400 (390cc) High Profile Silicone (Cohesive gel/Gummybear, Natural slope, textured) Mentor Memoryshape

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So after years of wishing I had boobs, I'm finally...

So after years of wishing I had boobs, I'm finally making it happen. I've been researching BA for several months, and was looking at 3 PS in the Scottsdale, AZ area. I decided to go with Dr. Aldo Guerra, simply based on reviews, experience, his training, etc. I had been emailing his office, and was going to go to a BA seminar on 12/04. Well, I was informed on 11/24 that they are running a really great Promo, and I am a sucker for saving money, so I booked a surgery date asap! I went in for initial consult on 12/02, and haven't looked back. I tend to make up my mind very quickly, but everything felt right, fell into place. I'm not kidding. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I was able to schedule all required pre-op doctor appointments, it really was meant to be! The mammo was not pleasant at all, but I am grateful for the reassurance that everything is ready to go. I was able to get my blood work, physical, and mammo all done before my initial consult. I felt relieved, that it was definitely a good thing.
After getting my measurements, and explaining the 'look' that I am trying to achieve, it was time for the sizers. I am getting the 395 cc high profile Mentor Memoryshape implants on Monday, December 22nd, Merry Christmas to me! I have been very torn between 375 cc Mod+ Profile, but settled on the 395 cc HP. I didn't want to come out of surgery to be smaller than the implant sizers, (since I have that image in my head) that would be devastating, I think anyway. I am not sleeping anymore, way to anxious. I keep looking up reviews on my PS, he's great and all (I tend to psyche myself out pretty easily), no concerns about his procedures or staff. He has such wonderful staff!! My consult with his assistant completely put me at ease. She had her BA done 5 weeks prior to my appointment, and said she wished she hadn't waited. I have taken all pre-op directions and suggestions very seriously. Two weeks prior, I stopped my BC, no 'unknown' herbal anything, no alcohol whatsoever...sad! It's the holidays!
I'm addicted to this wonderful website, and it just needs to happen now : ) Yikes!!

Bye Bye Bitty Boobies

It's Friday night, only three more days of my little breasts. They served me well :-) I think I'm an 'A' cup now, after breastfeeding one beautiful, amazing daughter. After obsessing over photos, I am hoping for a very full 'C', small 'D'. Like so many of you have said, it's really hard to gauge what cup size you're going to end up. It's all cc's in the end, and I am ready!!

Bitty Bikini

This is my absolute favorite swim suit. I'm hoping it still fits.... but won't be entirely disappointed if it doesn't :- )

Mentor Gel Sizers

The striped shirt photo is the 375 cc sizers. The pink and aqua shirts are the 400 cc sizers. Since the difference between the two is so slight, I went with the 400 cc, but my actual implant will be 390 cc. This has been my dilemma, I don't want to end up smaller than these images. I woke up at 1:30 one morning, emailed my PS assistant and kind of freaked out on her. I said that I know I wouldn't be happy if I ended up smaller that these images. So she suggested that I try them all on again and make sure that I am happy. I'm a whole picture girl, and this is my picture : -)

Holy hell, it's the night before!

I think I might be stressing myself out. Even my boobs hurt today, as if to remind me that they too have feelings :- ) I need to pack my post-op bag, make sure that all my meds are in one place, stop worrying. Geez, I also need to load the dishwasher and vacuum! And get some sleep, oh and take some approved headache meds. Goodnight everyone!

Sadly, it did not happen today.....

Everything was going according to plans, except the massive headache that I woke up with. I remembered that my PS asst said it would be ok to eat something very minimal if needed the morning of. I ate 3 bites of yogurt to get some Tylenol down, that's my first mistake. I went to the appt, was getting signed in, had my wrist bands on and was ready to get taken back. The admitting nurse asked if I'd had anything to eat, I told her about the 3 bites of yogurt, and surgery was canceled. No questions asked, just canceled. They cut my wrist bands off, told me to call my PS office and reschedule. It felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach, I couldn't believe it. I was so disappointed, and very mad. I had followed all directions so explicitly. So, I'm trying to get rescheduled, hoping for something as early as next Monday. I'm completely and utterly so sad and no udders : -( I'm staying positive, trying to think that I've avoided something terrible, but it's kind of hard right now. My sister is the best, she suggested that the reason the surgery was canceled is because her husband was going to pick me up, and he'd be so distracted by my new boobies that we'd end up dying in a fiery car crash. That's one way to look at it : -) Sigh......... I'm staring at phone ring, please ring, and please have good news for me! Oh, my Christmas has been delayed : -( Well, here's to New Year's resolutions!! It's OK to tell a small lie, just kidding, kind of : -)

Rescheduled for 12/29!!!

I can't express how grateful I am for my PS office girls. They totally pulled a surgery date and time out of thin air! Love them! I am happy to report that I am going back in next Monday! I absolutely WILL NOT EAT anything, headache or not. So my Christmas boobies turned into New Years boobies, I can handle that!

Merry Christmas Eve!!

I wish everyone the best Christmas!! May you be surrounded by love, good spirits, create everlasting memories and enjoy the simple joys of this wonderful holiday season!!
I am going to share with you a very special Christmas song,
I wish you a boobie Christmas
I wish you a boobie Christmas
I wish you a boobie Christmas
and a nipply New Year!!

