5'5" 103lbs 32B Eurasian - Sientra Textured 385cc Moderate Profile Submuscular - Scottsdale, AZ

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Won't type much since I'm still healing but...

Won't type much since I'm still healing but thought I'd at least get this review party started!

Who: Professional who has contemplated breast augmentation for awhile but more seriously within the last 1.5 years.
What: Doctor & I decided on Sientra Textured 385cc Moderate Profile
When: Operated on August 12th 2014
Why: Personal & professional reasons :)

Was it worth it? So far I can say I've had an easy recovery but don't want to jinx it. I'll still with this intro for now but I can certainly say I was very surprised they look awesome since 1 day post op (I was expecting "Frankenboob")

Why Sientra, Why Textured?

To keep it brief, I chose Sientra because 1) it is the same brand Silimed that has been used in Europe; they have been around for 30 some odd years 2) Sientra sells their implants ONLY to board-certified or board-eligible plastic surgeons 3) They have a great warranty. 4) Sientra moderate profile is considered "moderate plus" in other brands but has more projection, which is what I wanted 5) The surgeon I chose uses this brand and he was the PS that I clicked with and trusted the most (I had three consultations total).

I chose textured because 1) From what I have learned (despite various plastic surgeons saying different things), Asians tend to have a higher chance of capsular contracture (CC); being half Asian, this is why I chose textured, to reduce my risk of CC 2) The warranty for first time BA with Sientra textured states that if you have CC within 2 years, they will replace the implants free/cover costs-I do not remember which but this says a lot 3) I will not have to massage my implants for the rest of my life 4) They will be perkier for longer 5) I think they will be more comfortable/less movement for when I run or work out.

Overall, I feel like Sientra textured implants was the right choice for me. I was actually pushing for 425 ccs but in the end we decided with 385ccs and so far I am happy, as long as the swelling doesn't make my boobs look smaller! He actually did say that they should be bigger/fill in than they are now. He said it will take at least 3 months to see the results, although I've read it can take up to a year to see final results.

No Pain, No Gain? Wait No Pain?

I am very happy to say that I had my 10 day post op today and it went well. Everything looks good. My left still needs to drop a little more. Since I'm right handed, it seems to be taking a little longer so I have to physically push the top of the breast down several times a day (or use my left side more). I have graduated to a Genie bra (similar to a Coobie bra) - or seamless bra and it feels much better.

My incisions are itchy but I know it is because they are healing. I am showering daily and instructed to use Aquaphor on the incisions, as well as any scar cream such as Merderma. I may use ScarAway strips.

Overall, I've had very little pain with my surgery and recovery. I did not take any prescribed pain medications (I asked for Ultram which is gentler than Percocet but did not use any of either). The only pain medication I took was what was given to me intravenously during survery, one Valium after surgery and one Valium the day after to relax my muscles. Dr. Cohen is very gentle during surgery and uses cauterization which I think is why I have such a great recovery thus far.

Itchy Incisions!

Just a photo of my left incision that is super itchy!

Driving, Nipples & Bikinis

I first tried to drive 8 to 9 days post op because I had to. Don't do it! I strained myself and waited until the 2 week mark and made a huge difference. Sure I drive a roadster but still, if you can wait 2 weeks to drive, I would.

Hypersensitive nipples. I'm glad I have feeling in them, and feeling the "zingers" but I've read other comments where you can still lose the feelings in your nipples. Right now they are hypersensitive and I try to touch them often because I think it will help heal/train the nerves.

My PS does not recommend underwire bras but I did try on a bikini today really quickly. I added a pic of me in a medium underwire bikini from Target. LOVE the look! Unfortunately stuck with the Genie bras for awhile though.

Overall I am still very happy with my outcome. I can easily "hide" my boobs in clothes but they look BIG naked & in a bikini & in photos :)

By the way

I had put on my bikini top on very quickly so it may not be on properly in case it looks funny to you.

1 month 5 day boobiversary

So far so good, enjoying my new body and it shows. Post op appointment next Monday. Will post a photo soon.


My post op went well, I am 5 weeks today. Measured at Nordstroms, 30DD. Needless to say Im happy :)

As promised...

Here are photos taken today. 2 weeks away from 3 months post op. This is 32DD by VS (their sizing is not accurate but loved the bra!). Will not be wearing it until another 2 weeks as 3 months post is the recommended time to wear bras with underwire.

Love them, LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM! :)

Side Boobs

Still super happy and I get MANY compliments! Having a check up next month.

5.5 month follow up went well!

All is well, I look & feel amazing, no issues. Very happy with my choice.

Sharp Pain

About 7 months post. Very happy however had a very sharp pain that made me not want to move - in the left breast, about 2 weeks ago. Since then, left breast has been feeling sore, on and off. Underneath, where I believe the muscle is. Hopefully just a pulled muscle. Will continue to monitor, if no improvement will follow up with PS. Aside from this incident, still very happy.

Follw up

Check up with the Dr. went well. Nothing concerning. Discomfort improving, will keep an eye on it in case.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Where did time go All is well. 1 year follow up with Doctor to follow. I am also part of the Sientra study so make sure you opt in. You can help while making some extra cash! Measured 32DDD yesterday. Jumping jacks are weird when I do them. Still happy :)

Happy 2 years!

Next month is 2 years, time sure flies. So far so good and still very happy.
Santa Monica Plastic Surgeon

So far very happy despite only been 6 days but would certainly recommend very much!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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