would like to make it as easy on him as possible. I have my new recliner and lots of shows DVR'd. Any suggestions? What am I missing? Also the doc said that I can take a valium tonight so I will sleep and to ease my anxiety, what are everyone's thoughts? Good idea or no? I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!

Getting nervous

Sometime during soccer practice while watching my girls play, it suddenly got me out of nowhere, super nerves! I got butterflies in my stomach and super shakey. On my way home my 12 year old suggests that I YouTube the surgery. Hmmm that sounds like a terrible idea, lol I am home and showered, house clean, laundry done. I only ate once today bc I do not want to be backed up after surgery. I just now was hit with exhaustion. I am gonna take advantage and try to sleep naturally. 9.5 hours to go.... Goodnight all

Ready to go

Its 5:51 and I leave the house at 6:30, of course I have been awake since 0400 and could not get back to sleep. I am starving and thirsty... Must resist the urge to make coffee :) I will post more soon....


Ouch I m hurting but only home an hour. It went smooth but I can not move my arms much! I will post more later

Sweet sweet hubby

I asked for soup and he went outside and picked flowers, so cute! Feeling less nauseas and walking around now!

I have to be honest, this hurts

Okay I am not trying to scare anyone, but after reading so many people saying that it is just uncomfortable and not painful... I disagree so far, I am only postop 24 hours but last night was rough I slept 2-3 hours at a time in my recliner then had to get up to get meds.y muscles and boobs hurt but my back is killing me. Idk if it is the chair or sleeping upright? My back is spasm-ing and it hurts worse than my chest. Walking around feels better. I hope I stop feeling like this soon.
As far as the girls go, I bought this awesome ice pack that is long and skinny and flexible, pictures here. It was only 10$ and it fits perfectly across my chest. It is so helpful. I can feel my incision on the right but the left feels numb. Anyone else have back pain? What did you do?

What a difference some meds make

So now that I have my meds on board (1-10mg vicodin and 1-5mg flexeril) I am way better. I guess first thing in the morning is going to be the toughest. Now I am sore but the pain (including back pain) is gone.
So I finally announced my surgery on facebook, I did not want to post earlier because i KNEW everyone would have an opinion and tell me why I dont need them. Now that it is done, I was fine with sharing, anyway my mom replied (of course she already knew) "my daughter's twins have arrived" LOL I got a lot of confused replies, haha. It was amazing how many of my friends had BA's and I never knew. Looking forward to the unveiling today, prepare for frankenboob pics :)

First Peek

I got my first peek, of course they need to drop but I am so happy with them so far. The hubby is happy too.

Feeling MUCH better

I slept beautifully and I think I am past the worst of it. I finally get to see them too and they are PERFECT! Exactly what I wanted and I am do happy I went bigger with the 475cc. THANK YOU to everyone, I could not have gotten through this without all of you supportive ladies. I can't wait to play dress up!!!

Slept the day away

So my surgeon gave me some stronger meds, but it resulted in me sleeping away most of the day. I am feeling a LOT better, my incision on the right burns anytime I use my right arm, I will see my surgeon again on Monday before my trip. I took a shower and it was so nice to get out of the band and bra, of course as soon as I took off the band the girls jumped back up, I know that is normal though. I am so happy with the size and so glad that I went with the bigger size.

