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Since 16, I have refused to show my legs. I've...

Since 16, I have refused to show my legs. I've always been bottom heavy but when I work out my thighs become sharply and toned but I always felt my lower legs were disgusting. They had no shape and went straight up and down and I had fatty pockets rings just about the ankle. Growing up was difficult when all your friends looked amazing with their pins out and you had to do everything in your power to cover up to ensure nobody - and I mean NOBODY - not even my long time boyfriend - would see your legs. I remember when I got down to just over 9st and I felt great.. I had a tan and I thought 'screw this I'm wearing a dress and showing my legs!' That night a guy commented that my legs looked like 'baseball bats' - nice huh!! Anyway long story short I decided enough was enough and I would take the plunge and get surgery. I had seen a lot of this type of procedure in the US but not so much in Britain. After researching I narrowed my search to two clinics but each were really pricey. I was informed I would need my calves done to improve results and was going to get my thighs done too but it worked out to be over £7000 so decided to do lower legs and I will hopefully get my thighs done in the future!

The actual procedure was mostly pain free - I had sedation and gas and air so slept most of the time and only woke up a few times during when it became more uncomfortable (at the top and bottom of the leg) and when I did they increased my doses and I fell back asleep. I don't remember turning over during the procedure or getting bandaged up or moved in to my little recovery room. One minute I was sleeping the next I was wide awake and in a great chatty mood ... Getting up for the toilet was hard as my right leg was very painful around my calf but the left was good and I could put all my weight on it. Getting the compression garment on was horrible as it was tight but the nurse helped me out. After 3 hours of observation and getting watered and fed I was allowed to go home. They provided me with pads to use when sitting on my couch or in bed because I would be leaky for days. My incisions were left open so everything came out. These were a life saver over the first few days and especially on the way home in the car as I was completely soaked when I arrived home. I was given wrong pain killers but stopped then after 4 days. Generally I felt of just stiff and swollen and really bruised. The arnica worked wonders to calm my bruising though but swelling was and is still pretty bad so can't see any results yet! My first shower was the worst bit as I took my bandages off and couldn't stop the bleeding - I hated the feeling on my legs. That's another thing - expect numbness on the legs for a good week!

In the end the took 1.5L out my lower legs which is crazy! Just wish I could see the result!!

I'll update more when I can x

Day 2-4

So I'm late in doing this but I wanted to share some pictures from day 2-4 of my recovery. My legs are really bruised and sore and I still have a lot of leaking... The bottom back and front incisions are refinitely the worst! Arnica deforest helped reduce my bruising but didn't do much for my swelling.

Day 5-8

My legs were definitely less bruised thanks to the arnica. However the swelling was still severe and no real difference in leg shape or definition. Also sleeping is a nightmare as I wake up with a concrete feeling in my legs.

I had my post op check up on day 8 they seem happy with the progress but it's hard to be positive when others on here have achieved dramatic differences immediately.

At the appointment I was given antibiotics and need to take them for 7 days as I may have a slight infection from an inflamed vein. Better safe than sorry I guess!

Day 12

Today I've noticed a difference in my legs - the first week was really slow progress but I have noticed that my bruising is nearly gone and all of my incisions are healing. I am no lifer leaking but I am still well and truly swollen. The swelling doesn hurt but my legs feel much more comfortable when I sleep at night and they aren't as heavy in the morning. I don't know if you can see but I think my legs have gone in right at the bottom?

Less than 7 days apart

17 days post opp

My bruising is nearly gone - it has moved down to my toes. The swelling was really bad while on a course as I was sitting down most of the time. I had my first lymphatic drainage message few days ago and it helped but didn't stop the swelling returning about 10 hours later. All my insicions are healing and don't require bandages any longer. I can see my calf is smaller and more defined but the backs of my legs are still swollen and no shape! Trying to be patient but it is hard ????

Day 18

I've noticed the swelling on the outside of both legs is better. I can clearly see where the swelling is at its most.

