Revision Rhinoplasty SA

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I did a revision rhinoplasty because i wanted to...

I did a revision rhinoplasty because i wanted to lower the tip
So i went to a surgon and i think that i wasn't lucky he promised me to do better than i thought
So i agreed but know after 12 days i feel that my nose is shorter than before and my nose is upturned and he narrowed the nostrill while i didn't ask for that :( TT
Am so saaad about that i really hated the surgon am so tired and i can't even think of another surgery i will live the rest of my life with that nose .. I even hated looking at tye mirror or smile cause my smile has been changed i don't know how will i meet my friends

Before revision


Do u think is it posssible for me to use perfume after 2 weeks if not when should i use it ?!!

3 weeks

My revision nose job 3 weeks later
The right side doesnt move like the left side when i yawning.. is it because of the Anesthesia ?! am still worried about that :(

After one month

Am posting these pic hoping that my nose will be better than before ????

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