Slim Lipo abs,back, arms, and thighs, Breast Aug and Benelli Lift

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After having two kids (and finally all done) I...

After having two kids (and finally all done) I wanted to give myself a makeover. I'm very excited!!!

Once I decided to do this, I looked around and my...

Once I decided to do this, I looked around and my first consultation was with Dr. Nalluri. His office at first glance, does not seem like what I would think. It was kind of dark and a bit creepy. He and his staff are very nice though, but the consultation seemed rather cold and awkward. His price was also a bit higher than I have seen from other people who have recently had mommy makeovers. I think just for belly lipo and breast augmentation, (with a mid life... so no scar on the bottom, just lifting the nipple a little) was going to cost more than $12,000. He also made me feel like he didnt want to do anything.
I felt very uneasy about the whole experience and no longer as excited.

I decided to research a few more doctors when I came across this site.Some one else had mentioned Dr. Lacerna. I made an appt and right from the start the staff was nice on the phone. When I went into her office it seemed welcoming, even her decor made you feel comfortable. She is super laid back and didn't make me feel awkward at all, but rather like I was just chatting with one of the girls. She even told me about her own plastic surgery. I was also introduced to a staff member who had had lipo the week prior and she was perfectly fine. No bruising, barely any swelling and this is because Dr. Lacerna is the only plastic surgeon in Sarasota that offers Slim Laser Lipo. The total which includes my entire torso: lower abs, upper abs, back and love handles, the back of my thighs, breast aug and the no scar lift all came out to $8400.

I am calling today to set up my surgery date which I would like it to be around June 5th. I will have before photos up by then.

Before Photos Added!! So my surgery date is set...

Before Photos Added!!
So my surgery date is set for June 4rth at 8am. I am so very nervous!
I went for my pre op visit last week and had my Before photos taken, got my prescriptions and paid 1/2. My doc is also throwing in slim lipo on my arms for free. woohoo!

I've been reading a lot on here and its been helping me out so much. Some one did email me and tell me that what I am having isn't considered a "Mommy Makeover" and they were moving me to a different section. That kind of bothered me since right here on the website the definition of Mommy Makeover is when a woman is having more than one procedure due to having children. I'm having BA,BL and Slim Lipo.... thats 3 procedures... and I'm a

Anyways, I'd love to hear back from other mommies out there that have any advice for me. I am so nervous. My doc says that I should be walking around that same day. My hubby is worried cause on my 3rd day of recovery he will be gone for 2 days on business. Do you guys think this might be an issue?

I am starting to freak out.... only 3 more days...

I am starting to freak out.... only 3 more days till the surgery and I've been reading up. The anesthesia seems the scariest. "Might result in death" !!!!!! breath..... breath......

I don't know why this didn't bother me till now.... I'm getting all of these crazy thoughts in my head like all those women who blog on here prior to the surgery almost daily and then we never hear about them again!! My hubby thinks i'm being silly since only like 30 out of a million people die from plastic surgery.... but i bet those 30 didnt think it would happen to them.

I'm sorry... I know I need to stop this. I'm going to do this surgery no matter what and it will be fine. I'm just having last minute jitters. I wish I had more people on here telling me how great their experience was cause I could you some friends right about now.

I think I aslo need to add that I felt kind of...

I think I aslo need to add that I felt kind of abandoned by my PS staff. The last time I spoke with them was at the pre op which was about 2 weeks ago and being that there were only 3 days left till surgery and tomorrow is the last business day prior to surgery, I called them. I paid my remaining balance but I still feel a bit uneasy since the surgical center has not called me to discuss what I am and am not supposed to do. The office manager at my PS office said that they would call for sure since they needed to collect their fee over the phone. If they dont call me by tomorrow, I will contact them.
I've ruined my perfectly good manicure because I am so nervous. I also have tons of family coming over from out of town to visit and a photoshoot (i'm a photographer) friday..... I hadn't expected to feel this nervous all of a sudden so I didnt think it would be an issue filling up my whole weekend. I wish now I would have just planned a quite weekend to prepare me for monday morning!!

