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Hi everybody, I'm posting a lot of pics because I...

Hi everybody,

I'm posting a lot of pics because I am nervous as crap. The first two pics are my befores, and I have my pre-op on Friday. I'm super nervous about everything from asking for time off work, taking time off work, my mom helping me through recovery, the anesthesia, the recovery, not being able to go to the gym, the result, the size, the shape....oh my god it's overwhelming. Mind you I am a very anxious person by nature.

I want a natural look but just SLIGHTLY better than natural. I want to be able to create awesome clevage when I want it. I really just want more volume in the top of my breast, because I feel like they have begun to deflate even though I've never had kids. My mom has pretty saggy boobs and my sister has the same thing. I want them perky and cute but DEFINITELY not big. I'm very self-conscious about my body is one way to put it, and I do NOT want to feel fat for even an instant.

I'm thinking that 325 or 350ccs will give me the desired look. I want to look basically how I do with my VS miraculous double cup bra, which I will bring to my pre op on Friday. I'm going under the muscle, and surgery is on Thursday and i'm planning to go back to work on Monday. I'm also wondering what other people told their employers - I'm going to miss a pretty important presentation, and I would really rather say I'm having my wisdom teeth taken out....anyone use this with success? Any other excuses are highly appreciated. I know I don't have to tell them anything, but I kinda do at my workplace. It's just how it is.

Any insight/thoughts you guys have about the size /shape you chose, or recommendations you have for me are much appreciated since I'm FULL of anxiety. Just so full of it I'm flushed just thinking about it.

My PS has also suggested a circumareolar lift, which I'm scared to death of, cause I don't want one weird nipple with a ringn around it. My nipples are very light in color as you can see.

I'll keep everybody updated as I go through this process, party cause I'm just scared to death!

Thanks all,


16 days to go....

I got a couple PMs and am feeling better now. Took my multivitamin (USANA), they're so disgusting but I got it down. I also started taking Miralax, cause, sorry for the poopy talk, but I am far from regular and I know it's important to poop out the anesthetic or whatever they give you. So I'm starting to take so me of this gentle laxative now cause even this takes several days to work with me. Ugh!!

I'm feeling much less anxious today but I'm also distracted with work. I'm going to have to ask for the time off on Wednesday, or rather tell them I need the time off on Wednesday, so wish me luck! I also made it to the gym today just for step class, so just cardio. I'm a bit scared as to when I'll be able to get back to step/zumba etc....I'm less concerned with weigh lifting. But I like dancing and bouncing around! I'm sure I'll be super nervous again soon, thanks to all who PM'd me.

OMG will I be able to blow dry my hair?

My blow dryer is pretty heavy! Will I be able to do this after 4 days, or do I need to teach my mom? What about washing my hair? Lol...this could get awkward...

Rice Sizers

Alright so my pre-op appointment is tomorrow! I filled up a nylon with one and a half cups of rice, which is about 350ccs and it was NOT too big. Pics of my cute rice booby below. I didn't have enough rice to make two (really, I know) so here's my one boob. I just want to make sure that it's 'up' enough, so in my pics I'm kinda lifting it to where I want the profile to be.

Omg two more sleeps. Well I'm sure I won't really sleep at all...:

So I have told a few people about the surgery and it's making me a bit less anxious. I've been super diligent about what I'm eating, no onions or garlic, taking the bromelian and arnica, and a multivitamin. Started washing with dial, an antibacterial bar of soap. Got my brows waxed today, will remove my nail polish tomorrow. Washed all my bedding.

My nerves are killing me, for real. I just emailed my doc to see if I can take a Xanax the morning of surgery. I know I'm not going to sleep. I'm pretty decided on 325cc round moderate plus profile unders. If he thinks bigger will be better we can go up to 350 but that sounds big. 325 maybe 340 like that makes a difference anyway....I think it has more tondo with my anatomy anyway at this point.

