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Hi everyone! I can relate to a lot of the stories...

Hi everyone! I can relate to a lot of the stories here and have been following (stalking if you will lol) for a few months. I have been large chested forever. I went from nothing to a B/C cup the summer between 2nd/3rd grade. Yep, that's around 8 years old. By the time I was in 7th grade, I was already a DD. I wasn't overweight at all as a child, so it was all boobs. Nothing like having grown men look at you in ways they shouldn't when you're 14 years old!
I had shoulder grooves by the time high school with back pain, shoulder pain, your typical pain. It continued throughout high school and well beyond. I ended up being a DDD by around the age of 16 and stayed there for a while. My weight has fluctuated over the years but my boobs have never reduced. Matter of fact the last 5 years or so I've actually grown. I'm now a H/I.

The last few years I've exercised and been successful to a point but I know I can do more with less boobs! I've got a friend who works for a PS and she has encouraged me for the last few years to get a BR. My sister had a BR several years ago and had a less than desirable result. Discouraged me from even looking into it for a long time. I finally went to a PS about 7/8 years ago and they basically looked at me and said I needed to lose weight. Didn't even mention about sending in my request to insurance. So I gave up at that point. My sister and I talked recently and she said that even though she didn't heal well and her nipples aren't exactly symmetric, she loves that fact her boobs are smaller. Sooo I took the plunge and went to the PS the end of May. Dr. Paletta was so nice along with his staff. They took pics, measured, and he decided what he would take out of each. As like everyone else, one boob is bigger than the other so my left they are taking out around 1000 grams and the right around 800! He actually listened to me and knows a don't want to be very small. My ideal size is a D, on the larger side.
His staff called me to go over what the insurance expects and we went over what I have done to "help" my pain. We decided for me to go to my PCP to make sure they have my pain documented, I got my chiropractor to send over what he had, and they submitted my request. Just less than 2 weeks later she called me and said I was APPROVED! I couldn't believe it! I have to pay my deductible up front but that's it. Well worth it!

I'm excited, nervous, and a little scared. I have had my boobs so big for so long, I'm afraid how I'm going to look after. But that just gives the incentive to get back into the gym and hopefully without back pain and the fact that I had to wear 2 sports bras!

Preop done, one step closer!

I have been to my preop appointment and feels like I signed my life away. Lol. I got my prescriptions that I will fill later this week and my dos and don'ts. Lots of meds they say isn't good to take 2 weeks prior to surgery. I talked to the Dr about being sensitive to certain bandaids and actually I had marks below my left boob from the EKG leads so he got to see firsthand how my body does with adhesives on my skin. Normally I have to ask for paper tape and stay away from anything with latex. I don't have an allergy to it, just sensitive. Other than that, I'm good to go!
I'm now searching for some shirts to wear after surgery. I'm not having lipo under my arms (not needed, barely any fat/breast tissue, basically the only place fat doesn't exist it seems. Lol) so I'm hoping my arm movement won't be hindered too long. Anyone have any issues with putting on shirts without help??

I tend to stay dehydrated so I've been upping my water drinking. Once I get into the habit of it, I do better. I just want to heal nicely and not have any problems getting my IV in. I have horrible times with blood drawls usually. Last time I was stuck 3 times to get what they needed. Sadly, I'm use to it. I'm trying to be prepared.

Only 10 days to go now. It's getting more real with every day!


Took some pics last night. One shows a huge reason I'm getting the BR, the "all of a sudden" rash. Yesterday morning nothing, last night, rash. I wore a sports bra for about 3 hours yesterday morning and that is what did it. Totally ridiculous! I should have known with this heat here!

Today is the day!

I am ready! I have to be there in little less than an hour. Surgery should start an hour later. Said it would last around 2 hours. I'm hard to wake up after, so my recovery might be longer than they think. I will update when I can. I'm not as nervous as I thought I would be but that could still be the Valium I took last night having lasting effects. :)

I'm on the other side!

Surgery went great! Got there at 1130 and they didn't waste any time getting me comfy and Dr. Paletta came in for his markings. My IV was put in gave me some "nice juice" and walked to the OR. As soon as I got on the table I was out. Woke up in recovery with my nurse giving me ginger ale and crackers.
I'm not going to lie, the areas burn, a lot. Not in pain, just a burning sensation. The Dr. told my Mom he did a lot of cauterizing and he took off 5 1/2 pounds all together! I can breathe so much better, never thought about breathing. Lol
I have been taking my pain meds around the clock until this constant burning stops. Told us in a couple of days. We changed my dressing and I had a moment because they were soooo small. I'm sure I will adjust to them soon. I thought I was prepared, maybe not all the way. My Mom kept telling me they aren't small, I'm just not use to seeing myself like this, it has been since I was 11 years old. I could shower today but I'm holding off until tomorrow. I'm still not exactly steady on my feet. I will post some pics after I shower, I was going to do it today but it actually made me nauseous to see them, they aren't too bad just was kinda hard to look at. :)

