38 Year Old Male Tummy Tuck and Buttocks Implants

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I've lost over 100 pounds and need to tuck it all...

I've lost over 100 pounds and need to tuck it all in and lift the bum up. I've been really nervous about getting the procedure done at Dr. Nachbar has made me feel at ease and I decided to go for it I will post pictures of my pre-and post surgery and also let you know my progress here. My biggest problem is my abdomen now that I've lost all the weight it hangs way over my pants and belt line. I work out on a daily basis and have started weightlifting but that God continues to get in my way. I would also like a round or firm not butt.

Current photos before surgery

Here are my current images. Day before surgery and not cute at all but let's hope the after images are way better! Getting nervous but let's do it!!!!

3 days post op.

Lots of pain but manageable. I still seem to be bleeding from my front and back incisions but I presume that's normal doctor did a great job with my incision all the way around and my buttocks seems to have a weird shape at this point. i'm concerned that I'm sitting on my butt most of the time but that's due to my tummy tuck and not being able to lay flat on my stomach. I hope my buttocks takes shape eventually and does not leave me with these big thighs I seem to now have.

8 days post op ( 1 week after surgery)

So it's been a full week and a day! I won't deny that it's been tough especially due to the holidays when family is around and demand so much attention.

I've pushed myself to move around more and try to be as self sufficient as possible. At first I though I made a huge mistake by doing both my tummy tuck and buttocks implants at the same time but every day I feel better and better.

Still very swollen and will be for months I'm sure I am however able to get around much easier and I get stronger and stronger each day.

I have had to get creative with how I sit and sleep. Every time I find a comfortable position I take it for it may not last long. I try to keep my buttocks elevated while I sit and sleep putting most of the pressure on my hamstrings and back. That seems to help a lot.

Here are my 1 week after surgery images. Bruising is coming in strong despite the fact that it hurts less than the first few days. During the day I only take pain pills as needed and I'm pretty active.

5 weeks post op update

So it's been about 5 weeks! I'm very happy with my tummy tuck. Although it's still very swollen I can already see the results of my surgery and can't wait to get back to the gym! Every day gets better and I can do more and more. I actually just got back from a crazy fast and busy trip to China and I did fine with only some minor discomfort here and there. Now my buttocks implants I'm still unsure of. Since they where done at the same time I don't have the incisions on my buttocks. My hips are very swollen and feel the most tight. I hate that fat lip towards the bottom of my bum but I'm hoping that once the implants drop it will fill my buttocks in to be more round and full like I wanted. They still feel very high... we will see.
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

So far so good! He has made me feel at ease and has a very good track record with his current patients he also practices then no drip tummy tuck which will prevent me from having the drains. I haven't really seen any reviews from him regarding the buttocks implants but I'm just going to go with it

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