A little comparison

Because I HATED my legs so much I have very little in the way of before pictures (except those the surgeon took!). I've been looking at old pictures of myself when I felt brave enough to bare my legs - this lasted a whole summer until one guy said I had baseball legs. Anyway, the before picture in the heels was when I was at my most fit - just under 10st but pure muscle and toned - here my legs are the best they ever where going to look but still no shape. I've compared it to the picture I took a few days ago - obviously still swollen and early on in my recovery but.. I do notice more definition at the side. The ankle is more prominent and there is more of a shape between the calf and ankle at the front and back. What do you think? ( don't know why am asking as nobody reads these anyway haha!)

3 weeks post op!

So my legs are still swollen but look smaller - however I can't see any contoured shape yet... I'm trying to be patient but I go on holiday in 10 days time and my legs are not beach ready!!

My incisions are healing great - even the back ones! I haven't shaved since the day of my op so sorry about the fuzz!

Getting there!

My ankles are still full of fluid and hard it I heels I'm seeing a difference.

One leg is more swollen for sure but hopefully that will go soon!!

The black and white picture was taken a few days before the rest and you can see a difference ...

What a set back!

So a few days ago I had my 6 week review.
We discussed what I was happy with and what I wasn't happy with. I found that I got nearly 1.2 L out of my calves and 300ml out of my ankles.

I'm happy with my calves but honestly it was my ankles I was most concerned with ... And still am. I have pockets that puff out but after examining me the nurse informed me that I still have solution from my procedure under my skin (6 weeks later!!) and that my body hasn't got rid of it.

Luckily I get complementary I lipo treatments and this will get rid of that but it's so PAINFUL - I couldn't manage 15 mins and she wants me in for 2 X 1 hour sessions!! Eeeeeek!

Also I'm unhappy with the backs of my legs and sadly they may need to be reviewed and redone if no change happens ????

Feeling so deflated!

Back to exercise

I am now allowed to exercise (6 weeks post op) and I have bought myself new workout leggings. They are so much looser around the ankle (before they used to be so tight) but I'm still so frustrated about the podgey areas at either side of my lower legs (just above my ankle)!! Hopefully this will go with the ilipo treatments....

As you can see my right leg is smaller than the left - the left just won't settle!!!!

Before pics

As I've explained before I have very little in the way of before pictures because I was so embarrassed by my legs.

However I've found these from a year or so ago and it shows how unshapely and large my lower legs were..

More pictures

One side is puffier. I'm happy with the sides of my legs but the backs I feel have NO shape! Ughhhh this was the area I wanted defined the most ????.

Has anyone had this problem and did the back become more defined?

Not happy!

So a week has passed and instead of my legs getting better they're worse. I've been exercising but my legs are so sore!

My puffiness has gotten worse and majority of this is not fluid as it is not moving to my feet!

So unhappy - where has my money gone!?

I also have my 1 hour ilipo treatment in a few days which I am dreading as it is so painful!

Excuse the bum

Some progress pics of the back of my legs - still not happy..

Also not worked out for 6 weeks so feeling a bit wobbly.

Still the same.

I think I explained the last time that the nurse informed me that I had solution in my legs and offered ilipo treatment to help shift it.

Well since then the machine has broken - 3 cancelled appointments and I'm still the same. The pockets will not shift and it's really u comfortable.

I've been getting messages, rolling my legs every night and exercising. Nothing.

You can see when I go on my toes that there is excess pockets. These are making my legs looks as big and cubit as before ????

8 week 5 days


I have my 12 week check up on Monday and unfortunately it's not going to be a happy occasion.

My legs look worse than ever and since I've started my new teaching job my legs haven't stopped swelling.

They are sore and itchy and if not swollen I have hard lumps all over my legs. I've been getting ilipo treatment with the laser but it's so painful and I can't stand an hour of it.

I was told I have hardened solution from my procedure still in my legs but when I asked a question here about it the surgeons seem to think that was impossible.

I'm so confused and disheartened. I've spend nearly £4500 and really I'm not any happier.

