22 yr old Reduced from 36H to 36D

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So I went to a few consultations and decided on a...

So I went to a few consultations and decided on a doctor, Dr. Roland E Finger. He was charming and funny and has had over 40 years of plastic surgery experience. He and his staff made me comfortable and spoke with me about the risks and the results I can expect to receive. I was looking for a C and he agreed that a C would be best for my figure and would be possible.

The insurance process was a little weird because my provider originally told their office that they would only cover 2 hours of the procedure because they have their own surgical center and will not use the hospital. The office quoted me the expected amount I would have to pay if the surgery lasted longer, and we agreed on a price. They took the photos and sent them off to my provider for approval, I called about 3 weeks later and found out that I had been approved for the full procedure time so YAY. The insurance is covering 80% and after all the expenses were calculated I would have to pay about $3,038 out of pocket.

We decided on november 11th for the surgery date and I have a pre surgery checkup/meeting 2 weeks before. I'm really excited about this because I've been sort of considering it since highschool but I never really thought of it as a possibility or a reality, I actually ended up talking to a nurse at my doctors office who had a breast reduction surgery where she told me all about the process and her doctor and made some recommendations. That got me thinking about BR as a reality instead of a fantasy, which got me on the internet researching, which eventually brought me to this site. Sooo here this is, I'll probably update as it gets closer to the surgery date, see ya then!

Quick Update

So I want to do some before and after photos but its tough working up the confidence to put something that online, I'll figure something out soon. I know I'll take a few with different shirts to I can do a comparison shot when its all over.

In the mean time I've been exercising and losing some weight for this and generally taking back control of my life and health, I've had so many problems staying healthy because of the back pain and general uncomfortableness of exercising with my breast size. They get in the way and because I was born with bird cage ribs my sternum has weakened and the extra weight on my chest from my breasts causes me pain, this lead to a general lack of exercise which wasn't healthy for me at all. Suffice to say I'd had enough and started trying to get healthy again and I feel the decision to have surgery will only positively affect my efforts. I can't wait be able to do jumping jacks or even run after my nephew without having to wear 2 sports bras to keep everything in line. I'm very pleased with my progress so far and as long as work doesn't get too in the way I believe I'll make my target weight before the surgery in november so YAY!

Anyway, thank you all for your support and your own reviews as they really gave me the strength and understanding to make this decision and a realistic view of the healing process and expectations. So thank you all again!

Less than 2 month away

So I got a call from my surgeons office earlier this month asking for the deposit, it was $1000 and I paid it so that the process could move forward. (They needed it before they could move to the next step.)

They mailed out the patient packet with all the information; what to do and not do before the surgery, what medicines you can and can't take, how to dress, what to bring, what happens after the procedure is over, eat... I read through it last night and I will again, there are a few forms and releases I need to sign that are included in it. The whole thing was thoughtfully laid out and had quite a bit of humor throughout that put me at ease the same way Dr. Finger did when I first met him. Its reaffirmed my choice in doctor 100% and I'm so excited that the process is moving forward.

I have a general history and well check with the office on October the 28th and then after that they've confirmed the surgery date for 8 am on the 11th of November.

It's almost unbelievable to me how quickly this is happening, and the whole process has been smooth and easy, I can't believe I'm really less than 2 months away from the surgery now.

I'm almost down to the weight target I want to be at for the surgery which is 165lbs, I'm at 171lbs now which means I've lost a total of 23lbs since I've started. I look and feel better and more healthy, but my boobs haven't changed size at all, which I knew would happen because my weight has never affected them except to make them bigger. :(

I've got a few pictures of me in different tops to upload, I'm trying to work up to taking a good 'before' picture so I can have something to juxtapose with the after picture come November. I'll upload the shirts pictures to my computer and put them up before next Friday(my birthday ????)


Less Than 3 Weeks to Go!

So my pre op appointment is next Tuesday the 28th, I got a call from the surgery office saying that Dr. Finger will be out of town on that day. So we scheduled a meeting for November the 5th so I'd have a chance to talk with him ahead of time.

