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After years of contemplation I finally decided to...

After years of contemplation I finally decided to get serious and take the plunge. I've always wanted bigger boobs and now I finally have them. I did two consultations and chose Dr. Robert Cohen. I never felt comfortable with the first PS no matter how hard I tired. I know I chose the best surgeon for me.

I am 5'5 about 123lbs (more like 127/8 post surgery, the bloat is real!). I started an A maybe an AA. I'ver never had children or any significant weight gain or loss. Always thin and with a small chest. Being 120+ is on the heavier side for me, but it's a weight I'm comfortable with because I'm no longer awkwardly skinny. I don't gain weight in my boobs unfortunately so they have not changed much over the years. I discussed having a more natural looking full C with my PS. He thought 350cc MP shaped Sientra implants would get me there. I showed him pictures of what I liked from his website and we decided to go with 400cc so that I wouldn't end up feeling like I wish I had gone bigger.

I wasn't nervous leading up to my surgery date. Everything seemed to happen quickly and Dr. Cohen and his staff always made me feel comfortable and were able to answer any question I had. The day of my surgery I checked in 90 minutes early and hungry. Seemed like 5 minutes later I was out of there with 400cc in each breast, thirsty, and sleepy! Easy breezy. Overall it was a good experience for me and I'm pleased so far. Can't wait to get out of this awkward boob stage though.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I am 4 days post op and feeling pretty. The first 48 hours were the roughest, which from what I've read is to be expected. After surgery I mainly slept and drank lots of water. I made myself eat in order to take my pills. The anthiesiologist told me it was important to stay on top of the pain medication in the first 24 hours post surgery. So I took 1 percocet every 4 fours with lots of water and some food. Not much is remembered from that day.

The Good: The first official day post surgery was my first post op appointment. I woke up with the dreaded "morning boob" I have read so much about. It was the first time I was able to peak underneath the surgical bra, which was pretty comfortable and not horrible looking. I was pleased with my chest, my black bra, and the black strap with hearts on it that I had to wear. I've seen some grandma surgical bras and hideous straps on here, if I was going to have to wear both at least they were somewhat stylish lol. Dr. Cohen informed that surgery went well and as my implants settled they should come closer together and I will have results similar to my wish pics.

The Bad: Being alert and in good spirits also meant that I was more aware of my body. Upon arriving home I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and my jaw nearly dropped. My stomach was just as big as my big swollen boobs. I read reviews of the bloated stomachs and didn't think too much of it, but I now realize that ladies who describe this experience are definitely not exaggerating. A comfy pair of sweatpants or no pants at all are the best option during this time. Funny thing is I tried sucking it in and couldn't, it would not budge one bit.

The Ugly: With that bloated belly and the pain medication comes constipation. By day 2 post-op my stomach pain was so bad I didn't even pay attention to chest pain and had started weening myself off the pain meds. Constipation means no bowel movement and no gas, NOTHING comes out. Rewind to my post-op appointment- Dr. Cohen mentioned that if I didn't have a bowel movement in 2 days I would have to try suppositories. I replied okay, but in my mind I said "Ha! I'm not using suppositories, nothing is getting shoved up my bum." Fast forward to 2 days post-op with belly bloat, constipation, and pure agony--I was begging for suppositories to go up my bum. The pain was unreal, why did no one mention?! My recovery would have been a breeze if it wasn't for the stomach issues. Colace didn't work for me but the Dulcolax suppositories did and it took maybe 20 minutes to kick in. I feel like I hit rock bottom this day lol.

Day 3 post-op I was completely off meds (except those nasty antibiotics) and my stomach was feeling sooo much better. The weirdest thing for me was experiencing minimal chest pain/discomfort post-op but a world of stomach pain. This helped me to realize that every experience is truly different because I didn't read a single review that describe such overbearing stomach pain. Here I am 4 days post op feeling better, stomach is still big (there's no pain), still have morning boob (when will this go away?), and can't wait until I get the okay to do away with this strap.

