27 yrs old. 2 kids both breastfed. 415cc&450cc SRF (hp) silicone inspira periareolar incision To help asymmetry. A to D cup!!

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Hello realself! You have been so amazing in...

Hello realself! You have been so amazing in helping me find so much information on breast augmentation! All you ladies rock. I have been trolling this site for months and now I think it's time to start my own review! I'm a petite women, 5'3 about 110Ibs. I'm a A cup now and would like to become a D cup. At my first consultation I thought I would go with 400cc HP silicone mentor implants. But my second consultation changed it all :/ he gave me the choice of mod or hp...and a newer type of implant...Natrelle inspira?? I am now confused and not sure which path to choose. The second one used the vector 3D imaging and mod profile actually looked a little better but I always had high profile in my head.

Who has Natrelle INSPIRA silicone gel implants???

I'm interested in anyone who have gotten the inspira breast implants.....are they soft??? I'm afraid they will be more firm since they are overfilled. Also do you have any problems with rippling??

56 more days till I have boobs!!! Yay!!

So out of everyone I saw I loved Dr. Engel from the Sarasota plastic surgery center the most! He was very to the point and didn't sugar coat anything, which I think is a good trait. He also really took the time to talk to me about everything...good and bad. I think I have narrowed my choices down to 400-450cc SRF silicone natrelle INSPIRA. I'm hoping that's not to big for my petite 5'3 frame but I don't want to end up with boob greed!!!
I go in Feb. 17th to try on sizers and finalize everything so I wil decide then.

Paid in full!! 15 days till surgery! I'm freaking out!!

Well had my second appointment with Dr. Engel, he let me try on some implants. We decided on 450cc silicone inspira SRF (hp) . I felt a little rushed and didn't get to really enjoy trying them on and am still unsure about the size...but I understand he is a busy guy. He told me he would bring in 3 sizes with him in the OR 415, 450& 475cc ...I'm going with the periareolar incision. My surgery is set for March 7th at 6:45 am. They said I should be ready for pick up by 10 am. They gave me 3 scripts *Zofran for nausea *Keflex antibiotic and Percocet for pain. No muscle relaxers :( that makes me a little worried. But I'm sure it'll all turn out great! Just have to nervously wait till the big day!! Agh!!!

Surgery is done!!! I can't believe I made it!!!!

I was so anxious this morning: I was up at 4:45am to shower and get everything ready.we had to leave by 5:50. I arrived at 6:45, I got my gown on and special socks. Doc came in and marked me, went over last minute things. I was in the OR by 7:30. Woke up at 11!! Seems kinda long? But he said everything went well. I left the clinic at 11:45. I was extremely nauseas and in immense pain. My boobs and sternum were so sore and heavy!! I'm still in pain now :(
The doc ended up with 415cc on one side and 450cc on the other. (To fix my asymmetry) I told him I really didn't want two different sizes but he said to trust him and I'm happy I did. They look good so far. I got th SRF silicone inspira (hp) . I'm 5'3 110Ibs. I'll give more updates later :) to all the shorter ladies that think 400-450cc are huge they are not!!!!! I'm surprised mine aren't as big as I thought they would be.

The pain is a lot worse then i anticipated

I'm not sure if I'm just being a baby but holly hell they hurt!! My sternum and sides of my ribs are so tender and sore, by boobs just burn and so hard with tons of pressure!! I know it's just part of the process and I have to keep my eye on the future. They will look good and the pain will be gone soon Enough. Not sure if I mentioned it but my surgeon did end up going through the areola! I couldn't be happier about that :D

DAY 2~* pain is a little more manageable :)

Man was I a huge baby yesterday and last night. I cried off and on. I didn't think I would be such a softy but oh well it's a nice price to pay for big boobies!! I woke up still tender and sore but I'm able to handle it better. I have stayed on top of my pain meds since I got them done but It just wasn't enough. Still in love with them

*day 3* get to wear underwire bra....what?!? (Definitely feeling bigger)

So my pain is a lot better. I'm only in severe pain when I wake up (the damn morning boob) or if I try to do to much stuff. My boobs are still high and tight. When I saw my PS for my post opt he gave me dilaudid for pain and that seems to really help. He told me I had very small tight muscles so he had to release a lot of the muscle? Anyway he says that can cause more of a painful recovery. He also told me to stop wearing my surgical bra and start wearing an underwire bra!!! That sounded crazy to me....I thought I was going to be in a surgical bra plus sports bras for awhile....I bought so many sports bras!! He said I do not need them(kinda bummed me out lol I had a lot of cute one) Since he lowered one of my creases he wants it to stay in place and underwire will help that. So I went to Walmart and grabbed the cheapest softest bra I could find and it was a 36 D!!!!!! Exactly the size i wanted!!! I know my breasts still have to D&F and the size may change a little but he pretty much nailed the size perfectly :)
My areola incions are tender but nothing bad, I have feeling in my nipples! Yay! Can't wait till I can see the scar. Hopefully it's not bad.
Well thanks for letting me rant RS :) it helps take my mind off the pain. All of you ladies are wonderful

Starting to feel a little better....

