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Well I've been waiting for about 23 years for...

Well I've been waiting for about 23 years for the phone call I rec'd this past week! Confirmation from Hospital Scheduling that I have been scheduled for BR on the morning of Dec. 5th! I guess in actuality I've only been waiting since my consultation last September but it seems like since puberty hit me like a freight train at 12, I've been waiting for this phone call!

Yes, that puts me at 35 years old (i will be 36 tho on surgery date), married mother of two small children under 5 years old. I knew once i had the kids and did my duty of Breast feeding, that i would be asking for a referral from my Dr. for a consultation.

I am so prepared for this, no apprehension, very little nervousness. I know that I do well with anesthesia from my two previous surgeries and that I heal quickly. I have child care already taken care of (MIL will take kids for the first week of recovery) and there is a close family friend that lives a block and a half away that has had the surgery and is more than willing to help out!

My surgery is covered by provincial health, which helps out immensely. Now just to get my husband as prepared as I am ;)

So I've been sicker than a dog for the past week!...

So I've been sicker than a dog for the past week! Bad cold for both kids and in me it turned into a throat infection. Two days of antibiotics later, and i'm able to get out of bed and take care of my children, myself and my household chores! So did not need this as i have a list as long as my arm of things i wanted to have accomplished before surgery (household cleanup, etc) but my dr. assured me that i will be able to go through surgery. still haven't heard from my surgeon tho and wondering if i will before the morning of surgery? I had to get blood drawn to be tested for arthritis and i know from previous posts/researching internet/etc that i am not allowed to take anti-inflammatory meds but omg, my joints are not being nice to me! plus i haven't been able to go surgery bra shopping! i'm not quite freaking out yet but this time next week is another question! and yay, it's my b-day on Sunday! my hubby got me my present but can't pick it up till tuesday but yay! i get a tablet! something to do while laying in bed recovering (as my laptop will no doubt be too heavy to lug around!)!!!
oh on the sickness front, not eating for 4 days led me to lose another 10 lbs! yay!

So after freaking out cuz i couldn't find my...

so after freaking out cuz i couldn't find my surgeon's office number, i finally found it and called and the receptionist actually answered all my questions and i feel so much better...except that i won't get my blood test results back in time before surgery to know if i have arthritis or gout and i forgot to tell add that. hopefully that won't affect whether or not i have surgery. so they give me a surgical bra there but i want to have two already so that i have a few options and from perusing around on this site, someone had mentioned using panty liners under the boob for after but i wonder what kind are the best. also i have always used dial antibacterial soap since my gall bladder surgery two years ago so i have lots of that but i want to get the stronger kind for the recovery phase. also i need to nail down whether the kids are getting picked up or if we are dropping them off. they will be missing the last day of playschool and the christmas family dance but if i don't tell them about it they hopefully won't know and then it won't matter. and i still need to find a replacement to do my tv bingo work for a couple weeks (i think i'm just making my list on here so that i have a place to refer to lol).

Pictures are taken. my hubby isn't here atm so...

pictures are taken. my hubby isn't here atm so they are self taken. i almost feel like this isn't going to happen. i've also felt sort of "off". maybe just trying to wrap my head around the loss, trying to prepare for possible complications, not sure of what to expect because this is elective surgery, not necessary surgery but then i start thinking no, it IS necessary. Why is there so much of our self image wrapped up in these appendages?

My goodness, why did i go shopping today with my...

my goodness, why did i go shopping today with my kids??? it took me about 30 mins deciding which front closure size of bra to get for after...i finally settled on a 40DD ...totally guessing and hope it does the job! they are sending me home with one, but from reading on here, one is not enough! also, they had only three different styles of front button up pj's in i settled on one and hopefully i can hit another store before surgery! i hate living in a small town sometimes!!!

Once i get used to the bra pictures, i'll put up...

once i get used to the bra pictures, i'll put up the braless pics...maybe? i really really don't like my boobs at all, they hang to my belly button and have stretch marks on them and blah blah blah.
I get so giddy when i think of how perky they just might end up being (i think back when i was 12 they were perky for about a week, i think?)
also, i think we have nailed down the childcare plan! Hubby will take the kids on Saturday to his parents place (3 1/2 hours away) so i can start a whole house overhaul with no interruptions! then my friends have planned a "goodbye" party for me that night and then on sunday i will let my hubby fill up a camera card of before pics (wink wink nudge nudge) and then we shall head off to the city for the night as i have to be at the hospital for 6 am on monday and we live 2 hours away! wow...reading the plans makes it seem all so so so...........real!!!

