Lovin my new hourglass shape from Shanklin! 6/2/14

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Hi all! I've been stalking on this site for a year...

Hi all! I've been stalking on this site for a year or so seeing all the great results other people have had with their surgeries. It wasn't until a month ago that I actually decided that I was tired of seeing other people happy and not myself. So (as stated in my title) I've started making appointments for consultations, and my first one is tomorrow. I have 3 more after that one, so hopefully after this month I'll be able to decide on a doctor and get a surgery date. It's crazy that I'm so excited about a consultation, but I guess it's just knowing that I'm taking the first step to get my dream body.

So, now that I got why I'm here out the way I'll introduce myself (backwards huh? lol). Anyway I'm a 26yr old mother of 2 precious little boys, ages 1.5 and 4. I'm currently trying to get my ADN (associate degree in nursing) so if I'm not chasing highly energized little boys around my nose is in a book. All my life I've been a kinda thick girl. In highschool I was a D-cup with a flat stomach, big thighs, and NO ass-at-all. Even when I gained weight the first time I was in college my stomach stayed flat, but it was these damn kids that messed me up. Now, I'm walking around with DD bra, a flabby hanging stomach, big thunder thighs (they rub together ugh), and still no ass at all lol.

By the way right now I'm 5'2.5 and weigh around 174lbs, which besides when Iwas pregnant is the heaviest I've ever been. I'm trying to do this diet thing now because I don't want any extra fat on my body after this surgery. So if I can get down to about 150-155 I think that'd be good.

I started thinking that lipo was a good look for me, until I came on this site again and realized that a bbl really wasn't going to be that much more money. So that's when my stalking started. I noticed that most of the girls have went to Jimmerson (GA) or Salama (FL), and even though their work is fabulous, it's not a plausible idea for me. I need to stay in Savannah, Ga so I don't disrupt my life too much. I've found four doctors here that I'm going to consult with. Dr. Pearl, Dr. Huntly, Dr. Most, and Dr. Shanklin. I see Dr. Pearl tomorrow, but I think I'm more interested in seeing Dr. Shanklin. I suppose just because they are the only practice to use Vaser lipo and they have an overnight center for the first day of surgery. They also have 3d imaging to view the before and projected after view, which gives me confidence in my results. My only problem with all of the Dr.'s 'm consulting with is the lack of before and after pics. The few that do have them scare me because of how little the butts are lol. I'm not sure if this is due to the people who had it prior's preferences or the lack of knowledge of the dr. I guess if I don't feel completely comfortable after my consults I'll be taking the 3hr drive to Atlanta for Jimerson.

Anyway I'll keep rambling if I don't stop now, so I'll include a few wish pics and my before pic with clothes. I'll probably put up one with out once I'm closer to surgery lol. I suppose I'll update tomorrow!

Ok, so I went to my first consult today and it was...

Ok, so I went to my first consult today and it was ok. The staff was friendly, the dr was friendly, and the atmosphere was nice. He quoted me a price of 6605, which was really good and even offered to give me a mini tummy tuck because after the lipo my stomach may be a little loose. That immediately perked my ears up lol because my 2 babies killed my stomach. I also was told that if in 6 months I need any revisions he will not charge surgeons fees (only for the or and anesthesia) My only problems with this visit were his lack of before and after pics and his assessment of my ass. With no pics it makes me nervous of what my results will be. How do I know my big and your big are the same you know. That's another thing, he told me my butt was as big as Lisa Raye's (I'll include the pics I showed him) he just had to get rid of my spare tire. I actually think I'm going to take a pic to show how far from the truth that statement actually is lol. Anyway, I suppose my next update will be either when I find the perfect butt (wish pic) or after my next consult on 4/17. Can't wait till then! ttyl

Hello ladies! I had a consult today and it was...

Hello ladies! I had a consult today and it was pretty good. Even tho I have 1 consult left on the 29th, I feel like I found my dr already. His nurses are really nice, she calmed my nerves a lot by just joking and laughing with me. It's funny that in my first consult I was just rambling off questions and still left feeling unsure, yet my mind went completely blank with the dr today and I still walked out feeling like he knew what he was doing. The only thing I was puzzled about was do I just want projection (his ex Serena Williams) or do I want projection and lateral (his ex j lo). Anyway, he seemed very knowledgeable about the surgery and I liked his before and after pics. Im happy he also stated he takes out the maximum amount when performing lipo, cuz i need every bit out I can get lol. So, for lipo of the abdomen, whole back, and flanks, the fat graft (of course), and an overnight stay in their recovery center will be 7628. Do you ladies have any questions I can ask because I need to write them down, I can't be blank starin at the next dr lol. I think I need to start seriously thinking of when I can have the surgery done. Unfortunately I know it won't be until at least December. I know if I am reasonable with my Christmas shopping I can have the money by maybe November. But if I know me like I think I do, that's not gonna happen lol. Last yr I spent like 3000 on clothes and toys for my babies, so I know I go ham 4 my lil men. So, if I do my usual Christmas splurge it won't be until around February when I save up around 8k. I'm so excited to actually get this done, I may just have to cut down on Christmas and finally do something for myself. I can't wait!

