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I have 2 kids and a jelly belly. My stomach has...

I have 2 kids and a jelly belly. My stomach has never been flat. After my first son my stomach was super stretched and I knew I wanted a TT. My youngest is 1.5 and I found out I could get the procedure done in my hometown so I decided to go for it. I have found reviews on here helpful so am posting my experience. My dr is Chris Thomson and my consultation went really well I'm a good candidate I'm healthy my height 5'2 weight 130lbs. Right now am 2 and a half weeks till my surgery.

2 weeks away

Ok so my surgery is in 2 weeks that means I am cutting out any supplements I'm taking which are zinc vitamin c and a milk thistle complex. I will still take my multiple vitamin. I will also not be taking any over the counter medicine Advil aleve etc and no alcohol. I'm pretty excited am getting kinda nervous.

1 week to go

I want things at home to go smoothly so I have been prepping. I have about 2 weeks of frozen meals ready to go. I can't lift my kids so I bought a step stool that way my youngest can climb up. I have hired a housekeeper so things should go good. I booked off 2.5 weeks from work hoping that is enough. I lost 5lbs which is good I wanted to be closer to 120 for my surgery which is my ideal weight. I'll update on surgery day. Thanks for the support so far

Day of surgery

At the center just waiting to go in I'll looking forward to the flat side


Holy moly I am vomiting. Don't know if it's from coming off anesthetic or the morphine I was prescribed but I constantly have nausea and have vomited just small amounts. I'm gonna see what my ps thinks tomorrow and hopefully it goes away

Nausea passed

I was worried I might be sick but I think the nausea and vomiting was from the anesthetic as it has passed feeling ok as long as I keep up the pain meds. Still tweaking with the dose. I'm gonna wait till tomorrow to take a look when I see my PS. Can't wait

1 day post

Sorry my dates are all messed up on here. Feeling great today I do need to take it easy I did to much and almost fainted. I think my tummy looks ugly still but it is flat. I'm expecting it to look better once the swelling goes down and the stitches heal.

Day 2 post op

I feel like I worked out at the gym hard. I am pretty much walking upright pain is like a 2 I am staying on my pain meds for night time I will cut back during the day and use aleeve and Tylenol along with my other supplements. Can't believe I feel this good biggest hardest thing to deal with is my 1 year who wants to be lifted. I have 5-1/2 more weeks that I can't lift for. I'm gonna have to deal with it but it should be ok

Still feeling good

Swollen and not really looking pretty can't wait till swelling is down and I can see how it's gonna look

Got my drain out

My output was super low probably could have got it out yesterday but it's gone now. Still feeling good pain is managed with Tylenol and aleve during the day and just taking morphine at night. I am going to it this operation was not as bad as I thought it would be pain has been minimal not crazy emotional roller coaster. I will say I have lots of supports my mom who is here taking care of my kids my husband and all my friends. Reading reviews I was prepared for the worst but everything has been smooth sailing for me. My csection was more paingul and harder to deal with than this. My tummy tuck has really been a walk in the park. I know have more healing but I'm gonna take it slow and let it heal


Ok yesterday was my first bm in a week it was terrible. At least things are moving now.

Back to work tomorrow

Tomorrow I go back to work. Feeling good so it shouldn't be too bad. It will be nice to get out of the house. I feel good and keep doing more than I should I have caught myself lifting heavier items like my kids I really have to remind myself to slow it down. Pain is pretty minimal at this point I still have swelling. Glad I got this done the stomach lots great and I know it will look better once the swelling is gone.

Not much new

3 weeks out. My tape has fallen off and it was bleeding from the incision a little not sure if that's from the tape or something else. Will check it on the morning still a little pain not taking any meds for it as it is quite minimal. Starting to want to work out.

Burning sensation

Ok all day I have had a burning sensation in my tummy from what I have read this is normal just the nerves healing. It is driving me crazy. It makes me want to lie in bed and do nothing. So for all my bragging about little pain I'm feeling it now. I added some pictures. I would have liked a straighter scar but my ps explained that to remove all excess skin I would need the vertical incision so to get off as much as possible the scar wasn't as straight and he did warn me before the operation that that may happen. He was very forward with explaining stuff like that. Hopefully I can do some scar therapy and it's not noticeable. As well I thinking waiting longer to see how it heals will make a difference.

Saw the surgeon

So today was a 6 week appt. little longer than 6 weeks though. Everything is healing up nice and looking good. Dr was happy he noticed the belly button was a little off but wasn't sure another surgery would make it any better. I tend to agree with this it's like cutting your hair trying to make it even. He did say to give it more time for healing. I figured this I am very happy with the results. So much so that I'm thinking about getting an augmentation. I'll post some pictures. I do notice I still have some pain nothing that can't be managed with Tylenol. And the more I do the worse it is so I need to remind myself to take it easy still.

6 months

I'm almost at the 6 month point but am very happy with result no pain and I have been working out using the muscles quite a bit. I love the results and want to drop a couple pounds which I think will really help my shape. Scar position is very nice I bought a bikini and you can't even see the scar.
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