Seriously, women are coming out of the woodwork in...

seriously, women are coming out of the woodwork in my town that have had a b-reduction! i went from knowing one (good friend), then heard about an aquaintance that had one, then my hairdresser/fellow Tae Kwon Do member had one, and now the lady at the bank had one too! crazy!
and it was a lil awkward talking with my brother in law last night about it but we did! his wife and him apparently have been discussing it (as my sister in law has lost a bunch of weight and still is very large chested!) i will definitely be talking to her at christmas!!!
it's also a lil weird to be talking to my smaller chested friends about it because they sort of get it but in the opposite way (they would go for surgery to get 'em enhanced)
boobs, boobs everywhere!!!
oh and did anyone else catch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show last nite? all i could think of is oooooh, i'm going to be able to buy pretty bra's like that in a couple months!!! and "wow, Adam Levine is so hot, and his girlfriend is uber gorgeous!" lol also, hubby is running out of time with his "girls". he went away on Friday nite and was supposed to be home yesterday but storm in Chicago kept him away and now he won't be getting in until 2 am!!!i miss him soooooo much!!! kids leave a couple hours then... kids leave a couple hours then i get to clean house top to bottom! haven't been on for a few days as both busier than a one legged woman in a butt kicking contest AND got my new bb playbook and still figuring it out! its so light and fun though and will keep me occupied during recovery with little strain!
i had my first feeling of hesitation lazt night and it was over how thiz might affect me and hubby's intimacy...he calls me chesty larue or boobs or tits mcgee...and i feel like i'm being a lil selfish altering his "playground". but in true soul mate fashion he assured me that i will still be the same woman inside that he fell hard for and that i'm lucky i got a great ass (love that smart alec with all my heart!)
tonight me and my girlfriends are getting together for a ta-ta to my Ta-Ta's party (me not drinking tho) and then off to the city tomorrow and then surgery first thing monday morning! see you all on the flip side!

Well two hours from heading into the

well two hours from heading into the ready as i'm gonna excited! hope i remembered to pack everything i need. also three of my girlfriends all have asked to come with me and take what the doc is removing (i said they could all come as i am sure there will be enough for all three of them to get up to a B cup! lol) had a great night with them

Quick update as i am home but really tired...not...

quick update as i am home but really tired...not too bad pain wise but keeping well medicated. dr was so awesome...took out 500+ grams from right breast, and 450+grams from tbe left...hubby did quick math for me and said close to 2 lbs total. no drains and no showering. go back for followup on the 13th. going to rest now...more in depth story to come!

Ok 4:30am seems to be a great time for updating.....

ok 4:30am seems to be a great time for! technically still day one for me and still so very happy with the amount the doc removed!
let's start with the night before surgery. we took a very nice long relaxing day at home till about 4 pm then headed into the city (didn't get any shopping done tho but went out for supper at Red Lobster!) found a great hotel downtown so about 10 mins max from the hospital! i highly recommend channeling your inner sex goddess and letting your hubby take some boudouir photos both for marriage building and to have as a memory!
went to bed early as we had to be up early (or so i thought) but of course my paranoia set in and i woke up every hour (i so didn't want to sleep in and miss my surgery!!!) got up shortly before 5 am and took a super awesome hot shower. started to pack up and remembered to put my slippers and lip chap in my purse. also the day before i had taken the time to write down my medical history so i made sure that was with me.
got to the hospital before it even opened so went into emergency to see if we could wait somewhere and thats when they said admitting wasn't open till 6:30 (iswear i was told to be there for 6!!!lol hubby was not impressed as he does not wait well but he did his best at being patient so as to not upset me). got admitted for day surgery, off to the next stop, got changed and met my fabulous nurse Marlene! she was so sweet and she did my paperwork with me., then outta nowhere comes a bit more brazen nurse to start my iv and lo and behold, she had the exact same surgery with the exact same doc! then she told us that she was back at work 3 days later! crazy! lol
waited a bit for doc to arrive, then got measured and marked up and he was happy that i had lost almost 20 lbs since i last saw him (was194 now am 176). didn't seem miffed at all when i asked him to err on the side of small for my end result but i forgot to ask about the side lipo and if he thought i could use it...will be asking next week at my followup thats for sure!
got a kiss from the hubby and sent him off to see if he could do some xmas shopping for the kids (bad idea in
off i got wheeled to the OR. met my surgical team and the anastheseologist. felt very much at ease. wasn't eve a full 10 mins and i was out like a light. woke up in the first recovery place with a nurse telling me to take big breaths in and wiggle my hooked up to oxygen...was in and wheeled back to day surgery area and back to the care of the wonderful nurses...took my sweet ass time recovering...sleep just felt so good but i would forget to breathe deep and wake up with a nurse telling me to breathe! lol...sorta got a quick peek when one of the nurses checked my dressing and seemed like a good job.
oh my pain when i first woke up was at about a 8-9 on the ol' 1 to 10 pain scale so i had gotten morphine in recovery...ahhhh heaven! then back in day surgery area it wasdown to about a 4 with spikesup to 6. they waited a bit to get me some t3's then i was good at about a 2 with the spikes at about a 4. i think it was about noon i was in the normal area and didn't get released until about 2 or 2:30. i have no drains, dissolvable stitches, orders not to shower, and a followup appt in my doc's office on the 13th. i have a prescription for both T3's and Keflex (a antibiotic to keep infection down)...
the ride home was not the best as our highways are crappy at the best of times but so happy my friend told me to bring a pillow for my chest then put the seatbelt on!!! my hubby got me a chocolate milk and i mixed my shake up and had my lunch (thats how i lost my weight was on meal replacement shakes and this whole past week was only doing one a day for the added nutrition rather than two a day for weightloss). made it home and got settled on the sofa recliner. tried to go to bed with hubby last night but that was an epic fail...kept sliding down all the pillows and woke up too flat on my back and coughing which really hurt! so imoved back to the sofa recliner and actually am doing pretty good on it...had to get up just now and go pee and take more meds...still not too bad on the pain but those lil spikes are bothersome! its more of a dull throb in my chest right now but once the meds kick in i will go back for a sleep. all in all, a pretty great experience and the nurse told me the doc took out 520? grams from the rightbreast and 480? grams from the left...darn close to two lbs my hubby worked out! now just to get healed up and back on the weightloss train in a couple weeks!!!
will post pics later today...gonna go get some rest now!

