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Hello! I decided to start my own review since I...

Hello! I decided to start my own review since I haven't seen many just like mine and I thought I'd share my experience with all of you. I've always wanted to have big breasts and I knew if they didn't grow I would have breast augmentation surgery. I am currently a 34A wanting to be a small C. I don't want to go very big at all, I just want to be proportionate to my body. I went to one doctor a friend of my referred me too, for a constilation and when I got there he's assistant had me try on sizers and asked me everything I wanted to have done. I liked the 350cc, under the muscle, silicone. When the doctor finally came in he told me he can do everything I wanted I would just have to put lotion on everyday before surgery so I wouldn't get stretch marks...
I felt like something just didn't feel right so I decided to look around and I saw Dr. Marc Malek's website and noticed he does a wonderful job at what he does so I made a constilation appointment. When I got there I sat down with him first, he talked to me about how the fact I am young and not done developing yet my breast tissue could become thin. (Which is worring me...) He took a look at my breasts and told me he could do 200cc - 250cc but would not go any bigger than that because they would just not look pretty on me and I completely agree with him. I am so happy I was smart enough and trusted my gut to not go with the first doctor I went too.

So beyond nervous.

I forgot to mention in my first post that, I am 18 years old, 108lbs, 5' 1", and a 34A.
The past couple days I keep looking down and trying to imagine myself with bigger breasts and I just can't.. I've wanted this done for so long now and i don't want to wait any longer especially since I already paid and worked hard to get the money for it. I guess I just don't want something to happen and end up young with ugly boobs? I trust my doctor completely. He does a beautiful job but I just keep having these nightmares that something goes wrong with my surgery.. Hahahaha I think I may just be being a little ridiculous. Other than all that, I am so excited and I can not wait for the outcome of it all. I am going to get my prescriptions filled today and buy some sports bras for after surgery :) I just don't know what size to get I am normally a size small.
Im so glad I have the best support team. My dad was the one who told me to get it done now instead of waiting because I may not have the money for it down the road and he says he knows I'll regret it which is 100% True. I've told all my co workers hahaha I don't even care if they know Ive just been that excited. I have kept it from people that I feel would have a negative response because I don't think I need that added stress.
I have a question for anyone who has had saline implants and then had children afterwards, how did your breasts look after kids and was breastfeeding hard? I know I am young and don't plan on having kids for awhile but it's still something I wonder about.

I love my new boobies

I was writing a review last night and then fell asleep in the middle of doing it haha. I had my surgery Tuesday morning at 9 AM. The surgery went great! It was very quick it only took 45 minutes and about an hour for me to actually wake up. I was in great hands and I'm so happy I choose Dr. Malek as my surgeon. When I came home I was in excruciating pain in my arms, back, and chest. Even my tummy has been in pain. My boyfriend has been taking care of me day and night and I couldn't be anymore grateful. I've been taking all my medications on time and sleeping a lot. I went to my post op appointment yesterday at 1:45p.m., I feel like getting up off of my couch and actually doing something (even though I really didn't do anything) helped with the pain a lot, like it got my mind off of it. Today I woke up in pain as expected. I had my dad come pick me up and I've been at his house, since my boyfriend has to go to work today. I walked around the house for a little bit but now I'm just relaxing and ready for another nap lol. I must say the pain was way worse than I ever expected it to be but I think as of right now it is totally worth it! I'm going to post a before and after photo for all of you :)

Doing a lot better

Today is day 4 post op and I'm feeling so much better. Still in a little pain but it's just mostly sore. I showered yesterday but my best friend had to wash my hair for me and help dry off. We also went to the mall for about an hour. I couldn't really look around much because I can barely use my arms. After the mall I layed down, iced my breasts, watched movies, and went to sleep.
This morning I was in pain and sore so I took a muscle relaxer and my antibotics and went back to sleep until 1:30PM lol:) I put some coconut oil on my boobies today since a lot of people recommend it. My boyfriend gave me a very back and neck massage with my marijuana lotion that felt AMAZING! ( I have my medical card because I broke my back and I'm always having chronic back pain). I just now took my wrap off tonight. On Wednesday my doctor told me I could take it off in two days. He moved it from underneath the bra to over it and on the top of my breasts. How long did all of you keep yours on? And he only hooked the bottom two hooks of my bra should I hook up the whole thing now even though it's a little snug?
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