Trying to breathe. It's 1:30am here and I need to get stuff done at work tomorrow and I'm so anxious. But kind of excited. I'm starting to feel like I'm going to like the result. Like if I focus on omg they're gonna be too big or I'm gonna have a complication, that can really be my focus. But if I focus on the fact that I'm probably going to love them, I relax a lot.

Oh so my main question I'll also post in the forum - what clothes did you wear to work post op of you wanted to kinda hide them til the swelling went down? I'm thinking first day plain black top with a scarf cause it's totally scarf season...even in Arizona. But where did you shop and literally what did you buy? I have a few loose suit jackets that don't but on that I could prob use. What worked best without making you look like omg I got a boob job?

Tomorrow is the day

6am check in. Maybe it's the klonopin, or the Xanax, but in feeling pretty good about this. My anxiety is all but gone. But I definitely did medicate it away. Plus I'm tired! I'm feeling a little boob greed and thinking I'll let the surgeon go between 325 and 350 and do the circumareolar life if he thinks he should. ITs it of my hands now.

For anybody with a crazy anxious mind like mine, I couldn't recommend this mix of klonopin and Xanax more. Obviously talk to your doc. Mine just said nothing after midnight. So there we have it. I'll disclose the amount I took since it was more than my usual, but I feel a lot better.

I'm excited! I might have a bit of boob greed, kinda wanting to go toward the 340ish size but will let the doc decide. Everything is in order and I'm ready.

Good luck to anyone else on this journey with me tomorrow. Below is my last pic of me faking boobs to work. That's my vs bombshell with a sock in each boob. For real. A sock.

the other side!

so far so good! I'm still really sleepy from the pain medication, but I hardly had any pain at all. When I left the hospital they asked me to rate it between zero and 100 and I said the level was zero.

There's definitely some swelling, and the worst was probably nausea. Actually it was probably worse when I started to get a migraine. Once I got my migraine medication and the headache went away, I was pretty good. All right more later but I'm super tired I need another nap.

First reveal

Well here they are day 1 post op or is it day 2? I had surgery yesterday so maybe it's day 2.

Anyway i took a small baghbtodaybwhjxhbwas wonderful, in eating fine, the oxycodone is very strong. Making me very sleepy. In a bit concerned because one Of my Breasts looks more swollen than the other. You can't really tell from the pic. I'll post more soon. I've got the the tingly sharp sensation in my nipples and I still haven't had a bm despite lots of fluids. But I feel movement.

Day 2 post op

ok there were some times yesterday where the pain was worse than I thought, esp when waking up. That's been the worst. I had my surgery really early in Thursday so I'm not sure if today it technically day 2 or 3, but so far I'm getting by with just Tylenol. Breasts are still pretty if and swollen but I'm wearing the strap pretty much constantly. The left one especially is protruding quite a bit in the upper like but it's hard to tell from the pics. Incisions are basically nothing.

I have pretty good mobility, I can raise my
Arms but I haven't been pushing it really. I'll prob wait until tomorrow to try driving at all. I'm hoping to go to work on Monday.

I started to do the breast massage and it actually does help to alleviate the stiffness of my chest muscle. It says to do it twice a day - what do other people do? Twice a day?

What else hmmm. Still no BM but that's not weird for me. Lots of "movement" but no actual poopy lol. I may take a laxative today. Here are some pics.

Went for a walk, got a mani pedi...no more pain meds. Day 4 (well technically I guess day 3)

hi everyone! My boobs are starting to feel more like part of my own body now. Getting up and walking outside for 25 mins was helpful. Getting a pedicure as I type with a light back massage.

I'm still bloated yuck but havent been overeating so its it not like I got fat in the past week. I showered carefully, washed my own hair. Might take a pain pill to help me sleep tonight but otherwise I'm good.

Lefty is still up higher than righty but I gotta give it some time. Doing the massaging now a few times a day. They're softening but are still hard.

All my old bras have so much padding and underwire that I can't try anything in and see what the new girls look like. Just ugly sports bra and strap. I bought a white strap and bra on Amazon and it will come tomorrow.

