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My preop appointment was on August 26th. I'm...

My preop appointment was on August 26th. I'm having silicone 425cc in the left side and 475cc on the right to even things out. After researching and researching I found the perfect Doctor. Dr. Guerra in Scottsdale Az. He was super nice and listened to what I had to say. I had been wanting to get my breast done since I had my second son, 8 years ago! However I'm glad I waited because since then my husband and I have had 2 other kids! So now is the perfect time to get them done since we are now officially done having kids. All 4 of my children were breastfeed, that left my small 34b boobs to a saggy 34a! I don't want big boobs just a big c small d. I'm hoping I get the results I've always wanted!

5 more days to go!!!!

Getting super excited!!

More wish pics!!!

It just got real!!!

The surgery scheduler for dr. Guerra just called to let me know I'm not supposed to eat anything before midnight the day before surgery, to wash with the anti bacterial soap hibiclens 2 days before, and the day of. she also said someone would be calling me in the afternoon the day of my surgery to see how I was doing. My surgery is scheduled at 8:30am and have to be there by 7:15!!! Getting very anxious, excited and all the above!! Reckon I have NOT told anybody about my surgery the only person I have told are my sister and the husband (of course). the people that will be watching my kids are my mother in law and I told her I will be away for a week due to a training in my job ( I am self employed) and will be staying in a hotel as I live 5 hours away!! my sister will be helping me out after we get back since my husband only got a week off work.

Today's the big day!!!!

In a few more hours I will have my "girls" with me sooo excited. Last night was rough I couldn't sleep I was just anxious to get this done. Here are some picture of some bras for a before and after.

My stats

Forgot my stats
Height: 5 feet
Weight: 126
Bra size: 34A
Going with 425cc in left and 475cc in right silicone round smooth implant moderate profile.
Forgot to mention that I also paid extra for the exparel injection, hope it helps as I am very afraid to be in a lot of pain.

I guess my last picutres didn't post

Some pics with some bras for a before and after

The girls are here!!!!

Just got back to the hotel. The drive back wasn't too bad. But feeling some pressure, no too bad though. So I got there at 6:00 this morning my surgery wasn't scheduled till 8:00 am but since on one called me last night from the surgery center, I figured they didn't get my online registration so I got there early to do that there. after filling paperwork and whatnot they finally took me back. Got my Iv started and I waited and waited and waited and waited seemed like for ever! Finally I talked to the anesthesiologist and shortly after dr. Guerra came in marked me up and, we chatted a bit about what was going to happen and they wheeled me into the OR. I was really terrified once in the or they strapped my arms and put something in the Iv and I was out. I woke up and was soooo tired from the anesthesia, they got me changed and out the door.the took me in a wheeler chair to my husbands car. When I woke up I just felt pressure no pain. So now I'm In a hotel recovering! Hoping all goes smooth! I'm a little loopy from the meds, so sorry if I keep repeating myself .


Just an update

So I've been on top of my medication and have had very little pain. I've been taking naps here and there and trying to eat soups and saltine cracker. No nausea or vomiting thank God. Been doing deep breathing per Dr's orders so far so good. I forgot to say they went under the muscle crease incision. Will post more pics maybe tomorrow I guess my other pictures with different bras didn't post I will post them as soon as I can right now I'm gonna take a nap meds make me super sleepy!

Post op day 1

I kept up on my meds all night I didn't sleep so well because I had to get up and take meds all night. So far so good I can catch my breath today! It just feels so tight up on top and my armpits are sore. I am feeling a bit more pain today I've been taking 1 1/2 of the pain meds today dr. Said I could take 2 if needed. I am really tired, and sleeping reclined is hurting my back even with all those pillows I sleep with. I am thankful for the neck pillow I bought I helps me sleep better. Oh and I am starting to get bloated. So far so good not in a lot of pain. Pain level is around 2, so not much pain it's mostly uncomfortable. I've been icing too.

Midnight update

Since I have to take my pain meds I'll update! I have no pain whatsoever!!! Woohoo! However I did take one pain med. My right side boob hurts a little but I thinks it's because it has the bigger implant. I am starting to get a burning sensation on my left nipple, but I think that's normal. My left side is still numb I can't feel anything when I scratch it, and the surgical bra is making me itchy on the sides where it's touching me it's starting to feel snug, I think that's why I'm itchy,cuz it's only the sides and the band. I don't remember if I said this, but I have a small purple bruise on the incision site on my right side. I'll try to take a pic Of it later when it's not so dark. So so far so good!! Can't wait for the to drop and fluff!!