Ok so night before I stopped eating at 8pm and had...

Ok so night before I stopped eating at 8pm and had no more water after 11pm. I was a nervous wreck! I do not think that I slept at all. I got up at about 5 am and showered and made sure I had everything ready. We arrived at the Sarasota Surgical Center at 7am. I filled out my paper work and paid the amount due for anesthesiologist.
I went back and the nurse asked me a bunch of basic questions while I was putting on the hospital gown and then she helped me put on these funny looking white stockings that help prevent with blood clots. I couldnt help it and I started crying, I'm sure it was the nerves getting the best of me. They let my hubby come back to hang out with me while they continued the set up. Nurse put something in IV to calm me down. The doc then scribbled over my body what she would be doing. They then gave me the rest of my "calm down" medicine and I was pretty giggly at that point. I remember going into op room and watching nurse placing what looked like torture equipment on to a table. I'm 100% sure that if I hadnt had that sedative fluid running through my veins I would have panicked and ran out!! I don't really remember anything after that.

What felt like 5 minutes later I woke up to my hubby talking to me. I have no memory of what was said to me. I do remember looking at clock and seeing that it was 4:30 pm!!! I went in at 8 am and they said it took an extra hour so that would put it at like 5 hours and i took me over 3 hours to wake up. They sat me up and I was wearing the tight garment, the funny white stockings, a sports bra looking thing and mummy wrap over my arms. I cant remember if I was in pain or not when they tried to dress me. I think they only got the sweat pants on me. After that its kind of a blur for me. I do remember having to pee a lot (turns out that I was pumped with over 4 liters of fluid and this caused another issue that I will get into in a sec) I couldnt move at all and my husband couldnt seem to get me to bend to be able to sit on toilet... so since we have a stand up walk in shower he had me pee in there. He thought it was funny that I was completely out of it but managed to tell him to not watch me while i

Day 2 post op- I felt like something was wrong considering what I have read here. I was not able to sit up or sit on a toilet. I was having issues breathing and every movement was excruciating. Doc called to check up on me and my hubby tried explaining my issues. She said it was normal and if I had to, I could remove the binder but not the garment. We did and that didnt help much. I was able to force myself to pee in toilet and "bending" for it was so painful. This is all I really remember on day 2. I wasnt able to eat anything because I kept complaing that i was too tight and couldnt breathe. My hubby made me eat these little rice pudding yogurts before every set of pills and I was drinking plenty of gatorade.

Day 3- my sister in law came to help out since my hubby had to go on business trip for 2 days. She called the doctor and moved my appt up to today cause it worried her that I kept saying that I couldnt breathe. We drove to doc office and while we waiting a passing nurse who had just had some lipo done started chatting with me. when she saw my garment on my stomach she looked shocked and had me go lay down in empty room. When doc came to see me she had me take garment off right away. It had to be peeled off and across my belly I was bleeding where my skin had fused with garment. Turns out that I was so swollen that I had over 22 lbs of fluid in me. When they had placed the garment on me it was an M and it fit fine. They had to change me to an XL to accommodate my swelling. What a difference! I was able to breath and sit and walk now!! The marks from the first garment though are still showing pretty badly though. there is one accross my belly and one one each thigh. i hope they go away soon. but now i was able to walk around house, I had my first real meal (although it took a few hours to eat) Now my experience seems more like what I have read on here.

Day 4- Had my first shower today, everything looks good except I still have 22 lbs of fluid in me! Day of surgery I weighed 148, doc removed 7lbs with slim lipo, and boobs total were about 1lb.... I weighed my self today naked after shower and I'm at 165 lbs!!! My hands are super swollen, you cant see my knuckles or veins. They look like chubby baby hands where there are just dimples where the nuckles should be. I still have not pooped and my lower belly is very hard not soft and squishy like the rest of my body. My boobs look good though and I am very pleased with them. With clothes on you cant even tell I am just 4 days out of surgery. My nipples still have tape on them so I have not been able to see the scars yet. Eating is still hard and I cant taste anything. Texture seems to be an issue for me, perhaps cause my mouth is always so dry. I can eat mushy things like pudding, jello, soup. I also ate some watermelon. My sister in law bought me some pineapple extract to help with swelling and that seems to be working a little bit. I am aslo still taking arnica tabs. I am taking the oxy pain meds every 5 hours instead of 6 cause doc says to not let the pain come on. I've been taking the stool softners but still no poop. I've been saving muscle relaxers for right before bed because they completely knock me out.

