Rhinoplasty & Blepharoplasty - Subtle Changes to Make my Nose Look Better, Fixing Drooping Eyelids

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My Rhinoplasty was 3.5 weeks ago and I still have...

My Rhinoplasty was 3.5 weeks ago and I still have a fair amount of swelling, I had my deviated septum fixed, a fracture on the bridge so my nose could be narrowed and tip refinement (I also had eye-lid surgery at the same time). I can see how my nose might look great after some of the swelling subsides but its tough being at almost a month post op and still this swollen.

Pros: the eyes look great and perfectly symmetrical (previously one was noticeably smaller), I can see how the nose might look great and natural after the swelling subsides.

Cons: still a lot of swelling almost a month post op.

Why you did it: The eye lids were a necessity, my muscle was weak and the lids were dropping and covering my visual path. To be honest I never disliked my nose but I've always felt it could look so much better if subtle changes were made and it was important for me to find a surgeon I felt would give me natural results and not a teeny tiny barbie nose, after 10 yrs. of looking this was the first PS I felt was on the same with me and actually listening.

I've been seeing these electromagnetic patches that claim to help with edema, I wanted to find out what the surgeons on this board think of this? Does it really help with edema or is it a marketing gimmick?

I've asked my surgeon about it and he said as long as it's light and just sits on my face without applying pressure to the nose I'm free to try it but he doesn't have much first hand experience with it so he doesn't know if it will help (but he tends to think only time will help).

April 18, 2010 Today is the 4 month anniversary of...

April 18, 2010

Today is the 4 month anniversary of my rhino and eyelid surgery.

No one ever responded to the question but I never ended up purchasing the patches (my doc just asked me to be patient). I was really depressed, my nose was seriously swollen and upturned for about 3 months but it looks so much better today, I see a very gradual difference everyday and I just wanted to update anyone who has the same concerns in regards to swelling and upturned noses. I really looked like a pig and its looking great now, its actually straight... I think still quite swollen because its pretty hard, but patience is definitely key with this surgery, I thought I had made the worst mistake ever and really missed my old nose but the new one looks better and better everyday and I know will look even better when I hit the 6 month or even 1 yr mark. For those of you who have recently had his done and are freaking out, please disregard the "norm/average" recovery time per the doc's websites and even this site. While most people swelling may be gone within the first month, EVERYONE is different and you just need to be patient. I can attest to that...

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He has performed other surgeries on family members and I really liked his work, he never rushed me and is very patient in answering my multitude of questions. His results tend to be very natural and subtle but make a nice overall difference and most of all he listens and asks a lot of questions before he gives his own opinion and he also gives his patients his cell number which I thought was great.

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