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So far I have scheduled a consultation by email...

So far I have scheduled a consultation by email and the respondent was quick and worked around my schedule. Based on the reviews for Dr. Repta, I have high hopes for this surgery.

I have wanted to get breast augmentation since I was a teenager and my breasts never developed. I have about a 34A cup and what seems like tuberous breasts. I've never liked the size, but even more so I hated the shape. I've always wanted that round, full look. After having kids they got even worse, so I decided it's time for a change.

My consultation is April 10. I will update after then!

Had My Consultation

I finally had my consultation. Dr. Repta and his staff are very nice and professional. Unfortunately it's going to cost me a bit more than I anticipated for the augmentation plus the purse string areoplasty to fix my tuberous breast deformity. We prefer to pay as much as we can up front and not go into debt with care credit so this may set us back a few more months to save up some more. What did you ladies do - pay in full or use care credit?

Wish Boobs!

Uploading some wish boob pictures because I can't stop looking at boobs! I was worried for a while that I wouldn't be able to afford the extra thousands it's going to cost me to fix my tuberous breasts, at least not for several months. But my husband is making tons more in bonuses at work right now. If he keeps it up we can probably do the surgery in 2 months or less! That's much better than the 6+ months we were originally thinking. Here's hoping!

Before Pics

Pics of me now - tuberous breast deformity.

More Ideas

Here are a few more ideas of what I hope to achieve, and one picture of what I really don't want.

Another consultation and rice sizers

I have a consultation with another doctor on Friday, June 6th. This doctor has all good reviews and I was told he has done many tuberous breast corrections so I'm hoping to see some examples when I go in. My previous doctor seemed great but after doing research his prices were much higher than most others in my area for what I'm getting. However, I will still go with him if I don't like this doctor's work.

I made rice sizers and I think I liked the 375 the best, they mostly feel perfect. But sometimes they feel too big and sometimes too small. Has anyone else had that problem? Also, is it true you should go 25cc more than your chosen sizer if going under the muscle?

Pics wouldn't upload - 375cc rice sizers

Surgery Scheduled!

My surgery will be on July 23rd, two days before my 24th birthday. I have to be there at 6:30 and surgery starts at 7:30am. This was the first date they had open in July but wish it was earlier because my sister and I already had a planned beach vacation in August. I'll only be about two weeks post op when we go so I should be healed enough, just wish they would be settled more lol. Oh well. My preop is scheduled for July 10 and I'm hoping the in office sizers are similar to my rice sizers. If they are I'll be doing about 375cc, unless he says to go bigger because I'll lose some CCs by going under the muscle.

I'm a Bruiser

So I got my new birth control inserted in my arm and it started bruising right away (I also have a birth mark under the bruise). It reminded me how easily and badly I bruise. I know for sure I'm going to bruise badly after my surgery. Does anyone have ideas on ways to prevent or lessen bruising?

Preop - OMG!

So I went to my preop appointment today and did my sizing. I tried on sizers in a camisole they had for me and after I chose what I liked, he told me the size. He said they were 550cc! Omg nooo! So he measured me and determined that 425 and 450cc HP (different sizes for asymmetry) would be perfect with my breast width. I'm still afraid of this being too big, as I'm only 5'5" and 108 pounds. I think the reason I choose 550cc during the sizing was because the cami was pretty loose on me and I typically wear very tight, form fitting clothing. I think I was looking for the look that I usually get with my regular clothes. I was supposed to bring a sports bra but I called before my appointment to ask if I needed to bring anything and the receptionist mistakenly said no. So now I'm going to go buy a form fitting sports bra and make another appointment just to check size, and this time bring my husband. I really don't want to look like Dolly Parton. For anyone that has gotten in the mid 400s, please let me know so I can take a look at your pictures.

Help with preparing for recovery!!!

What things were most useful to you during your recovery? My surgery is 8 days away and I need to get to shopping! So far I have bio oil and cocoa butter that I've been using preop. I'm also about to start using bromelain and arnica. I've been cleaning my house, but that means nothing with three kids lol.

I know I need ice packs. Do frozen peas work or should I get actual ice packs? If so, what kind?

We have bendy straws!!! Kids like them so already in stock lol.

I already have stool softeners. Am I really going to need a laxative of some kind or will these work?

What kind of foods and snacks did you get?

Any other items you loved or recovery tips you have are welcomed!

Only 4 days away!

My surgery is this Thursday! I'm so so so excited!!! I'm actually not even nervous at all about the surgery itself, which makes me feel like something is totally wrong with me since everyone seems to be terrified. I think it has to do with the fact that I've been studying to take the GRE the last several weeks so my mind has been on that. I take it this Tuesday, only two days before surgery. I'm so much more nervous about that because it directly affects my future! Scary scary!

Although I'm not nervous about the surgery, I have a small fear that my breasts just won't turn out right, despite how awesome my doctor is or how well I follow post op instructions. I just feel like my breasts won't cooperate. I feel this way because it's the story of my life. Nothing ever seems to go right for me.