Mentor Memoryshape 390 cc

Since there is so much concern and comparison (I know that I was incessant about looking this up) related to gel implants, I just wanted to add more detail about the Memoryshape (Gummies) implants that I chose -
Mentor CPG (Contour Profile Gel, Sloped)
Series - 323 Cohesive III, Medium Height/High Profile
Siltex texturing
Volume - 390 cc
Width - 12,0 cm
Height - 11,3 cm
Projection - 6,0 cm
I am a 34A (B- on a really great day), and am hoping that this gets me in the full 'C', small 'D' range


What is the soonest any of you girls tried driving? I may need to drive two days post-op, wondering if it's possible and safe??

I made it!

Arrived at 9:30, checked in and did my pee test. The nursing staff, anesthesiologist and Dr. Guerra were fantastic. Everyone was genuinely kind and upbeat, it was a great experience, until I woke up from Surgery. I remember getting wheeled into the OR, but then everything was a blur. I don't remember waking up, just felt very nauseated and faint. Each time I leaned forward it felt like everything was draining from my head. My pain level was at a 8, but as soon as I got in the car, I popped muscle relaxers and Ibuprofen. I'm trying to do this without the hard core meds, but might have to succomb later. I'm recovering at my sister's house, watching movies and relaxing. More updates later.

Day 1

I slept in a very comfy recliner last night and woke up around 2:30 for more meds. I gave in and went to the scripts, I don't know why I try and hold out. For something like this, take ALL scripts, ice and sit upright. Had a few OMG moments, but overall I am happy that it happened. Went to my first post-op appt, it was really good. I have no suture bleEdina and my nipple sister are still sensitive. I feel a bit out of it from the meds, but everyone says I'm doing great for 1 day out. It's hard to remember my deep breathing exercises, but the nurse said that they are very necessary and it will help with chest expansion, hmmm. They sent me home in a black bra, and
I scored a nude bra to sleep in, so I have two right now. I'll wear them for two weeks, then go braless during the day. That's going to be interesting! I will probably need to sleep in one from now on, kind of a bummer I guess.

Day 2...... SO much better!

Day 2, my sister drove me to my house and i went straight to sleep. She and her husband have been so amazing and supportive, very blessed to have their help.
Woke up from a little nap and contemplated taking a shower. I very carefully got in and realized that I couldn't reach my shampoo on the ledge above me. Nuts. Things I wouldn't have even thought about before are now a huge ordeal. I found my travel case and made it back to the shower. :-) You are all so right, it felt amazing! Technically it's only been two days but it felt much longer. I wasn't given a band to wear, just the medical bra that I was wearing when I woke up. I don't have to do any rubbing or massage exercises, I only have to do deep breathing exercises to expand my chest, I think that's what it's for. My thoughts seems to run together, and it's very clear why they don't want you to make any decisions while you're on these meds. Who knows what I might agree to, scary! Here's some updated pics.

Here are the pics....

Weird, they wouldn't load before

Hunchback of Notre Dame

Day 3 - other than feeling like I can't stand up straight, that I'm always hunched over, and that my chest is pulling everything together and down, I feel pretty good. Is this a normal feeling, and how long does it last? I was putting on my coat last night, and felt a really sharp-hot-burning feeling under my right boob, it's still sensitive today. Hoping that goes away soon, not much fun at all. I feel very bloated, and desperately want to have a BM, but it doesn't seem to be happening any time soon : -(

4 days and bruising

I'm 4 days post-op, and have what I think is significant bruising. I reached my arm behind me and got a sharp and hot pain feeling on my right breast. I don't think I am experiencing extra swelling anywhere, but my right breast is definitely more sore than my left. Of course I'm freaking myself out that this could be serious, but hoping it's just part of the healing process.

Baza Nipple Covers

Love these!! Baza silicone nipple covers, $14.99. Sticks on using body heat, very awesome! !

1 Week Update

So far so good, here's the week in comparison!

10 Days and doing great!!!!!!

I just had my 10 day post-op checkup and sutures removed. I was freaking out about it, but it went terrific. Dr. GUERRA is seriously so nice and calming, hid office girls are wonderful and really put you at ease. His assistant asked if she could watch the process, sure, why not?! She had herror BA about 2.5 months ago and is pretty excited about my progress so far. The worst part of the whole thing was letting my brain do the thinking :-) Dr. Guerra used a new suture technique and there was no tugging, pulling or anything. I just felt the tape coming off, that's it, done!!! I was a happy girl! I was told to go braless, sleep upright or with a pillow under and between the girls and no reaching upward for another two weeks. Ok, I've got this! I purchased two Coobie bras, a cute black with lace and a lavender one to sleep in. Otherwise it's just free nipples from here on out! I am pretty thrilled, and will get fitted for a regular bra at my next appointment at the end of the month. He said my bruising was normal, most likely caused by the muscle and skin stretching, ewe. I'll take some pictures with the tape removed. Happy and relieved with everything! !

No more medical bra!

I almost teared up at the words 'no more medical bra, you can go braless now! ' Taking that thing off was so liberating! Felt like I was busting out of it, ahhhhh! Boobies are free!! I think they are even rounding too!! I received new tape, it's going to stay on for 10 days, then I can take it off. I'll start rubbing vitamin E twice a day on the incision site twice a day for a year. That's supposed to soften and disolve the internal stitches. I do not have to massage or anything, so that I am thankful for.