Oh yeah, I'm down to 168lbs so I've lost 6lbs! Yay...

Oh yeah, I'm down to 168lbs so I've lost 6lbs! Yay me! I wanna lose at least another 10lbs b4 my surgery (I'm sure I'll still have enough fat lol). Anyway I know I have a long time until then, but I'm still excited!

So, I figure if I'm gonna have a nice lower body,...

So, I figure if I'm gonna have a nice lower body, I might as well have a nice upper body too. I think I want to get a breast lift. I'm tired of my nipples pointing toward the floor lol. I wanna be able to wear dress with no bra and not be embarrassed by my ass. Do you think it would be to much on my body to get a breast lift and bbl at the same time? I'm thinking because if I get the procedures together it will be 9,930, but if I get them separately it will be around 12,818. I'd be saving around 3000, but I just don't know how it is to lay on your stomach and have cut up boobs. I know I saw a couple people who had the 2 procedures done, but I can't find their posts right now (only cuz I'm looking for them lol). Now all I keep thinking about is walking around like Big Booty Judy, with some big perky looking chi-chi's. Lol I'm a monster because if I get the surgeries separately I'm going to get my inner thighs lipod with the breast lift. Also, I think I'm going to go with a butt that has projection and lateral fullness. I think that will give me a see it from the font type of booty lol. I swear this surgery is taking my anxiety thru the roof and it's no where near right now. I have at the least 7 months till I can afford the bbl.
Also, this has nothing to do with surgery, but I'm so disgusted right now! My baby got out of bed this morning and took his diaper off. I have no clue where his diaper is, but all I know is that there's a brown streak on my pillow. Ugh, I'm so done with this right now ugh. That shit is fuckin disgusting I swear.

Lol I can do nothing but laugh at myself. I was...

Lol I can do nothing but laugh at myself. I was commenting on somebody's blog yesterday saying how you have to get motivated and get all the snacks out of your house... Well, I just felt like a crack head searchin everywhere for a lil bit of chocolate. I was cleaning out the pantry and lookin all over my room. I finally found a pack of swiss rolls n finished it b4 I even got to this site lol. Smh I blame it on my period!
Anyway off my murder case, I have my last consult tomorrow and I really don't wanna go (I still am tho). I pretty much just wrote him ogf after seein someone on here who (not downin nobody ijs my opinion) had a bbl by him n I couldn't tell AT ALL. Also, I'm pretty sure that was the only dr with pics up in my arra and all of them had lil booties. Now I don't want a Nicki Minaj booty, but damn can I get somethin? So, even tjo I don't wanna go, I'm still gonna sew if maybe those ppl wanted conservative butts n he has some bigger ones to show me. Otherwise I'm pretty sure I'll be setting up a 2nd consult with Dr. Shanklin. He seems to have a lot of knowledge on the subject (he gives seminars on bbls) and his pics look nice. The first dr was really nice and offered me a free mini tt, but he seemed to brush off a cpl questions and had no pics, so yea as of right now I've chosen my dr. So yay me!! Now I just havw to set a date (I'm praying I can get it done 12/12) and then I'll be closer to my dream body! I still nees to ask if he gives a garment after. Also, (why do I feel like my grandma still talkin after u say goodnight) I was thinkin I may just buy a waist cincher feom hourglassgang.com and wear compression stockings. It seems like it'd be much easier to do after surgery. Any thoughts on that?

So I just left my last consult and I'm not sure...