It's been a roller coaster recently of getting everything together and sorted before surgery day, we're currently in the process of renovating my bathroom and I was hoping it would be done before my surgery date but that's looking less and less likely.

I've been on this site everyday reading and rereading reviews because I want to make sure I'm ready, at this point im sure im obsessing but im just so excited!
I've got a hotel room lined up for the night before and day of surgery, maybe even the next day if it's necessary, I've rearragned my bed and room so that I'll have an easier time. I'm a little worried because I'm predominately a side sleeper and have been trying the past couple of nights, and will keep trying, to start sleeping on my back (this has been rather hard but I'm glad im trying to get in the habit now instead of the night after surgery).

Quick update on my weight, I'm down 27lbs from when I started in June and only 2lbs away from my goal for surgery, I want to loose another 15lbs overall but I'm right where I want to be and very happy! And just as I suspected all along by boobs have not shrunk one bit.

I'm so excited this is happening and I can't believe how much time has flown by, this update I'm going to upload some before pictures in different shirts and my day/night bra I usually wear all the time I'm at home.

A few befores

Quick Question

So I've been reading reviews on here non stop, and everything I start to freak out a little all of your gals great reviews helps me through! My pre op is Tuesday, and my question list keeps growing! I've asked my family to think of any questions as well and write them down since they will be helping me the first couple of weeks.

Because of all the weight I've lost I decided to measure my self again, and my new band size is 36" and my chest size is 44"!!! I'm trying to figure out what cup that equates to, does anyone know? Ta-Ta for now!

Im on the other side!

I made it! I'm on the other side, and everything has gone great today. I've got no nausea what so ever, my throat isn't sore at all and only some pain and ache. I guess I was only worried really about the iv since I freak out about needles, but the nurse was amazing and everything went wonderfully with it, they weighed me and I was 30lbs down from when I started which is exactly where i wanted to be for my surgery. Yay! By my final measurements i was 35" Band size, and went down to 42" around my chest but upon further inspection we figured out that was back fat as my breast hadn't shrunk at all.
I asked to be reduced to a C so now I wait to see but I'm already so very happy with my decision.
I'll make a detailed report tomorrow as I'm pretty tired tonight and want to take lots of naps.


Here's how it went down

I managed to sleep the night before which was great, I took the arn

Ugh it cut me off

I took the pre-op arnica the night before, we made it too the hotel smoothly, got everything unpacked and I went to dinner with my mom (yay bone fish grill) I went to sleep around 11-12 that night had nothing to eat or drink, which was pretty hard because I normally drink 2-3 liters of water everyday. I was really thirsty that morning but I was more anxious than anything.

We got to the surgical center at 6:30 ( my surgery was scheduled for 8 am). The nurse was wonderful, I told her how I was more worried about the IV than anything because it was my first time getting on while awake and the thought of needles wigs me out. She put it in smoothly and once the needle was removed I was completely fine with the IV. She talked me through what was going to happen. She then gave me a zofran pill and antibiotics, had me go to the bathroom and weigh myself.

The anesthesiologist came in talked with me about my history and reactions to things, he told me the sore throat from the tube would be hit or miss and generally what to expect from the anesthesia.

Once he left the doctor and my nurse came back, the doctor spent awhile marking me and measuring to make sure of his markings, he talked to me and confirmed what I wanted, once he was done the nurse gave me a nausea patch and the loopy drugs. We walked to the operating room and they had me lay down, the last thing I remember after that was the anesthesiologist talking to the nurses and then nothing until I woke up in the recovery room.

I was surprisingly lucid and asked the poor nurse trying to do my paper work a bunch of questions because I was so curious. She was wonderful and answered as many as she could, I'll be able to ask more at my follow up.
They took 538 grams from the left breast and 394 grams from my right. I was told I did a great job during surgery and barely bled, which is great because they were going to use full drains but instead used some type called pinwheel drains. You don't have to measure or empty them, they're just small tubes that help filter out the excess fluid. She told me that the doctor and the assisting nurse think I'm going to really happy with them abd that they will look wonderful.

