24 years old, 135#, 5'9", 400 mod+ :)

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Hi ladies! My surgery is scheduled for Jan 13th...

Hi ladies! My surgery is scheduled for Jan 13th and I have one pre-op appt. until my surgery date. During my consultation my doc recommended 400-425cc HP, which sounds so huge to me (both the cc amount and profile)! I asked for a small D and currently I am a full 34B. I have a really active lifestyle (hiking, camping, spin class, pilates, yoga, weights) and I don't want my implants to get in the way of that. My BWD was 13.1, I believe. I know that girls a lot of times wish they went larger, AND that taller girls generally need larger implants- but I'm still losing sleep over the size/profile. Any advice/thoughts?

Pre-op tomorrow!!

Tomorrow's my pre-op and I couldn't be more excited. Mostly to get it paid for and also to officially pick a size! Originally I liked the 400cc implants on me (I'll take pics at pre-op tomorrow with sizers) but the 400 number really freaked me out. I didn't like 425cc's and so 400 was my limit. My doctor originally suggested HP but I got thinking more and more about moderate plus. I have an above average BWD of 13.5... and the width of the 400cc HP is 12.3 (I think?) and the width of the moderate plus is 13.1. Im terrified of having a big gap, that's what I absolutely don't want. Naturally I have a gap but I don't want too narrow of an implant that enhances the gap... does that make sense or do I sound crazy? Anyways, tomorrow I'll be trying on 375 and 400 and most likely going mod+.

I attached some before photos of different lighting and some full body because I know that's something that I've been looking for in reviews. I like my boobs now, they're cute to me and depending on the time of the month and the bra, they don't look too shabby! But in a bikini (which I live in 6 months of the year) and other outfits they disappear. I'm tall and have more weight in my lower body so I want some balance.

Again my stats are:
Height: 5'9.5
Weight as of these pics: 136#
BWD: 13.5 cm
Current bra size: 34 B
Goal size: D

If anyone has some input I'd love to hear it. :)

Pre-op done! 400 mod+

Done, paid for, size finalized! I had a slight panic attack after I left just because it all became even more real but that quickly passed and now I'm just excited!

I went with 400cc, moderate plus plus profile. I attached some photos with the actual implant (not the sizers) in a little bralette I was wearing under my shirt. I love the side profile and I think they are really proportionate to my body. They will look slightly smaller and obviously more natural inside my body than these pictures do... so just use your imagination ;) I also attached two goal pics that I showed my surgeon and he said that they match up well with the 400 mod+. Proportionate to my body is ideally what I was going for, so hopefully these will get me there! I debated between 375 and 400 for a long time, but what sold me on the 375 was the diameter of the implant... it's more ideal for my BWD (13.5).

As always, opinions are welcome and appreciated :)

Surgery done!

Well guys, I have boobs! Dr. Guerra was so great and comforting and the whole team was awesome. I'm a pretty anxious person naturally, but I wasn't nervous at all today! It was so odd, but a pleasant surprise. I don't feel too bad right now, but the doctor said my worst pain should be tonight and tomorrow. It's weird, but I'm loving them already! The size is really proportionate to the rest of me.

Day 2 (it sucks)

Well, it sucks for me at least. I know everyone is different when it comes to which day it the worst for their pain. I feel much more tight and swollen today as well. This morning the pain was so bad that I passed out, but I made it to the couch beforehand, thankfully. I haven't taken the surgical bra off yet to get a full visual of them otherwise I would post some better pics without the bra!

I feel like they have gotten more swollen and bigger from yesterday to today... anyone else feel like their swelling continued to get worse into day two? I tried to wipe the marker off a little but had no luck. I kind of like having it to remind myself where they will drop to, compared to where they are now!


My right (your left) I think is going to be my difficult boob. Can't wait for them to look beautiful and soft! I think the size is a little big, but I see potential in their ability to look similar to my wish pics :)

Stats reminder:
Wt: 135#
Ht: 5'10 (almost)
BWD: 13.5
Pre-op: 34B
Mentor MemoryGel (round, smooth) 400cc mod+ silicone

:) happy healing ladies!


Not as bad as I thought they would look! I'm so bloated... unfortunately no BM yet. Come on, Colace!

PS- tried to get the marker off, kinda difficult. Clearly did not have much luck! I get to shower tomorrow.


Today's the first day where I'm doubting them. :( I hate the side view so much! I hate the upper fullness also, but I know that'll subside, I'm just impatient.

Any tips for having a BM? I haven't yet and I'm usually a very regular person so not going for three days is killing me!

Also, anyone have chunks of hair come out in the shower after your BA? I have naturally thin, fine hair that falls out a lot but never as much as today. I'm almost more worried about the amount of hair I've lost than my boobs at this point! (Yes, I have gone to the doctor regarding my hair- no underlying hormonal, thyroid, or autoimmune issues found)

POD 4- The good, the bad, and the worst.

