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I've seen my PS twice. Once for the initial...

I've seen my PS twice. Once for the initial consultation to discuss my eye bags an the next was for Botox on the forehead an Radiesse under my eyes, cheek area. ( I thought the injections were going in the tear trough, but it was placed above the cheekbone instead. Thought the injections alone would help, but it didn't. This dr will not inject into the tear trough, and I'm not sure if it will work or give me the desired results that I'm looking for. And if I keep spending $800 for the injectables I might as well get the lower lid blepharoplasty. Finally decided to take he plunge an scheduled my procedure of July 18th... Excited, scared, and happy at the same time. But I'm so tired of standing in the mirror manipulating my bags, pressing them down or stretching them out to see what I could look like. Tired of people saying I look tired, or how terrible my allergies are, or that I need my thyroid checked!! I've been reading a lot f post, and seeing a lot of results and horror stories. But, I'm hopeful and thinking I don't need that much fat removed, I'm hopefully for good results. I plan on posting lots of pics about this surgery :) I'm open for any helpful tips and any other good to know information. Thanks so much!

Concealer shopping went well.

I usually don't wear a lot of makeup like foundation or concealer. I have ll of my meds, creams, stocking up on snacks, vitamins, chargers for my iPad and phone with plenty of things to listen to, lots of hard candy, pillows and I may even rent a recliner! I just don't want to forget something that I may need! Work in progress for sure!

Getting closer...

Well, I've purchased my bed wedge so I can practice sleeping :). I think I'm getting irritated because the days aren't passing fast enough. Anyway... one week until my surgery date!

Two more days!!

Oh! I can't wait!! I want to have this done already :) Drinking my pineapple juice, taking my multivitamins and vitamin C. I'm ready!

Surgery day!

I'm here! Getting changed and ready to begin. Super hungry! Really looking fwd to just sleeping for the rest of the day. Took my Valium last night, went to sleep pretty quickly but was up at 4am! Was allowed to eat a plain slice of toast and have a little something to eat this am! Super excited!!!

Day 1

Yowza!!!!! Pain is very minimal. It wasn't too bad at first, just a weird feeling like I needed to remove something from my eye! ( little did I know that the dr put a stitch into both eyelids and taped it to my forehead ! Those come out this morning , 3 more hours!)!!!

Staff at surgery center were fantastic! Great job of keeping me informed. They also asked me in had any questoons, but i didnt have many to ask. Was achy yesterday, and I was able to eat/snack later on that night. Needed help walking because I could not see through the ointment and swelling. My fiancé has been wonderful! Such a big help. Right down to the time I was to take meds, eyes rips etc! He is at the store now getting more food/supplies. Love him!!
Bad swelling. Not too concerned. Started using the Arnica gel. Still icing with peas, but once they thaw, I wake up smelling them :(. I can barely see to write this. But will keep updating!!! Excuse any misspellings, these gorgeous eyes are a work in progress!! Thanks to everyone who offered me advice and to those who posted their own experience. I did ask the dr about switching to heat in a few days to help with swelling and feeling achy - he said "absolutely NOT" So, it's only ice for me (:

Stitches are out!

At Drs. Office getting stitches out. I can see dissolvable stitches on left lower lid. Feel much better now that my lower lid "anchors" are gone! Lots of swelling. Icing will continue for the rest of the day.

Day 1 continues...

Think swelling is going down just a little bit. Using drops, ointment and Arnica gel. Still applying cold moist gauze and ice :)

Day 2

No pain. NO PAIN! I really thought it would hurt more :) Using my eye drops and ointment. Still a little itchy from anesthesia but benadryl helps. Feeling a little heaviness and discomfort around eyes. Still using peas, well switched to corn. I don't like the way the peas smell when they thaw lol. Also using 4x4 gauze which I keep in a bowl of ice and water on night stand. Also have a bowl with ice and saline ( saline bowl gets a little colder I think) I lay gauze folded under my eyes when I'm not using "ice pack". The gauze is cool and provides comfort. If my eyes feel a little crusty or dry, the gauze also helps moisten area. I am also using Arnica gel a few times a day on swollen area. I massage under the eye when I apply the gel. I do not see any lower lid drooping. I do see a little piece of what I think is a dissolvable stitch sticking out, but am resisting the urge to pull or remove it, but it's tough lol!! I go to dr on Tuesday and will address this then if it is still there. Well, so far, so good. Still taking multi vitamins and vitamin C. Trying not to worry, but I keep thinking " what if the swelling goes down and the bags are still there!" Because in my mind, I can still see them. Maybe it's just me because I've been looking at them for so long. Being patient though. And to reward myself for being patient I will now break out the chocolate brownie ice cream :)

Pics of stitches

Just a few pictures of stitches under left eye. Stitches are dissolvable. This is the area where I can see a piece of the suture sticking out. I am afraid to touch it because I don't want the whole thing to unravel :) !!

Day 3

Doing well. No complaints :)

Day 3 continued...

I have different kinds of masks, gel etc. But I found that Ice in a zip lock bag feels best! I just use a few (moistened or dry) 4x4 pieces of gauze between the bag and my skin. It feels colder than any bag of peas or store bought mask. Once the swelling Is gone I will probably go back to using the gel mask nightly. Eyes feel super dry and scratchy today. Maybe I've been watching too much tv. Swelling has gone down some, really bruised.

Day 4

I know, I know. Be patient. But I would really like this swelling to go down now! Somehow in the back of my mind, I can still see the old bags poking through the swelling! I can still see them there! I know that this is just my impatience playing tricks on me.... And I knew this might happen... Trying to ignore it and stay out of the mirror. It's 0145 and I wake up, use the bathroom, then spend the next 20 minutes looking at two spots on my face :( I know the surgery has helped and things look better already, but I guess I'm afraid md anxious that it won't. Get it together Pghstlrgrl..... Ill post this pic I put together yesterday. But I will post more pics later today when I calm the heck down..... Ugh.