Just woke up and feeling pretty tender so took my...

just woke up and feeling pretty tender so took my meds...what an emotional day yesterday was. so not too much to do while recouping with no kids to take care of, so i got caught up with family and friends...and while my best friend was bursting at the seams with joy for me, here she is with news herself. cancer. and pregnant.

i am floored.

they are going ahead with the pregnancy, then will treat the cancer (cervical)...
everything just seems so trivial now and i just want to hop on a plane and be with her.

Okay so i have had more time to reflect on the...

okay so i have had more time to reflect on the recent news and go back and dissect our conversation, and as much as i want to go and be there for my bff, its not the right time...she is focused on remaining healthy and enjoying her pregnancy...she is one of the strongest women in the whole entire world who has been through the worst possible life experiences and is still fighting back...i just wish she could finally catch a break and have the perfect happy life she deserves!!!
after i get all healed up then i can work on getting my butt out to her place!
so i updated my fb status this morning to "today shall be known as 2 x 4 day"...because i seriously felt like my chest met a 2 x 4 this morning when i first woke up...i was hoping to be able to cut back on my t3 intake as the plumbing was backing up and causing stomach pain...i took several measures to fix the plumbing and am feeling about 3 lbs lighter, but the pain is coming back...i am going to try just extra strength tylenol and ibuprofen...if it doesn't work then i know to go back to t3's but will remember to up the liquids and fibre intake!
i also took a peek at the girls today and put on polysporin on the incisions...they were starting to get itchy and i have the 3 in 1 poly that has the anti-itch and pain reliever in was that a lil slice of heaven, let me tell ya! also hubby scratched my back for me this morning before he headed off to work...totally was close to cloud nine-ish type of pleasure!!!! lol
now if i could just wrangle a foot massage, i will be set for the night! ;)

Amazing! In a word, that is me and how I feel...

Amazing! In a word, that is me and how I feel and how my day was and how my recovery is going and the state of my marriage and and!!!
Seriously, such a great day and I can't get over how good I am doing...alternating between extra strength tylenol and ibuprofen but only as i feel i need it...which right now hasn't been almost 6 hours now.
My good friend went and bought me a no water shampoo and then "washed" my hair for me this afternoon...i got dressed instead of hanging out in jammies all day, and i emptied and loaded the dishwasher today! Hubby had to put some of the dishes away that i can't but all in all, i am pretty independant! and he bought egg nog! and i got another back scratching session after supper...still no foot massage but really haven't been on my feet enough to warrant the need! ;) its so nice to feel closer to independent me than a dependent not-me (do you follow?) got a closer look at my inverted nipple today and i definitely think the doc did some work there...time will tell!

