27 Year Old. Tummy Tuck, Breast Aug and Thigh Lipo - Schaumburg, IL

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After having 3 kids and losing a lot of weight, I...

After having 3 kids and losing a lot of weight, I loved my body. I decided to love it even more by making it look like how I felt about it. I decided to finally get the flat tummy and boobs that I've always wanted. I can't wait to see the final results after all this work. It's going to be a great time.

2nd Day

Well it's the second day since my surgery. I still can do nothing on my own. Including getting out of bed. My husband has been so amazing. Slept on the floor to be available without moving the bed. Anyone that is going to get this done, make sure you have someone that will wait on you hand and foot.

Still quite a bit of pain. My right armpit has so much swelling it's hard to move the arm.

More energy!

Now that I've gotten a few small meals and a lot of water in me, I'm feeling much better. Was able to get out of bed, use the bathroom and walk very slowly for about 10 minutes before needing to sit down. Still haven't seen what I look like under these bandages yet. Hoping I'll be excited!

Things to notice

Whenever I sleep and wake up is whem my stomach feels the best. Its like the fluid is doing what is supposed to do and there's no swelling. As soon as I start walking though. Different story! That opposite y is true for my boob's. They are rock hard swollen whem I wake up and get softer through the day. I've been able to really get around by myself. I even emptied my tubes alone today. Hubby had to go back to work so I was kind of stuck.

Can we be done yet?

I feel bloated. And my stitches are burning. I don't want to do anything but lay in my bed. Except my backs hurts so I don't want to lay in my bed. :( let's just be done already.

Bowel movements

Well I was worried about bowel movements. So many people said they had such a hard time. Last night I had two very big ones. I feel way less bloated. To be prepared for them, I drank "smooth move" tea and took a stool softener. I also put kale in just about everything I ate. Yesterday, when I still hadn't had one, I made a kale and spinach smoothie. Did the trick. Woke up twice last night to go. Made sure to not push so I didn't hurt the stitches. So it took about 30 minutes both times. Feels like I didn't sleep at all! Haha. Back to bed I go!

Day 4

So spent the majority of the day either on the toilet or walking around. Pretty crazy diarrhea today but keeping my fluid intake high. My drains are slowing down so I'm excited. Managed to get my makeup attempted to put on. Can't wait for a real shower and washing my hair!


So I woke up this morning drenched in sweat. I think the ac turned off last night! Anyways. I had to take a mini shower and wash my garments. It was really hard. But not as hard as last time. I was able to sit for a short period and wash with a rag. It felt good but I can't wait for a real shower! And no drains. Ugh. I put my drains on a lanyard when I took my gear off. That helped hold them up. Here's some photos I took. Before I really had to sit


Today was really hard. I woke up feeling great, but my husband had to work and my nanny called in sick. Leaving me with the 3 kids and my brother in law.

So made it through the first part of the day okay. My 7 year old is so sweet and literally followed me around helping me with chores and caring for the 2 year old. I managed to figure a way to change her without picking her up

Then nap time. My son helped get her in the bed then he fell asleep after a long day. But the baby decided to poop. Lol. I couldn't get her out of the bed so I had to change her bending over. It took me about 15 minutes. She is such a doll and didn't move, just talked while I tried and tried. Finally got her changed and my back spasmed so hard I literally cried out in pain. My son woke up and rushed in. Helped me to my bed. Got my medication and tucked me in. All while I was bawling my eyes out at being taken care of by my son. I've barely moved since then. My brother in law came home and helped me the rest of the day. And I've had to take my pain pills which I've not done in a few days.

I've been crying and emotional since then. Can't wait until bedtime. I just keep freaking out and wondering if I ruined everything. And when will the hard part be over? Ugh

Going for post-op

Going to my post on today. My 1 week fell on a holiday weekend so I had to wait. But I'm going in and we shall see if I can get the drains out!

10 day post op

Went to the clinic today. 3 of the nurses were so excited when I walked in. Said that they are using my before and after photos as examples and they've not seen such amazing results before. That was good. I can't fully see it yet since I have a hard time focusing while trying to hold drains and balanced hunched over. Haha.

Didn't get the drains removed. They've been averaging about 22ml in 24 hours which is the cutoff point. But the Dr said he'd rather them be dry so he doesn't have to worry about putting them back in later if something happens. He showed me how to strip the drains so they empty my fluid inside my stomach faster. He then scheduled for the removal on Friday. They won't keep the drains past two weeks.

I'm cleared for a full shower even with drains since I've healed so well! And I can wear any bra I want as long as there's no underwire. I have to keep wearing the compression for 4 weeks as tight as I can but they gave me a different style of binder which is much easier to use and so much more comfortable. Taking my shower tomorrow so I'll add pics!

Drain removal

Alright. So yesterday, got the drains out! It was the greatest relief! Hurt for a bit, but as soon as they took it out it was great. They took my stitches and staples too.
The drain on the right side was really rough and aggravated. They were concerned about an infection.

They bandaged it up pretty quick and well. I had to shower with antibacterial soap after 24 hrs and then re bandage. It looked much better today. Hoping it doesn't turn into anything.

Got new photos! There's still a little bulge on the right side like a dog ear. If it doesn't go down, I'll ask about what happens next. My belly button looks super cute!

Back to work!

Today was the first day I went back to my office. By about noon I was exhausted. Brought a pillow to support my back and that was a great idea. The Dr said to have a really good diet so I don't ruin the results. High protein low carb. Which is pretty much how I've been eating the last year anyways so no big deal.

This morning I wore my dress pants that were about 2 sizes too big before the surgery and they fit to problem. Now it's about 2:15 and I've swelled up so bad I can't even zip them. So be prepared for that. Apparently I should have gotten elastic pants or maternity pants. Lol.

Wound care

So this is a pain in the butt. Every 24 hrs I have to shower with antibacterial soap and redo all my dressings. The Dr says I can use just bandaides and I don't have to cover the wounds if I don't want to. I'm not comfortable with that as some spots are still open wounds. Plus my scar line gets pinched and irritated rubbing up against my compression all day. So I use Bactrin ointment and sterile dressings every day. And each day is better. I don't heal as fast as some other people in here, I think it runs in my family. But here's some new photos.

Plus I'm still bloated at night. Haha. Notice the tiny little bump.

20 day post op

Talked to my Dr today. I still have a hard time being active. I'm still having to wear bandages and can't sleep on my side. They said I'm not healing anywhere near as fast as I should be, but no infections or anything so he's not sure why. Maybe because I had so many things done at once. Anyways. They gave me a special bandage to wear to dry out the wounds and I have to limit my compression gear to 12 hours a day. Still wearing the binder 24/7 though. I go back Wed.

23 days!

The new process is amazing. I feel so much more energy. And my wounds are healing up nicely. Yesterday walked 2 miles. Was super swollen after but felt great! New photos!


Elk Grove Village Plastic Surgeon

Dr Kagen was professional, courteous and hilarious. He helped put me at ease and explained the whole surgery and recovery. I loved him.

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