Woke up feeling GREAT

Much better today, I am feeling much more positive. I still cannot get over looking down and seeing big beautiful breasts. I need to try on some work clothes and see what still fits, my sister in law, who wants a BA someday is more than happy to take all of the clothes that no longer fit off my hands. I need to wear something professional that will hide the band that I have to wear. Again, I think I chose the right time of year to do this, I think a nice light sweater will work. I hope I am up to play dress-up today, I will post some pics later. So my brother and sister in law came over to visit yesterday, I showed my SIL the after pics, but of course not my brother. I kept seeing my brother staring at my boobs, and then saying, "sorry I am not being a creep it is just weird to see you with boobs". Haha My mother called to remind me that I may develop back problems now and that she hopes I made the right decision, LOL, that would be a typical response from my mother. I feel amazing if I am in my recliner, the valium at night are amazing and let me sleep well, the only real pain I have today is this burning at my incisions. When I stand up and the girls settle down into place, the incisions start to burn. I assume that it is all of the pressure against them with the band pushing them down? Anyone else experience this? I hope it is normal. I go back to see my surgeon on Monday, she wanted to see me again before I left for San Francisco on Tuesday. Crossing my fingers that I have turned the corner and I am healing well.
The left is higher than the right, but with the band on the look great. I am super pleased with the results, even with one riding higher I have not had any boxy looking frankenboobs yet. AGAIN, thank you everyone for your support. I would be stressed without this forum, it has really helped me to understand my expectations for this process.
Anyway, I am eating more than just soup, but only when I am hungry and I am taking colace 2 times a day. I felt backed-up yesterday and took some milk of magnesia, that WORKED and I feel so much better not having any bloating. Also below my right breast there are trapped air bubbles, it felt like a bruise and when I push on it, I feel crackles and bubbles. Surgeon said it is normal and it will go away, she even called in her intern to feel it, my son like to "push the bubbles". Strange phenomenon but I am reassured that it is normal. I think I may try to sleep in bed with the hubby tonight, I have been in my recliner for 3 days but I am ready to get back to normal!

Past the worst of it!

I slept in my bed with my hubby last night, I only woke up once and it was bc my back hurt (probably from sleeping on my back) I am usually a side or stomach sleeper. I took a pain pill before getting out of bed but skipped the muscle relaxer, I don't want to be knocked out all day. I helped my daughter with her hair, them I saw some old bananas in the fruit basket so I made some banana bread. I went upstairs, showered, got dressed AND did my hair and makeup. I STILL feel great! I m resting now bc I don't want to regress if I push it too much. I took some pics today. The left is still higher than the right, I have not had any incisional pain today (knock on wood). I see the dr at 12:15 today, she wanted to see me before my trip tomorrow. I am feeling very positive about all of this now and I absolutely love the girls! I think they are the PERFECT size, now I just have to be patient as they drop and fluff.

Sun dress before

I DID IT and survived-post op day 5

So I have been up since 3:15am took two flights, my hubby came along on this work trip and carried my bags and drove the rental car. I stood in a vendor fair for 5 hours demonstrating medical equipment and talking shop. My boobs ached and I took one Percocet before the plane ride, at about 12:30 pm I took a flexeril and 1/2 pain pill. My boobs would get stiff and hard and burn once in a while. I had few rest periods and stood most of the day. Got back to the hotel around 5, hubby massaged the girls then we went out to dinner! Other than a few narcotic induced inappropriate comments to my co-workers, I was pleasantly surprised how well I feel considering the hell I felt just a few days ago. Here ate day 5 post op pics, the left is still riding high, but they already feel a bit softer. I took a break from the torture band only for dinner and my lefty is near my clavicle now, I m putting it back on now. So I m beat absolutely ready for bed! I SURVIVED, goodnight ladies!

Torpedo Boobs

So the whole morning boob thing is real, and kinda funny here is a pic of my torpedoes first thing in the morning. I am post op one week today. Feeling like I can do most things except lift heavy objects and drive. Actually I feel like I could drive but I am not allowed to, so I am not. I spent the day walking the streets of San Francisco and sight seeing then on 2 flights home. By the time I got home the "girls" were mad at me, I def pushed too hard, but I feel great today! Now it's just a waiting game. They are stiff and high, it's difficult to push them together, but you cannot buy patience I just have to massage, stretch, and wait! I think I expected to have the boobs of my dreams right away, I really did not realize how long it is until they are great. Now I know, I am giving myself 3-6 months before I know they feel "real" until then they look great in clothes and my hubby loves them naked! I want to bra shop and find out what size I am and buy swim suits....patience is a virtue. When I was traveling and my boobs would ache I would grab and cradle them, everytime I was excited that they overfilled my hands, it felt so good to have huge boobs in my hands. I am sure many strangers in the airport gave me a strange look, but it didn't care! Happy Healing ladies!

