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I started disliking my nose in high school and...

I started disliking my nose in high school and have wanted to do something about it for over a decade now.
Finally, I have a surgery scheduled.
I met Dr Finger and we both agreed that my bridge needs to be narrowed, bulbous tip corrected, bumps filed down, and there will be a graft to help with tip projection.
I'll also be having a correction of a deviated septum. Yay for being able to breathe better!
I'm a little concerned that Dr Finger and I might not be on the same page as far as what I expect the result to be, because he doesn't do any sort of computer imaging to show his patients what results he is aiming for. So when I meet with him tomorrow I'll address this and make sure we are on the same page.

Surgery is set for Jan 28. Can't wait!!

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Pre-Op appointment

I met with Dr Finger today for my h&p appointment and to go over any questions/concerns.
I told him it made me a little nervous to not have a computer image because there's no way for me to see what he is envisioning. He spent time explaining the expected outcome to me and really made me feel at ease.
I've now done all be pre-op labs and gotten my prescriptions for surgery day. 3 more weeks!

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Surgery was yesterday and the whole thing went just as planned. I've felt only very minimal pain that is very easily controlled with the prescribed meds.
Dr Finger and his staff have been amazing! I have a lot of energy and am having to force myself to stay in bed only because I know it's best!
I do have bruises and swelling now, but it's not too horrible, and I'm hoping that Arnica and Bromelain will speed up the healing.
I'm already so happy I decided to do this, and thst I chose Dr Finger!
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