Progress photo

Day 4, feeling better....

Ok. I have my patience back :) Tired and bored at the same time. 3 weeks until vacation and I have a lot to do... But can't! Won't be able to run for another 3 weeks so I think my energy is down also- and I'm getting sick of drinking pineapple juice :P Think ill rest the eyes today after I catch up on Dexter and listen to some books on tape!

Day 4....

A little blurred vision and discomfort. Maybe not enough rest. Cleaned eyes, used drops and ointment. Will address this at follow up appt tomorrow. Still icing.... Still sleeping elevated. I did wake up this morning laying on my belly :( not good! Hopefully I will get some rest tonight....

Day 5

Much more of the same. Bruised, a little swollen, scratchy and dry at times.

Day 6

Bruised, a little sore, dry and scratchy eyes but I'm off to work! Didn't ice last night. Used refrigerated gel mask, which was soothing, but wasn't cold long enough. I think I'll be brave and not wear any concealer.... Plus I never wore any anyway. Eyes are very sensitive to sunlight and really, light in general.

Day 6 cont

Well, I went to work and battled the dry, itchy eye all day. Called for another script for tobramycin drops. Still bruised, very little swelling, but eyes are SO dry! Help!!!!!


I just love when people look at you like you are a character from a Lifetime movie... If I ever do any facial surgery again, I'm going to get a shirt made that say "why yes! I did have plastic surgery!"

Day 7

Well, if this arnica is working I would hate to see what i would look like without it. Battling dry eyes. Ill be sad once i run out of eye ointment! Didn't ice last night but will tonight. Will be working the next 3 night shifts, at least I will be able to sit in a dark break room throughout the night. Will take my gel eye masks etc for comfort.... I'm being patient.... I guess. I know that it's only been 1 week... Anyway, left eye is still swollen, but that's the eye with the stitches ( which are still sticking out a little. I see them and want those ends gone!) I think I can see where bags used to be, but believe once swelling is totally gone and bruising subsided and face heals that skin will " tighten up" a little. If not, it's still better than it was! ( see, I'm optimistic). So ok, here's to day 8

Day 7 cont...

Eyes feel better. Maybe not as dry and itchy tonight. It seems that my eyes are screaming for some kind of moisture. I remember that my uncle told me many years ago that when my eyes got itchy ( allergies) i should apply a little Vaseline on my lid/ lashes. It always helped! So I tried it tonight and I feel much better! I don't put it as close to my eye like the tobramycin ointment, but just a little on the lash/ lid. The difference is incredible!! Guess I found my own solution!

Day 8

Woke up swollen. Feels like my right eye is a little hard to close, meaning that its not natural feeling. Right eye still scratchy and dry. Seems to be a little more swollen when i wake up. Left eye swollen, but that is the eye with the stitches. Looks like bruising is decreasing. Working nights this weekend, so it will be interesting on how this goes. Will be toting all my supplies to work with me. Taking this day by day :)


Photos didn't upload with update

Day 9

Going to try a little warm compress and massage more often. Let's see how this works... Pics later

Day 9

I believe the warm compress has worked!! Ill be using them tonight at work. Dry eyes also feeling better, but think its worse when my eyes are tired.

Day 11... Already?

Well, dryness is better. I don't have to use drops every hour. Still light sensitive and a little scratchy at times. This bruising is taking its sweet time to go away.... I do think the heat is helping. Bottom left lid where the stitches were is still a little swollen.

Day I lost count... :)

Got a little concealer lesson at the MAC counter today. I really haven't worn makeup ever, except eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara... Caroline may have created a monster. But, still a little bruised. Not as sensitive to light and everything else. Concealer helping, big time. Left eye still a little swollen and looks smaller than the right, but it's a process right? It will all even out.

Day 13

It's been almost 2 weeks. I still have swelling in left eye. The left eye is the only eye I had stitches. I the stitch area and it feels thick like scar tissue. But, I'm being patient. My left eye seems to be a different shape, possibly because the bottom lash line is still swollen to me. Still have dark circles which I hope is bruising, but I think I getting the whole concealer/ makeup thing down. The skin underneath is more "wrinkly" and it's more noticeable when smile, but the bags are gone!! ( Only one shows up under my right eye and only in the morning lol, but it goes away. I can deal with that. I told my best friend who lives away from me that I had plastic surgery and she said " for those bags under your eyes?" Devastated that they were so noticeable to everyone and not just me! But I'm sure I already knew this. Just didn't want to hear it I guess.

24 days.....

Well, still dealing with this hyper pigmentation. I'm kinda getting tired of wearing concealer, plus I have yet to find a color that I feel good about... I've been to a couple of counters and they fiddle with my face for about an hour, and I just end up saying " the colors still off" or "it looks unnatural". Maybe if I wore makeup before it wouldnt be a problem. Idk. I'm going on vacation this week and I really don't want to be worrying about this. Guess ill deal with that once I get back at my follow up appointment. Peel I'm thinking, I'm saying NO to lasers because I don't like the sound of my face peeling off. That doesn't sound too pleasant!

Hydroquinone script

Trying to get darkness under eyes lightened. Was told by PS that it may be due to hemosiderin staining. Hoping for detectable results next month :)

Great results so far

I have been using the hydroquinone for 8 days. I am very happy with the results so far. Now I can really see the results of the surgery without focusing on the hyper pigmentation.

So far so good. Will have more to share in a few weeks! Love this practice! Staff and Dr. Were wonderful!

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