25 Yr Old W/ 2 Kids Ready for New Boobies! - Scottsdale, AZ

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Hi everyone! I am a 25 yr old mother of 2. I...

Hi everyone! I am a 25 yr old mother of 2. I never really had big breast and during my pregnancies my peak was 38C from a 36B. After careful review of the surgeons within my area i have decided on Dr. Lille. I love his staff, the ambiance of his office, and the art they have displayed (haha he had rare oriental art hung up that i have at my house and i was totally sold at that point.. Jk.. Kinda) My initial consultation i met with Paula. She was just a doll and we talked each others heads off. She was very personable and etc. We finally got to sizing and i had advised her my goal was to obliviously be larger in my breast than i am now, still natural but apparent ( if that makes sense?) i am 5'2 130lbs. I tried on 400cc's and wasnt impressed, then went to 450cc's.. Same thing.. Moved to 500cc's and we were getting there but i wasn't happy yet.. 525cc's was okay..our last try was 550cc's, she advised any bigger and she was worried it would look too too top heavy on me. Overall i love how 550 cc's look on me..big but not soo big.. I have been reading reviews on this site and have picked up that its better to go large than small because of possible regret. I want to avoid that. My right is slightly smaller.. Not by much.. But she mentioned if anything.. We might have to do 550ccs on my right and 525ccs on my left. I kinda am wondering if 600ccs would like okay on me? Filling you guys on some future plans.. I want to get a BBL later on in a year or so.. Going for a really curvy look.

Wish pics! 1 week left

1 week away! Attached are my wish pics

1 day post op

1 day post op and my chest feels like a big girl who sat on my chest. Dr lille was great!! Very caring and comforting. We had to use a sizer because my right upper rib cavity was out more then the left not to mention the right breast had wayy more volume the left 550cc left, 500cc right high profile

4 days post op

Hi! Just wanted to provide everyone with a 4 day post up update.

4 weeks post op

Hi! Everything is looking good here i am at 4 weeks post op

11 weeks post op

So far so good! 11 weeks post op and things are looking good.
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