I've had next to no nausea at all, but quite a bit of pain on my left side, that's also the side they took the most from, they also Lipoed my sides and 'tail spins' (the breast tissue higher up your chest at your underarms). I did get dizy and almost threw up last night but I believe that was the pain I was feeling because we packed a lot of gauze right on the incision and it was putting too much pressure there.

Today I'm going back to my doctors so that they can change my dressings, and I'm going back tomorrow for my post op and maybe even drain removal.

I'm feeling much better today, I took the lower grade pain killer instead of the Percocet, I'm also taking my post surgery arnica and probiotic and antibiotic, I'm also taking a stool softener I the hopes that I'll actually go to the bathroom.
My throat doesn't hurt at all so I'm going to get to eat some real food today! Yay food!

Bandage photos

I had some bleeding around my right nipple last night but it's stopped now, most of the seepage and bleeding as been under my left breast.

First Post Op

My real post op is tomorrow but I had some slight bleeding last night around my right nipple and we called the doctor, he asked us to come in and at least get the dressings changed and everything looked at. They changed the dressings and everything looks great, the incision lines are awesome and everything is still very swollen. They told me to do a few arm stretches to keep up my arm strength and to stay out of physical therapy. I didn't get a picture without the glaze, I was gonna do that tomorrow when they remove the drains.

They also told me I'd be able to take off these damn compression socks that they gave me tomorrow after drain removal which will be lovely. They make my heels hurt pretty badly if I don't move them around a bit. I get up every couple of hours to walk around the hotel room to keep up blood flow.

We had to wash my surgical bra so I'm waiting for it to dry so I can put it back on.

I catch myself in the mirror and just can't hardly believe the change in size already! It's amazing!
I look thinner overall and they actually already look better with my body and my back pain has reduced already.

I'm keeping a visual diary of my healing process but Im not sure how much of it I will post here, we'll see. That's all for now, I'm gonna take another nap, bye bye!

PostOp- DRAINS OUT!! Yay!!

So last night was pretty hard, I ended up having a nightmare for the first time in years, and woke up every 2-3 hours. At about 3 am I woke up to quite a bit of pain and burning sensation in my breasts, I took the tramadol and after a while everything calmed back down and I was able to go back to sleep.
I finally got to take off those horrible surgical stockings and at about 7:30 I woke up with very little pain and kind of napped till about 9.

I went to my appointment and had the drains removed, didn't hurt at all and I barely even felt them come out, I've had very little pain overall except for the drain sites so I'm glad they're out now.
The doctor is very happy with how they look so far and he and the nurse redressed my incisions and we made my next follow up for 2 weeks out.

I am so far very very very happy with the results and shape and size of my new breasts. There is barely any bruising and the incision lines look very neat and clean and seem to follow the natural fold of my breasts.

The most uncomfortable thing right now is the itchiness and not being able to shower. When we asked the doctor if i would be able to tonight since he took the drains out, he told us that he wants to give the drain sites some time and that I could shower tomorrow. We're thinking about maybe going to a salon to get my hair washed at least.

We'll finally leave for home tomorrow and I'm excited to sleep in my own bed again, although I'm really not looking forward to the bumpy car ride, anyone have any tips?

I've got some before and after photos to post now.


So today was no so great. Overall I'm healing great, the arnica is something I would absolutely recommend, my swelling is already starting to go down, my bruising is barely there and my overall health is great. However, my neck has been killing me and it's causing me to have headaches and the headaches are making me sick, I've also been constipated for the last 4 days and last night I took a laxative. So today i've felt pretty terrible.

Today is also the day we left the hotel and headed home, we had to stop and pick up some things for my sister and I really overdid it even just walking around the store with my head hurting like that, the car ride was a 2 hour agony of my head pounding and feeling like I could throw up any minute. My Mom was amazing though and its probably due to her driving that I didn't actually throw up. During this time I talked to my cousin whose a massage therapist and asked him how to make my neck feel better (it was locking up at this point) and if he could come over after work and help me with it. He is coming over at 7 tonight to help me and he's also bringing this lotion that helps keeps muscles from locking up (this sleeping at a weird angle and on my back is not doing my neck any favors) so I'm looking forward to that.