Yes... Some parts of my legs are smaller - mostly my calves but my ankles - the body part I've hated for nearly ten years now looks worse and less shapely than before.

Please any advice will be amazing or even hearing other people's stories ????

Picture update

12 week update

I had what I thought was my 12 week appointment but apparently it wasn't. I'll have to wait until the 10th to see my picture updates but at least the appointment out my mind to rest - my surgeons says I'm healing well and my legs are most definitely going to change and contour will be more prominent but may take the 9 months but he's very happy right now with where I am with my healing. Here are some picture updates.


My legs are getting thinner and more defined but still have weird fatty pocket ????

4 month before and after

I finally got my before pictures! 12 weeks post op. I'm having to get a few sessions of ilipo machine (laser) to get rid of stubborn and hard swelling and improve contour at the bottom of my lower legs. However I was gob smacked at my before pictures. Had no idea my legs were so chunky!!!

6 months in

Still filled with fluid just above my ankles! Side view is best!

6 months

I will be having my 6 month review soon - technically it will be 7 months post op. I'm still annoyed by the swelling above my ankle and don't really show my legs much - hopefully this will start too change!

6 months

I will be having my 6 month review soon - technically it will be 7 months post op. I'm still annoyed by the swelling above my ankle and don't really show my legs much - hopefully this will start to change soon!


Muscle wastage in my calf area and working on regaining that and getting fit again but not happy that my ankle still has big puffy area on the inside since 3 months in .... it's been about 7 months!!!!!

Revision surgery

I am now going in for revision surgery of the puffy areas around the bottom of my legs. This will happen a year after my first surgery and take 30-45 mins! Surgeon can guarantee a huge difference but I'm glad it's getting done as I have excess fat that's quite noticeable now that the rest of my legs are slim!

Going in for my revision procedure

2 weeks tomorrow I will be getting one more fat from my lower legs taken away. I still have so much left that I am still uncomfortable showing my lefts a year on.

The side of my legs are great but from the front and back there is no definition and this is what I was after - really disappointed ????

Revision surgery

Went in for my revision of my ankles! This time just local anaesthetic and boy did it hurt!!!!

The actual procedure was ok - except when it vibrated against my shin bone! The sorest part was definitely the anaesthetic getting injected!

That's me out and travelling home - this time with no pain killers (luckily I have stuff left from last time!) and my T.E.D stockings - none of those compression leggings. Woo!!

Hopefully my legs look better - only 150ml came out but I'm hoping for the best :)

Day 1 of recovery no.2

Ohhh... you really do forget about this part! Legs are swollen (worse on my right leg as usual) but bruising is not as bad as I've been taking Arnica.

My legs swollen don't look much different to how my legs were before so hopefully that's a good sign!

Healing well

Sharing the picture of one of my ankles. Brushing is slowly going - because of the Arnica I didn't get and blue-black bruises and it skipped right to the yellow bruises ... I think these are sorest!

My ankles do seem a little different but still swollen and sore.

2 weeks post op

Some pictures of my process - been on holiday the last week so the sun and sea are helping my incisions but the heat is causing me so swelling issues. I've been wearing my compression tights at night with my legs elevated.

Got a lot of scar tissue which is hard and making it hard to see the result and my swelling is bad in areas but hopeful it turns out well.

Holiday recovery

Been o holiday for the last 10 days and my incisions have healed very well. The heat has made the swelling worse but I'm wearing my compression socks every night.

I have noticed hard lump like texture where the fat was removed. Hopefully this will go down soon! Here are some pics.
Glasgow Plastic Surgeon

The staff at the clinic I eventually chose were absolutely wonderful - I had been dealing with another clinic but just didn't get the same vibe! The surgeon is really pleasant and very accommodating and the nurses are incredible. I had sedation during the procedure and fell asleep and when I woke up a few times during they were holding my hand which made me feel as if I was in safe hands. As well as this they played my favourite music throughout the procedure which made me feel really comfortable. They really did go above and beyond.

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