Hooray for Boobies!

It's great what a pair of beautiful boobies can do for you :-)

Braza Silicone Nipple covers

Braza Silicone Nipple covers


When did most of your boobs get squishy, jiggly? I am at 14 days post-op, and they still seem firmly in place, no movement at all.

Day 17 and some squishy! !

Day 17 - I am very happy to report that I felt some squishy in the shower last night! It's underneath my boobs but I'll take it!! Here are some photos, I think it's a good week comparison. I'm noticing that my nipple placement is changing? ? Almost seems lower. ... not wanting to get any lower than this if that's what is going on :-)

Does anyone know how to change your BA date in your profile?

Just curious, does anyone know how to change your initial BA date in your profile? My post BA dates are based on my first date entered of 12/22, and it was actually 12/29.

Drop and Fluff?

Ok, so Drop and Fluff is mentioned all over this site, yet I have no idea what it really means or better yet, what it really looks like? Has anyone experienced this D & F yet? When it happens, will I know? Worse off, has it already happened? I have no idea what to look for.... Sorry to sound idiotic, but I'm extremely intrigued by this : )

21 Days, I am removing the steri-strip tape.

21 days, and I got to remove the steri-strip tape. I have only seen my incisions one time before, at much 10 day post-op checkup. I guess they look ok, slight bruising but nothing crazy. I Just did my first Vitamin E massage, felt totally weird. It's hard underneath, no wonder they said to do it for a year. I gave my nipples some Vitamin E love and they seemed to enjoy it. ???? So I have to do this vitamin E massage twice a day for a year. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to use light pressure, or if it's just rubeing at this point. Phone calls to my PS tomorrow to find out. Here's some updated pics!

More squishy

23 days and feeling better every day. Slightly more squishy, I just don't try squeezing too much so I could have more than I realize but I'm babying these girls still! It's still uncomfortable to sleep laying down so I'm still sleeping upright as weird as that is. I'm not sure when I'll venture back to my bed. What I thought was bruising in my crease has been reducing as I do the Vitamin E oil massage. That's been getting easier, it was seriously grossing me out. The bumpy hardness and rough area. I think I feel the stitches still. Ick! Very happy with them, my whole experience has been really great. My sister and her family were so helpful and supportive, my sweet daughter was just concerned about the tape, she was fascinated with that part of it, the boobs are no big deal to her at all. I'm ecstatic on the other hand :-)

My boobies are 1 month old today!

This journey has been full of every emotion known to man. I'doing like to say that these 30 days have been a cakewalk, but that's so not the case. They've been full of excitement, udder devastation, questions, answers, happiness, swelling, hyper sensitivity, numbness, sheer joy, and yes, even the boob greed monster has reared it's ugly head. I am in LOVE with my shape, slope, size is decent enough, scars are healing fantastic. There's just those days of uncertainty that completely deflate you. I'm really hoping that once I get the green light to exercise again that goes away. I see Dr Guerra this afternoon and I am excited to see what he has to say. Here's my pics!

1 month in! So happy!!!

I went to Dr Guerra's office and it was another awesome checkup. He said that my progression looked the same if not better than some of his 6 month clients. That instantly put a huge smile on my face, and his. He genuinely loves his work, when his face lights up the way it does, you know you're in good hands. I really appreciate that he takes the time to make sure that I am really happy, and eagerly asked if I've shown them off yet. I said absolutely! I was given the green light to exercise again, yeah!!!!! I can do cardio but keep my heart rate under 140, and I can use 3-5 lb weights. I have a high resting heart rate already so it will be interesting to see what I can do. I saw a scale in the corner and hopped on. I was 108 pre ba, now I'm 112. Good starting point, just need to firm everything up. So ready for that! I still have to wear sleep bras, but continue to go braless during the day. I've gotten use to it now, most days my nipples behave, but sometimes they poke right through the nipple covers. Dr Guerra also said that I should keep my breasts moisturized, and continue using the Vitamin E oil on the incisions. So now my boobies are oiled, and it actually feels better. I asked him what I can do about the hyper sensitivity for my nipples and he suggested that I rub Arnica on my areolas and use a vibrating device on them up to 5 times a day. Huh, not sure I have that much gusto! Oh, I can't go bra shopping yet until I am 3 months out, my next appointment is on March 26th. Since he said I was progressing so well, he said I should see full results at 3 months time instead of 6 months, that was really exciting news! My scars look like a scratch and they should be almost gone at my next check up too. Great news all around! !! I still have dropping and softening to go, but am so happy! !!!!