I still struggle with them morning boob and they are still extremely tight! I can't wait for them to be nice and soft. Caring for my two year old is a lot easier then I thought. She actually try's and help me! She also gives me kisses all the time because I'm in pain! So adorable ...I love it. :)

27 Year Old Mother of 2 in Need of Breast Augmentation

7 days and finally feeling much better!!

So I'm about 7 hours off of it being the 7 day Mark! One week! Woo. It was a tough one but I made it. Today I actually felt more myself and much better pain wise. I went out, cleaned and took a shower. But it was nice having a week off work! Got to rewatch Attack on Titan, Samurai Champloo and Trigun :D yay I don't get anime time that much anymore.
Yes but update on boobs....I can lift my arms all the way up! Incisions became really itchy today? Still some bruises. Very happy with my results thus far Dr.Engel rocks >_<
Still suffer from morning boob and just sore boobs in general. But I'm no longer crying on my couch in horrible pain, that's the important part!

Inspira and rippling

So I noticed I have a small amount of rippling, it's only when I bend over and reach my arms out. It's not terrible so I can't complain. I do have a large implant for my body (450cc&415cc) so I suppose I should have expected it. My implants feel so big (especially naked) some days , but other days I feel like they fit me great. I guess it's just a matter of getting used to them. I am very happy with the size and just can't wait till they get soft! Still so damn tight ...I do notice them starting to slowly soften up....but it's happening very slooowllllyyyy. Maybe due to inspira being a little firmer? Anyone else with inspira's (smooth round silicone) ? When did you notice a big difference in squishiness?

Periareolar incision update! Also got sized at VS

My PS took my tape off to remove any stitches I still had left. So I was able to snap a quick picture of my
Periareolar incision for all the ladies that wonder about it. I think the incision is looking great and will heal nicely. I believe it's a good way to go if you have large areola's like myself and no longer want children! Since it can interfere with breastfeeding.
I stopped into Victoria Secret to get a few bra's and decided to get sized (I know it's early and they will change but I couldn't help myself) she sized me at ....32DDD!!!!! It was surreal buying bra's that large lol. But if I go to target or Walmart I wear 34 D (the band is a little big but I can never find a 32!!) I don't understand why the bra companies can't get on the same page! I'm feeling much better. Still uncomfortable at times and have been having some nerve pain. Also unhappy with my left breast!! The crease looks weird and its dropping slower! I know it's still early so I must give it time.

~*2 weeks post op*~ some pictures of my rippling

*Stats* 5'3 110Ibs 450cc&415cc silicone SRF inspira
Finally at 2 weeks post op!!! Man what a difference a week can make. I feel so much better!! Still some aches and pains randomly but nothing like before. Get morning boob but it's mild. I starting working again, first day was rough second was easier. I removed my steri tape so I could apply a fresh one on and was able to take another picture of my incisions, I think they really do look good and once healed they will be nearly invisible! I can hope!! I have been doing my displacement massages religiously! They have started softening up!!!! I can squeeze them and move them around just a little. At first the "massages" we're a little uncomfortable, now I barely feel anything. My right boob is great, left one needs to catch up!
Hope everyone else is doing well :)

*3 weeks post op* changes!!!

**5'3 110Ibs 32A now 32 DDD 415/450cc silicone inspira implants***
Feels like it has been longer then 21 days. I'm feeling tremendously better! I can now get on and off my giant fluffy bed no problem (it was so painful before) I have full range of motion back in my arms...of course I still try not to over do it. My breasts will become sore if I have had a long day at work or nonstop day with the kids, other then that I don't have much pain. Morning boob is vanishing . They are finally dropping! So happy!! I also notice a slight bounce to them..wooooo. I can now squeeze them and they are squishy!!! I know they still have lots of softening up to do but I'm happy with them. At least they aren't bricks anymore. My left breast (the 450cc side) is still giving me problems. I feel as though the skin on my lower pole is thin? It's sensitive....and I can feel the implant perfectly, every little ridge..it's strange. My right side I can't feel much , but that's the 415cc side....maybe that breast had more tissue. Rippling is pretty bad but I have excepted it. It's a small price to pay for big boobies!! I'm very happy I decided to go through with this surgery, it was tough and scary at first but it gets better quickly !! I'm feeling the sexiest I have in a long time.
On a side note (incase this happens to any of you ladies and you wonder if it's ok) the other day at work a coworker accidentally elbowed me in my boob very hard, it hurt badly. Had to take a minute and sit it out. I had a dull ache for the rest of the night, I was becoming a little concerned that I had injured it. But the next morning it was perfectly fine. I had no marks or anything so maybe I didn't get hit that hard? Not sure but at least I know they are durable! Haha
Here are some progress photos

Video of squishiness *inspira implants*

I went for my 3 week check up a few days ago and my PS cleared me for EVERYTHING......I thought that seemed a little early?! Even for swimming or lifting....when do people normally get cleared, is this normal? I am just curious. I'm still taking it a little slow and listening to my body. If it hurts I stop lol. On a side note my breasts just keep getting better everyday!!! I'm slowly getting cleavage :D yay

I added a video to show the squishiness of my inspira implants at day 26! (They still have more softening up and dropping to do, but way better then solid rocks on my chest that won't move at all) Before I got my BA I was having trouble finding anything on this so I hope this helps someone out!!! If not I'm sorry for the awkward video lol :/ oh also they do not bounce at all yet !

