Todays the Day!! 47, C-section and Weight Loss Have Left Me with Lots of Loose Saggy Skin. Its Got to Go!!

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Ive been thinking about this for a while. After...

Ive been thinking about this for a while. After losing nearly 50 poulnds I was left with a stomach that just hung. I run at least 3 times a week, yoga 3 times a week. and mix other fun activities in, but no amount of sit ups or crunches was going to fix this. I met with the surgeon over a month ago, pre-admission testing done, surgery paid for, and am now writhing this from my surgical bed. I couldnt get preop photos to post, so here are a few taken from my bed..

Day 3 - quick peek

saw surgeon today, she took out the pain pump, but my drains are still in as there is alot of drainage. hopefully, on my next appointment. i was able to grab a quick peek. I know everything is normal, and very swollen, but strange to look at my belly and see that it is bigger than ever!!

day 4

day 4 looks like day 3. SWOLLEN. i did manage to take a mini shower. one of the drains was leaking during the night, so i woke up wet - gross. exhausted before i could get conditioner in my hair, so thats going to be a nightmare trying to brush later. but i did it. good enough. ive been taking colace and phillips milk of magnesia since day 2, but nothing. little worried that when i do finally go its going to hurt like hell. i am still taking the pain meds, only one pill every 6 hours (i just take it with my antibiotic). im thinking i can probably just cut that down to one in the morning (thats when it hurts the most) and one before bed (so i can fall asleep). maybe my gut wont be as slow. can not wait for the drains to come out!! then maybe i can pull my pants up! too funny, my kids are laughing at my behind hanging out.

one week

one drain out yesterday, feels so much better just to get rid of that. hopefully by the end of the week ill lose the other!

no more drains

day 10. last drain out today. still a little hunched over but it comes and goes. mostly when i first get up from sitting for awhile. went xmax shopping. tried on spanx. walked around quite a bit. most activitity ive done in two weeks. hopefully back in the gym in two weeks. i eat like a pig when left with nothing to do. doc gave me my pre op pictures so ill try scanning them in later - nice to see and remember where i started from when im looking at my swollen belly.

pre op photos

on my last doc visit he gave me a copy of my pre op photos. tomorrow is two weeks. hopefully i wont be as bloated as i am today. i look like a swollowed a watermelon. sent my husband back to the store for mag citrate. cant stand it any more.

day 16 tt, lipo, mr

out and about xmas shopping yesterday. walked alot around the mall. my husband took me to lululemon to try on new clothes. let me tell you scary. i tried on the same size tights that i always wear except they looked terrible. while they fit in the waist they all looked like i had a kim kardashian behind!!! holy hell. i tried my old pair on again this morning and they didnt look that bad so im pretty sure it was the swelling but i guess i didnt realize how swollen by hips / behind were too. i thought it was all in the front. seriously looked like a bad brazilian butt lift. i thought i could at least were my yoga tights around insted of sweat pants, but now not so sure. yikes.
on a happier note, i am getting around pretty well. still sore and a little hunched but mostly a night with swelling. i stopped taking all pain medicine when the last drain came out not because it stopped hurting, but because the constipation was killing me despite stool softner, phillips milk of magnesia, prunes, and a ton of water. i had to resort to mag citrate twice when i was unable to go to the bathroom for at least a week each time, that was more uncofortable than the abdominal pain.
i moved into spanx a couple of days ago. not a fan. definately more swelling with spanx than with the binder. so i decided to keep the binder on over the spanx for some part of the day. makes me feel better, i think it helps but who knows if it really is doing anything. i see the surgeon later today. he wants to see me in the spanx so we will see what he has to say. they are a size small, i cant really go any smaller, but maybe i need more compression than they are giving me. will see.
also, i tried on bikini bottom. incision line is just a bit above. sucks. hoping this will drop as the swelling goes down. probably wishfull thinking on my part, but i can hope. ill ask later see what he says.

3 weeks

i look pretty much the same day to day. frustrating waiting for swelling to subside so i can see what im going to end up with. up two pounds from yesterday!! so i know im a bloated mess. could barely get my spanx on!!

5 1/2 weeks, xmas vacation

On the beach...trying not to get to much sun on the belly button. Litlle swollen from holiday cocktails and such!! Back to reality soon enough.

back to the gym!!

started back to work and the gym last week. wow am i tired. today's 7 weeks. managed some yoga, and a little running on the treadmill. felt so weird. tight, numb, kind of a weird pulling sensation. keep forgetting to update pictures in the morning. like to lose the holiday cookie and wine belly first.

8 weeks

The photos were only taken days apart but you can see how much more bloated I am just a few days later. It's crazy!!

10+ weeks

Getting back to normal
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