I meant to say my right side is the one that's still numb

I meant to say my right side is still numb not my left side, sorry I'm confused and half asleep lol!

Day 2 post op

Some pics front view not so swollen today

Post op day 2

Excuse the belly I am very bloated haven't gone #2 yet! I've been taking colace along with benifiber, hopefully that helps. My pain level is a 1 out of 10 so I'm not in a lot of pain. I am going to call my dr. To see if I can start taking Tylenol since I'm not in a lot of pain, and I don't one the way the hydrocone makes me feel. Tomorrow is my 1st post op appointment, I'm excited to see what my ps says, but I feel everything is going well so far. If all goes well tomorrow we will be heading home!! A 5 hour drive!! But I'm ready to see all my kiddos. I have a 1 yr old and a 3 yr old, hopefully they won't be too clingy once I'm home!! My boys are 10 and 8 so they can do most stuff on their own.

Tmi day post op 2

Just had to share I finally went to the bathroom #2!!! Never thought I'd be happy about that lol! After drinking tons of water taking colace and benefiber in my water finally got me going. So I've been feeling really good the only pain I had was this morning I believe it was the "morning boob" everyone was talking about. man that was rough, but once I got up and moving it got better!

Post op day 3 post op appointment

So I had my 3 day post op appointment all looks well. No bleeding , but left quite disappointed as I didn't get to see my ps I saw a medical assistant. Last night I got a scare as I had a slight fever of 99.5 I was feeling good so I didn't take the pain meds and later that night I started feeling flushed and hot so I took my temp and sure enough it was 99.5 I had just took the muscle relaxers so I couldn't take the hydrocone for another 2 hours so I waited and waited until the 2 hours to take the hydrocone, however my fever didn't go higher, thank God!
This morning I also woke up with a rash on my belly and arm, the MA said to take Benadryl for that. And when I had told he I had a fever last night she said I might be catching a cold!!! What!! No I can't be!! So I've been checking my temp all day today and it's been normal. So we ended up driving back home today! I got to see my kids but feel very sad because I can't hold my baby!! She cried and cried today she wanted me to hold her! I think I'm starting to regret getting my boobs done! I just want to feel normal again and hold and rock my baby!

Post op day 4

I have been full of emotions today from liking my boobs to regretting them. I guess I just want to feel normal and go about my normal activities. However my sister was here with me all day to help clean the house and get my girls dressed and fed! I cannot thank her enough for that! She also kept telling me it was the meds that I was taking that made me feel like this. Maybe she was right I only took the muscle relaxer this morning and shortly after taking them I became depressed and regretful.
So far I've been doing pretty good no pain I'm only taking ibuprofen and Tylenol for pain,and was told to only take the muscle relaxers at night so I will be doing that cuze they make me crazy!!! Will post picture later!!

Feeling pretty good today...

I woke up feeling great this morning! Just like my regular old self lol! Even though I had a hard time sleeping, I've been sleeping on my rocking chair with lots of pillows propped up. So last night I had a meltdown and started crying I told my husband that I should have never done this, it's been a roller coaster of emotions, and not being able to hold my 1 yr old, although she has been doing excellent not wanting me to hold her or rock her to sleep she's awesome I love her! Anyway I wasn't feeling so great and I thinks it's the muscle relaxers that made me feel this way or just not going out(I haven't gone anywhere yet) and I was getting really bad anxiety because I have not told anyone about my procedure and it's getting to me to the point of almost having an anxiety attack, so I want to tell my mom about it I just need the guts to lol! (Here I am 30 yrs old 4 kids and afraid ) but I will eventually I just need to get it off my chest! Anyways so last night I ended calling my ps because I was seeing very blurry and I got worried, he told me to stop taking the muscle relaxers and prescribed me another type of muscle relaxers which I will start on Monday. But other than the ups and downs of emotions the "girls" are doing great! I'll post some pics

Pictures post op day 5

Some pics 475cc left 425cc in right silicone moderate plus

Rug burn sensation

Forgot to add that I have been having this rug burn/sun burn sensation right by my left nipple that is HORRIBLE!!! Nothing can touch it because it starts to burn!!! I've been putting Jenny Eden's boobie butter on it and that seems to help.I can't wait till all of this is over. Also when I do my finger massages I can feel liquid or air bubble that make a fart sound!! So wired, but all is normal.