Just over a month and I'm feeling amazing :)

I'm about a month and a week post op. I couldn't be happier with my results!! Absolutely thrilled I ended up going through with this surgery! I had the worst anxiety prior and thought of backing out....it was tough the first few weeks...they felt awkward and it was hard to stand up completely straight..it felt as though my skin was stretching and too tight for my body to handle! But now they are feeling very soft and squishy. They can afford to drop and softening up a little more lol...all in good time. I was afraid they would feel foreign and i would always feel them in me ....hard to explain lol. Needless to say my body has adapted great and I don't even feel them..:unless I'm actually touching them. I can feel the bottom ridges of my left implant way more then my right, I assume the skin is stretched thinner on my left. I still have rippling but that's just a risk I knew could happen. I'm ok with it!

On another note...we decided to go out on out boat a few days ago...I had a swimsuit on not thinking of the sun going through it to my nice fresh scar. Even though it's been a month and it's just a white-ish line, it is still sensitive and I burned them!!!! :( I am so upset at myself. I'm usually very catious but it didn't even occur to cover my scars with something beside the baithing suit. :/ well now they are dark and much more noticeable....they were looking amazing. So disappointed ..I can only hope it will go away..I'll never do that again!

Hope everyone else is doing great!!!

2 months!

So it's been about 2 months since I got my new boobies! Man did the time fly by...they seem to change everyday...can't wait till they are completely done healing and changing! My left breast is STILL giving me problems :( my right is so nice and round and soft! My left seems to have a weird bump at the bottom ? Also the left is more firm...but that is the breast with the larger implant and had the crease dropped so maybe that has something to do with it. My PS didn't seem so concerned, told me to make sure I'm massaging to pervent CC. They are still uneven! But better then uneven tiny boobs I suppose. I'm very happy with my results regardless of any problems I may have. Just have to stay positive and thankful!!! :) Oh also for any ladies freaking out about the size of your implants ....do not worry!!! You really do get used to them...mine now seem so small when before I was terrified they were way too big!

Few more...

Few more full body shots to show the size comparison of what 450/415cc SRF silicone would look like on a 5'3 110Ibs frame at 2 months.

My pain is almost gone, sleeping has gotten better. Still can't sleep on my stomach. But hopefully soon...oh how I miss it! They are much softer and not so tight. They should D&F a little more over the next few months.

Oh and pasties are amazing!! Lol they are sooo much fun! Idk when I could wear them but better believe first chance I do...I'm takin it! :)

3 months!!!! Good and bad news

415&450cc silicone inspira SRF (hp)
So it's been just over 3 months....it was definitely rough at first but it gets better after the first month! I saw my PS for the last time....so good news is I don't have CC and my scars healed amazingly. The bad news is my left breast was uneven so he had to lower the crease....the implant did not settle into the crease well and my left breast is a little off (from nipple to lower pole crease it's 11 1/2 inches the right is 10 1/2) because of this he says that the left one will eventually bottom out :( but he says it could take some time and to watch it. He said no revision is necessary at this point . Kind of bummed about that but compared to my before boobs I would say they still turned out well!! Sleeping is much easier....I still can't lay completely flat on my stomach on a hard surface and doing upper body exercises feels uncomfortable. But lower body workouts are no problem! They are much softer now...still not as squishy as I thought they would be. I have pretty bad rippling but only when I bend over. Overall I'm 100% happy I went through with the surgery !!! I feel like I have more confidence now , shopping is way more fun and going to the beach is awesome lol I feel much more womenly! :)

I wish all the ladies on here happy healings and good luck with everything!! <3

5 months!

Wow so it's been almost 5 months! It's gone by so fast! I no longer "feel" them ....at first it was rough ....it gets easier!!! Haven't been on in awhile, just wanted to do a quick update :)
My left breast is still a little uneven and the nipple is higher up but it's not that bad. No more pain!! Yay! I can lie on them and lift things without a problem now, feels weird but not painful. They feel much more squishy but still have that round fake look :/ I wish they had a little more of a natural appearance! Also wish they were a bit more softer...I wonder if it's because I went with inspira silicone? Oh well I am still very happy I went through with the procedure!! I feel much more confident and love how I fit into clothes!
Good luck to all you wonderful ladies out there!!! Hope all is well <3
Sarasota Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Scott J. Engel from Sarasota plastic surgery center to perform my breast augmentarion. I could not be happier with my choice!! Since our first consult I really felt like he cared. He took his time and explained everything, he did not sugarcoat anything! Which to me is important..it's good to know what to expect. He has a great sense of humor and a very good eye. I had a problem with asymmetry and he was able to fix it beautifully. The staff and nurses are also amazing! They were all so sweet. What a lovely place. I have a huge anxiety problem and everyone treated me great, (even Dr. Engel who I know is a busy guy) he never once acted annoyed! I highly recommend Dr.Engel for any of your plastic surgery needs!!!

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