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I am going for my consultation with my PS tomorrow...

I am going for my consultation with my PS tomorrow am so am up late looking over reviews on this website. Lol. I have already spoken to his nurse and a friend who had a procedure done by him last year. So far I am feeling confident but nervous.
I am 35 and have two kids. Both pregnancies I was enormous in the belly and now I have the sagging skin to show for it. Both kids were breast fed and now I have the boobs to show for it. Lol. Wouldn't change those kiddos for the world but now it's time for me. I am a religious exerciser (6x per week "extreme" programs) and I eat clean probably 90% of the time. I have seen big improvements in my body but that dang skin isn't going anywhere on it's own. So frustrating.
I am eager to hear what the recovery time is actually like - nurse says because I am in great shape and eat so healthy that my recovery should be easier than average but ?? My kids are a little older but I still have to drive them around and I won't have full time help for weeks at a time.
Fingers crossed all goes well tomorrow!!

Today was the consult.

So what a nerve wracking day. And how awkward is it standing in front of a stranger in your underpants? When he's got a pen, tape measure and camera. Yikes! Lol
Dr said I would be a candidate for surgery and said sub glandular silicone (as I still have a fair amount of breast tissue to hide implant) I am very active and movement of implants while exercising (ie pushups) would be terrifying. My words. Not his. Lol
Size to be determined. The tummy tuck he said a mini or modified tummy tuck would be my best bet. My stomach is flat above my belly button and I have a fair amount of scar tissue in my belly button from two previous surgeries that he wouldn't want to mess with. I'm paraphrasing of course. The laxity and muscle protrusion is below the belly button. If I put mg hand over the skin below the BB I would be quite happy with how my tummy looks. Lol. There will most likely be a surgical tightening of the muscles below the BB.
This all means the recovery time and cost are both significantly less than I was prepared for. So bonus - when does that happen!?
I should buy a lottery ticket. My lucky day.
It will KILL me to not exercise for four weeks. I'm hoping to get booked in within two months so I can get on with my life and stop obsessing about my tennis ball in sport sock boobs (he called them pancakes lol ) and the skin that appears to melt over my pants if not in juuuuuust the right spot.
I'm incredibly worried about what I'm going to tell my family. In clothes, yes I look pretty slim and fit etc but I feel so darn unfeminine and unattractive in my skin. Amazing what clothes can do. I'm afraid if my MIL finds out it will be judgment. Better ways to spend money blah blah blah. She will probably find out whether I want her to or not because I see her often. Don't want to lie to her about it. But today she had to watch my kids for a couple of hours after school because I couldn't get back from the appt in time and I don't want to lie to her so I said we discussed sewing together my separated muscles. I hated that but it isn't really her business. Right?! Ugh.

Trying rice baggies

Okay so I was told to try water in baggies or rice in stockings for size. First attempt at water sprung a leak. Lol. So messy. And I don't have stockings so rice in baggies it is.
The PS gave me three sizes to try. My chest measures 12.5 so he said try 345, 385 or 415. I'm looking to be at least what I once was. Not looking to be obviously implants. Perhaps I'm looking for the reaction of "wow those are really nice" and the observer might wonder if they're real!? Does that make sense? Lol
I am 5'6" 140 lbs now 36A (I think)
He uses round smooth silicone and in my case he says sub glandular placement.
At first I put the bags in one of my regular bras. It is a bit big as my boobs get smaller the more fit I get. Wish the thighs were as responsive. Lol. Anyway took a few selfies with au natural and the first size but then realized that the bra was not really reflective of how small I've actually become so I put on a sports bra. It's not a particularly good one and it's kind of old - my boobs were much nicer when it was new. A few years and a few kids later I thought it would allow for the rice baggies.
The shape of the rice bags isn't that - uh - round or perky. Is this how I'm supposed to do this or just use the "real" bra?

Confirming date today?! I hope

I am kind of avoiding calling the PS office his morning but I must do it. Today is the day they will confirm whether I can have my appt in November. If the dates aren't available I will have to wait until January. (My schedule restraints not theirs.)
I found a set if stockings in the drawer and have been doing the rice testers for size. I realize there are only 4 tbsp differences between the smallest size he gave me and the largest. 4 tbsp is not a big amount. But like everyone else I have been reading lots of reviews on this site and many women list their size implant and I am blown away by the changes in some women with #s in the 200s and how some women have #s in the 5 and 600s and the change is not as significant by the pictures anyway. Why is this!?!? Is it body types? Existing breast tissue amount? Under or above muscle? I understand I can't compare myself to everyone as we are all different but...... Kinda confused.