9 days post op

Everything going great! Tomorrow is my 10 day post op appointment so I'll update tomorrow. The girls have dropped a little, I do have occasional morning boob, and some sharp pains at times, under my nipple is still numb. I've been wearing the breast band 24 hours a day and I thinks that helps them drop a little bit, sometimes my the incision site hurts so I've been taking ibuprofen for that. I still have the sunburn feeling at times oh and I can't sleep!!! It's so hard to sleep elevated even with all those pillows, my butt hurts in the morning!! I started to drive yesterday, just picking up the boys to and from school. My bruise in one of the pictures is starting to go away!

May have over did it yesterday driving

Every time I take a deep breath my right breast muscle hurts and my left breast feels like a stabbing pain under the muscle. I took the muscle relaxers and 800mg ibuprofen and it still hurts! Good things were headed to my postop appointment at the moment. Maybe it's normal ? I'll find out later I guess.

Post op appointment yesterday

So yesterday as I got to my appointment I was hurting sooooo much! after taking 800mg of ibuprofen it finally went away. Dr. Said I still need to take it easy, even though I feel pretty good. no lifting my hands over my head( t-Rex arms) no pushing or pulling, and no heavy lifting. I'm still taking my muscle relaxers 2 times a day. And he removed my stitches. I was thinking oh no I'm going to be in a lot of pain when he takes the stitches out! But nope! It was a breeze lol! Didn't hurt one bit. All is good he showed me a new massage I have to do 10 minutes on my left which is the bigger implant and also the higher one and 5 minutes on the other one twice a day. I also go the arnica gel to massage with which by the way feels so good.by the way as they drop I can't help but think they are too small!


Wow! My nipples have been killing me all day!!! It's worse than breastfeeding!! Even took my bra off for a little bit and even the air from walking around hurt! Also been having a lot of muscle spasms all day today, so I took it pretty easy around the house today, just washed dishes and picked up a few toys. My girls are getting softer and softer! I just wish the left one would hurry up and be even with my right one i can't even wear a low cut shirt cuz you can really tell my left is higher. So I'm just massaging it a bit more and still wearing the band 24/7. I'm still sleeping inclined! I forgot to ask my ps if I can lay down already, it's getting really uncomfortable, I've been sleeping on my bed with lots of pillows!! Maybe I'll call his office tomorrow and find out because I really need a full nights sleep!


Some picture!! My bruise on my right side is getting better. Those stretch marks are from breastfeeding, however I did notice 2 little new stretch marks on my right side, the bigger implant :/ so I'm just trying to keep them Moisturized

Just a before and after :)

Medium bralette from Walmart

Boob greed!!

It real! And I hate it I think I'm too small!! I measured my self at a C cup!!!! I know I haven't full dropped yet, but can't help but to think they are too small. On another note I woke up this morning with less of a morning boob!! I've also been slowly moving my pillows down so that I'm not sleeping as inclined as I used to be. Yesterday I called my dr. Because I ran out of muscle relaxers so they said he'd give me a call today on weather he still wants me to use them or not, but I still get a lot of muscles spasms especially in the afternoon. They are getting softer I'm still doing my massages 20 minutes a day on my right and 10 minutes on left. I also got the silicone supple covers from Amazon works wonders on my sensitive nipples!!

Just some pictures

Happy birthday to me!

Originally I was going to get my boobies done around my birthday, but have a big party to go to next month In November, so I decided to get them done a month earlier so I can have a really good time at the party and not be sore or in any kind of pain lol! The girls are doing great! Getting softer and softer everyday. I am now able to sleep with one fluffy pillow! Last night I slept on my side with the help of a small pillow. My nipple aren't as sensitive as before. I still get the zingers every once in a while, and I haven't had any muscle spasms anymore, last night I took my last muscle relaxer. I have my 1 month post op on Friday I'm anxious to see what dr. Guerra says. I also have lots of questions to ask I want to know when I can start working out again as I have gained a ton of weight!!! I believe I weigh around 133!!! my normal weight is around 120-122lbs when I went in for surgery i was a little on the heavy side too. I also want to ask when I can start taking my vitamins again.
I still think my girls are small I kinda wish I would have gone with 525/550cc I know they still have some dropping to do, so hopefully I will at least be a D cup. I shouldn't complain though I asked for a full C small D. And no body has noticed! Even my sister who is the only one I told says they look like what I had with my padded bras!

