31, No Kids, 32A, 125lbs, 5'4 Getting 425cc in Left and 400cc in Right. So Scared! - Scottsdale, AZ

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I decided to go with Doctor Aldo Guerra for my BA...

I decided to go with Doctor Aldo Guerra for my BA surgery. He was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. His before and after photos were amazing, he does such natural work.

I'm so scared but excited at same time. Has anyone had the exparel with their BA? Did it help? I'm a big baby when it comes to pain so I'm gonna do whatever it takes to be in less pain!

Getting close!!

So it's getting closer to my surgery date (nov 11th). The anxiety and nervous are really getting to me. I know I'm over thinking everything but it's hard not to. Do any of you ladies have advice on what I need to get to prepare for an easy recovery?

2 more sleeps!

Two more sleeps until my surgery! I'm excited but super nervous! I've never had surgery before so kinda freaking out. Also worried about my crazy dogs jumping all over me, I'm hoping they sense something is up and won't be so aggressive with me. I've filled all my prescriptions, got different kinds of zip up sports bras, ice packs, heating pad for back and bought me an electric recliner! Lol! Here are some before pics.

I got boobies!

On the other side! Yay! I was about a 7/8 pain wise when I first woke up, now I'm at about a 3/4. Pain pill and muscle relaxer had helped! I'm so glad I got the exparel numbing shot, I can only imagine what it would feel like without it! I still haven't peeked, I prob won't till Sunday when I can shower. I'm scared to look haha I'll post pics when I feel up to it!


Has anyone else fainted after surgery? I was walking back from bathroom and just fainted and fell to the floor. It was the weirdest feeling. My husband was there with me but was afraid to grab under my arms. Ugh, hope that doesn't happen again.

2 days post-op

So it's been two days since my surgery. My left boob is fine, no pain, just pressure. My right boob is killing me! There's a lot more swelling, stiffness and pain, even in my arm. I think it might be cause it's my dominant side. My pain pills help some. I get to shower today, I'm prob gonna wait till this evening to do that. My dogs have been pretty good with me, they know something is up. One of my dogs keeps sniffing my chest lol. I sure hope the pain in my right goes away soon. The pressure and tightness I can handle but a baby with the pain.
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

He knows his stuff, that's for sure. He's so professional and makes you feel comfortable. His before and after pics are so Amazing and does such natural work, which is my goal. Can't wait for my surgery! I know he'll do a great job!

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