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I’m 32 years old and had my first child when I w...

I’m 32 years old and had my first child when I was 18, I was so naive about what happens to women’s bodies when they have babies. I just figured I’d get huge, have a baby and bam my body would look just like it did before lol (i know crazy thinking right?) After 3 children I had made the decision that I needed this for me as I had lost 55 lbs and was so excited for the mommy makeover to happen, I was looking for the perfect Dr but wasn’t sure I had found him yet. A short while later I found out I was pregnant again…yikes. Just had my baby 5 months ago and now for sure am ready for this!! Went to a couple of consultations but when I met Dr. Guerra my husband and I knew he was the one!! I paid my deposit and set my surgery date for August and I’m so excited!!! Now the only issue I have is I gained so much weight with this pregnancy and haven’t lost much. I’m 5’5” and currently 165 lbs (lost 6 lbs last week yay) and I’m hoping to lose as much weight as I can before my surgery date. My goal is to be my pre pregnancy weight of 138. So I will be documenting my progress leading up to my surgery then my healing process after. I know reading other people's journeys and progress has helped me so much and I hope this will help others as well. I will soon be posting pictures too.

Another step towards the big day!

I just got my mammogram this week!! I’m excited!! I’ll be getting my blood work done later this month and my Pre-Op appointment is August 16! I was scheduled for surgery on the 17th but postponed it for a month instead.
Reading through all the post op stories on this website I’ve seen that a lot of people recommend a walker, toilet riser and a recliner. I bought a walker last week and am currently looking into buying the toilet riser. I do have a recliner but would like a recliner that lifts itself to a standing position. I’ve done some research and you can rent those and I think I will be doing that.

I will also be posting pictures soon of what I look like now

Almost There!!

Just filled my prescriptions today and can’t believe the big day is almost here. I’m getting super nervous about being under for so long and all the pain I will go through. But at the same time I’m excited I’ll never have to see this extra skin ever again or have breasts that will stay in place without a bra! I promise to post before pictures before surgery.

Few hours to go!!

Tomorrow is the big day, and I am terrified. Hope and pray all goes well. Finally posting my before pictures.

So Far So Good!

Sorry I haven’t posted, I’ve been wanting to post but I physically couldn’t. Don’t remember much of the last few days I have been so drugged up and my kids can’t get enough of it, apparently it’s funny that I fall asleep with a water bottle in my mouth lol. First let me tell you about THE day. I was so nervous and scared of the surgery itself. I was scheduled for surgery at 7:30, I arrived at 6:30. A nurse took me to a room, checked my vitals , made me pee in a cup and I changed into a hospital gown. The anesthesiologist came in asked me a couple of questions and since I had used my inhaler that morning made me do a breathing treatment first. When that was over, Dr. Guerra came in and explained exactly what he planned to do. He remembered everything that we had talked about in our first appointment which was great. He marked and measured all the areas that would be altered during surgery. At that point excitement started overcoming my feeling scared. When Dr was done a nurse came in and walked my husband to the waiting room and me to the OR. I was so nervous I was shaking. Nurse told me to lay down and the anesthesiologist put an IV in. At that moment all I could think about were my husband, children and praying that God be in control. Then……NOTHING. All I remember is waking up in the room I would be staying the night in and being so cold I was trembling and using all my stomach muscles and was in so much pain there. It took them a while to be able to get my pain under control. I was out pretty much all day, did nothing but sleep, wake up, eat a cracker for more pain pills and sleep again. I had a fever on the 2nd night and it was high and I called Dr. Guerra in the morning and he gave me instructions and prescribed me some Tylenol w/ Codeine because I was almost out of my pain pills. Later that morning my fever went away and has not come back. Tomorrow I have my first Post OP appointment.

Got to see myself with out all the garments because i was given a sponge bath and so far I’m so happy with the results. Although, my pubic area is way swollen, it freaked out my husband but I’m pretty sure it’s normal for now. Will update again tomorrow.

Made it to Day 11!

I’ll post pictures later today but I think I look great! I love love love Dr. Guerra! He seriously is the best! I may have told him I love him while under the influence of heavy drugs lol. Only problem is I still can’t stand straight up and its getting annoying. My back hurts from hunching over when I walk. Went to my 2nd Post Op appointment and he took me off the muscle relaxers because I was having blurry vision and am out of Pain Meds which is fine because I don’t feel physical pain just soreness and like I took a good beating. I take Ibuprofen to minimize the aches but it seems like I’m having withdrawals from the Pain Meds, I feel antsy, getting chills and feel depressed. I just want to be my old self again and have my energy back. Also having trouble sleeping comfortably. Don’t know what i would do without my recliner.
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The minute I met Dr. Guerra my husband and I both knew he was the Dr that could get the results I want. He was kind, funny and very attentive to what I wanted and what I had to say. He answered all our questions and concerns with very realistic answers. He and his staff constantly asked me if I had any other questions and I loved that! He didn’t make me feel like I was rushed at all, he took his time and showed and explained to me exactly what he was going to do for each procedure.

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