3 Months Update

Hello, sorry for the huge delay with the updates. I was going to do a 2 month, but there really wasn't anything too dramatic to relay. At two months, my check-up was great. Same rules still applied as before, no heavy lifting over 20 pounds, keep my heart rate under 140 when exercising (impossible, so I just stopped, (I'm not advising that to anyone), continue to sleep on my back, massage the incisions with Vitamin E oil twice daily, etc.
So at 3 months, I am still completely happy and ecstatic with my results..... It has been an entirely awesome and rewarding personal experience. Yes, I had to have my sister talk me off the wall a few times, actually many times! She was my voice of reason, and still is my sounding board when I have a freak out session. Those do seem to be lessening, which is great for all! I was cleared to carry on life as I had before, but within reason. I have no limits on exercising, but was saddened when Dr. Guerra said I should not be performing any pushups...yeah right, best news ever! I was told to go get sized for bra and bikini shopping, yeah!!! Oh and sleeping on my side is 100% ok!
I have only gone bra shopping at VS, and found the Incredible demi 32DD, lightly lined with cushioned underwire a pretty good fit. I tried wearing one today to work though, and ended up taking it off before I left the house. My good and reliable nipple covers are my go to, the bra just seemed confining, I didn't like it. It's pretty great that I can forgo a bra if I want to, awesome to have that option! Hah, back to bikini shopping. Never thought it would be a challenging thing, but it has turned out to be just that. Tops are really tricky, too low, too tight, too padded or just plain 'stripper style'. I'm really not trying for that look! Since I have not been able to work out since Christmas, my body has definitely gone into what I consider 'bad booty' mode. Yikes....I've got to whip that into shape and fast. I am breaking out my pilates DVD's, hoping they do the trick! I am really excited to get back on the elliptical, best workout for me overall. I have to run and will continue with my update and add pictures. So sorry that I am all over the place with this post... forgive me!

3 Month Photos

At 3 months, Dr Guerra was thrilled with how everything is looking. He said my scars are no longer raised, just thin red lines and that I could apply a topical scar remover product specific for plastic surgery. Some of the other reviews I had been reading for scar treatment recommended Scar Fade gel. I am giving that a try and hope to see results within the next 3 months. I am also posting pictures of the sleep bra, sports bra and regular bras that I have purchased. I alternate between the Coobie bras and Kenneth Cole bras for sleeping. Today is the very first day that I have worn the VS Incredible bra. I had it on all day, and it did not rubbed my incision area, but there was a bit of boob squeezing going on that I am pretty sure I'll just have to get used to with time. I am still a huge fan of the Braza Silicone Nipple Covers, I have used them repeatedly since two weeks post-ba, and they are still holding strong. I have two pairs that I rotate between, and as long as I keep them stored in the plastic case when not in use, they remain tacky. There is no adhesive to mess with, they just stick on using body heat.
The VS Incredible sport bra has also been very comfortable to use. I really like the fact that it doesn't squish the girls, they have their own cups to rest in, and the double front closures are really secure. The underwire is also padded, but rests underneath the incision area as well, so there is not any uncomfortable rubbing.
Since I was released to normal activity, I was volunteering today at the AZ Game & Fish Expo and perhaps overdid it a little. I was carrying all sorts of things, many over 20 pounds, but it was ok at the time. Tonight, I am feeling twinges and a little pain on the outside of my boobs. Oh well, gotta start somewhere, can't baby these girls forever!
My nipple sensitivity is completely back to normal. There was so much before that it was like tiny stabbing pangs would run through my entire boob. Using the method that Dr Guerra advised did work. He had me use a vibrating device on my areola up to 5 times a day. I am pretty sure I did not do it past 3, just didn't have the time. But it worked, about two to three weeks and everything was back to normal. I still push through my nipple covers on some days, but that has always been the norm for me... great nipples : )
Sleeping is a blessing. Side sleeping is even better. Up to my 2 month check-up, I was still sleeping upright on my couch. Yes, call me an over achiever, but they said if I could remain to sleep upright, it would just improve everything over all. So I managed to make myself do that, and it got to be pretty normal feeling. When I was told I could lay flat on my back, but not to roll onto my side, now that was challenging. I would wake up in a panic if I was on my side, they would hurt a bit, and I would run to the bathroom to make sure that my boobs had not moved into the same breast pocket. Impossible I know, but fear is very real, and it does strange things to your mind : ) At least I had great stories for the girls at work, they found my 'boob fears' highly entertaining.
Clothes.... so some things just don't work anymore. Tube top dresses for example... the bunching that used to keep my tops up just squeeze the crap out of me now. I have given so many things away. Replacing hasn't been that easy either. I am very cost conscious, and on the lower side of spending. I am not happy at all with the current spring dress styles. I DO love all the open back dresses and rompers out there, but they just don't make the front for larger boobs. I have not been able to find any that don't just skim above my nipples. I'm sure that it's a great look for most, but I'm not at that comfort level yet. These things are huge to me, and I absolutely DO LOVE THEM, but it's definitely a work in progress.

Agh, left out very vital 'BA boob world' info!

So, my boobs are very squishy. Dr Guerra asked if I noticed how nice they feel, and I said yes, I think they feel great. I am able to push them together, and I am not able to feel the implant. It honestly feels just like my body tissue. However, I do not have anything to 'feel' the comparison against. My boobs were small before, decent shape but deflated, and I didn't go running around feeling other's boobies, that just didn't happen. I've had most of my very close friends feel my boobies, but it isn't the erotic movie scene with slow motion music at all. It's almost scientific!?! The BA boob world is an entirely different and very open world. I am really enjoying it. It's kind of a funny thing that your boobs are now of interest to everyone else.

Official 3 Month Photos from Dr. Guerra

3 month before and after photos
Wow, nothing says official like seeing your boobies on your plastic surgeon's site.

Bra Shopping???

This is pretty much the process that goes on every time I go bra shopping...