Booked my date!!!

It's official. Deposit is paid and my day is November 16. Works out because that happens to be the only week my husband is around for months in either direction. Yay and bless his heart he will work from home and look after me. He seems happy to do it. In sure the promise of some new boobs is helping that somewhat. Lol.
Now what to tell the kids so their filter less mouths don't go blabbing at school. Huh.
Super pumped! It seems real now! So I have 2 and a bit months to get myself in the best shape possible so the recovery will go well and four weeks with no exercise allowed won't have me go backwards too quickly. Yay!!

Rice sizers suck

I am starting to get worried about what size I will go with. The pad gave me 345, 385 and 415 to try at home with water or rice. Water is weird. Leaks. And the freezer bags I put it in doesn't shape like a boob. I've been told sports bra - boob squishers - and rice is also hard to make look like a boob. These things seem huge but is that because I have pretty darn near to nothing right now? If I wear the largest rice in nylons around the house for a while I get used to them. My kids don't laugh and point and after an hour it seems okay to me. Until they're removed and then I'm reminded why I'm doing this in the first place. Lol. I'm feeling so discouraged.


Sizers in. Rice 415. I've been wearing them around for about an hour and when I took them out to take the au natural picture I almost cried. Guess that's why I'm getting them done. Sigh.
The sizers look huge to me as I'm putting them in but the pics don't look that big.

Titties are paid for!

I paid the balance of my procedures this week. Gulp. Holy shitballs. Had to swallow hard that day. Lol. So of course I had an emotional day - am I being vain and spending 14K wisely? Then ecstatic because it felt real! I had really been stressing about the size decision and I'm sure making my husband bananas. My daughter (who's 7) cannot figure out why there is a bowl of rice with a measuring cup in the bathroom. Haha. In the end I decided to go with the doctors recommendation of 385. He's the expert right!? I read a lot about people wishing they had gone bigger and while 385 seems big when I first put the rice sizers in, I get used to them and then they look great.
I had my pre op with my GP last week and he was very pleased with my choice of surgeon. Said "he's brilliant" so that made me feel better!
Went shopping with a girlfriend at Lulu lemon the other day and I didn't buy a thing - but got super excited about the prospect of buying bras and clothing in a few months when the new boobs are ready to go! The trip actually made me more excited because I have a hard time now finding fitted clothes because I tend to be muscular and the lulu size that fits my shoulders and arms is way too big in the trunk and if it fits the trunk the arms are super tight. Excited to be more well proportioned soon!
Now trying to get prepared - food in freezer etc. If anyone has recommendations of things to have on hand for afterwards I am all ears! There is a power recliner in the living room that I may call "bed" and I've got some scar remedies, Advil, books to read, etc. T minus 20 days. Eeeek

Before pics

Here I am 12 days out from surgery so taking some before pictures for comparison. I'm not brave enough for nude pictures. The bathing suit doesn't do much for the "pancake" boobs and I haven't worn it forever in public because the muscle separation below the bb and that nasty flappy skin makes me too self concious. I am nervous now about the upcoming surgery but excited. Childcare is organized and my husband is booked to take care of me for a week.
I have worked so hard to get my body the best that I can without this surgery and despite pangs of $ guilt and fears over general anaesthetic etc I feel like I deserve this. Two gorgeous kids changed my body forever and while I am proud of my body for doing that - there is no reason why I shouldn't fix it if it's possible to do so. Right?!? Trying to convince myself. And you guys?! Lol.
Pics appear to be loading sideways. Don't know how to remedy that. Oops
Mini tummy tuck with muscle repair and sub glandular augmentation 385 cc

Getting ready!

