Finally Getting This Eyebrow Piercing Scar Removed!! Savannah, GA

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Hello everyone, I am a 30 year old female who...

Hello everyone, I am a 30 year old female who regrets getting their eyebrow pierced. I got it pierced when I was very young girl; I was about 16 years old and was trying to make a fashion statement I guess, lol! I got it done in Savannah, Georgia at a place called Smiling Buddha Tattoo studio. I really hate that I ever went to that particular shop because one of the guys who works there caused the scarring on my eyebrow. The guy's name is Buddha btw, so please do not go to him if you ever go to that place. When he did it he put an straight barbell ring into my eyebrow that caused it to get infected and it also started protruding out of my face, I was worried so I went to another tattoo/piercing shop called Planet Three for suggestions and they told me the reason why it wasn't healing is because he put in the WRONG barbell!! it was not suppose to be a straight barbell, only curved ones, so cleaned it up for me and put a new curved barbell ring in it for me, they told me if I would of waited longer it would of literally pushed out of my face!!! I was so angry with Buddha that I could just slap him!!
To make a long story short, my eyebrow healed and I ended up with an indented scar at the top and a scar at the bottom, thanks to the great Buddha! ( in my sarcasm voice!!)

I was looking for a doctor in my local area in Savannah, Georgia, so I did some research and found Dr. John Paletta, I am very confident with my decision and I know Dr. Paletta is the right doctor for me. When I went in for my consultation, he told me he will be cutting out my old scar and will be giving me a new smooth scar that will be very unnoticeable once healed. Dr. Paletta and his staff were friendly and professional and I can't wait to go in for my surgery on the on July 16th!!

bad scaring on my eyebrow!!

I hate that I have this scar, I always use my hair to cover it, or I put in my eyebrow ring. This scar takes away from my face, it is the first thing u see on my face! People ask what happened when it's no ring in it, it's so embarrassing!

Good Bye Ugly Scar!!

I finally got it done today. It didn't take long at all. I'm a little swollen, so I keep a ice pack on it. I will post pics up as soon as it starts looking a better.

Hoping for good end results.

I really hope when my stitches dissolve, that my new scar will be smooth. My swelling has gone down a lot now, & my eye doesn't look as lazy as it did yesterday. I cleaned it with peroxide. I have a follow up next week on Tuesday.

It's been a week now!!

It's been a whole week now & it's healing really well. Once it's healed completely, I will be putting some silicone sheets on it.

So far so good!

looks a lot better!

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