I am a solid 32DD at VS, but could fit into a triple D (for comfort). The 34D and 34DD cups feel the same as the 32DD, but the 34 band is just loose enough that it doesn't have the snug feeling that I like. I can't bring myself to buy the 32DDD, especially since any resemblance to sexy is pretty much removed at that point. It is just huge! I am really sorry to anyone out there, I'm not trying to offend! I didn't sign up for the what I consider to be (big ole grandma bra) look, well maybe I did, but it wasn't intentional.
I am bursting out of most of the lightly lined bras, and they don't offer any nipple coverage at all, very sad because I don't need the padding anymore. I haven't purchased any wireless, but only because of the terrible smashing feeling. Even in the formed cup, it feels like it is pressing against my boobs so tightly and my nipples are even crying for relief. I've loosened the straps as much as possible, but it really doesn't help. I last about 3 minutes in the fitting room and it's off, ha ha. Do your boobs conform to the molded bra cups? Mine don't seem to at all. They just seem to 'sit' in the cup, rather than mold to it. There isn't a gap anywhere that I can tell, but it feels like the bottom of my bra is about an inch or two below my actual boob. OH, and depending on the amount of padding, my nipple seems to work itself out of the freaking bra by the end of the day. Is anyone else experiencing any of this?
On a positive note - I am really happy with the sports bras that VS offers. I really like the double front close, padded underwire, zippered racer back style. I think it is the Incredible Sport?
P.S. I'm sorry for the ranting sound of this post, it's been building up for a while.

I have removed my face photos

I have removed the photos of my face doe to unwanted and unappreciated comments by really lame men. You know who you are.... Someone always has to ruin it.
I almost thought about canceling my profile, but I just removed the photos. I will be posting my 5 months update next.

5 Months..... Lots of changes!

Well, I am very excited happy to report that 5 months post BA has way more positive changes than I expected. I am able to sleep on my stomach (cheers all around), roll over without discomfort, and most importantly....get a massage!! I was worried about that because it hurt so bad to lay on my boobs until a few weeks ago. It's still not the very best to lay directly on them, but I can easily lay down with a small pillow or my arm kind of rested underneath me. That's a huge success!
When I was cleared to go bra shopping, I went a little crazy. By crazy, I went to VS got sized at 32DD and bought 4 'Incredible' lightly lined bras, 3 'Very Sexy' racer back bras, and 2 'Simply Strapless' strapless bras. I should not have done that.... In two months my boobs have changed again, and I am not able to wear the 'Incredible' or 'Simply Strapless' bras. Even if I loosen the straps all the way, the cups mash my boobs. I am wondering if it is because I have high profile??? I am now falling into the 32DDD range, and that sucks for me. As I mentioned just a couple posts ago, there are barely any sexy or pretty bras in that size. I have tried making the 32DD bras work, but I am ripping them off by 9am. So, it is back to the nipple covers for me. However.... I live in the desert, and umm, they are starting to sweat. That certainly wasn't the problem while it was cool outside, and I hadn't even thought about it. I took them off today, and they were pretty moist. Sorry, I know that is gross, but it happened. The girls that I work with said that I am just spoiled from not having to wear a bra for so long. There might be some truth to that, but I really don't think that wearing a bra should give you this horrendous smashing feeling. It seriously hurts to wear a bra. I have given away dresses and tops that fit just 2 months ago. I have no idea what is going to happen in the next few months. My PS did warn me that I could continue to change for up to 12 months. HA!! What does he know?? Well, apparently something....grrrr! I ordered the wonderfully comfy Coobie bras online from Zulily, and am impatiently awaiting their arrival. I am really going to try not to buy any more bras for now, with the exception of the 32DDD I have coming in the mail : ) Just to see if it fits though. Ugh.... and the semi-annual sale is coming up. I missed this event last time.... my bra buying timing completely stinks right now.
My boobs are completely squishy, I can push them together much easier, but they still prefer to sit apart from each other. They are sisters after all, ha ha! When I lay on my side they fall together.
Umm, what else.... My scars are still much redder than I thought they would be, guess my body is a slower healer than most. I'm sure that a lot of you ladies feel that everyone else's scars look better than their own. So that's how I handle my own reassurance : ) My daughter is fascinated with my scars. She asked me the other day how they are doing and asked if she could see. I showed her, and she said 'huh' and was satisfied. She added that I was brave for having surgery, and really hopes that she doesn't have to have surgery when she's grown up. She's 8, and very smart : )
Along with not fitting into my bras, they have dropped and fluffed a ton. Like I said before, I have no idea if they are done yet. I'm kinda hoping they are! So how in the world is it possible that I still have a bit of boob greed? Well, I'm thinking that it's more of a boob admiration, if that makes any sense. Sunshinegirl10, Anna1989, and several other profiles.... ladies, your boobs are marvelous!!! I am pretty certain that I think they would be too big for me, but every now and then those thoughts come over me.
I go back to see Dr. Guerra and the girls on June 29th. That is my official 6 month check-up. I can't believe this has only and already been 5 months.... seems like I was having anxiety over getting it done just a few months ago.
Here are the pictures....

Ok, here are my 5 month progress photos....

Bras...some fit, some most certainly do not....