So I spent some time at the pharmacy today. And some money. Lol. I've got the Tylenol and Advil, gravol suppositories (I don't get why they make regular gravol - you take that when you're barfing so doesn't an oral pill make no sense at all!?) lol and Mederma for the scars.
I've been making double suppers and freezing them as my husband will be in charge and I'm sure he could mess up boiling water. Awe love him. Lol
I asked the Dr about any bras or compression items and he said nope. He uses quilting sutures on the mini tt and no drains, only tape. And the girls will be covered in a tank top with a light shelf bra that they provide. I know patients of his and doctors who rave about his work and so I am trusting all of them about that. I read so much from you people about compression garments and drains.....
Still working out what I'm telling my kids so their filter less mouths don't tell the whole town what I'm up to. And I'm sure questions will arise (small town) why my husband who never does any of the kid activity driving is suddenly doing all of it.
I've got loads of pillows here and a power recliner in the living room that I will sleep in if need be. I'm still a little unclear about how the recovery will differ with a mini tt to a full one. I have a very high pain tolerance and I think what might be worse than physical pain is to not be able to look after myself (and everyone else) for a few days. Independent much?!
So now I wait. Scour lists of things to have on hand. Stock up on books. Will I be able to hold books? Maybe pick out a tv series on Netflix to watch. I never watch to so haven't seen any of them. Lol. Maybe I'll finish a few of them!
You know, catch up on pop culture. Nervous. Excited. Impatient. I'm afraid I will burst into tears on "the table". Always do. Wisdom teeth. LASIK eye surgery. Every time. Like. A. Baby.

5 days to go!

Omg I'm getting nervous. Deep breaths.
I think I have filled my freezer with enough easy healthy meals for even my husband to manage.
I've got pain pills, lactulose (gentle laxative that was ok in pregnancy so must be ok post surgery so there's less - uh - urgent need to go) scar cream and oil, and gravol. Doctor doesn't use compression afterwards nor drains so I'm not sure what else to prepare.
I've done all the yard work I can and will have all large animals fed for at least a few weeks worth of round bales and kids will be in charge of smaller animals for a while. The husband will get to clean out the chicken coop for once in his life. Lol. That'll be good for him. Lol
Kids are with my best friend for a few days. Inlaws still don't know and I hope it stays that way. Can't talk to anyone about this but I talk when I'm nervous so you fine folks here at real self get to hear it all. If anyone even reads this..... I feel better anyway.
I am nervous. Really nervous. Right now my heart could beat out of my chest.
Not like I can take anything for it - I'm not allowed anything two weeks prior - even herbals.
I am excited for the "after" but not happy about being laid up for a while. I'm super independent and hate asking anyone for help. Ever. So this will be tough emotionally.
I took a couple of pics of myself in this dress so I can compare afterwards - I haven't worn it in a long time because the lower belly sticks out and I don't have a tiny sub A cup bra that I can wear with it. Hope I fill it out a little better soon!

Can't sleep

So it's Friday night and I am scheduled for surgery first thing Monday morning. I am very thankful that there is still a list of things to do to prepare because otherwise I might go bananas in anticipation. I'm super busy for the next two days and they should fly by.
I was so worried about my mil just popping in to visit in the first two days but she just told me today that she is off to see my sister in law for a few days. Yay! She's sweet but I don't want to explain anything to anyone. She wouldn't hold back any opinions and I will avoid seeing her for the first week like the plague. Can't sleep. Must try. So nervous.

This is real

I am updating from the car on he way to the city for tomorrow's surgery. All of the emotions that everyone talks about are going through my mind.
Excitement. Fear. Worry. Giddiness. Wondering if there are better ways to spend all that money. And here I sit with my baby skin hanging over my jeans on the way to remove said skin. Lucky to have this opportunity. Sending good vibes to my surgeon right now. Wish me luck. Will update on the other end of surgery. Gulp.

I'm done

Well I survived the surgery. I was worried about anaesthesia the most.
When I woke up I was incredibly dizzy. They tried to sit me up but I broke into a cold sweat and nearly passed out. Laid me back down. Blood pressure and heart rate were both too low. I'm normally low I both of those things but this was ridiculous. Eventually got into a wheelchair and promptly threw up. That hurt. Back at the hotel now and hubby is taking such great care of me. Although I threw up again when I stood up out of the wheelchair. Wow that really hurts. Only crackers for me. I'm hungry but don't want to puke again. Ouch.
My boobs are super swollen and hard right now. Can't see anything of my belly as its in a compression thingy. Didn't think I'd get one of those. Huh. I'm exhausted and sore. Maybe a 4 on a scale of 1-10. On Tylenol right now - slow release narcotic will kick in in a couple hours. Have Morphine but that makes you nauseous so I'm going to try to do without it.