So I just left my last consult and I'm not sure who to go with. Dr. Huntly was a nice man and he knows what he's doing in regard to the bbl (technically). His office is located in a hospital and they keep you there overnight. His pics were soso with butts, but his lipo is great. He also said he'll put as much fat in as the patient wants or as much as the skin will hold (which was my main concern with him). So I'm going to list my pros and cons for both Dr's.
Dr. Shanklin: located across the street from a hospital (literally), has more b4 and after pics, has friendly staff, price is 7628, uses vaser lipo (firms skin and less damage to tissue), gives 3d pic of expected sx outcome.
cons: some of his patients have odd shaped butts,
Dr. Huntly: located in hospital, lab fees included in price, lipo results are great, garment included in price,
cons: not many pics, price 8850,
that's all I got for now, but now I'm pretty lost on my decision.... I'm still leaning towards Shanklin, but I like Dr. Huntly is located in a hospital. I just feel safer.... Hmmmm

Ok, so I've been stressing about my sx. The only...

Ok, so I've been stressing about my sx. The only days my surgeon works are Monday and Thursday, so since I'd have to stay at the overnight facility my kids will have to stay with my mom. The problem is my mom is a teacher so she'd have to work the next day and my boys don't sleep well without me. I want my sx the week after my finals so I'll have basically 4wks before the next semester starts to heal up, but she isn't out 4 Christmas break until 2wks later. So, I either wait until Christmas break and have only about 2wks to heal b4 school starts to help my mom. Or, I try and beg her to pick them up from school and keep them Thursday night. She wants me to wait until next summer, but I just can't wait that long. I wanna be 1st place in the bad b*#$ * contest wit no garment by then. But on the bright side I found out prek kids can go to primetime so she will b able to pick him up if I can go on the 12/12. Now I just have 2 stress about a date, childcare, and comin up with $6100 b4 December.
Also my measurements are:
bust: 41
natural waist: 36
waist (where pants sit): 42 3/4 (damn love handles)
hips: 43 1/2

Not much of an update, but lately my oldest son...

Not much of an update, but lately my oldest son has been talking non-stop about going to pre-k in August. He's constantly asking how far August is and when are we going shopping for his book bag and uniforms. I started getting so annoyed until I realized he is probably going thru the same thing I am! It seems like I am on this site reading blogs constantly and looking for the best priced post surgery supplies. I started to think I'm truly obsessed with my new body. I had to stop myself from buying clothes to wear next summer, but I did end up buying some sweat pants, leggings, and a dress (ga weather is all over the place in Dec) to wear for right after surgery. I'm thinkin I might be jumping the gun on this since idk wat size I'll be, but I need to do something! I'm starting to consider just taking a break during class and having my sx earlier ugh! I just cant imagine goin to class wit no ass one week then the next I got a big dumb booty lol. This wait (just shy of 7mths) is going to drive me insane! I swear I need ativan (anxiety meds) to get thru this time. I wish I wouldn't have decided to go on consults until August or that I would've started saving b4! Ok I'm off 2 zumba now. ttfn ladies!

I just want to cry!

So, after going thru my finances and adding everything up, I'm not sure if I'll have all the money for surgery by December. I'd literally be scraping the barrel if I do it then (unless something changes). Unfortunately I just really may have to wait until May to get it done. I'm thinking maybe I can clean up my credit a little and try to get financed, but I hate having bills like that. I guess I'll go back to crunching numbers to see if maybe I missed something. On the bright side I finally got my youngest to give up his night time bottle (don't laugh he drinks from regular cups during the day, but he needed his juice at night whenever he woke up), so that should make it easier for my mom to keep him on a Thursday.
Now, on to my spoiled brat rant... I want my surgery now! But, I've convinced myself that December is the best time to get it because Ga heat is crazy and I swell without surgery, so with it I'd just look like a marshmallow. Then by March when it starts warming up I'd be able to wear thin material without the garment showing. It just seems as if this date is perfect, soooo I think I'm going to schedule a consult for June and set my date. I will just have to get a strict budget and pray I can get everything I need. No more buying clothes or shoes (except my kids school stuff), no more video games or any other unnecessary things like hair and toes, and I'll use my child support to start buying the boys Christmas gifts early. Hopefully with that plan I can get my Christmas gift to myself!
Oh and over the past two weeks I haven't been exercising or eating right (chocolate is my downfall), so I'm back up 5lbs (wtf). Anyway happy healing to everyone who had sx thus far!

Wtf is wrong with this pic?

So I like wearing Spanx on a daily basis, but it's not sucking me in the way I want. I took my measurments again and realized I should probably be in large spanx instead of xl, so now I'm on the hunt 4 new shape wear and padded panties so I can be summer time fine lol. My only thing is on the fajate site for 33in waist and 43in hips I should be in a medium, but that sounds absolutely foolish! I haven't worn a medium anything since I had my 4yr old! I'm so confused on if I should follow the size chart or get a large cuz it seems like a better choice. But then goin wit the "better choice" wit the Spanx left me with not enough compression in the belly area... Anyway I was doin Zumba fitness core 6 days a wk and my waist went from 36in to 33in! woohoo!!!!