Bad news comes in threes....just waiting for the...

bad news comes in threes....just waiting for the third now. recovery wise i am doing awesome! personal life getting bad news is not doing so great, but i am completely blessed with an amazing husband that has the best outlook on positivity and keeps me level!
back to update...i slept in my bed last night and it was heaven (except for i slept light cuz every time hubby moved i put my arm up in a type of blocking move to protect the girls in case an arm came flailing in my direction! lol)
i had gone to our little towns health clinic yesterday afternoon when there was a nurse still there to get my dressings changed cuz i just shivered at the thought of having these old bloody gauze gressings on all weekend (actually all the way till tuesday) ick! and she taped the new ones down which think played a major role in getting me back to my bed, woot woot!
long story short ...drove with my hubby six hours today to go and pick up kids and it feels so great to have them home, gosh i missed those loud crazy cute lil people we created! they truly are my life!!! i even made cheeseburgers and french fries for supper then everyone helped clean up then the two kids and daddy had a dance off in the living room with me as the judge and the prize was dessert!!! i am so spoiled!

Did you guys notice that the review rating went up...

did you guys notice that the review rating went up one percent to 93% !!!!
yay us!!!
also, i am still spoiled, hubby made an amazing supper tonight of macaroni and homemade meat/tomato sauce! and he put the kids to bed so i could have my waist deep tub bath/sponge bath (oh, how i miss my intensely long hot showers) and fake wash my hair.
on the recovery front, my incisions were burn-y today but not a pain that i thought needed additional meds , i am down to just the antibiotic every 6 hours, and one liquid aleve every 12 hours. made big brunchy breakfast, did christmas crafts with kids, cleaned kitchen and did laundry today (thus was a lil done come supper time so just let my man pamper me!) and now going to shave hubbys head and off to bed!

So apparently a week is too long for me to go...

so apparently a week is too long for me to go without washing my hair properly...that no rinse hairstuff was an ok substitute but only for once, thesecond time just made it icky the the momentary strain of bending overthe tub edge and washing my hair was super worth it! ready for my followup appointment tomorrow (will take camera) and asked my friend (who had a BR too) to come with me in case i am too tired to drive home! i was contemplating making the two hour drive in tothe citysolo but knowing how tired i am after doing normal activities made me iffy. super happy she is able tocome, now just hoping that family funeral isn't until wed or thurs so i havetime to get us packed up to get back to hubby's home again. sigh

What a day... got my third bad news today so at...

what a day...
got my third bad news today so at least that is out of the way...had my family dr appointment this morning to get my test results from blood taken two weeks ago and yes, i have rheumatoid arthritis. get to see a rheumatologist in january and go from there.
then off to the city but it was a good one...i think if healing were a sport i would be awarded a gold medal...and the ps cleared me to shower!!!
i have another follow up on jan 6th.
and i had the best 30 minute shower ever btw ;)

weirdest of weirds was when the ps took off my bra to inspect the incisions and get this, the girls didn't move!!! no drooping, no flopping, no nipples showing me which direction my shoes were!!! i don' t even mind that one nipple is a tad lower than the other...seriously. i had a flashback to grade eight when i got properly fitted for a c cup cuz they are that perky!!!

Oh itchy boobs oh itchy boobs, i really want to...

oh itchy boobs oh itchy boobs, i really want to scratch you
oh itchy boobs, oh itchy boobs,i'm wearing mittens the whole day through!

wowsers! i hate not being able to scratch when itchy but i know its a good sign. and i can comfortably sleep on my sides now. two weeks today post to get some bio oil or vit e lotion/oil??? and start massaging!

Quick update, i have my one month appt with ps ...

quick update, i have my one month appt with ps tomorrow and happy i do as my incisions have opened up on the bottom of my lollipops (under the boob) and while its not painful or infected its concerning. i went to our lil town hospital and they put the steri strips on them and my family doc was there and said i was healing nicely overall. i hope this doesn't derail my hopes of being cleared to exercise as i'm chomping at the bit to get started...i've started my diet already and just feel so blah without exercise! i want to join zumba which starts jan 20th! also i washed my surgical bra last night but my bra that i was wearing in the meantime (maternity breast feeding one cuz it was nkce and soft and comfy) is wayyyyyyyy too big now that some swelling has gone down so i put on the recovery bra i bought from a bra store (stupid purchase as i can't take it back) and it is miles too big too (40D) . so then i put on an old old bra i had from eons ago 38D and it was a bit snug around the bottom but the cup fit beautifully....crazy. so i just wound up putting on an old sports bra that i wear to exercise, uniboob one size one and it was great to sleep was so awesome to see what it looked like with lil boobs in i could wear it alone with no top while working out if i was skinnier and more confident. i seriously almost cried i was so happy. that has been one of those dreams that i have had since i was 16 and could not ever comfortably pull once i lose another 20 lbs i can do it!!! and i will!

excellent doctor and felt completely at ease with him...asked him to err on the smaller side and pretty sure he did.

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