Day 5- Went back to doc today. She gave me prescription for a water pill tohelp release the 22 lbs of fluid. She also told me that I had to use a stronger laxative and suggested a suppository. I've never used one of these and was very anxious but it worked 20 minutes later I had a small bowel. My stomach is still super hard though. Anyways, Doc also removed wrap from my arms becauase she didnt like how swollen my hands were. She gave me a site to get new more comfortable garments. That site was pretty pricey though. I bought mine off of amazon for just $35 and I also bought another garment on ebay for $51
The doc also had me order some healing strips for my nipples which should be here soon. I have another appt this coming friday which I am hoping she removes the tape and I can see how they look!
Took some photos today. Not seeing much a difference since i have 22 lbs of fluid in me still!!!

Day 6- took water pills, thought they would have better effect. Lost 5 pounds of water in 48 hours. I'm at 160 so I still have 18 lbs left to "pee out". I'm also assuming since i have only been able to snack tiny amounts here and there that I have also lost some real weight this week too. Did another suppository and pooped just a little bit again. I dont understand what this hardness is in my lower belly. My vagina was also really swollen after op and doc said that its normal because a lot of fluid falls there. Its almost back to normal though. in a few days when I go see her again I will ask her about my belly being so hard. Today I was able to go see movie and go have breakfast out at restaurant. I forgot to mention that yesterday I went to whole foods and was there for a good 30 minutes with my sis in law. It was tiring but I was glad I went. Had a protein smoothie.

Day 7- Hubby and I went to movies again. This time we watched a longer movie and i started to feel uncomfortable towards the end. He was in mood for chinese... I ordered lo mein but i was only able to have a few bites before feeling really full. I've noticed that i have to have a drink with me at all times because my mouth gets super dry. Ive been drinking a lot of pineapple juice and water. I had a one pound loss today so I'm at 159 :( still have 17 pounds left to go!!! Everyday I take a shower and leave the garments off for about an hour. All of the little stitched up holes from lipo are very itchy. I've been putting ointment on them to help out a bit. Everywhere still hurts, my arms, thiighs, belly and boobs are still very tender to the touch. Oh yea, I forgot to mention, my left breast for some reason, when i rub it I can feel/hear the implant rubbing against something. Its a very weird feeling. Even when I stretch I can hear it. Myhubby says he cant hear it but he can feel it. I mentioned to the doc and she says that its normal and it still happens to her every now and then. I'm concerned that this will be a permanent thing, which if thats the case it might get very annoying.

I will be posting some photos in a few minutes... from day 4 and day 8. Remember that the red line on my belly is from original garment.... hopefully it goes away soon.

I am healing ok except that on my upper and lower...

I am healing ok except that on my upper and lower abdomen I have these very hard lumps. They aren't the tiny fat build up ones that I read about but rather long hard muscle feel. They feel very uncomfortable when I sit or if I try to lay on my belly. I have a doc appt tomorrow and I will find out more about this. I'm worried after reading on here that I might need to be retreated to fix it. As of right now that seems to be my only issue. My boobs look good although I have not seen the scars yet since they are still taped up, but my arms and back of thighs do look better. My back doesnt look any different though and its not tender at all, so I wonder if my doc just forgot about that area. I see two little marks back there but only my lower back had bruising and swelling. I will ask her about this since this was one of the main reasons I got lipo.
I'm not having the greatest week.... I told myself going into this to not be that person that expects results right away. After reading everyone's profiles on here I know it takes several months but I am feeling very depressed at the moment.

I'm not rating just yet since I haven't had surgery... but so far in consultation she has 5 stars from me.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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