50 Y/o, 166 Lbs, 55 Lb Weight Loss - Sarasota, FL

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I decided on this procedure 1 year after radically...

I decided on this procedure 1 year after radically changing my life. This includes daily exercise and eating fresh foods with minimal processing and added ingredients. I lost 55 lbs and kept it off for 6 mos. My body is strong. I'm 50 and in the best shape of my life, within 15 lbs of my ideal weight. It was perfect time and I took a sabbatical from my work.

I have been self-conscious about my belly since I was a kid. Despite being active, I was never slim like the girls I always envied. I gained a lot of weight with my two kids and had c- sections.

I am very happy with my result. After 1 week I can see a visible difference. The idea of a "forever-flat" tummy is still a little overwhelming. I live by the beach am excited to finally wear bikinis!

2 weeks post-op

So far things are going great. I'm moving a lot easier. I've been fine taking only ibuprofen when needed for pain and swelling. All of my drains, stapes, sutures and tape are off and I will start scar care tomorrow. My PS gave me a gel.

I'm used to working out every day and have been thinking about how much more effective my workouts will be now that I'm rid of my gut. I have been cleared to walk as much as I want and I can start low impact workouts next week. Walking is my workout of choice anyway so I'm going to start with some neighborhood walking and treadmill next week. I'm used to carrying weight and that will be later. My goal is bikini body by Christmas!

3 weeks post-op

Things are improving every day. I'm sore when moving a lot and need to sit and rest sometimes. I use ibuprofen when feeling sore but not all day.
My scar is improving quickly with the treatment from my PS. I am happily surprised!

4 weeks post-op

I'm thrilled at my results so far! There is still a bunch of puffiness so I'm excited to see how flat it continues to get!
Dr Kreithen has lifted restrictions and I can go back to regular activity - except for sit-ups and crunches. I can even carry weight as tolerated. I can tell my stomach muscles are healing because coughing, laughing and moving in general are a lot less painful.
My workouts of choice are walking and swimming and I'll start training again tomorrow!
My scar is healing well too. I'm using scar gell from the doc. I've also started lymphatic and scar massage. It seems to be helping my stretched skin feel more comfortable.
I also can stop wearing compression garments 24 hours! I still like the support so I'll continue to wear my cami top for support till it gets a little stronger.
So happy!

5 weeks post-op

Things are going great but getting back to working out has been a little slower than I expected/hoped. After 2 weeks was cleared to walk. I walked a few times that week for 10 minutes and that was plenty. 30 days I was cleared to do anything I want except sit-ups or crunches. I started swimming and it was great, swim for 15 min. and that is plenty.
The biggest hurdles are endurance, which improves daily and carrying weight.
My stomach muscles remind me quick when I test them. For now I carry 1 lb weights and walk 30 min. My pace and distance are increasing but weight is coming more slowly. I'm super careful but lifting groceries, sneezing and coughing (and sex) are still a little ouchy sometimes and I have to dial it back.
My stomach is stretched much better with less pain there. Swelling at 5 weeks was increased to the biggest I have seen, I think because I have been pushing it sometimes. It was a little frustrating to see that swelling but I rest when it happens and it improves. I am puffy still most of the time. I still wear a compression tank still most of the time, and esp when I work out.
I'm getting back into all my pre op clothes now and they look amazing! I think it will be a couple of months before I start losing sizes.
Hope this helps! You are looking great!
Sarasota Plastic Surgeon

My PS Dr Kreithen is talented and his office has been incredibly supportive, sharing my desire for the best possible outcome. Extra care was taken to insure infection prevention and proper recovery. The office provided me with pre and post-op vitamins and minerals in a suppliment program to begin a week before and take for 3 weeks after. The procedure is expensive with this physician, however it includes an overnight hospital stay and it is truly comprehensive, including scar treatment products.

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