34 mother of 3- 5'7" 150lbs A36- Natrelle Inspira smooth 545 Xtra- full projection soft touch gel - Saskatoon, SK

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Today March 19th was my consult with Dr. Chris...

Today March 19th was my consult with Dr. Chris Thompson in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada. Everything went very well, his receptionist is so nice and he was very professional and easy to talk to. We talked about the pro’s and con’s and all that jazz, I was measured and we discussed sizes. My goal is to go big and noticeable, if we are paying for them why not! I have a large ribcage so this allowed him to suggest a bit bigger size. They will be Natrelle Gummy Bear round implants with the crease incisions under the muscle. He is ordering 3 sizes 545, 485 and 450cc’s. He will choose during surgery what one will fit and look best on me. We took photos and booked my date. April 1st. So in 12 days I will have new boobies!


Pre Op 36A

These are my before, 11 days till the twins are here :)

Tomorrow is the day

Tomorrow I get my Boobies, feeling a bit nervous!

Day of to 3 Days post op….

I went in on April 1 at 10:30 am, I was taken to a private waiting room and asked a few questions and asked to get changed and take a Tylenol and morphine. I waited here until surgery at 12:30 I was taken to the surgery room and put to sleep, at 1:30 I woke up in the recovery room and was given cookies and ginger ail and 1000mg of Tylonol. By 3:30 I was sent on my way, I think they would have let me leave earlier but we were waiting for the doctor to see me and he was in another surgery. We were were told to come back the next morning at 8am. I was given a prescription if Morphine to take only when needed and he put me on a shed dual of 600mg Advil, 650mg of Tylenol alternating every 3 hours.

I have been feeling quite emotional, its frustrating not being able to be held or be able to do some things by myself. Im not good at asking for help LOL I feel day 2 and 3 are hard on me emotionally. And the bloat and constipation sucks, and i knew it would and have been taking things to help from the start but I still have it.

My right breast feels a lot better than my left it is super swollen and sore also under my armpit. But I'm sure this will all be worth it. It is more painful and emotional than I thought it would be. I have had 3 c-sections and they were much easier. I still wouldn't have changed anything.

What size type I have :)

Natrelle Inspira smooth 545 Xtra- full projection
soft touch gel

12 days post op

I am feeling better each day but still not able to lift my arms much. I still have a lot of uncomfortableness in my left side, pulling in my armpit and underside of my arm. The doctor said this is normal when going with a larger size. I am happy so far but so ready to feel 100% LOL PS thinking I need new swim tops :D They are still very high and hard.

10.5 week update

All is well here! I will tell you if you asked me the first week if i would have done this again I would say No! But now I look back at it and i for sure would. First week sucks! But it only gets better after that!

11 months

Update 11 months slight push-up bra size 34DD

More photos

Same top as pre-op
Saskatchewan Plastic Surgeon

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