Post op day 1

So just left the doctors office - had a post op appt this morning. Last night was rough. Got quite a bit of sleep but was in pain. Took a morphine pill around 5:30 and when I stood up at 7:30 I got a cold sweat and dizzy again. Threw up some more this morning.
The tummy is sore but not too bad actually. Doc told me that the muscle was tightened and will look great. The boobs however hurt like heck this morning. The left one is more sore and slightly more swollen than the right. He wants to keep an eye on it and doesn't think there's a hematoma there but wants me to check in with him and he said if need be he can get me in the OR Thursday to take it out rinse and replace. Oh my lord I don't want that to happen. So I will ice it and keep up with the rotating Tylenol Advil and gravol routine. Hopefully the boob will calm down.
Otherwise I'm super tired and kindof weak but okay. Haven't been able to keep much food down which may have a lot to do with it. We are just packing up the car to go home. Still not sure what I'm going to tell my kids. Torn muscle repair. Probably. And lots of heavy sweaters etc.

Post op day 2

Ask me in a week if this was all worth it. I'm not sure what I would say right now. I ended up moving to my recliner in the middle of the night and took a morphine despite the nausea risk. That made a big difference. The belly pain is actually very manageable. The boobs are what is sore. They are very swollen. I have kept an eye on them today and there is no bruising anywhere besides where the incision and my dr says that's normal. He would be concerned if there was bruising elsewhere.
Of course I worry about everything so I feel better. Sent him selfie pics (note to self delete those off my phone) lol and he is happy.
I had a shower today which was glorious but I had to get my husband to help me dry off. The abdominal incision is a doozy as I expected it would be but all the floppy skin is gone and I'm excited about that!
So day two my understanding is the swelling is at or nearing its peak - I hope it stops soon. Not sure my skin can stretch any further. I'd take someone's eye out right now

Post op day 3

Im so over being useless. It is killing me to sit in a chair while my husband gets the kids off to school etc. Total type A personality and it's killing me to see laundry on the floor and crumbs on the counter. Lol. I tried to help unload the dishwasher this morning but it's too much.
Last night was tough at 4 am. Meds don't get taken on time and so had to do morphine then.
I am surprised by how sore the boobs are but the tummy isn't as bad as I thought it would be. The line is very low (they actually did some shaving in the OR to get it lower) and it seems to be healing well. I feel like my guts will fall out when I take the binder off but it's been off to shower and to readjust this morning and I am so pleased with how it looks so far. My back is sore from being hunched and I'm trying my best to walk straight but it's exhausting.
Today's goal was to have a BM and was successful! I've been eating prunes like it's going out of style and am very concious of my fibre and protein intake. The afternoon will consist of me sitting on my butt watching some tv (started the orange is the new black series lol) and maybe do some online Xmas shopping. I'm a multitasker. Lol.


Anyone else have bruising like this after an augmentation? My dr says he's not worried about this bruising as its at the site of the incision. From what I read about hematomas there would be a big difference in size and firmness as well as bruising. My boobs are just so swollen and tight. But they are equally tight and swollen. The left one hurts more but I don't know what to make of it. I know it's only day 3 but I wasn't expecting this much swelling!

Early on day 5 po

There's nothing like waking up in the morning after a good sleep in my recliner to watch the sun rise. Then go to stand up and realize that the good sleep means you haven't tAken any pain meds in about 8 hours. Ouch. I've been on mostly just Tylenol and Advil alternating every 3 hours since the surgery with the option of morphine which I've only taken one tablet on three occasions. They made me nauseous at first and nothing hurts quite like throwing up with a fresh tt scar. So I guess it's a good thing that I haven't needed narcitics but I'm feeling frustrated this morning. Spent some time last night looking for reviews about post ba swelling and kept finding websites saying how it is like a hard day at the gym for 2-3 days or women saying they had some discomfort. Man I thought I was tough but this hurts. I didn't think that 385 cc were big implants but the tightness of my skin is unreal. Hats off to the tiny women with big implants. You ladies are tough. Granted, I have not yet stood up today - I'm really hoping that day 5 is the day when I turn the corner and start feeling better!
I had a shower last night thanks to my husband for helping me and that felt so great. I can see how much skin was removed in the tt and I am excited to see how that will look in a few weeks. I'm sure all of this will be worth it in a month.

It's a week tomorrow!

