28 Year Old No Kids; Always Had a Flat Ass, Just Want a Little Junk in the Trunk!! - Savannah, GA

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Well, thus far not too much has happened, I have...

Well, thus far not too much has happened, I have had a consultation with Dr.Shanklin here in savannah Ga, he seemed very realistic and stated her could put about 800cc in each cheek, which is fine with me cause I don't want a giant unrealistic phatty. I'm real also hoping to get my bra bulge lipo and be shaped up through the waist and hips. So far my experience dealing with the office has been great, he even gave me a discount to my pre existing quote when I saw they were having a Christmas special for the BBL.

Plan on adding more

I plan to add more, but here is my new front profile only 2 weeks post op! I'm in love ????


here are some before pics, yuck

3 weeks out

I went to my 3 week follow up today, I've been sore still but able to move around much better. Apparently I'm still very "firm" around my lower back from swelling, and I'm lumpy and tender in my abdomen so my doctor referred me to get lymphatic drainage massages. He even provided the first 5 sessions for free ! Tonight I got excited cause I could see my new butt! And my lower back is still so swollen so I imagine it will
Get even better!!! Also, all my skin is peeling in the areas I got lipoed, like if you had a sunburn and your skin peeled, it's weird and gross but apparently normal.

Almost been a year !

Next month will be one year, I love the way my booty looks, but I haven't lost any weight and am feeling fat, and I have some contour irregularities with the lipo on my abdomen that I am going to be looking into getting fixed soon, and I'd like I little lipo to my upper arms, and I'm going to ask about a little more fat transfer to the booty, so pretty much a round 2, but my main goal if nothing else is to get my abdomen to look prettier!

Contour irregularities

This makes it looks the worst possible ... when I stretch long in bright light I can see every problem part. I think there may be some adhesions in there, not sure, probably going to consult with my doc next week !


I hope people don't mind that my boobs are always around in these pics... hahahaha. Lipo irregularities look better after wearing a little compression, I still get some swelling there almost a year later :-/. Wonder if that ever stops.

Lumps and booty

I hate the unevenness on my stomach, but I want to lose some lbs before I even think about a revision, if I do it.


Been working out

I've been working out the last month and I think good things are happening for my
Booty !

Revision of scar tissue

This Wednesday 9/20/17, I will be having a revision to the scar tissue on my lower abdomen. I will be staying awake, so this will be interesting, but Dr.Shanklin swears it will
be no big deal!
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