Liposuction of the Arms Tail of Spence (Under the Arm Pits) - Savannah, GA

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I am having this procedure done on June 10 with Dr...

I am having this procedure done on June 10 with Dr. Finger in Savannah, GA. I am excited. I was given a list of things not to consume. Which was most of my diet (fish/Omega-3). I also use vitamin E on my skin, which I had to stop using before the surgery as well. I had to also stop eating garlic. I had to stop drinking energy drinks and green tea. Any aspirin, ibuprofen and anti-inflammatory products are very strong anticoagulants, which can cause bleeding problems. I am allow to take Tylenol. This is for the period of 3 weeks prior and three weeks after my procedure. I will update you all in a few weeks before and after my procedure. I will have pictures as well. Wish me luck! =)

Update three more days until the big day! Just picked up my prescriptions

I just picked up my prescriptions four different types of pills, it come up to $130.96 from Walgreens without insurance. (I just started a new job and missed enrollment.) =( *tear* any-who, I cldve saved $51.05 if I wld of joined the Prescription Savings Club... but they didn't tell me any of this at check out... =( I read it on my personal prescription information document. I called back and since I left the store, they cld not do anything for me. Oh-well. FYI, if you ever go to Walgreens to fill prescriptions, make sure you ask about their saving club BEFORE you check out! LOL THREE MORE DAYS!!!! Whoot! Whoot!

Before Pictures

I just wanted to share before pictures of my arms and arm pits. Please excuse the hair. =) I was too lazy to shave and retake pics. Forgive me.

After procedure pictures

I came in at 7:30 am and was done after 10:20 am. Dr. Finger decided to do the tail of Spence on my next appointment with Auto augmentation under anesthesia. Since the numbing agent did not work well during the attempt to lipo the arm pits. He did do a bit of the right side. Overall everything went well. I was disappointed that we cldnt get the tail of the Spence today, but he said he will do it when I get my breast auto done. Time for recovery. I feel nauseated but I have some pills for that... I just threw up twice. I don't think my body is reacting well with the Ondansetron that I am taking for nausea. I threw up right after taking it. I took 2 oxycodone/acetaminophen and 1lorazazepam before my procedure. I am not in pain though. Just sore.

Four days after procedure

My left side measurementS are 14.4, 13, 12 and my right side measuremens are 14.2, 13, 11.8. I am a bit concerned because before I took my measurements I felt my left side was larger than the right side. Which indeed it is. Should I be concerned? Or is this normal? I did notice that he was paying a bit more attention to my right side and when it got to my left side, he kind of rushed through it. Almost like he was trying to rush to his next patient. He did not complete the tail of Spence. He just attempt to lipo the right arm pit. The pain was too much to bare and he stopped and stated that he wld complete it during my auto augmentation procedure. At this point I am not sure if I wld even get that done by him. I am confused about the difference in each arm. Am I being to hard?

Two weeks after surgery

So it has been two weeks since my procedure, and the pain is almost gone. It was hard at first because if anything or anyone touched my arms I felt a stinging burning pain shoot up my arm. I cldnt lift my arm without feeling that pain or lay my arm on a arm rest or pillow without feeling tht pain. The pills did not work nor did Tylenol. Anywho, I still have some pain but nowhere near the pain I experienced in the beginning. I really dnt know who cld go back to work the day after surgery or even two or three days even. When I run my fingers across my lower arms, I can feel bumps/lumps. Is this normal? You can't tell by the looks of it, but you definitely can feel it. I am hoping this will not be permanent. =(

Updated measurements

Before measurements: Left arm measurements are (top)15.5, (middle)13.5, (bottom above my elbow) 12.5 and my right arm measurements is (top by my shoulder) 15.5, (middle)13.5, and (bottom-above my elbow) 12.5.

Current measurements: My Left arm measurements are (top)14, (middle)11.7, (bottom above my elbow) 10.7 and my right arm measurements is (top by my shoulder) 13.5, (middle)11.7, and (bottom-above my elbow) 11.1
Savannah Plastic Surgeon

Very knowledgeable, experienced, kind, funny, and caring. I did have to wait 30mins to an hour to be seen at my appointments. That is one down fall. Also, he only answered my very first two emails when I contacted him from this site, showing interested in the surgery. After that, his staff answered all my emails. I was hoping to have responses directly from him; however, I understand that he is very busy. He did answer all questions in person.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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