1 Week Post Op Appt

I had my one week post op appointment a couple of days ago. My tape was removed and I was instructed to no longer wear the compression band, which was a huge relief. That compression band became a torture device after a few days. Implants are starting to settle a bit, but are still high. Righty is relaxing more than lefty. The difference isn't much but I do experience more discomfort on my left side because it hasn't relaxed as much. Righty looks wider and slightly bigger so it would be nice if my left looked the same. Time will fix it and I'm being patient. I was given the green light to buy other comfy supporting bras. I've never worn a bra 24/7 and I don't find doing so now comfortable at all. By the end of the day the bra starts to dig into my skin and when I wake up from a long night sleep it's even worse. I'm starting to get scratches and some redness from the bra. Which is weird because I do find the bra somewhat comfortable. It's just the side stitching that bothers me over time. My post op bra is a large. I bought 3 others in a medium size yesterday which may have been a mistake. I'll buy blathers ones today.

I have feeling in most of my breast. The only place I lost feeling was the lower portion, but it's now slowly creeping up from my incision. I have an inframmary incision so this makes sense. I get weird tingly feelings around my incision. Same feeling I get when my leg "falls asleep" and I'm moving it to "wake it up." I still sleep in an elevated position because getting up is not pain free yet. When does the "morning boob" go away? It does get easier as each day passes, but I'm not ready for flat back sleeping just yet.

My stomach still has not fully gone down yet. I jumped on the scale because I thought surely I must be gaining weight. Nope scale says 123.2 lbs. I am able to have BMs on my own now and have been for a few days so I don't get why I still have a pregnant looking belly.

I need suggestions for comfy, seamless, supporting bras.

Random Thoughts

So I'm no longer experiencing morning boob on my right side. Minor morning boob on the left side because it is still high and kind of tight. My dominant side is my right so I guess that's why it's relaxing more. Left side just won't give and is being stubborn no matter what I do. No massaging shaped implants so I'll just have to be impatient.

In other news today I've switched back to wearing the bra my PS gave me. I feel like the others I bought aren't as supportive. My chest doesn't feel as tight as it did the first week, I'm almost 2 weeks post op. The stretches the nurse told me to do seemed to have helped with tightness. My visual progress is very slow, but the chest pains overall are improving. I'm glad my incisions looked neat, I think they will heal nicely.

Morning Boob Begone!

So I'll be 3 weeks post op tomorrow and I'm feeling pretty good. Morning boob is gone! My range of motion has improved, but I'm still not able to do a lot. Can't take out the trash cans, clean, or really do laundry. I attempted to wipe down the sink in my bathroom and felt a pain on my left side so I stopped.

As the pain subsides and my body heals my new additions are slowly starting to feel more like a part of me. I think I'll be happy with the end result. When I wake up in the morning I feel like the implants are a little hard. As the day progresses and the blood gets flowing they soften up. I'll be 3 weeks post tomorrow, time flies.

Lefty is slightly higher than righty still. I realized that my PS tried 2 different sized implants on my left side. So it was more swollen and has been progressing at a slower rate because more work was done on that side.

5 Weeks Post

I'm 5 weeks post op and now that the swelling is gone changes are minimal. With textured anatomicals I guess that is to be expected. Definitely not into taking very many pictures now since things don't seem to be changing. From day one to now they definitely have improved. But from week to week for the past 2.5 weeks they pretty much look the same to me. Since there's no massaging softening will take a while as well. My natural breast tissue on top of the implant is soft of course. But my muscles are still tight so the overall feel is firm. My left is still tighter than my right. Haven't regained full sensation in the lower patches of my boobs. Not a big deal to me as I have most feeling and I'm sure as time passes it will come back.