Need new clothes. ASAP haha. I was gonna go back to work tomorrow but think I will work from home. Here is a new pic from after my (amazing) shower this morning.

old bra new boobs

(gently) pulled out the underwire of a Demi bra. Can't wait to go to VS and Rey some pretty bras on, maybe next week!

Drop and fluff?

hi everybody! So last night when I layed down, more flat than usual, it really hurt my right breast up near the armpit and side. I hope I didn't injure it! It's pretty sore around the incision too. But my right boob is a nicer shape than my left right now, though I don't dislike the cute shape of my left.

Question: how long did it take for your boobs to be soft and fluffy? Or bouncy maybe I mean? Right now I'm putting some pressure on top of my left boob so it stays down. Here are some pics.

Going shopping this afternoon to try and find some way to hide "the strap".

More pics

I really want to exercise...

ugh. I really really wanna workout. So badly. I miss step class and spin and Zumba and lifting and even the dang elliptical. I feel so lazy ;(

I'm hoping that after a week I can start light walking and maybe some squats using body weight. I have my second post op appointment tomorrow where they remove the tape covering my incision. I just wanna do a 30 day booth booster h til I can do any other sort of exercise, you know what I mean? Sadness. I feel like it's going to be Christmas before I can do the workouts I love. I really don't want to risk getting CC. No new pics today.

First day back at work. I don't like working in general and my right breast was sore from the dang mouse but i lasted the entire day. Napped when I got home though for sure.

Here's the booty challenge I wanna do. I'm sure they will say no but maybe after 2 weeks? Keep you posted.

One week

it flew by. I had the incision tape removed yesterday. Went bra shopping today even though i know they will still change size. Lefties is still higher than the right. They're pretty soft and I have good mobility. I can put my arms up over my head, clasp my hands gently behind my back....

Lefties has what looks like a bit of a ripple or sent but everybody says to not look at my boobs everyday and analyze them so I won't (but I want to!).

I'm still bloated as f*ck. I ate very little today and I had a BM and my stomach is still so distended.

Def don't need any more pain meds.

Below are some pics.

Oh the vs bra I bought is the pink one and the girl at vs had her boobs done and said she wore this wireless bra after her augmentation. I prob won't wear it everyday yet just days where I want a boost. I can't believe I have a wireless unpadded bra. This is a first. It's called "lightly lined plunge" if anyone wants to try it on. Comfy and way prettier than surgical bra.

Oh and 32DD btw. I was prob a 32B before and they will prob get smaller. But I saw the nurse yesterday and she said prob not much smaller! I just want them to settle.

Almost 2 weeks

so at almost two weeks:

Still some pain but not bad. More like tenderness you get before your period.

One spot in my right breast hurts more but it always has. Not warm or red so not really concerned.

Massaging daily but it hurts to press very hard.

Still wearing thin surgical bras with little nipple covers.

Haven't been braless for more than a shower plus an hour. like one hour total.

Left breast is settling differently than the right, kinda like the nipple isn't "flush" with the tissue. Not sure if it will go away but overall I would still be happy with the result if it didn't.

I can wear heels without every step I take hurting.

I don't wear the strap except at night to try and push the left breast down into the nip.

I'm doing squats and ab exercises that don't involve my arms or chest at all.

What else?

Nipples still sensitive

Still haven't had sex (my poor boyfriend)

Just starting to feel normal again. Did laundry last night and will do dishes tonight. Having groceries delivered (try Safeway delivery if it's available in your area).

That's it! Curious how others are doing at this point.

Three week update

ladies, this week is when I have experienced the most improvement, both and how my breasts feel and look. Mostly how they feel. They are finally starting to feel like part of my own body, and the pain is very minimal almost negligible. I can lift most things I need to for daily life, but I still keep the seatbelt behind my back. They now look pretty much normal underclothing, and I can wear most of my usual clothing, even things that are more formfitting. The crazy nipple sensitivity has pretty much gone away. I can enjoy the shower. I had sex with my boyfriend, yay! Plus I weighed myself a few days ago, and I shockingly did not gain a single pound. I was sure that I was at least retaining water. So all this is good news. It was almost like overnight the breast that I thought was too high, dropped. I still think they have some dropping to do. But I definitely feel them softening. What else.... I'm wearing some Genie bras with thin straps and no underwire or padding or cups. I took one ibuprofen for a headache and it was fine. I have not been to the gym yet to do any real cardio, but will probably start at least walking and bike next week. I guess that's it! Here are some pics. Feel free to ask questions.