6 Months today!!

Hey Ladies!! My boobies are exactly 6 months old today! I went to see my favorite doctor, and as usual, was met with the friendliest smile! His assistant Jan is always so pleasant, and both were thrilled with my progress. Jan took a peek, and said that they look awesome, and should be close to being 'done', but I should expect to see changes into the entire year. Dr. Guerra was very pleased with my boobs so far, asked if I thought they were softening, I said I really think so. He asked if he could feel them, and of course I said go for it. He is always so gentle, it's almost funny, cause I'm just grabbing and smashing them, lol. Then he asked if Jan could feel them, ha ha. Anyone else?? I did ask what the implant feels like inside my breast, and he tried feeling around for it, but couldn't find an edge. This made him even more excited, and said that I have definitely achieved optimal breast augmentation results. Always super professional and no-nonsense. Then he broke from that and asked if I've gotten myself sized anywhere. I said yes, told him that I am a 32DD at VS, and he just smiled, he has the sweetest most sincere smile! He took one more look at them, then asked if I liked them, and if it was worth it. I laughed and said definitely!! Jan asked how my pain and tolerance was, and I said that it feels like any tingling, and pulling sensations have subsided. I said I think that stopped about a month ago. Dr Guerra was all smiles! He then had me send in front a mirror, took some very clinical measurements and told me to go bikini shopping, and said that I should wear a swimsuit every single day. He kept thanking me for having great boobies. I was happy!!!! He takes great pride in his work for sure.
So, the only directions to follow are that I need to continue to wear a bra for sleeping until my one year appt, and take 400 units of Vitamin E daily. He recommended another topical scar treatment product called Scar Guard and Pro Sil. I ordered the Pro Sil, it's a silicone based stick. I've ordered that today, and will start applying it asap. I did tell them both that I am wearing the Coobie bras to sleep in, and Dr Guerra recommended that I amp it up to a medium support bra at night. Hmmmm, I have been doing that, but I will stop wearing the Coobie bras starting today (for sleeping). I want to keep these babies at their best!!! I am including a brochure from Dr. Guerra's office to showcase this wonderful man's qualifications. I absolutely love how great he is, his staff is phenomenal, and I am very happy that I did my research and SO LUCKY that I found him!!!!!!!!

Kenneth Cole medium support sports bra

This is the Medium support bra that I am sleeping in. It's so comfy, super stretchy, but keeps the girls in place at night. I am a side and stomach sleeper and this bra really movesorry with me. It's by Kenneth Cole, not Calvin Klein. Sorry girls, I had my 'C' 'K' initials mixed up, lol
I've found them at Ross dept stores

9 Months and still LOVING THEM!!

Time has flown by so quickly! I hit the 9 month mark on September 29th, and I am pretty certain that my boobs are finally done changing.....?? I am very happy with my results, and I truly feel that I have the most natural look for my body size. I stressed so adamantly that I did not want the fake round ball look at all. My doctor listened!! I love Dr. Aldo Guerra!! His office girls are the absolute best too!! Quick recap for you - I am 5' 6", small frame, breast width is 12, height is 12.5, and I have Mentor Memoryshape (natural slope) Cohesive Silicone Gel (gummy bear), Medium Height implant, High Profile projection, 390 CC placed under the muscle via the breast crease incision. In regular bras, I am a 32DD, 32DDD and 34D depending on the style at Victoria's Secret. I still wear 34DD sport bras. The Dream Angels Demi lightly lined bras are my absolute favorites!! I have several other types, and there are days that they just kill my boobies. I can't stand the smashing feeling still. I am very impatiently waiting for that to go away.... So, as of now, I still do not like wearing bras, and sport my awesome nipple covers whenever I can get away with it. Which isn't as often as I'd like!! After 9 months of this crazy, wonderful, exciting roller coaster of boobiness, I am finally relaxing about things going wrong. As you all know, it takes such a toll on your psyche. I feel that I have followed all the 'rules' as prescribed by my doctor's office. I am still sleeping with a medium support bra (up to one year), and it's still comfortable for me, thank goodness. I am able to sleep however I want (stomach, side, back). As far as working out and exercising, I have absolutely no restrictions. I am still taking the Vitamin E capsule daily to keep my pockets soft. My scars are definitely less noticeable, but they still have a ways to go. I was hoping that they would be gone by the year end, but it's not looking like it. I am terrible at keeping a routine, so I use them when I think about it. So, I guess my scars are doing ok on their own, lol! I have used ProSil, ScarGuard, and the Scar Away sheets for scar treatments off and on. There are still days when I have boob greed, yes, it still happens! Crazy too! So, I switch bras and push these babies a bit higher, and bam, all better!! That's the very best part I think. Being able to dress them up, play them down, and love them in swimsuits... oh yeah!! I have a couple of dresses that I am finally brave enough to wear, and not feel like it's all about my boobs. I was so self conscious of that, still am most of the time. My boyfriend absolutely loves them, tells me every day, so that is pretty awesome, lol. He says they feel amazing, look amazing, and wouldn't know if I had them done if he didn't know any better. That's so nice!!

My nipples......

I've had a few questions about my nipples, lol, so I guess it's finally time that I address them! I have always had alert nipples, even before the BA. It's been an issue with bra shopping now because I don't need padding, but I have to get padding exclusively for my high beams, lol. I'm not able to buy any unlined bras , so that's kind of sad, I guess it is not the worst problem to have!

Cold Boobies????

Hi ladies!! I have a question for you. ... When I got my BA, it was December and really cold. Well, my implants were really cold inside my boobs too, but I attributed this to just having surgery. I'm wondering if this is something that will always happen now? I'm afraid that my nipples will break off, lol!!