After we got home, mom changed the sheets on my bed and got me set up with the heating pad he recommended I use on my neck (he said that you definitely shouldn't use one near the incisions or not the bruises) and I started to feel better. I also finally had my first BM even though it was a small one, but I could cry with the relief of it. I also got to shower today and wash my hair which makes me feel like a real person again.

Even though the swelling has gone down a little they are still pretty swollen, especially on the sides where the liposuction was done, Im still so happy with the size they are and I can hardly wait to see how they heal!

Alright, I think I'm gonna nap a bit before dinner, that whole car ordeal tired me out a lot. Oh, and last night I finally slept through the night instead of waking up every 2 hours which is a great and welcomed change.

Bye everyone!

A few thoughts and updates

So everything has generally been going well with the healing, I still can hardly believe how I look in the mirror when I catch myself walking past. I know its going to be awhile before I'm really 'healed' and can go crazy with the outfits but my amazon wishlist has still remarkably grown! I keep finding tops and styles I couldn't wear before and wish listing them so I remember to try them out when I go shopping, I feel like it'll help me remember that I'm not just relegated to clothes that will only fit my boobs anymore. And let me tell you something, not having to heft my heavy breasts while showering, or drying, in order to make sure I clean under them has been a simple but sublime experience (its the little things that make it worth it).

Also I have almost complete arm function and mobility and am able to reach my arms above my head (slowly) and all around, my PS said I should maintain light stretches with my arms in order to make sure everything heals well and won't cause pain later on from healing too "tight". I should also note that I've had this kind of mobility from the start, I don't over do it and general movement doesn't tug on my incisions at all as long as I go slow and steady. The most pain I have from the arm movement is the soreness from the lipo sites, which are still tender and bruised (but only lightly).

In some not so fun news, I just thought I'd list some of the bad/meh stuff so I can let you know some of the less exciting parts of the healing process. I haven't really had a good bm from at least the day before the surgery, and today my aunt (who is a nurse and also worked as the head of the post op ward for some time) helped me through the thoroughly wonderful (lies) process of having my first ever enema. I won't go into detail here but let me just say this was not fun, but I feel a ton better now that I'm not so bloated.
I was taking Stool softener and laxatives but apparently not as much or as often as I should have been, and I won't be making that mistake again for as long as I'm taking the pain killers (which with how well I'm feeling should really be for tonight and then Tylenol as needed). I would like to recommend to anyone going to have surgery that has a history of irregular bm's to stay on top of the pooping thing afterward. Just sayin'.
Sleeping regularly had also been a bit of a challenge what with resting all day except for some nice short walks to stretch my legs and move around, I think I'm gonna take a few more of these every day as they really are very short and the weather has been very nice.
Neck pain from the weird angle was also a problem those first couple of days, make sure you prop yourself up with enough support if you don't have an easy chair to stay in, I don't so i've been having to make do with a fortress like configuration of pillows on the bed for when I hang out in there and finding comfortable positions on the couch. It took some doing( and the message and getting the okay to sleep flat on my back) but I've finally figured out a good support configuration of pillows, my family teases me and says its my 'nest'.

Anyway, I'll probably update again soon with some pictures of how everything is healing, my second post op isn't until the 25th and then right after that is thanksgiving and I'm so excited to visit with my family and eat all that good food!

Bye bye for now!

2 Weeks! Woop Woop!

Alright, so today marks the 2nd week since my surgery and it seems almost unreal except that every time I look down there is unmistakable proof, and I cannot tell you how wonderful that is. This has not been without its downs though, but first I want to express to you that I am absolutely positive that this was the right decision, that even though there has been pain (it hurts sometimes), even though it can get annoying (not being able to do the things you could), even though there can be complications, that this has already had an impact on my life.

I look forward to shopping for clothes and shirts and I mean clothes and shirts that fit ME not just my breasts! I can find tops and jackets and things in new styles that I never would have dreamed looked good on me before! I got a new stylish leather jacket in a size large! LARGE! I bought it a size too big so I could wear a lighter jacket under it! I could have cried right there in the store. I also went to Victoria secret to get a real underwireless bra for the coming weeks, 38 C, let me repeat that, 38 C! I have a beautiful slate blue bra thats so comfortable and it fits me wonderfully and it, my dear friends, is a 38 C. The weight off my chest (teehee) that I'm the size I want to be is incredible.