So here I am lying in my recliner at the end of post op day 6. For a while there I was questioning my will to live and yesterday (day 5) there was a slight turn for the better. Today was even better than that. And not only in the pain department but I feel like a cloud was lifted from my brain today. And it's not drugs because I haven't taken any narcotics in days lol. The tummy is sore still and feels so tight. I am sure there is a fair amount of swelling there too (think I read once that swelling moves down the body? I could be wrong) and despite one very painful sneeze today the tt is healing well I think. There is some numbness which I knew about. Reserving judgement on it until the swelling all goes down. I washed my binder today as I've been wearing it for a week and it did have some blood on it from the surgery. Found a pair of spanx that I already owned to wear while it dries. I hope that's ok to do......
The boobs are still sore but mostly just tight and heavy feeling. Like I'm hauling around a couple of kettle bells in my bra. There are still shots of pain, when I bend over (gravity?!) or when I put my arms behind me like when taking off a jacket or pushing up out of a chair. Those pangs of pain take my breath away. Still crazy swollen but I think a touch less than yesterday.
Tomorrow the husband goes back to work. He's been so fabulous.
Hope to call the surgeons office tomorrow to discuss how things are coming along. Still not convinced that this was a great idea but time will tell. Lots of ladies who write these reviews hope their boobs don't get smaller but I'm praying that mine do when the swelling goes down. They have to! Attaching pic of the belly incision but it was taken a few days ago ........

8 days post op

A week has gone by and I can't believe what an improvement each day brings. Well, since day 5. Up until then not so great. The worst times are the first 30 minutes of the day (usually pain meds have not been taken for more than a few hours while sleeping) and probably after supper. The days activity seems to catch up with me then. Luckily after my kids go to bed I only do things that require sitting on my butt. Unfortunately for those kids my patience is about half of what it normally is by that time. Lol
The awful pain is a thing of the past. I still get the occasional twinge and it still kills the tt incision if I cough or sneeze but mostly it's just an incredible feeling of heavy and tight with a dull ache everywhere all the time. The boobs feel like there's an internal sunburn and the belly feels like I ate waaaaaay too much food except lower down my torso. And it never goes away. The binder helps but i think I will have a binder burning party when a month is up. I hate it already.
The boobs are still very swollen but not nearly like they were. The shape right now is so unnatural looking.
It's a good thing I don't have to drive far and it's a small town with one main road because turning the steering wheel requires some concentration and can't be done overly quickly. Short trips. And only if necessary. Food. That kind of thing.
Been eating healthy and it helps me feel better but not much of an appetite. Anyone else experience this? Prunes and vitamins and also once a day doing my BCAA (branch chain amino acids) from my leaning out building muscle days pre surgery. Can't hurt and I hate protein shakes etc. Texture. Yuck.
Now I'm off to ice the belly incision and boobs. That time of the day......

Weirdest thing

The strangest thing happened today - a friend sent me an email with some of those autocorrect fails and they were so funny I had tears in my eyes. The laughing hurt my belly incision but not a ton. When I stood up from the computer there was a noticeable lessening of the pressure on my incision. I rushed to the bathroom thinking I must have blown a suture or something but all was okay. Maybe I've been hunching over and being tooooo protective of my sore spots?! It was so strange. Anyone else have something like this happen? Now if I could just get the kettle bells in my bra to feel less heavy I could stand up straight. Lol

Nipples and compression garments

So what's with the nipples? I was beginning to think they'd be hard forever. Last night righty wasn't hard for the first time. Lol. Was beginning to wonder..... Guess that means the swelling must be going down. How long does that last?! Geeeez
Considering getting a new compression garment. The one I got from the dr is quite uncomfortable and leaves big old welts on my skin. See pic. That's despite wearing a tank top underneath it. I have one spanx type from before that goes high on the waist almost under the boobs but includes thighs too. What's with the pee holes on those things? I just take the thing off. I can't imagine anyone can actually pee through that hole without making a big mess of themselves. Hats off to anyone who has mastered that skill. Lol
With American thanksgiving I'm seeing some excellent sales online today - thank you to those south of the border for this shopping holiday. If I buy a compression thingy today I'll get a great deal. Any suggestions of styles/brands?
Tried to sleep in my bed last night but after an hour of being completely horizontal my boobs felt like they were on fire. So off to the recliner I went. Sigh.
The tape over the incisions is starting to make me itch. It's peeling a bit but I was instructed to leave it on until it falls off on its own. We will see I guess..... The line on the belly looks darn thin but still angry red. Boobs look a little less angry and the bruise on the left is still there but changing colours. See pic.
Overall I'm still sore but able to function. Not yet like before surgery - I still have to decide if I care about things I drop on the floor - picking them up is uncomfortable. Sneezing is incredibly painful. Avoid sneezing.
I can't wait to get back to exercising. Feeling puffy and swollen everywhere is awful. Trying to be patient. But was encouraged when I tried on a "regular" shirt and while I look huge compared to before surgery to me - when I look at a picture of myself and imagine someone else's head it looks normal. Nice boobs but not excessive. So far happy!!