Getting Squishy

They feel great and look natural under clothing. I can squish them together now and they aren't getting as stiff anymore. I tried driving today and I am not ready! I got home from driving the kids to school and they were spasm ing so I took a muscle relaxer and my sweet hubby will be my chauffeur for a few more days. I love them and I feel like I have the body I always should have. I went bra shopping today. I def need to go to VS, I have a feeling I am a 32DD. I tried on a 34 D at Kohls and it was a little small in the cup and wide on my ribs but there was no 32 anything at Kohls. Oh well I need to wait a few more weeks anyway. Everyday they drop a little and get a little squishier. My hubby is all about the massaging, which led to sex before we were "approved" by my surgeon, but we were careful and I think we both needed it.

Post op Day 10 and I am a 32DD

Had a post op with the surgeon today and it went well, new massages to do to get the left to drop a bit more, however even Dr Rochlin commented that I looked much farther out than 10 days. I feel excellent, a little discomfort at night, some shooting pains (nerve pain) but that is normal.
So I HAD to get something other than this awful sports/surgical bra and I will be seeing important clients on wednesday, so on the way home from the follow-up I stopped at VS to get sized and get a comfortable bra that will look nice under work clothes and I am a 32 DD, for now, I am worried that once the girls drop a bit more I may need a bigger cup size, however for now, this is such a comfortable bra. I have been wearing supper padded, constricting and uncomfortable bras for so long that it was refreshing to just get an un-padded, non-push up everyday bra.
I am seeing slight changes everyday, but nothing even my hubby notices. I would say the biggest change is how soft they are now. We also went grocery shopping today and I had to have my husband push the cart and unload the groceries. I COULD have done it, but my muscles got tight whenever I used them, I really need to start strengthening myself, but it is just so hard when I have a husband who will do it for me :) Anyway ladies, it is day 10 and I am loving my BA and my new body, my hubby cannot keep his hands off of me and it is awesome. DEFINITELY worth it, the best money I think I have ever spent!

ReSized! 32DDD

So I spent about an hour in the new bra and it was uncomfortable, half my boob is spilling out and it just did not feel right, but what do I know about bras? Believe me I can pick out the best wonderbra or bombshell, but an actual bra meant to support and cover large breasts, well I am no expert. So my gracious husband took me back to VS. Thankfully there was a different sales staff this evening and the young lady helping me this time was MUCH more knowledgeable about sizing. Sooo it turns out I am a 32DDD, which thankfully they carry in the store. I exchanged the DD and also bought a second, sexier bra as well. What a difference, much better coverage and much more comfortable. However today at my follow-up my surgeon took off the steri-strips from my incisions and they are a bit tender today. So I ended up with 2 VS bras, 2 cute shirts for work, a dinner with my hubby and a nice coffee and walk through the mall (thank goodness for an almost 13 year old who loves to ear babysitting money, she and my 9 and 7 year old stayed home and watched a movie). I would say this is a successful night. Now time to massage my left breast (maybe it is time for my hubby to massage....) Happy Healing BA buddies.

