Ultra High Profile Silicone Implants

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Hi everyone, I've been reading a million reviews...

Hi everyone, I've been reading a million reviews on here to help me prepare for my BA in March and so far they have been such a great help so I decided to make a review myself because I feel like I should share my experience and I would love to get all advice and tips I can get from you guys!:)
So my stats are:

Height: 5 ft
weight: 90 lb (I would like to gain at least 8 more pounds before my BA)
Age: 18
Breast size pre-op: 32AA
Breast Width Diameter: approximately 11cm

I have wanted a BA since I was about 15 or 16 when I realized that my boobs weren't getting any bigger and now at age 18 my 11 year old sister has bigger boobs than me!! lol So that's when I decided that I really needed this procedure because I really feel like less of a woman with no boobs! So when I talked to my parents about this they were so supportive and understanding and even agreed to pay for me to get it done this year even though I'm pretty young I feel so lucky to have them!

So I had my consultation with Dr. Guerra back in December 2013 and we discussed that since my BWD was so small I should go with Ultra High Profile mentor implants but this profile is fairly new so I can't find many reviews about them and it kind of worries me but I don't think I have much of a choice): Anyways at my consultation we decided on 400cc UHP Mentor Implants and at the time I was happy with the size but after reading a bunch of reviews and so many girls saying to go a little bigger than what you want because you lose a lot of volume if it's going under the muscle (which is what I'm doing). so now I'm thinking I wanna go up to at least 450 cc or 475cc and I wanted to know what you guys think about that? Would it be too big for my frame? my goal size is around a 32D

questions! concerns! and changing sizes?

So as I mentioned earlier I was really thinking about changing my size! And when I called my plastic surgeon and explained to them that I wanted to go up between 25-75 cc they said that it wasn't that big of a change and that I should just wait till my preop appointment to talk about that and I know that a lot of girls on here changed their sizes at their preop appointment and were just fine but I just feel too anxious to wait till then! I also have read a lot of reviews where sometimes the PS ultimately couldn't fit the amount of cc's they wanted and was forced to go smaller and I'm worried that will happen to me since I'm so petite so I have big concerns and questions about that too! Should I insist to have another meeting with my PS to discuss all this stuff or should I just wait for my preop?

1 week away

So I haven't updated in awhile but I'm officially less than a week away from my surgery day and I'm very excited and freaking out! I had my preop appointment on Thursday and we decided on the size 400cc ultra high implants silicone gel, I originally wanted to go up one size but the doctor said he'd have too much of a hard time fitting those in my chest so I guess I'm okay with that. I'm a little worried that I'll feel like they aren't big enough but I'm really trying to remember that I am a small person and really big boobs would look funny on me. I also started putting palmers cocoa butter on my breasts to prevent stretch markers, but if anyone has any advice on how to prevent stretch marks or how to help make the recovery more comfortable or any general advice that would be greatly appreciated!!(:

I have included more pictures with the 400cc ultra high sizers and later on I will post more before pictures with a swim suit on!


So I have a quick question for everyone, I have braces and also I wear microbead hair extensions and I was told that I need to remove the extensions for the surgery cause the beads are metal. Will I have any complication with the braces? And also I heard you can't have nail polish on your nails cause that's how they check your blood circulation in surgery is that true?

Post 1/2

So I know I didn't post anything before my surgery but I wanted to post some before pictures of my breasts in a swim

Post 2/2

So today was my surgery and to be honest I was 100% terrified! I went in for surgery sooner than I though and they finished quicker than I thought they would as well! I was so loopy I could barely stay awake! Lol I am now taking muscle
Relaxer and antibiotic every 6 hours and even though I'm taking it easy and eating kind of bland food I have had no nausea what so ever:) Yayy! My breasts feel
Extremely tight though and it is very uncomfortable! But other than that I really don't have much pain and I feel as good as I think I'd feel after a surgery! I have included my day 1 post op pictures:) if you have any questions feel free to comment or direct message me!(:
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

So far Dr. Guerra has been great! He answered all my questions and was so patient with me and his assistant was so nice as well and took the time to thoroughly answer every single question I had for her as well and she was very informed and it seems like they know exactly what they are doing!

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