Much Needed Rhinoplasty! - Scotland

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I am still in the process of finding a surgeon,...

I am still in the process of finding a surgeon, I'm from Scotland and there is only the Spire hospital here that carries out this survey, so In having to travel a bit to find a good surgeon. Hoping to reduce the bump and change the tip - need my nose straigtened / realigned ... and overall have a nice nose! Any feedback on procedure would help loads! Would also like some suggestions of British surgeons who can help if anyone has any!!

nose diary

I am now 47 days post op - and am loving my new nose! I still feel a teeny bit fragile at the tip where the cartilage was put in but other than that feels like i never went under the knife! I had a little pain where my scar is for a while, it felt like there was a tiny little lump and the other day i got a little worried as i itched it and felt a sharp pain, i probably shouldnt have but i decided to pick it thinking it was just dry skin.... it was a little piece of stitch that had obviously snapped off when the nurse was taking them out, i dont blame the nurse at all as she would never have been able to get it out it was so small, im just glad i actually got it out. so since then my scar seems to be healing really well, no bumps anymore. Best decision i have ever made and the only regret i have is that i didn't do it sooner! the first week of recovery was a breeze for me, i definitely prepared myself for the worst and was really surprised at how easy it was for me, maybe i read too many horror stories! i will post some recent pictures as the ones posted were the first day the cast was removed :)
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