TWO weeks today

Even though I had a rough first few days, I feel completely better now. I went on a business trip yesterday to Chicago and back in one day, I wore a nice silk button down in a medium and nobody could even tell that I had a BA. I stepped aside with a female colleague and mentioned that I had my BA, she said, "Oh ya, I forgot and I cannot tell in this shirt (and scarf and peacoat, it was cold) so we went to the ladies room and I showed her my girls in my bra and she was very complimentary. However, it is amazing how easy it is to not show them off or even get them noticed. When I had an A cup I would have imagined that DDD would be crazy obvious! Anyway not too much change except that I crashed when I got to bed and did not wear my strap (bandeau) to bed, my surgeon cleared me to stop wearing it during the day but I have to wear to bed and massage my Lefty. I was too tired to put it on or massage and I woke up with them riding high then I wore the cute VS bra today and found my lefty all up in the air so I took off the bra and I am wearing my bandeau, more massaging tonight! They are feeling wonderful, not sore, not cramping and I am surprised after lugging around my laptop bag all day. They feel like mine, they are perfect and after worrying that they would be too big, today I asked my husband if I should have gone bigger, LOL

Back to the Bedside

So I have a part time bedside nursing job that I pick up extra shifts for just to keep my skills sharp. I have not worked it since my BA because it is far more physical than my regular job. They called today desperate for a nurse for a short 5 hour shift, so I agreed. Here are some pics in my scrubs. I dont really think its obvious, I am more worried about the physicality of the job, I will be careful though and ask for help only 15 days post op, yikes, I will be fine :)

my jokester hubby...

So my hubby was trying out the camera on his new phone and I was being silly so he thought it would be funny to pay this pic-so I guess it's our there lol but at least they look good lol! I just can't wait to hear it from my mother when she sees the pic haha!

Almost three weeks

My left is still sitting higher than my right so if I am not seeing clients I am committed to wearing the surgical bra and strap at least for the next three weeks. I am so in love with them and I am so glad I did the BA. Here are some progress pics! I am super happy even with the left higher. Remember ladies they are sisters not twins mine were different before and I refuse to obsess over the small details because they are amazing

more pic's


So I was massaging my lefty which is the one that sits higher and I hear a snap/pop near the incision. I text my PS and she said it was an internal stitch, it's okay and nothing to worry about I also found what looks like mendors cord under and she says it is not. Just part of healing, it feels empty and soft. Mendors is phlebitis which would be hard to the touch. I think that many of us think we have them but it may just be a normal part of healing as stitches dissolve and the implant moves. I will see the PS Monday. I added a pic bc this really looks like Mendors but as a nurse I have felt phlebitis and I am confident this is not that!

6 weeks and feeling GREAT

I haven't been on in a while but I 6 weeks post op today and feeling GREAT! I am so happy to have the body I always wanted, they are dropping and settling nicely. I can sleep on my stomach again (YAY!) my husband LOVES them and it is so nice to never have to worry about whether I have the right bra or worry about what I look like in certain tops, all my clothes fit better, I always feel more confident and I love catching a glimpse of myself in a mirror or reflection and think, "oh yeah, I have boobs, and they look awesome!" Worth it, worth it, worth it! Best purchase by far that I have ever made!!!

2 months + post op and so happy

I just saw my Dr for my 2.5 month post op. My BA is perfect and I am so happy! I am finally comfortable showing them off too! This is the best thing I have ever done for myself!


6 months and Loving my new Boobs!

I can't believe it's been 6 months! They look beautiful, my husband and I leave for Hawaii in 4 weeks and I am so ready to show them off! The scars are barely visible and I sleep on my stomach every night. I still feel like this was the best money I ever spent. So happy!

10 months post op

Still love them, they are perfect and the best thing I ever did for myself. I cannot even remember my old body. My husband tells me how sexy I am all the time and I can wear ANYTHING now. They get better every month!

Same dress after

I posted this dress before but not after. It's one of my favorite dresses now

1 year 9 months

Getting better all the time. Still no regrets love love love my decision to do this

Years later and still no regrets

Still highly recommend!
I still love my boobs and never ever regret it a day in my life. They still look great and even More natural as the years go by.
Gilbert General Surgeon

Dr Rochlin is amazing! Very caring and invested in my outcomes. She has a way of easing anxiety and helping me whenever I have a question or concern. She gave us her personal cell # and said we can call anytime for any reason. I know I found the right surgeon!!!

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