Post op pics

I started my day in some pain and layed in bed. Waiting too long to eat so I got nauseated. I ate some graham crackers, took some meds and felt much better about 45 mins later. I sat up on the couch for a good while and decided I was good for a shower. I was expecting it to burn a lot, but it didn't. Of course I didn't let the water cascade down or anything. When looking at my boobs with nothing on the first thought in my mind is Madonna, in like a virgin cone shaped boobs. I just laughed and said something about vogueing to my Mom. I know they won't stay this way. (At least I'm praying they don't. Lol) I bruise pretty easily due to my skin tone, I was in on nothing for more than two weeks prior to surgery except for BC, so I knew I would have some heavy building, and boy do I ever! I think that's what hurts the most actually. One is way more swollen than the other. Any feedback on my swelling and bruising would be appreciated. I have ran no fever and I'm keeping up with my drinking. Oh and I had strips over the stitches but they came off as soon as I got out of the shower.

New pics 4 days post op

I've been getting better, I've been taking it slow. I didn't want any crazy complications because I used my arms too much or moved too much. Today before I got in the shower I noticed a little spot in the t incision on my left breast. I go tomorrow morning for my follow up. That's the side that hurts the most and was oozing just a tiny bit after my shower yesterday. They are looking better, swelling is going down slowly but those bruises! Lol Oh my!

First full day back at work/concerns??

Today is my first full day at work and let me say, I'm ready to go and I still have 5 hours left. Lol. My breasts are still heavy and weight down a little on the incisions under them. I walk around and hold them. My Mom told me I couldn't walk around in public like that and I said watch me. Lol (I really don't.) I have some concerns on my right nipple area. It hasn't healed near as much as my left. Some oozing still 9 days out but it's blood or bloodish color, so no infection that I can see. I just wonder if my nipple is bruised and that's why the discoloration?

Little infection

I ended up going to the doctor yesterday for my right breast. He said it was an infection starting and gave me antibiotics. I'm 12 days post op and this happened. We start feeling better and carrying things and moving our arms more, but we have to keep remembering we have to take it easy. We aren't healed and can't lift heavier things. I don't know about anyone else, but I still can't bend over and pick up things off the floor comfortably. They are just so tight feeling and don't move. Not like before! Lol I just can't wait to be able to do things and see the difference. Like the gym. Being able to buy a good sports bra at say Walmart instead of a $50 speciality bra. Or just to go buy a pretty bra in general. :)

Dissolvable stitches? Yeah right. Lol

So I went for a follow up on this past Tuesday for the infection. It hadn't cleared so he said more than likely it was some internal stitches being stubborn. He then proceeding to find them in the small hole. OUCH! Needless to say, the nerves had already healed! They numbed the area, which in its on right hurt!, and he proceeded to take out 3 stitches. One hole is on its way to healing and the other is taking it time. I dug in it a little myself and found another stitch. This was just last night and I didn't cut it out...yet but might just do it myself tonight or tomorrow. I know, I shouldn't but I taking procautions by using alcohol on my tweezers ect, but I just don't want him digging in them, I can do it without hurting. Lol
I am having to put packing gauze in the holes until they heal. He wants them healing from the inside out, which makes sense. It just stings a little putting the packing in and stings throughout the day if the gauze moves, which is only a few times a day. Can't wait until I'm totally healed!!

It's been a while...

About 2 weeks ago my left breast (my good one) started getting red, was very hot to the touch, and started to swell. I was seen the next day after I called. (They are awesome about getting me in!) My doctor told me I had cellulitus and prescribed an antibiotic. This was on a Friday. The next day, the redness had almost doubled (after two doses of antibiotics) and I called and spoke with the doctor on call. He called in another antibiotic to take with the other one. Well, that afternoon all the infection decided it was time to come out. I'll spare you the details, but it seemed like it wouldn't stop. Gross! I had to go in to the office on Sunday morning for the doctor to do a culture to make sure I was on the right antibiotics. It finally starting feeling better and by the next Friday, at my follow up appointment, it was almost cleared up, thank goodness! I have another small hole to take care of, but I'm finally feeling so much better! Everything is healing and looking good. I was cleared to go to the gym and do anything I feel like I can do. The one thing I would love to do is sleep on my side without my boobs hurting from doing so. Hopefully soon!

Still having issues

I am 8 weeks post op and still having issues with splitting sutures. My body just doesn't like them. Other than those few spots, I've healed well. I'm wearing silicone strips to help with the scarring. One day, and one day soon, I'll be all healed up. I can't wait to go shopping for a new bra. I'm still wearing the bras given to me from the doctors office, per my doctor.
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