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Ok,hey ladies. If you're reading this please join...

Ok,hey ladies. If you're reading this please join in my experience with getting my BBL. I have read a lot of you all's experiences, ups and downs, and I want to say Thanks for sharing. It was you who made me decide to get this procedure done.

A little about me I'm starting off in the music industry and I just want that full figured shape. I think this will take my career to the next level. I don't want a minaj ass, but something that can complement my shape. (pics soon!).

So any who I had my consult with the lovely Mrs. Lacerna in Sarasota. And she was great!! Her staff were very professional but also stylish. Which I thought was cool because you don't want a plain jane doing your surgery. How will they understand what you want if they arent able to view in that way. So my date is Jan 2013....yayyyyyyy.

I want that small waist and plump bottom,but also realistic. Im so nervous, but I feel like pleasure is pain. And if you want to be perfect, whether inside or out, you have to put in that effort. The pics I have been seeing are amazing. I bet some of you stand and look in the mirror all day. I need advice, I dont care how important or non important you think it is.

Please share....I need some friends on here lol. I was told by Dr Lacerna that I would be under local anesthesia. And that I wouldn't require any drains. Also that I didnt have to get those massages? I have so much on my mind. So please holla at me so I can ease my nerves. Dueces

Hello......I haven't gotten any replies yet....I'm...

Hello......I haven't gotten any replies yet....I'm so sad. I need some feedback. Even though I am continuing to check on you guys post and look at your pics. So now I'm wondering if I should get any fat on my my hips to make it look a little better. I just have this image made up in my mind, but it gets me so nervous when I think if the doctor is going to keep that in mind. I know you can show them pictures of what you want. But I dont think I will get the same results as the pics. I need to know how you guys explained this to your doctor when describing the type of shape you want. I am gonna try to upload some pictures and see if I get some feedback then. I will post soon.......till next time!!!

Ok, so I have decided not to go to Dr. Lacerna and...

Ok, so I have decided not to go to Dr. Lacerna and make my way down south......calling Dr. Perry!!! Dr. Perry!!!! I want this done the right way the first time doing it. I want fat added to my hips during my BBL. I dont want to be awake, nor not have drains. I have nothing against Dr. Lacerna she is great, I just felt Dr. Perry would give me results. I still have to do my online consultation, but I'm hoping I can get a date of March or April. Fingers crossed. I have a quesiton, how long did you all wait to go back to work, even if you didn't technically have to sit. And also, how long did you stay in the given location of your doctor, not what they wanted you to stay, but what you actually stayed. TTYL

Stay up!!!

Ok So I am going to Dr. Perry now. I will be...

Ok So I am going to Dr. Perry now. I will be putting down my deposit next week = P. I need to start getting my list together. So I need all my beautiful sisters out there to help me put my list together. And I need some good pics to take to Dr. Perry. No shelfs, and no big ol donkey booties, either. I need some help sisters.....holla at me PLEASE!!! No comment is unwanted, I want to hear from anyone looking at my journey. Love yall!!!!

Did anyone bring someone with them to DR, and not...

Did anyone bring someone with them to DR, and not stay at the hotel suggested by Dr. Yily, I was just wondering should I bring someone from home. And also how the medication situation takes place, what pain meds does she prescribe????

Calling Dr Yily... Calling Dr Yily...... Calling...

Calling Dr Yily... Calling Dr Yily...... Calling Dr Yily. Where are you. This is so ridiculous.....I am not sending any money until I hear from her. I can't understand why she doesn't have someone handling her emails. I'm so fustrated right now it don't make no sense. She tryna hold me back....wtf
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