I took a weekend trip and was going to hang out by the pool in an old bathing suit. I haven't been cleared to actually get in a pool so I thought relaxing in a lounge chair would be good enough. The bathing suit looked horrible. It was a triangle bikini top. My boobs are still kinda high and my incisions are not completely hidden. So they were showing because the top was too small and my boobs overall just didn't look good in it. I ditched the swimsuit and wore a t-shirt and shorts :-/

Since I don't think they look good at all naked or in revealing clothing I mainly just cover them up and wear a bra 24/7. I don't even feel the need to let them breathe for a second. The only time I don't wear a bra is when I take a shower. So they get about 15 minutes a day of freedom and that's it. They're not even worth looking at any other time. I've been able to find comfortable bras and I'm now used to wearing them all the time. Hopefully at the 3 month mark they'll look better and good enough so that'll I'll be happy/proud that I got them. I also have a gap that's about 2 fingers wide. So that coupled my implants being high is why I mainly keep them hidden in clothing. I'm sure once they settle A LOT more they'll look great. Recovery and being patient through the settling phase is hard. I am pretty much pain free unless I try to do too much. By the end of my work day I can feel my chest muscles tightening up more which causes some discomfort.

This process is not as exciting as I thought it would be. Everyone is different and some progress quicker than others and see good results sooner.

Incisions Looking Better

I'm officially 6 weeks post and doing well. The glue and dried blood on my incisions are finally completely gone! I am experiencing some itching though. Maybe at my next appointment in a couple of weeks my PS will let me know if I can put something on them. Progress is still slow, but I've been able to find a few decent bras and my boobs slightly move closer together depending on the bra. Hopefully my gap will close a bit more. If not, I think I'll be pleased with the results once they settle down a bit more. I'm able to branch out and wear better tops since my implants aren't on my collar bone anymore. I also noticed that I no longer have boob in the armpit! Shaving and washing has become so much easier. Slow progress is better than no progress :-)

Urge to go Bra Shopping

At a little over 7 weeks post I'm ready to go bra shopping! I'm sure bras will fit a little awkward at this stage but these sports bras and comfy Hanes bras don't go well with some of my tops. I went out for dinner with the hubby and some friends last weekend and had to go braless. Felt pretty good except when going over bumps ha. I don't like the way it feels when my boobs move to much with these implants. It doesn't feel like a jiggle like before. The weight of them just jumps if a vehicle goes over a bumps too fast. Feels weird but not like something is wrong. Probably will just take some getting used to.

Anywho, my next appointment is next week. I'll be just over 8 weeks. I'm sure my PS will give me the okay to branch out in the bra department. There are only so many variations of a sports bra or form fitting bra that I can buy at this point.

Post Op Appointment

I had my 8 week post op appointment yesterday. It went well. Doc says I'm progressing well and my incisions are in the crease like they should be. I'm cleared to do anything except bench press and things that will build up my pec muscles. I don't do that anyway so no big deal for me. I'm cleared for whatever bra I want except underwire and push up bras. My implants are high enough for me they don't need to be pushed back up to my week 1 post op days. Be also said that I could go braless if I wanted. Yay! I've already done this on a couple of date night occasions. Since we want my implants to settle more push up and underwires don't need to be worn.

Discussed itchy incisions. Will massage them for now, but if they don't improve he mentioned steroid injections. Incisions do look dark but I'm sure will lighten over time like the rest of the scars on my body. I forgot to ask about scar treatment. Do people use that to help with lightening of scars or for scar appearance (raised scars, etc)? My implants are settling pretty evenly, but I did point out that lefty was slightly higher. He said if I'm bothered by it I could push down on it for 30 seconds a few time a day. Once I feel it's leveled stop with the daily pushing. Eventually it will catch up.

Good news is he thinks they look good now but will settle more and look even better at the 6 month mark. Whoo hoo!

*Will post pics later.


Went bra shopping today. Now have better looking better options to wear with different cut tops. Since I have "self supporting breasts" bras are for fashion more than anything. Oh and some nipple coverage.


9 day to 59 day comparison in same bra shows progress. Slowly but surely the D & F process is occurring.