Pics didn't load

Try again

Two posts today - big day

So I overdid it today - I thought I could drive in the city and get groceries etc. Man I was not ready. Sore and so tired.
And the itching has started. Been googling. Is it the tape or the healing? Anyone else have this? And I did notice a tiny serous fluid looking spot on the top hem of my underwear. When I pushed on the tape there I got a small amount of reddish yellow liquid. Should I be concerned? Of course these things happen on a Friday night. Murphy's law. Will text my dr tomorrow morning.
They said to keep the tape on until it falls off. The edges are loose and I cut off what is loose. What's underneath is red and raw looking. I have sensitive skin normally but I hate this damn tape. Sigh

Two weeks postop

Wow. Two weeks seems to have gone by quickly! Recovery is probably tougher than I thought t would be - given that my boobs were over the muscle and I had a mini tt. Or maybe my pain tolerance isn't what I thought it was. Today, however, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. It was a small light but still.
I spoke to my surgeon because the surgical tape was starting to peel off and was incredibly itchy. The skin underneath the tape and what I could see at the edges was red and angry looking. Under my left breast where the tape had peeled away I saw what looked like a small hole. No, more of a slit. And of course I saw it right before bed and had to google "breast augment hole". Don't do that. Ever. Omg. Awful. And then I didn't sleep hardly at all worried.
So I sent him some pictures of everything and he said I was having a reaction to the tape adhesive and to take it all off, wash with soap and water and apply hydrocortisone cream. Well, taking that tape off took forever. It's dang sticky and I'm terrified of pulling something open that should be closed so I ended up using a damp cloth to wet the tape, and using antibacterial ointment rubbed on the tape as I pulled slowly. So slowly. With that ointment loosening the adhesive it didn't hurt much except right in the centre of the tt scar and I was sure I was pulling out sutures because it really hurt and there were thin thread like things coming off on the tape. what a dope I felt like when I realized that my lovely surgeon had my scar so low that I was pulling out pubic hair. Slowly. One at a time. I was so relieved it wasn't sutures and feeling like such an idiot that i stood there laughing in my bathroom. Alone. Lol
I felt so much better immediately. I tried to find some pictures on this site of scars right after tape removal and couldn't find any so I'll post mine. These were taken this morning and it already looks better tonight. The belly looks great in one pic and a little gruesome in the other but I promise they were taken only a few seconds apart. Lighting? Angle? The boobs are still swollen hard and very tender. My son accidentally put an elbow into one of them this morning and I almost cried. He only knows about the tummy so he made a face. I sucked it up and held it all together. I really hope that they start to settle down soon.
This day lifted my spirits as I see progress. And all of the horrible things my imagination got working on last night will not actually happen to me. Not today.

2 week pics

Stand up straight!

When your surgeon tells you to stand up straight as much as you can after surgery - do it. A couple of days ago I was convinced that my left boob was the cause of my pain but realized that it was an inch or two below that really hurt - when I puffed up the chest to put cream on the incision it was a sharp pain deep inside and it hurt to breathe deeply. So off to the chiropractor I went. Suspecting ribs. Sure enough I had four ribs out and the cartilage attached and my oblique muscles were very upset with me, most likely from the self protective hunch. I was put back in place and given instructions to stretch, ice and STAND UP STRAIGHT. Learn from me. I even slept in my own bed last night. Adios recliner! The pain is quickly going away and now my boobs are just tender and heavy. Such relief!
The boob incisions are very slowly getting better but I am so incredibly pleased with the tummy tuck incision progress! See pic. You can see where the blue pen is that he used to mark me. If it looks this good at 17 days without having done any massage or scar creams I have such high hopes for 6 months from now! Lymph still getting hung up at the incision but slowly improving. So pumped.