Alright, I've attached another before picture. I will be so happy to get rid of these crummy breasts. In this picture they don't look as bad as usual because it was cold in the tanning room, so my areolas were smaller and higher. I'm just hoping that even if my breasts don't turn out perfectly, they at least improve. They can only get better from this, right?!

So proud of myself!

Well, I did well on my GRE, which is so relieving because I was nervous as hell. I think this is a good sign that my surgery will go well. At least I hope! Now that the test is over, I'm so much more excited about my BA!!! I can't wait to see how they turn out! I'm thinking much more positively than before.

I went back to my PS's office and tried on sizers again. This time I brought a sports bra and some of my own shirts. I really like the look of the 400cc. My PS wasn't there so I told the concierge and she said he will let him know, and that he will adjust the other size for asymmetry. We decided on a 25cc difference, so my other implant will either be 375cc or 425cc. I can't wait!

My surgery was a complete success!

Dr. Repta and the surgery staff were absolutely amazing! They made me feel so at ease and did everything to relieve my discomfort afterwards. Dr. Repta understood my goals and totally delivered. He went with 375cc on both breasts because even with my very slight asymmetry, they looked symmetric when he put them in. He also said that size looked best for my goal look and frame, and I totally agree! Right now my left breast is larger than my right, but I am confident that it's just more swollen. I can't see my entire areolas with the tape, but from what I can see I love the size. So glad I went with the donut lift and areola reduction! Simply putting in implants would not have been enough.

I think they look absolutely amazing for directly after surgery! I was in so much pain waking up and on the hour drive home, but I'm feeling good right now. I now tomorrow is usually tougher so I'm trying to prepare myself. Good luck to everyone else going through this process!

1 Day Post Op

So everyone says the day of surgery is a breeze compared to 1-3 days post op, but yesterday was much harder on me than today. Yesterday I could not use the bathroom without help at first, but by midnight I could do it alone, albeit slowly. Yesterday I was also very queasy off and on the whole day, until I threw up at 9pm, even though I was talking my anti nausea pills religiously. I decided to start taking one pain pill each dose instead of 2 and that seemed to help the nausea significantly. I only got a little queasy today on the car ride to my post op appointment. The only other bad thing today was that I just woke up from a long nap, so cue horrible morning boob. The good thing about today was that I got to shower! My husband washed me and the warm water felt amazing on my boobs.

My post op appointment was short and easy thankfully. Dr. Repta retaped my incisions since they were already falling off. He said everything was right where it should be and that the incisions look perfect. He said I can start using my bio oil and cocoa butter on my breasts again, and also that I could wear whatever I wanted as long as it was not too tight or uncomfortable. I let him know how thrilled I am of his work and that I couldn't have picked a better surgeon!

Happy Birthday to Meeee!!!

So it's my 24th birthday and I'm glad to be feeling great! I am post op day 2. The only thing I'm hating is that I've been more sleepy this day than the past two days. I've had like 3 long naps and it's only noon. I took my narcotics early this morning to combat the morning boob but have only taken Tylenol for pain since. I've also been spending lots of time icing my breasts. I showered again, this time without help, and decided to put on a flowy maxi dress. My husband blow dried my hair. I'm too tired to put on makeup or go anywhere but I have family coming over to celebrate and my husband's currently making a cake. I am just thrilled I'm not completely miserable on my birthday like I thought I'd be!

My own mother does not support me :(

I did not tell my mom about my breast augmentation prior to getting it done for a couple reasons. One was because I didn't want her to worry about me going into surgery. She has enough stress in her life with her health issues and with my autistic brother's behavioral and health issues. The other reason is because I know she would hound me about changing my mind and I didn't need that stress right before surgery. I figured if I told her after, she would realize there's nothing she can do because it's already done and just be there for me.

I was wrong.

I told her the day of. I told her everything, that it went perfectly and I'm completely fine, that I researched the procedure and my doctor carefully, that I did it to fix a deformity that's been bothering me for many years, that I got a size fit for my frame and she would likely not hardly notice.

She basically heard none of this. She accused me of making the decision rashly. She assumed I got huge boobs and that I'm not going to look like her daughter anymore. She wanted to know who my doctor was and exactly how I picked him, basically insinuating that I must have done something wrong in picking him. She knows I am not stupid, or at least she should know. I have my BS and am currently applying to grad school. I do not smoke or drink or do drugs despite growing up around all that. I raise my children right and she has always said so herself.

I am not stupid. I am not trying to attract attention (I already have my amazing husband who has never cared how my breasts looked). The person I am is not going to change.

I kept my cool and tried to explain everything to her. Even offered to have her meet my doctor. She ignored it all. Turns out she called my sister, who knew about the procedure and supports me, and yelled at her asking if she knew about this and went on and on about why I would do this to myself. Thankfully my sister defended me. But what if my sister didn't know at all? Is not my mom's place to tell people. That's just wrong.

Turns out she told one of my brother's too. I asked my mom to come over and help this week while my husband was back at work. She came up with every excuse about why she couldn't, one reason being my brother doesn't want to drive her over her (she doesn't have her license so he drives her everywhere). Well he texted me last night asking what time he should come over and help since no one else cares. I was shocked! I thought HE'D be the one who wouldn't take it well! I'm so happy he's willing to support me while my own mother has basically disowned me.

