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A few months ago I decided I needed to do...

A few months ago I decided I needed to do something for me. Ever since I was 16 I have wanted bigger boobs. I remember going to the store in our small town and there were girls several grades below me that bought bigger bras than me. I always waited for them to grow bigger, but they never did. The only 2 times I have had big breast were when I was breastfeeding. I was huge with my first baby. (Although I was too tired to enjoy them, plus I had so much milk that I had to sleep with a bath sheet because I would leak if she didn't eat on time.) The second baby would only eat off one side so I had one huge boob and one almost "a" cup breast. So not fair.
Now I have 2 teenagers, and they both have WAY bigger boobs than me.
Now this has not been an easy decision. I have looked at lots of factors such as the cost of implants, safety, how long they will last etc. etc. I generally have buyers remorse with big purchases. And I really can't take them back for a refund, can I? (And that is another thing... how big is big enough?) I am pretty health conscious so am I doing the right thing? My husband (and my doctor) did say that millions of women have gotten them, and hundreds of doctors have researched them so they wouldn't keep doing them if they weren't safe. But hey, our government allows manufacturers to spray chemicals on our foods (but that is a whole other story). So I have convinced myself that I want to do this..... just not as excited as a kid at Christmas yet.
I have had my consultations with Dr. Thomson. He has been awesome so far. I asked many questions and took way longer than my allotted time, but I never felt rushed.
I will try to take a before and after pic. That is another small problem. I have friends who have had b.a.'s done, but I don't know anyone who has used Dr. Thomson. It really isn't something that people go around discussing is it??

It's done!

Well, it is day 2 since having my surgery. I have to admit, I was NOT prepared for how painful this was going to be. My girlfriend said it was the most painful thing that she had ever had done, and I thought she was just being wimpy, but NO.. she was right.

Surgery was done at 8 am, and I was released around noon. I have been alternating Tylenol and Morphine. I am allergic to Ibprophen so I am not taking anything to take down the swelling, just cold packs. I have incredible back and underarm pain (yes, and front pain too). Both my arms and fingers are a bit tingly. They said this was normal because I am so swollen. I tried sleeping on my back in my bed, but that was too painful. I have moved to the couch. The first full day, I could not keep my eyes open. I just dozed all day.

First night of sleep was horrible. I used lots of pillows under me and my arms. I sat propped up against the edge of the couch. My dear husband slept on the other couch and gave me meds every few hours.

24 hours after surgery, I am up and walking around a bit. Pain has subsided substantially. Now my new boobs just feel super heavy and hard. The tingling in my fingers has stopped. I think the swelling under my arms in a bit less. The surgeon said that I should wear something comfortable. I have been using just a tank top. My girlfriend gave me 2 of her front closing (shoulder adjusting) bras. They are medium, but I think they are too small for me. They are cutting into my underarms. That could be the swelling. Another gal on here recommended Lots of Looks in Grovernor Park Mall and I think I may pay them a visit.

The pain today has not been bad. Just took one Morphine because one of my kids gave me an overly vigorous hug. Heading back to bed. Dozed about 2 hours. I am up and walking around again, just staying out of the way of kids.

Second night... thought I would be good for sleeping in bed... Nope! Laying flat on my back is painful, so back to the couch. Husband is again sleeping on the other couch. I told him to go to bed, I would be fine, but he will not. Only got up 2x to take some meds. I did use cold packs a couple of times through the night. My breasts feel like they are just hanging there. I need something to support them.

One good thing is that I am not constipated like I thought I would be. My husband has been making me veggie smoothies and I have eaten prunes with every Morphine tablet I have taken. I do still feel sore through my bowels though. Dont know what that is about. I also feel like I have done way too many sit ups. My stomach and ribs hurt.

I go for a follow up visit today. Will see what happens.
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