Privacy Concerns

Reached out to "Beth- Community Manager" here at RealSelf about a privacy concern and she has yet to respond. Reached out Thursday afternoon as of Monday night no response. Long story short a man in search of reconstructive facial surgery was commenting on a first time BA patient's review. He said that he did so because a link to her review was sent to him in an email by RealSelf. Hmm…

As a member I receive emails with links to post as well…for things that I am interested and follow such as BAs. Never received emails about tummy tucks since I don't browse those post not do I follow them. All I wanted to know from RealSelf is if they randomly send links to their members for info that doesn't pertain to them such as someone interested in facial reconstructive surgery getting links for first time BA reviews.

I get that this is a public site so anyone can search. But it makes it a bit weird if links to my post are being sent to let's say men browsing this site for teeth whitening reviews and procedures.

Softness at Last

10 weeks post op and feeling like my boobs are softening. No more rock hard melons. They have some jiggle and can be squeezed. Can push them together but no kissing cleavage just yet. I think a lot of the softness is my natural breast tissue, but my muscles are relaxing so that helps as well. No aggressive hard squeezes. I want the look of ripe melons but the feel of old bruised one haha. Old bruised fruit is squishy and soft.

Cleavage Progression

Here's my before, first week after, and current 10.5 weeks cleavage progression. I was flat in that area previously so cleavage was pretty much nonexistent.

Not sure if I mentioned this in another post. Almost two weeks ago I slept on my stomach and woke up with a pain on my left side. It last for over a week. Stopped sleeping on my stomach but when I would lay on my back or side and try to turn or adjust the pain would come back. After two weeks pain is gone. I was worried it might have been something serious like CC. I thought I was free and clear this late in the game, but I still have to be careful with some things.

The Nerves

I thought it was time for an update and attempted to write done Friday. For some reason my post did not upload after all of my hard work *sigh*. Now I'm just going to make this brief.

They are still settling and just when I think my right side is done it settles a tad but more. The progression on that side is still moving along faster than my left. There's a slight difference between the two but not much. Hopefully my left will settle more in the lower pole like the right.

Full sensation in all parts of my boobs. The nerves are still regenerating in the lower portion where my muscle was cut. Sometimes it like a pins and needles feeling when I apply a bit of pressure to that area. But normally they feel fine all pain is gone which is nice. I can comfortably sleep on my side for extended periods of time during the night. Not fully comfy sleeping on my stomach with a pillow yet. Can do it for sometime but not the entire night. I sleep mainly on my back and alternate from left to right side.

Probably won't be able to wear VS Bombshell bras and push-ups until I'm at least 6 months. Things are softening up slowly. Can move them but not grope and manipulate like some who has smooth rounds and does massages. Can't wait for the big softening month that people with anatomicals experience between 8-12 months. Crazy I'm 12 weeks now! Huge difference from day 1 to now. Changes are minor now so I'll update less frequently.

*Reason for no underwire or push-up bras is because doc said since we want them to drop and settle don't where bras that will counteract that by pushing them up.


Forgot to add this. My incisions are lightening up a bit. I don't use any type of scar treatment because I'm lazy. My PS didn't recommend one and I usually don't scar badly especially for when it's a clean cut. I did start to massage my scars around 4-5 weeks post. This was done mainly because they were itchy and I couldn't scratch. This helped to make them smooth and flat. I still massage the scars even though they stopped itching because I don't want lumpy or raised scars. I also put lotion all over my boob because I don't want stretch marks.

Dropping- yes, Fluffing- not so sure

Pictures show I am dropping, I'm just not so sure about the fluffing. Mybe with these implants after a certain amount of time the projection stays the same. Oh well at least they aren't high. Technically they are high which is fine, I didn't want saggy boobs. But they are no longer on my collar bone and are settling closer to my armpit.