So excited!

So, I went on a final consultataion yesterday and paid my deposit to save my date. I'm officially schedules for December 19 @ 8am! I can't wait to turn this bmw to a bmr (body made right). I also found out some good info on my consult. My Dr. doesn't use drains, he gives compression garments, and there are massages included in the surgery fee. That def makes me feel better because I was stressing about how much I was gonna be spending on massages and if the therapist knew how to handle post surgery cloents. It alao gives me time before I switch to a vedette or faja to really gauge my size... Now, on to the bad parts. My surgery is on a Thursday and my mom will have to keep my boys, then go to work on Friday. This is not gonna go over well with her, but I am not above begging, crying, and pouting lol. Next bad thing is I fell ALL the way off my diet! I think I probably gained the 8lbs I lost plus 5 more, so to lose this belly jelly imma have to start countin calories and exercising again. Along wit my workout plan imma slowly start buying my supplies, so I don't feel overwhelmes when December comes.
Even though my date is a month away I still am SO wxcites! Alright I will probabltnstart updating more oftwn with my weight loss soon. Good luck and happy healing to all!
p.s. I usually try to correct my spelling but rs is laggin today and ain't nobody got time for that!

Surgery postponed, but I got 6 months left

So I haven't updated in a while, but I had 2 move my surgery from 12/19 to 6/2 so i could get my coins right. But the good part is I get to work on my body. I'm currently 164.4 and I'm tryin 2 get to 145. Not much but yeah that 19lbs will make me look so much better! I started insanity yesterday so in 60 days I better have some damn muscle definition lol. I'm def gonna have 2 take some progress pics and see what happens. Also, I had a horrible sprained ankle and when they gave me my crutches, I realized I was 5'4 not 5'2... strange lol.... Anyway, I feel like I need 2 start preparing 4 aurgery, but idk what to even start 2 buy. Le sigh. I guess I'll just keep reading blogs until I get closer. My pre-op is may 20th and I can't wait! I suppose my next update will be when I get down 2 155lbs. Till then be blessed and bootyful ladies ?

2 months until I get my sexy back!

So, I haven't been updating my "blog" because this site was causing major anxiety! I had so much time left and all I could focus on was ass lol, so 4 my sanity, I had 2 stay off this site. Now that I officially have 68 days it's time for me 2 start preparing for this transformation. I have a few things ready, but I think/feel like I'm missing so much. I have hospital maxi pads (from the birth of my youngest son), a few dark maxi dresses, some sweats, and my boppy pillow but I think that may be it. So I suppose I'll be getting on amazon to order arnica gel and pills, vitamin a & d ointment (it works 4 tattoos so y not other wounds?), and probably some other things I can't think of now.
Anyway as far as my weight loss journey is goin, I've been on the wagon, fell off, and got back on in the matter of a few months. Right now I'm REALLY trying 2 stay on track, but it's hard. I started a low carb diet to try n drop some quick weight, but 4 some reason my will power is limited. I just really want 2 look a little smaller overall so after surgery I can tell anyone that asks "oh I've JUST been working out" lol. I mean I support plastic surgery n ppl who get it, but I don't wanna out myself! I mean then u open yourself up 2 some serious hate from ppl and ain't nobody got time 4 that! .... So is any1 nervous about this? I am definitely scared that my butt will be shaped wrong or too small, I'd hate to need a revision. I just hope that all my praying and hoping will lead me out of this surgery healthy and with the body I want. Well, until next time chicas (probably affter my labs or preop)!

Get ready, get ready, get ready!

So I went to my pre-op appt today and everything is a go for surgery. At this point I'm scheduled for 9am, but I'm hoping they move it to the 1st surgery so my anxiety won't kill me. I have pretty much everything except colace and my rx, but I have 2wks to do that so I'm fine. The only real pressure I feel now is to lose weight. I've been stuck at 166lbs for a while and I have 2wks 2 lose 11lbs. I'm hoping if I do the 10day green smoothie cleanse I can get down to 155. I plan on starting that tomorrow since I just went and got all my spinach and fruit. On another note I go see August Alsina perform next week woooo! It's 2 bad I won't have my new booty tho. Anyway well wishes 2 all entering bootyland!

hangover city!