Sorry for the novel. My heart is seriously breaking.


I am now 5 days post op. I am feeling terrible "morning boob" every morning, but the rest of the day I don't really have pain, just soreness. I stopped taking narcotics a couple days ago so I'm relying on Tylenol, which does it's job except for in the morning it seems.

I get easily winded and slightly nauseous during the day when I try to do things. How long did it take for everyone else to feel pretty normal? I'd like to get out of the house more.

I'm starting to feel pretty sexy with my new boobs, despite the surgical tape, bruising, stretch marks, squareness, stiffness, etc. I can only imagine how much sexier I'm going to feel once they're healed and dropped!

Almost 2 Weeks!

So tomorrow I will be 2 weeks post op. I'm leaving tomorrow for California so I figure I'd update now.

Still, my left is lower than my right. Sometimes my right looks bigger in pictures because it was so high, but in person my left is bigger still. I'm really hoping it's just more swollen and they'll even out. The stretch marks on my right breast are also much worse than the ones on my left. That right breast just doesn't like me!

The incisions around my areolas are not pretty! Well actually they're great incisions, but I just don't like them at this stage. I can't wait till they're just scars and the scars fade. Bruises are barely noticeable now.

I bought a swim suit from target for my trip to Cali. Swim suit shopping made me so confused with boobs! The one in the pics is an extra large top. I felt like the larges just didn't cover my breasts enough. But some suits in extra large (or even large) were not adjustable enough to fit me. The cups fit my breasts but the bands were too loose, if that makes sense. Am I doing something wrong when buying these? How are bikini tops supposed to fit?

I hope everyone else is healing well!

1 Month!

So it has been exactly a month since my BA. I have to say I am IN LOVE with my results. The size is perfect. The incisions are healing nicely. The shape is amazing and I finally have cleavage!

I've been having some trouble with bras though. Victoria's Secret sized me at a 32DD. I tried on a couple of their bras in that size and they fit. But then I tried on a t shirt bra in that size and it seemed to pop up from the bottom. Like there was a slight space and the wires would ride up. I tried on a 34DD and it did the same thing. Someone said I may need a DDD but they didn't have any in that style. Is that just how those bras fit? How do you know when a bra fits you properly?

Finally 6 Weeks

Tomorrow I will be 6 weeks post op! I am loving the way they are looking so far, but they still have a lot of changes to make. The main thing I can't wait for is for my areolas to lose the puffiness. I'm a little worried that they won't. They stick out significantly from the rest of the breast. Has anyone else that got a lift had this problem?

The next thing I'm excited about is my scars fading. Does anyone use anything that helps, like some kind of scar sheets?

Finally, I can't wait for them to soften up more! My right is slightly soft and my left is much softer, but they both have a ways to go.

Let's see what the next 6 weeks brings me!

8 Weeks, Loving Them!

Not many changes to report. I had another post op appointment yesterday and my doctor said my areolas will definitely flatten out during the next few months. If for some reason they don't he can always take some more of the areola out.

He said to give the numbness up to a year to return. Nerves repair slowly.

I don't have any restrictions now. I can wear any bras, work out, swim, etc.

I will be seeing my surgeon again in two months and he said we'll take early after photos. They actually emailed me my before photos and I am in shock my breasts could get this nice from where they were. Did anyone give their surgeon and the office something to thank them? I'm thinking a gift basket of some sort. Ideas please?

6 Months

I don't get on here a lot. Been so busy! But I thought I'd come in here and update, especially for those considering a donut lift that want to see long term results.

I really love my new breasts. They're still changing for the better, although very slowly. My nipple's are sadly still numb, it may be permanent but I'll take it over my old breasts any day. I could have had the implants placed through a crease incision which would have made him cut through less nerves, but that would have resulted in double the scarring since I needed the incisions around the areolas for the lift. I opted for him to put the implants through that same incision and risk further nerve damage. Also, he said it could take up to a year to regain feeling so there's still a chance.

The scars are pretty white now. Sometimes they look a little pink but they're still fading. I have never used any type of scar tape or cream.

The areolas are much better than they used to be. I would like them a bit smaller (this was the smallest they could go without risking the scars stretching out). Now that the skin is stretched from the implants, I can always go in one day and get them cut smaller without the big risk of them stretching back out. They are also still a bit puffy (although they've been slowly flattening) and if I get them cut again, they can remove that excess puffiness if it's still there.

I looove wearing swim suits now and fill out clothes so much better! While I occasionally have trouble finding a bra that's sized right, overall clothes shopping is much more fun!
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Repta went way above and beyond what I ever thought was possible for my breasts! Other doctors said they could improve my breasts but they will never be what I want. Dr. Repta gave me exactly what I asked for. We spoke in detail about what my goals were and he never rushed me while I asked all my questions. He thoroughly answered all my questions in detail. He was very nice and personable, and was also patient and sweet when I had to take my kids with me to my appointments. Wait times were short or nonexistent. He made me feel comfortable going into surgery and coming out. I am so glad I chose him as my surgeon and I don't think anyone can go wrong with him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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