4 Month Update

It's been awhile since I posted an update. Yesterday was the first day I went out and tried some legit bras with underwire, push-up, etc. I didn't get sized because I just have never done that. I did the calculations myself. I used the Victoria's Secret online calculator and also another calculator that's more accurate from a different website. I forget the name but will post a pic of it along with my measurements. According to the VS calculator I'm a 32C now according to the other calculator I'm a 30E. I waltz into VS grab a 32C and a 32D bra. Aren't those the most common bra sizes? I've decided ultra passing and push-up bras are no the ones for me because the feel like I'm wearing some type of compression garment. Those two sizes didn't fit at all so I gave up and went to Dilliard's. I tried a 34C, 32D, 32DD. Now the 32DD was the only one that for comfortably. But it looked like an old lady bra. When I took it off the cups looked so big it made the bra ugly lol. I decided against it and I'm just going to be a braless woman until I find a cute/sexy bra that fits well. Ugh maybe I'll revisit the bra thing at 9 months when my boobs are more pliable and soft.


Can't edit reviews only create news ones. Here are the pics I forgot to add up top.

Month 4

Here's my progression through month 4. Changes are minimal at this point. They are gradually getting softer. They jiggle, are squishy, and I like the feel of them. Can be pushed closer together but not smashed together.

6.5 Months

Didn't realize I hadn't posted an update in so long. My "gap" continues to close which is nice. I like how things have settled at this point so any further changes would be icing on the cake. I can actually sleep on my stomach with no discomfort. When lying on my side sometimes my right boob gets underneath me, it's just how I lay the actual implant isn't shifting. In earlier this would cause pain or discomfort and now there's no issue. I'm happy to have healed complication free. I can tell that I still have some internal healing to do because if my boobs are lifted by hand near my incisions I can feel that it's not fully healed in there. It's not painful per se, but it does feel weird.

So far I'm happy with the decision I made. In lightly lined or padded bras they look huge!

Updated Pic

7 months in my favorite comfy bra

Random Thoughts

I've had my implants for 7 months already. Feels like it's been much longer. My one year anniversary seems soooo far away. Could they possibly change any further??? I'm happy with the way they are but a lot could happen in 5 months. I'd be happy if they got even softer, maybe closer together, and fluffed out more. This are the only acceptable changes I'd be okay with lol. I don't think they'd drop much more but you ever know. Hmm…wondering how much different 7 month results are from 12 month. I need to find some reviews.

10 Months!

Well I haven't posted in awhile because I forgot my password and was too lazy to reset it. I'm feeling great. Bought lots of bathing suits. Finding good tops are little more challenging than I thought. It's nice to be able to wear things I would have never worn before.

Recap: I have no pain or weird feelings. I go braless whenever I want, but most of the time I wear bra. Still sleep in supportive sports bras or my genie bra which was given to me after surgery. I don't do chest exercises although I'm sure I could if I wanted. I sleep on my stomach which is comfortable. Of course it doesn't feel the same as it did prior to implants. They are very soft! I feel sorry for those with highly cohesive silicone whose breasts feel hard. They move and are not stuck in my chest. The look and feel is a more natural look. I get nice cleavage with a bra and my gap has come along way since day 1. I'm pleased with my outcome.

15 Month Update

Not much has changed since my last update. Things pretty much look and feel the same. I am able to sleep on my stomach much longer than I was previously able to. That's a plus. I noticed that I do sleep on my back more than I ever have before and it's not uncomfortable.

I did notice that the side of my left breast felt slightly different than my right. No one was able to feel it except for me. Long story short I went to my primary care doc who then sent me to get an ultra sound and mammogram. Turns out there is a fold in my implant that only I can feel, but showed up after all the exposure to radiation. Ugh the worst part of the experience was the mammogram tech. She had the worst attitude. Wish I wouldn't have gotten that. Who gets a mammogram under 30 anyway?!

Still like my boobs :-)
Santa Monica Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cohen and his staff are very warm, friendly and very knowledgeable. My first interaction was with Bri who was ALWAYS able to answer any question I threw her way (this was not the same experience I had with a different PS and his staff). I was surprised that she knew so much, she's amazing. My consultation with Dr. Cohen went well, he gave me the breakdown and let me feel the different types of implants. He took various measurements and discussed my goals and realistic expectations. I always felt that we were on the same page and he understood what I wanted. I would recommend him to anyone who's looking for a breast augmentation.

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