39 Yr Old Mom of 1. 5'9 138 Lbs. Natrelle Gel unders. Love them! Sarasota, FL

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Hello ladies. I am a mom of a 21 month-old little...

Hello ladies. I am a mom of a 21 month-old little girl and I'm about to turn 40 in a few months. I decided I wanted new boobs in 2015 as new year-new me resolution. Also being that I don't plan on having more kids, I feel like this is a good time. Also talked to my husband about it, and he was very supportive, Yaay! I had small boobs all my life but being that I've had a svelte figure all my life, I was always comfortable with my small boobies because they were perky enough to not even need a bra sometimes and I felt they fit my body. I went from size A to 34B when I was pregnant, I then decided to exclusively breastfeed my baby, which left my boobs deflated after I breastfed her for 14 months. During the days that I was weaning her off, I was going through the swelling and painful withdrawal discomfort but my boobs got gigantic (I guess from all the milk filling up). I attached pictures. They were very painful but I LOVED their size and wished they would stay that size. Well a few days later, I couldn't believe how deflated and small they got. It left me depressed about my body and not feeling sexy. I then started wearing more padded bras and even sometimes doubling bras just to fill my tops better. Anyway, I readily found this site through Google and since then, I have mainly just been reading a lot of member's stories; all very inspirational and educational. I did find a reputable plastic surgeon in Sarasota, FL (1hr and half from my house): Dr Scott. 2 weeks later, I went to my 1st appt with Dr. Scott, who had a amazing staff, and he himself was really good at talking to me and addressing all my questions. I felt comfortable right away with him, so I decided to book my procedure that same day, for April 16th. I still do need to go back on March 26 for my pre surgery appt, to get more questions addressed, try some sizes and decide how big I want to go. I am thinking about going at least 400CC, or maybe 470CC high-profile. I don't want them to be ridiculously big but I don't want to go through the surgery and coming out with a size that I won't be satisfied with. I guess a case of boob-greed haha
I hope 470CC won't look too fake on my frame but I want to go as big as I can get away with. I am 5'9, 140lbs. What do you guys think? Would that look too "fake" and big? I appreciate any ideas and suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Size while I was breastfeeding

Boobs before the big deflation. I would actually be happy if I get back to this size with the implants.

This is how they look now... much smaller cup size

Just completed my pre-op. Surgery in exactly 3 weeks!!!

I went this afternoon to complete my pre-op visit and make my down-payment. OMG I can't believe I am going through with it! So the nurse walked me through everything to expect, things to do to prepare for the procedure, gave me all my prescriptions (Pain meds, Antibiotics and Anti-nausea) and explained basically everything! I also need to get anti-embolism stockings (to prevent blood clots during recovery). Dr. Scott's staff is very professional and friendly. I am very pleased and feel so confident that I will be in good hands.
So I have not to this day tried on any sizers. She did explain to me that when I come in day of surgery, I will go over what size and look I desire. They will have all different sizes in the operation room, and will put in different sizes (if needed) until I have the best one for my frame and desired results. I am having Natrelle Silicone Gel implants, in moderate plus, and excited that it comes with the ConfidencePlus 10 Yr warranty. The nurse also took several pictures of my breast in different angles.
They asked about the mammogram that they recommended during my last visit, which I completed last week. So I will have the facility where I got it done fax in my results before surgery day. So looks like I am all set! just waiting now impatiently for my boobie make-over :-)

D day

Today is my procedure date finally! Hubby is driving me to the surgery center; we are supposed to be there at 6:30 AM
So excited and nervous, I couldn't sleep. I had maybe 3 hrs but that's ok because I know I will sleep be sleeping most of the day today when we get home.
Still have not really decided on a final size but they told me the doctor would go over them before I go through the anesthesia.
Yaay can't wait to get it over with and transition into a new improved version of myself.
Wish me luck! :-)

Posting post-Op Pics!

My surgery went well. Even thought I was aiming for a minimum of 400 CC to 450 CCs, my doctor assured me he would go as far as he could possibly go but he wasn't too sure I could take all that due to my frame. Sure enough, he could only fit 397 CCs on the right and the left breast. When I woke up from the anesthesia, first thing I asked the nurse was how many CCs I got. She told me the doctor could only go to 397 CCs, I was like "what!? but she assured me they looked great, and I quickly was accepting of it, lol. I kept peeking all day, a little bit disappointed but now I am sure my doctor made the right decision. I am loving the size so far. They are the right size to fill my size small cloth nicely, and I could even go bra-less if I want to. Very little pain so far, even though I have been taking the Hydrocodone they gave me. It did make me sick all day yesterday so I puked 6 times yesterday. Could not keep any food down, even with the Zofran pills. So today I decided to stop taking it, and just took 2 Tylenols and the nausea went away. I have had some swelling and pressure too. Especially under my armpits, it is very swollen. I applied some ice on it and that helped relieve some pressure. So I will continue only taking Tylenol sparingly and also take the antibiotics until they run out.
I also went to my post op check-up this morning, and they showed me how to do the breast massages. They said I need to do it 3 times daily. It was very uncomfortable at first but I am getting the hang of it. Here are some pics so far.

Day 9 today and loving them!

I went back to Dr's office yesterday to get my stitches out. So far healing well and doing my daily breast massages. They have dropped down a little more. Can't wait to see more dropping.
I tried on all my dresses that I could not wear anymore due to previous shrunken boobs and they all fit perfectly, and I can even forgo of a bra. So happy!! I will probably stop wearing a bra in a lot of my clothes, will just get some pasties to put over my nipps, lol.
The best things I like about my BA so far are: feeling like my implants are not so overwhelmingly big and match the rest of my body well. Also I can go bra-less whenever I want to ;-)
Tried on some bikinis today :-)

Dropping little by little... Getting impatient

3 months update

Things have been going really well and time flies! It's just about 3 month post-op. They have now pretty much dropped to their "normal" position I believe. I am going back to see the Dr next week for my 3 month check-up. I am really really satisfied. Love them!!! Here are a few pictures.

8 months later

Well it's been a while since I posted but I've just been enjoying and getting used to the new girls.
They have dropped a lot more and softened up. I think they are looking natural and I'm do glad my plastic surgeon did not go too big. I think this size is perfect for my frame. Best gifts I have ever given myself! Here are a few pics.
Sarasota Plastic Surgeon

Sorry my doctor is actually Dr. Jeffrey K. Scott, MD

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