I had my post-op appt today and the doctor says that they're coming along well. He gave me a band to wear to help them drop, and showed me some massages to do. He said he will remove my stitches next week! So I'll post photos of my incisions then. I'm excited about the breast band because right now I HATE my boobs.

I knew going into this that they would be ugly for a while, but I'm so paranoid that my boobs won't bounce back like everyone else's do. Which is so crazy, I know I'm not the exception to the rule! I'm just very impatient. They look like alien boobs- not even bigger versions of my old ones. I feel like they look like they hook downwards or something and the implant is too big? Idk but whatever it is I don't like it. The side view bothers me more than the front.

My constipation got so bad that I ended up using a suppository and that helped thank goodness. I stopped taking my Tylenol 3 w/ Codine and now I'm just taking my muscle relaxer, antibiotic, and ibuprofen.

Boobie band!

At my first post-op appt yesterday my doctor gave me this band to help push them down and drop faster. It's not TOO uncomfortable but after a while of wearing it I need a little break. Anyone have good experiences with a boobie band? If it means them dropping faster- bring it on!

Less emotional about them today. The emotional roller coaster post-op the everyone talks about it no joke!

One week!

I'm not going to post any pictures just because they look pretty much the exact same, even in side by side photos you can't see a noticeable difference visually. The one difference I have definitely noticed is the softness. They're much softer than day 1 which is great! I've been doing some light massages that my PS told me to do daily.

Today was my first day back at work and I feel great! Not much pain at all, still some pressure and obviously I have limited movement but other than that I eel totally normal. The only difficult thing is wearing the strap under my clothes. I'm determined to wear it as much as possible... I'm now calling it "the strap of progress" haha.

I get my stitches taken out on Monday! I'm trying not to take so many pictures of them just because from day to day it's like watching paint dry. So I'll take some next Friday on my two week mark and do some side-by-sides.

Question- Scar cream recommendations and when I should start applying the scar cream...?


Okay ladies so today I was doing the massage to help them settle like they taught me (squeezing the implant down) and after doing them I noticed that my right side (circled in red) feels like the skin is peeling off my sternum... like it can feel it lift if I press my shoulders back. (That's the only way I know how to describe it) I called the doctor's office and explained what was going on and she said it's normal but I can't help but feel like it's not. After further research I found that people have what is called "tenting" and they described it like mine but worse. I know it's mild I'm just afraid it will continue to get worse. Unless I'm just being paranoid and it's normal and not tenting.

I want my cleavage closet together I just don't want symmastia. Anyone experience what I'm experiencing?

1 1/2 weeks

I'm starting to see a lot of differences from day one and I'm starting to really like them! They're getting really soft and I've started doing more massages and using my band. The right is dropping more slowly, but it's softer. The left is dropping quicker, but it's not as soft. They both have their pros and cons! I got my external stitches out yesterday, and my internal ones will dissolve with time. I still have some bruising, particularly under the left breast. Overall the pain is minimal, they are pretty uncomfortable in the middle of the night and morning.

Finally, an update!

Sorry it's taken me so long to post an update! I've been trying to remind myself to do it and finally this morning snapped some pics. So I'm a little over a month out from surgery... my pain is gone but still have some tenderness every now and then. I've been cleared to resume working out so I've been slowly getting back into them. My right is still higher but I feel like they are slowly but surely dropping. I've been wearing my breast band and massaging. My PS instructed me to start taking Vitamin E supplements daily for the next year to keep the capsules soft! I LOVE the size. So much. I wouldn't have changed anything about the size. I have yet to go try on bras at VS, just wearing bralettes for now which I love! I feel like for just over a month out they look great, and can't wait to see how they change over this next month as well!

Comparison shot

I loved these when I was researching, so hopefully this is helpful for someone :)

6ish weeks

Not much has changed with their appearance. My cleavage isn't as close as I'd like it to be, but it was never super close to begin with. They are completely a part of me now! I would say the morning boob stopped somewhere around 4-5 weeks and after a good workout they're no longer a little tender like they used to be! Obviously still have some dropping to do (I hope)... but getting better little by little!

Should they have dropped already?!

So it's my two month boobiversary, yay! They feel great and are really soft now. My only concern now is that they haven't dropped enough/won't drop more now that they're healed (main concern is my right one). Will they drop after two months?!

Here's some random photos.

4 weeks vs 8 weeks

Top is 4, bottom is 8. I'm worried that my right one will never drop!! They've gotten bigger which I'm kind of bummed about because I liked the 4 week size better. Overall though they look good in clothes and I'm happy with them. They're so wonky looking in pictures haha

4 months

Alright ladies! I am pleased to say that I am madly in love with these babies. They've dropped noticeably in the last couple months! They're very soft and are a little closer together now. My bra size is about a 32 DD depending on the brand, but I still just wear a lot of bralettes. I used to think that a DD sounded so huge, but they're perfect for my tall frame and don't look out or proportion at all! Any questions feel free to ask :)
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