4 week update

hi ladies. So, week four. I don't think I've noticed too much of a difference in the look of my breasts since week three, but I have increase my activity level once I hit the four week mark. I went to the gym for the first time yesterday, where I walked on the treadmill for about 15 minutes, and then went on The elliptical for another 10. I wore a sports bra that was kind of too small, and that had wires. I wore my surgical garments underneath, because it's very thin, and I figured it would just provide some extra support. I could feel them moving around a little bit, but no more than when I'm just walking around.

At the gym I also did some legs, a little bit of abs, and even some arms, but with very light weights. I have no problem picking things up, for the most part but I still won't push it. Like, I won't lift a box of 12 1 liter bottles of water.

Today I went for a long walk and a little bit of a hike, and I feel like I can feel it in my boobs. They just feel more tender than they have in a while. So, I guess that's what listening to my body is about.

I made the mistake of weighing myself at the gym, and I was up about 4 pounds. Which was pretty upsetting since last weekend I did not weigh that additional 4 pounds. So… I'm not too happy with my tell me right now, but I'm pretty happy with my boobs.

Sensitivity is still gone, there still a little bit of numbness but not very much. They're pretty squishy for the most part, but sometimes I do notice that they feel a bit more hard, and that bothers me of course. But I know they're still healing, but still.

I still put the seatbelt behind my back when I'm driving, but I don't really need to I guess. Very comfortably sleeping on my side pretty much all the time. I still haven't worn any underwire except in my bra that I wore to the gym, but I feel like my boobs are pretty well settled. I bought an underwire bra today, that you can see below from Victoria's Secret. I might try it for a few hours at a time, and see how it goes. I think that's pretty much all my updates! Happy to answer any questions and good luck to all of you.

Week 6 & 7 update

hello ladies! I've been away for a little while, now that my boobs are feeling back to normal, and we had Thanksgiving, I've been busy!

It's now been seven weeks, and I can't believe it's been that long already. Here is my quick update.

My boobs officially feel like part of my body. When I massage, I can really push some decently hard in any direction without any pain. I can wear the seatbelt like a normal person. I can easily wash the incisions and touch them without any problem. They no longer feel heavy on my chest, and they look pretty normal. I don't really notice any day-to-day changes anymore. I think I looks pretty normal and clothing, just a little better than before ;). Incisions are still definitely there, I can for sure see them. I'm not putting on the gauze and consistently using a Vaseline type thing anymore, and I have notice of the scars look a little bit more red since I stopped doing that. But overall they're pretty fine, I just use some bio oil and a Vaseline with vitamin E. Not eating superhealthy, I still haven't been to the gym really. But now that's more just out of laziness then the ability not to. I can wear tight fitting shirts and feel confident in them and not like my boobs look large or Misshapen or anything like that. I am wearing some bras with wires and is completely fine. I also bought a push-up bra, which can be kind of uncomfortable and it doesn't look that much better than the regular bra but whatever. I definitely can feel the implants, and I definitely have some rippling along the outsides and underneath of my breast if specially if I lean forward. I can only see it if I'm basically bent over the counter in the bathroom and I can see it in the mirror, I can feel it if I basically try to feel it. I asked the doctor and he said that it's pretty typical for women who are "thin ". So whatever, if that's the price I have to pay that's fine. I think that's pretty much it! I am happy to entertain any questions. Oh and I still sleep with a surgical bra on, I can sleep on my side and sometimes I have even slept on my stomach. I usually don't fall asleep on my stomach, but I might wake up that way.

I have my post op appointment next Friday with my doc. I really should get to the gym.
Santa Monica Plastic Surgeon

So far, he's amazing. Pre op on Friday.

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