Memoryshape, Medium Height, High Profile

Here is the Mentor Memoryshape implant chart. My implants are 390 cc.

1 Year Anniversary on 12/29/16 - It's been a wild, worried and wonderful ride!!

If someone had told me that I would have had plastic surgery, I definitely would have laughed at them. It didn't even really hit me that I was having plastic surgery until a friend of mine mentioned that I was so brave for going thru with it. I didn't think of breast augmentation as a real surgical procedure. I know that I didn't consider it as invasive of a surgery as it actually is. I now give myself and every other woman credit for the courage to go thru with any surgery, elective or not. The fear that I had about going under anesthesia was something that had not even been a thought before. The feeling of being selfish for doing this absolutely came over me. I was taking a chance with my life for self improvement. I have a daughter, and the thought that this could have gone south was a very real concern. Not to mention that the Mentor Breast Implant pamphlet that I had to read was frightening. It was almost all doom and gloom, covered every risk, all the pros and cons, and then you HAVE to sign on the dotted line agreeing to this, or no boobies in my future. So, I did what any boobie deprived girl does and sign on that line! I returned to my awesome doctor for my final pre-op appointment with that pamphlet, remainder of the money, and I had to order my implants.
Actually putting the implant type and size on paper was such a liberating experience. As you've all discovered for yourselves, picking a size is a very excruciating process. If you have a great Plastic Surgeon, he narrows down a lot of options for you based on your measurements. It's crazy how many options are available, not just picking saline or silicone. I had only researched silicone implants, and I new that I wanted a natural, tear drop shape. I had worked with a lady several years ago, and she had a full mommy makeover. Her PS had removed her belly button and reaffixed it's position. That was impressive. Her breasts were beautiful, such a natural shape and tear drop look to them, the non-existent incision was thru her nipples, as they were also relocated. I was in awe, it looked like nothing had been touched. Everything was absolute perfection. This was my first encounter with plastic surgery. I did not view her surgery as anything substantial, but I was only 22 years old at the time. Such a baby : )
Fast forward 17 years, one child later, and I still had her perfect boobs in my memory. Around November of last year, I made up the decision to do this, and there was no looking back. I started researching doctors, and had enough sense to look for board certified plastic surgeons. The only other requirement that I had was that they worked with natural shaped silicone implants. I didn't know anyone close enough to me to ask questions, so I struck out on my own. I had narrowed it down to 3 surgeons..... Sean Lillie, Aldo Guerra and Robert Cohen. I called the offices, and I just clicked with the staff at Dr. Aldo Guerra's office. I was scheduled to have a consultation with Robert Cohen, and cancelled it. I felt that I had found my PS, without even meeting him. I even had a seminar scheduled thru Dr. Guerra's office that I never attended. I had been emailing his assistant, Diamond, and she mentioned a promotion that they were running. I set up the initial consult, and the rest is perfect boobilicious history!!!

I was advised to wear a medium support bra for sleeping for an entire year (I did it!). I slept upright for the first 4 months. I paid good money for the girls, and wasn't about to mess them up for my own comfort, lol!! I took Vitamin E orally to loosen the breast pockets (Still am taking it), and rubbed it on my incisions twice a day for awhile. After a few months, I was cleared to start a silicone based formula. I was recommended to start using ProSil (a chapstick style scar treatment by Biodermis). It is really easy to use, and I still apply it every now and then. I am convinced if I had used it as directed, my scars would be almost invisible. If you have read my review, I am absolutely terrible at continuing any sort of regimented scar treatment.
After a year, I am now able to sleep braless, and do so without any concerns : ) I sleep in all positions without any discomfort at all, thankfully!!! I have had to purchase new bikini tops since the girls have increased in size after my 6 month shopping spree.....sigh!

I am 5' 6", small frame, 112 pounds. With the help of my incredibly talented PS, I selected Mentor Memoryshape, with Siltex Texturing, Medium Height, High Profile silicone implants. I have only been measured at VS, and my bra size ranges from 32DD to 32DDD, depending on the style and cut. My absolute favorite fit is the Dream Angels, Demi, lightly lined cup.
CPG323 (Contour Profile Gel Family, 300 Series)
390 cc, 12.0cm width, 11,3 cm height, 6.0 projection

At my one year post op appt, I had 3 physicians (attending training by Dr. Guerra) pop in. They had watched him perform an implant procedure that morning, along with viewing other patients at different stages in their recovery. I was the final appt of the day, as I was 12 months along. That was a little intimidating, but definitely not what I had built up in my head. All the doctors were incredibly polite, asked me questions such as 'was I happy, what size had I ended up, was it worth it, would I be recommending Dr Guerra', etc. They asked if I had known that Dr. Guerra was personally selected by Mentor (along with 4 other PS) to train in Sweden to learn how to properly place this new implant. I had not known that when I made my consultation appt.
I am truly happy with my results, and feel that my doctor did an outstanding job. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone wanting truly amazing results.

One year photos!!!

Here's what one year looks like, I absolutely love my results!! ! !

Almost 2 years!!!! Love them, and lessons learned.

I had my BA performed by Dr Guerra on 12/29/14, and I can't say enough about him, and his team. I am very happy with my decision to enhance myself with some boobies, and I am very happy that I found my doctor.