Im uploading 9 day post pictures here, I'm gonna put out a few more updates today with more pictures and also some more things that have happened.

The Good, The Bad, And the...

So, on around the 21st, the day after it took those photos on the post before this one, this happened....On my right nipple the incisions separated under the steri strips and pulled apart revealing the tissue underneath. I Freaked. Well I didn't actually freak out but I tensed up so bad that day my shoulders started locking up. I was worried that any wrong move would do more damage, I know that incision split commonly, but they are more common along the underside of the breast because of pressure and what not. I called my doctor and because I live 1 1/2 hours away he had me text a picture of the split (looked different than the photos because these photos were after a cleaned it and removed the steri stripes) he told me to take a shower, gently wash with dial soap, clean it out with peroxide and put Neosporin and ban aids on it. My doctor is so wonderful, I had my 2nd post op scheduled for today, the 25th of november, this split happened on friday the 21st and instead of making me wait and having me stressed the whole time asked me to come in the next day, saturday, so he could look at it and apologized to me that this happened and wanted to make sure this was taken care of and that i was happy and offered to do a revision if it was going to scar terribly. I cannot tell you all what it meant to me that he was so genuinely concerned and wanted to see me immediately and make sure everything was okay.
I don't know what would have happened had I had to wait until tuesday, but judging by the stiffness of my shoulders and back by the end of the day Friday, I probably wouldn't have made it.
We went in the next morning and he had a look at it, and besides from the very bottom part where the nipple meets the incision line which he said was struggling, everything looks good and should heal very well. Which was great to hear and I could finally relax, which is when we decided to go shopping and get that bra and some brelettes from victoria secret in celebration. He also took those terrible itchy steristrips off completely and told me to put bacitracin along the incision lines to soften them and help them heal, and he pulled away some of the sutures that had made their way to the surface.

I've now rescheduled my appointment to the first week of December. I can't wait for thanksgiving, and I'll keep you all updated with weekly posts (hopefully).

Also, after the steri strips came off, It hurt. Like everything now has to settle in a new way and now the only thing keeping it together are the incision lines on their own with no back up, so it hurt for a day or two and sometimes when I move weird it tugs, just wanted to let you know what to look out for!

Bye bye for now!


Forgot the right side and underside of todays, so I'm just gonna put those here

Its been awhile

So it has been a few months since I last updated, I've healed nicely, started going on walks every day and now I'm working on getting strength back in my arms since I wasn't allowed to pick up anything over 10lbs for so long (though it was fun to get out of having to vacuum there).

I measured my self a few days ago and my band size is a 36" and my bust size is loosely 39" so that makes my a 36D which honestly I'm very happy about.

I've lost 46lbs since June and now that I've got this weight off my chest (hehehehe) I've started to be able to really exercise like I've wanted to!
Im doing things I never thought I could do without having a massive amount of pain, I've started doing Yoga for balance and flexibility, since my whole body has changed I'm having to relearn how to really balance myself and this is helping immensely! Its hard to believe how good I feel, and how good I feel about myself when I go shopping for cute tops that actually fit my body and not just my boobs!

So what Im doing now is working on making my goal of getting down to 135-140LBS, I'm currently at 147LBS so only a little bit left! I go back for my next follow up on the 9th where hopefully my doctor will ok me to start doing some jogging. I will also be seeing Alton Brown that night in is LIVE! tour which I am positively excited for, because he is awesome.

I am using a scar therapy gel every day because I tend to scar dark and they stay dark for a long time before turning white, so I'm trying to help that process along.

Savannah Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Finger to be funny and charming, he and his staff made me feel incredibly comfortable and taken care of. He went over everything with me and made sure I was aware of the risks, his staff is excellent and was a big part of what made me chose this doctor. Dr. Finger did a wonderful job with my surgery, the lines are very clean and they follow the natural fold of my breasts. I am very happy with my decision to chose Dr. Finger.

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