I am 3 1/2 weeks post ba and mini tt. The physical pain is almost gone now. The boobs are still fairly hard and tender to touch but I do see improvement. The tummy incision is healing well except for one little spot in the middle that has taken forever to fully close. It's still not there yet. I am feeling very frustrated by the healing process. I am swollen and puffy everywhere and emotional.
I took some after pics in the bathing suit from the before pictures. The suit won't be worn again as the incision is clearly visible. When I saw the before and after together it was so upsetting. My boobs are enormous compared to the before picture but the puffiness..... ????
I've started working out again - only doing the modified versions (ie push-ups from my knees instead of toes) and using very light weights. I have an appointment in 5 days with the surgeon and will confirm whether I can get back at it again normally.
Feeling down. All that money and pain and I'm running out of patience.

Diastasis gone?

Pic didn't load of side - despite swelling I am encouraged by the lack of a pregnancy like sticking out belly. Just puffy. Emotional roller coaster. Lol

One month doctors visit

Yesterday was my one month post op check. Surgeon is very pleased with how things are healing. The tt incision has one spot that doesn't want to heal properly (and there are a couple of other angry looking spots) he figures I'm having a little reaction to the dissolving sutures and this will resolve itself with time and patience. Sigh. More patience.
otherwise the scar is very thin.
The breasts he was very happy with. They are settling evenly. The incision on the left side has a red spot that won't go away he thinks maybe fungal so got the anti fungal cream. Again, patience. I feel like they are hard and tender still. A fellow real self patient of his tells me she was tender and feeling firm for 6 weeks so I have hope they will calm down. A lot of this is just getting used to having implants there. They no longer feel like weights in my bra but not yet a part of me. Does that make sense?!
He cleared me for exercise and underwire bras. Yay! Don't tell him I have been doing easy workouts for a week. No plank or toe push-ups - but I'm a gym rat so it's not like I was just starting exercising. Work your way up to where you were he said.
So after the appointment I hauled my butt over to Victoria's Secret. I've never shopped there before! The woman in the main store measured me and said 36B. I didn't believe it but grabbed a couple of bras in that size to try on. I'm not hung up on numbers after all. So tried one on and it was obvious that I am indeed NOT a 36B. Called for help and the fabulous woman in the fitting rooms helped me out. Into a 34DD. I couldn't believe it. For a sub A cup. Never been fitted for a bra before and it is such a great feeling to have a bra that fits!! Not even before kids has a bra fit so nicely!
Spent some money. Ladies put a spot in your budget for some new bras when planning for an augment. I was so excited about the boobs and having bras that fit that I didn't mind spending the money. Merry Christmas to me.

Inplant sizes

Forgot to add to my update - before surgery I was really hung up on the cc size selection. Like many of you I read oodles of reviews here and googled like a mad person. But ultimately what do I know about this stuff?!
When one woman gets a 250 and another 550 with seemingly similar results it confused me! In the end I went with my doctors recommendation. He based the choice on the pictures I showed him of "wish boobs", my existing breast tissue and my body shape and size. I think the size he picked is perfect for me. They can be played up with the right bra and shirt or played down so that I just look like a woman who has boobs. Before this I had nothing. A cup bras were baggy. Now I feel so well proportioned and have the hourglass shape that I worked so hard for before but could never achieve with diet and exercise.
It was a painful process for me, there were a few days there that I questioned my decision making skills. But now, a month out, I feel better about the whole thing every day. I feel more confident in my own skin. What could be better than that?!

Before and after

Was going to get rid of this bathing suit as it is too low to wear in public - tt scar shows - but it's the suit I took my before pics in so wanted to compare before and afters. I am still kinda puffy and am not quite as lean as I was before taking four weeks off of exercise but I am working on that and am glad I have control over that. The belly skin and boobs I didn't before. Now they are not a problem so I have no excuses. Next goal is a 6 pack. Thanks for the support I have received on this site. It was helpful during a sometimes challenging experience. Onwards and upwards!

4 months

I haven't been on this site in quite a while - so sorry for the delay in responding to questions people sent me. So here's a 4 month review. I'm fully up to normal activity and healing is going well. I had some suture spitting where I'd get these red bumps at the site of the incision which would turn into zit looking things - I'd squeeze em (gross sorry) and then they would go away. No pain. Scar is still very red but getting lighter slowly. I'm so far happy with the result but will wait till 6 months for final decision. It takes getting used to (the boobs) as I have gotten some attention that I'm not accustomed to. Depends what I'm wearing. Bathing suit means attention. But a tshirt with a regular bra and I look like a regular woman with good boobs.

Scar pics

Been asked for scar pics. - suture spitting. These very red bumps come, then go away. Slowly. Painfully slowly. But they don't hurt or anything.
Saskatchewan Plastic Surgeon

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