1 month post op

I can't believe it's already one month since I got the girls done! I have started to sleep with one pillow, and on my side already, I still have to put a small pillow on my boobs when I lay done because they sometimes feel sore when I lay down. And sometimes they feels sore on the sides so I take ibuprofen for that at times. yesterday I started to experience a sharp stabbing pain in my left nipple all day that only lasted like 5 seconds but it hurt! And I experienced it this morning today for a while and haven't felt it anymore, I hope it's just nerves regenerating. I did start to walk on my treadmill this week just walking and kept my heart rate under 130 it felt so good to start working out again! I have my one month post op on Friday and have many questions. It looks like my left breast has dropped a bit more. I just wish my right would hurry up because when I wear tight shirts my right looks a lot smaller! I still have really bad boob greed! I told my husband that I will start staving money to go bigger once everything settles if I am still not happy with the results; however he's a happy man! Lol he says they are huge!! Well ya!compared to what I had lol!

1 month post op appointment

I had my one month post op appointment yesterday! All went well I learned a new massage to get the girls to fully drop! The medical assistant told me that I was still going to have more projection! Yay! I told her they didn't seem very big she said they were big. So I guess I'm not seeing it?? Anyways she said I could start running, just to wear a supportive bra and the breast band since I won't be used to the bouncing of the girls. and to wear the breast band 6 hours a day now. (That's good because it was starting to bother me!) I also got to look at my incisions for the first time!! Wow!! They look better than I thought! She told me to put vitamin e oil on the incision site and rub them a bit to make them smooth, 2 times a day, and to take 400mg vitaminE for a year I guess that helps to stop capsular contracture. I'm also to wear a sports bra to bed for a year. I can also start picking up my baby!! Yay! Just no lifting weight yet. I also have to start lifting my arms up and out to start getting my full range of motion. She also told me to go get sized before my next appointment because dr. Guerra like to know what size you ended up being. I still can't wear underwire bras until my next appointment in 4 weeks. Oh ya and I let her know I was still numb In some areas and she said to do vibration therapy?? To just get a vibrating toothbrush and put it on the numb areas a few times a day I guess that's supposed to help get feeling back. I told her I still get sore at time so I have to take ibuprofen every once in a while.

6 weeks progress!!

It's been 6 weeks already since my BA and I'm loving the girls more and more everyday! Although I still have boob greed!! They are squishy and soft. Lately they have been hurting it feels like they are growing! Probably because I'm going to start my period soon? It feels like when you're going through puberty and they hurt? Weird. I'm wearing the bandeau for 6 hours a day and still doing my massages twice a day. All is good just kinda wish they would drop already they are still kinda high!

Almost 2 months post op

I am feeling great! The girls have definitely come a long way! Lol! I don't know if they are going to keep dropping, but I love them! I still have boob greed!! Ugh! But over all I am happy I don't have to stuff my bra anymore or wear the supper padded bras. I have no pain other the occasional zingers. Tomorrow I have my 2 month post op. I will be asking when I can go bigger, because I love them I just wish I would have chosen a bigger size:(


So I am officially 2 months post op!! I still can't believe I actually have boobs!! Haha! I absolutely love them! I still wish I would have gone bigger, but eventually I will! I had my 2 month post op a few weeks ago and everything went well. My ps said everything looked good and to massage once a month! Thank God because I was getting tired of doing them. However the medical assistant Dina said to do the massages she taught me after my workouts:/ I can now do push-ups, but only one set of however many reps I'm doing. I was told to wear a good supporting bra for bed for one year. Dina showed me and my husband how to apply the embrace scar treatment I had bought with my girls. I will post pics as soon as I can it's been busy with the holidays coming so fast! Oh ya and I can now say I don't feel the implants it feels as if I was born with them. I can lay on my stomach and it doesn't hurt. When I hug people it doesn't feel fake. My husband said they feel real he said they are soft and you can't even tell I got them done! I do sometime still get the zingers though.

And the final size is.....

Forgot to post my final size lol!
So I went to get sized at Victoria's Secret and my final size is ..... drum roll please lol! A whopping 34C :/ I was hoping for a D but got a C! They still look really good and I can make the look bigger with different bras, but I was a little disappointed with the size. I will eventually go bigger. Oh ya I forgot to tell you guys that my doctor said to hold off on going bigger for 2 years because they were going to change. And he said he wouldn't mess with the because they look so good! But he said I can go at a year and see if I really want them bigger:/
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