Since I am coming up on 2 years, I have been doing a lot of thinking, and more research. I have some lessons learned that I wish I had known about. I'm not going to request a revision, because I am very happy with my results, but I am experiencing some boob greed, and that is a bummer.

With that, I recently found out that I went with a smaller base diameter implant than the one that I had originally picked. This is due to the fact that I changed my profile from moderate plus to high profile.
I was so concerned with ccs and projection, and didn't consider the size of my breast measurements versus the actual implant. This is definitely something that I am regretful about. I was focused on not going over 400 ccs, that I chose 390 cc, when I actually could have gone with 440cc, and still be within my breast measurements. The implant type and shape stayed the same, but the width and height reduced from what was originally chosen.
I think that we put so much thought into the amount of ccs, and forget about the other factors. So, I hope that this bit of information helps anyone else struggling with picking the right size.

I have Mentor memoryshape, medium height, high profile and 390cc. 12cm wide and 11.3 cm height

The implant that I chose before was 375cc, medium height, moderate plus profile 12.5cm wide and 11.8cm height

I feel that the implant size I should have, based on my breast measurements, 440cc, medium height, high profile, 12.5cm wide and 11.8cm height.

I'll post pictures soon, but I wanted to get this important info out to everyone!

Good luck!

2 Year Boobies

2 Year photos from Dr. Aldo Guerra!!!

Smashed boobies?????

So this is a question to the wonderful women of RS.

I had my BA over two years ago, and still find myself having a terrible time finding comfortable bras in different styles. I find that I am not able to wear bras that are a non-rounded cup, without underwire, or t-shirt style bras. I have high profile, HCG silicone, natural shaped, but these babies do not smash, or 'mold' to bras. I have to admit that I have only purchased bras from VS, and have resorted to the Dream Angels demi, lightly lined because of the round shape to this bra. I wear a 32DD to 32DDD depending on the style.

So the smashing feeling is like pressing my nipple between two solid surfaces. It's very uncomfortable, and almost sends twinges of pain.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this feeling, and if you have been able to find a way to wear different style bras?

VS Dream Angels multi-way in 32DD

I recently purchased this multi-way bra and tried wearing it as a strapless bra this weekend. I originally bought the 32DDD, but exchanged for this size in hopes that the tighter cups would help the bra stay up. Within 20 minutes it was around my lower back and the cups were pulling my boobs down. Then I put the straps on to wear it regularly? and my boobs were puffing out the top. The angled pic shows the bra indenting into my boobs the best. Another bust!!

Boob measurements

28 under bust and 35 around fullness of boobs

Someone let me know if I am doing this wrong, lol

Very fun shopping today......More VS bras!!!!!!

I just purchased 2 bralettes and two bras @ VS today. I have absolutely no will power....... I am not ashamed to say this, lol
I had one of the most fun and interesting shopping trips today?!! I swear that 10% of the malls female shoppers were in VS today, but everyone was helping each other, bras were getting tossed over the doors. I assisted two different times on personal recommendations, it was nuts! Oh, I found out that an employee also received her BA from Dr Also Guerra, and she also had gummies. She actually showed me, right in the aisle!! Then after we gabbed about how much we love our PS, another shopper and I were looking for bras together and she showed me her bra, right there and asked me if I had seen it, lol. I'm not sure if this lady thought I was an employee??? But I was really sweet and told her that it looks like a dream angel style, and she ran off in that area.
It was one of the best times! The whole thing was really enjoyable, and it totally sucks that I couldn't find a bra that worked for the real reason I went in the first place. To find a bra that offers complete nipple coverage without smashing the girls! Ha ha, ha!!!!
I ended up buying a cadet green very sexy lightly lined balconnet in 32DD and the two bralettes in medium. I am debating on whether or not to return the perfect shape t-shirt bra (my sole purpose bra). The fit is great, but I feel like the cup is smashing my nipples. I bought it because I need a conservative nude bra, and this fit the bill! However wearing it for more than 10 minutes is a whole other story.

How to measure your boobs with after breast augmentation

Found this today after yet another shopping trip to VS!!

It's on a website called weekend.herroom.com
With my husband assisting me...... I am a 28 band, so I have to add 4 inches, this gets? me to the 32 band. My breasts measure 9 to 9.5 inches from innermost cleavage, running across the fullest part of the breast to the beginning of my armpit. This chart puts me at a 32 full D. I am pretty sure I agree with that. I'm still a solid 32DD at VS.
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

I can only say the very best things about Dr. Aldo Guerra and his staff. Dr. Guerra truly has the very best intentions, and takes the time to understand exactly the look that you are going for. He never dissuaded me or tried to get me to go to a different size than I had wanted. I went in requesting a very full C, small D, without the rounded look at the top of my breasts. I feel that we achieved exactly what I was wanting, and am very happy with the outcome. He is so professional and very caring, his genuine smiles are fantastic testimony to the pride he takes in his work. I have had complete peace of mind from my initial consultation and every appointment since the surgery. Dr Guerra and his office of caring women really made this very personal (and at times nerve racking) decision a rather easy one to go through with. They took all the guesswork out, and very straightforward explained the entire process. I felt as prepared as I could day of surgery, and had a great recovery after. I called and emailed with question after question, and they always answered quickly and put me at ease. I am so grateful that I found this great team of people!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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