Last night I went out 2 see august alsina and I got pretty drunk. Well now I'm paying for it! I expected 2 b filled with anxiety and getting last minute stuff, but instead I'm in bed with a horrible hangover! My head is hurting and my knee is aching from sleeping in 1 spot 4 too long.... ugh.... Anyway, as long as I make it 2 walgreens b4 6pm 2 pick up my nausea patch I'll be ok. I'll probably update my pre-op pics tonight or tomorrow morning.

today's the day!

I'm nervous as shit waiting in the lobby! Ahhhhhh! My surgery is at 9, so I'll b gettin marked up soon. Wish me luck!

yeap I'm bootidied lol

It's 530am n I just got back from the surgery center. I was told I got 1100 cc in each cheek woohoo! Also 2000cc came just from my tummy. I'm sore as hell n can't wait 4 my meds @6am.. pics later

surgery aftermath

Ladies pls buy cough drops! My throat kills right now, so PLEASE get cough drops. Ok back 2 sleep y4 mme.

this compression garment

Ladies take this advice: when taking off your garment have juice, a fan, and someone with u. I almost passed out twice taking off that damn thing! Also make sure you have enough compression everywhere, cuz if u don't the soreness will be out of this world. I am havin a much easier time now that my garments r where they should b.

2days post op

My stomach is flat ladies! It's gonna be ugly as hell but it will b flat! Lol also my butt is nice. I can't really see it in the compression garment but, my undies don't fit and I got a nice lil bump in my gown. Now I want it 2 drop a lil and I'll be happy

grrrr my review (for the 2nd time)

Ok since I typed this just now and nothing showed up I'll give the very short version. So, I stayed at the surgery center Monday night. I had a catheter so I couldn't walk around, which sucked big balls, but the nurses were very sweet and made sure I was ok. On Tuesday I was in ridiculous amounts of pain that even pain killers couldn't get rid of, but I realized it was because my garment wasn't compressing enough. I bothered Julie 3 times and each time she sent a new garment for me to try on until we finally got it right. Once we got the garment figured out, my healing was smooth sailing (as smooth as could be expected lol). It seems Wednesday was just a lot of sleeping, walking, and peeing in a cup lol. And today I actually took my 1st shower. I feel so much better and much more like a human lol. My friend took my garment off very slowly, and I think that helped with not passing out this time. I absolutely love my new shape and I'm just going to be patient and wait for my butt to soften up. Happy healing ladies!.... btw I can't wait to get out the house!

3 days post op

3 days post op

phenergan is a life saver!

Ok I've been itchin like hell and I couldn't get it to stop with benadryl, but phenergan has saved my life! If you get prescribed this use it to stop the itches! I was basically tearing my skin until I took some! Ugh sweet relief, and you have no clue until u try it. Also, I barely have any bruising and I think it's because of the vaser lipo technique (which I'm pretty sure is why my skin looks like it's reattaching too).

5 days post op

It seems my body is changing every day! My waist is mall, my stomach is flat, and my butt is big and believable (to those meeting me for the 1st time). I actually didn't even expect my stomach to be this flat! My butt seems to be rounding out a little more each day and my shelf isn't as obvious as b4, so I have full confidence that after a few weeks I'll have my perfect butt. I def made the right choice in going with Dr. Shanklin.
As for my recovery, I'm going to try today with no pain killers (except 1 after I woke up). My body is super stiff though so the muscle relaxers may be calling my name lol. I'm still walking like a little old lady, but it's gettin easier each day. Now I just have 2 deal with the random sharp pains, itching skin, and fucking garment ugh. I actually have my garment off now, and though I HATE it, I also hate the way my skin feels so and sensitive without it. Oh last thing I tried on a very tight maxi dress that I hated even with spanx on and it looked GREAT on me! I can't wait till I can hop in my car n go some place. Happy healing ladies!

don't let feelin good on narcotics fool u!

So the title is self explanatory. I woke up @8am n took a muscle relaxer and nothing else. I was feeling so good the other days I thought I'd be ok... LOL. I took tylenol an hr ago and I still feel like I got hit by a small car. Smh... I just took another muscle relaxer, but idk if it's gonna help much. Either way, don't wait till ur almost out of pain pills 2 cut back (and it's a weekend). If you're gonna scale down do it when you can slowly increase time between doses, because I'm MISERABLE! Ugh I'm gonna go as long as I can without my norco, but I doubt I'll make it till dark smh.....
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